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This is a work of fiction. It contains descriptions of graphic sex between men. The disclaimers apply: if you are too young or a repressive government does not permit you to read it, stop. You have been sternly admonished.

All rights reserved

It was hot day. The kind of day where you just want to kick back and enjoy the sun and water. If some fun happens along the way, well that would even make it better.

But first, I’d have to get there. I arrived at the state park around high noon. I saw that there weren’t that many cars as I pulled into the parking lot. I grabbed my backpack and went down the trail leading to the beach.

First I guess I’d better introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I’m 27 years old. I have jet black hair and brown eyes. I’m 6 ft. tall and a solid lean 175 lbs. My body is totally shaved except for my under-arms and a little tuft above the base of my dick. My shoulders are semi-broad which taper down to 6 pack abs and narrow waist. My skin is a nice dark bronze color from laying in the tanning bed nude and have a pierced left nipple with a small gold hoop.

It took about a 45 minutes to get I wanted to go lay out. It was up around a bend which opened into an open white sand beach area. I decided to drop my stuff in the middle of one mile beach strip. I could see the bend a 1/2 mile to my left to where I came from and 1/2 mile to my right where the beach ended. Right behind me was a conservation area with bushes and tall grass. It pretty much ran the same length as the beach, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone coming behind you. There were maybe a dozen people around mostly looking for sea shells or just walking for exercise along the shoreline. Yes, this is just what I needed, to get away from the hell that I live, no meetings, deadlines, people calling, people wanting me. Just nature and peace and quiet. It was perfect! Not a cloud in the sky. Now it was time to put on a little show.

I have this bright orange bathing suit that I couldn’t wait to wear and show off. It was a small pouch about 2 inches wide. It covered my dick perfectly and tight. The waist band was just a tie on string, more narrow than a shoe lace. It connected from the bottom of my pouch which came up the crack of my ass into a V string. The globes of my ass hung out perfectly. It was kind of ass that begged to be fucked. Nice, tight, and a dark tan. What was so great about this suit was what was underneath it. I had 3 nice sized anal beads in my ass. I had modified it with a long string so I could use the hoop as cock ring. Even though I wasn’t well endowed(5 1/2 when hard), I wasn’t afraid to show off my body.

I picked up the baby oil out of the bag and started to rub it on. It felt great, the oil making my skin wet in the nice hot sun. I really got into rubbing my legs, chest, and ass. My cock started to twitch as I leaned back onto my elbows spreading my legs looking out into the water. After a few minutes, I decided it was too hot and decided to jump into the water. As I started toward it, I imagined a guy or two looking at me as I walked in front of them. I would strut my ass a little to give them a look what they could have. A young lean male in the prime of his life strutting his ass in a bright neon colored V string with baby oil running down his body. Not to mention the anal beads moving inside his ass as I walked making my dick hard. Yes I’m an exhibitionist. I was radiating sex, and I really liked it.

I glided into the water. It felt very cool and refreshing. I glided on my back on top of the water with just the front part of my suit and pectorals above the water. The gold hoop nipple ring glistened as the water ran of it. I swam for about 15 minutes checking out the scenery. There were maybe 4 people left from where I could see. I jumped back out, back to my towel to soak up the sun. I put some more oil on and layed on my stomach. I pulled the sides of çankırı escort my suit higher so the string would glide across my asshole for a little stimulation. The thought of the anal beads packed up my chute started to give a semi hard-on…….I soon drifted of to sleep.

I woke a 1/2 hour later since is was too hot to sleep. I tried to read a little, but the sweat just dropped down to the pages of the book. I decided to jump back into the water to cool off again. I saw this middle age guy glancing my way as I walked toward the water. He was an older looking fellow wearing cargo shorts. I’ll say maybe in his mid 50’s or so, brown hair turning gray with a thick furry chest. I saw him stop to look like he was picking up a seashell. I could see him looking at me as I bent right over to wet my calves. I arched my back a little to push my ass out as the string grazed my asshole. He must have been watching me and waiting as I smiled at him from over my shoulders. He blushed, but returned my smile, and continued to watch me as I waded into the water giving one last look at my ass as I dove in. As I came up I saw him start walking toward the end of the beach. It was kind of disappointing to watch him leave, but knew he had to walk back this way to go where he was walking from.

I hadn’t noticed that someone had walked close to the shoreline as I was coming back out from the water. He was younger than the older guy that I had seen earlier. I would say upper 30’s with a medium build. He had short blonde hair. I couldn’t see his eyes because of the blue mirrored sunglasses. As I started toward my towel, he nodded towards me as I strolled past. I smiled and continued toward my seating area shaking make ass a little bit more. My dick started twitching and I was getting turned on some as the heat from the sun was making want to do all kind of nasty things. I bent over over to straighten my towel out. I could see him looking over at me. I slid down to a sitting position like a catcher tugging at the corners taking my time so he could look at my tan butt. Yes, he was interested. I saw him walking toward me as I sat down, spreading my legs, so the he had a nice view of my bulging and slightly moist crotch. I put one hand on my crotch and slowly caressed the bulge. The guy walked up, not taking his eyes from the scene I displayed before him.

“Hello” he asked

“Hi” I answered

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Let me see.” Like he really wanted to know what time it was. I decided to give him a little what he wanted. I turned over on my hands and knees and reached into my backpack. I could hear a intake of breath coming from behind me as I turned around. “It’s a little bit after 2 o’clock.”

“Thanks” he said. “That’s a real nice suit you have. Or lack of one” as he smiled at me.

“I’m not really much on tan lines. I’d rather just lay out nude if I could. But I really like the tan lines from this suit”

“My name is Stewart” he said extending his hand


“Nice place this area”

“Yes, I like it alot.” I replied. “It’s very quiet. There aren’t any facilities near here, so you don’t have to worry about any big crowds, especially kids.”

“I hear you. I don’t see anyone out here now. Just us and some guy down at the other end.”

I looked down at the other end and could see a figure looking at shells. I’m pretty sure it was the older guy I saw earlier. I looked back at Stewart and he was still staring at me.

“Man your skin is very smooth. I guess you shave your whole body huh?” he asked

“No. I have a little above the base of shaft. See.” I unloosened my string a little so I could pull the suit to the side. I gave him a good view of my trimmed crotch above my hardening cock for a second before I pulled the suit back over. Nice little tease I thought. I could tell he wanted to see more.

“Man that escort çankırı was nice. Could I see it again?”

“I don’t know. Someone might see and who knows what could happen. We could get taken off to jail.” I knew there wasn’t anyone near. I just wanted to have a lookout, not to mention to get off.

He looked down toward the bend. “Like I said I don’t see anymore except the person down at the other end. I’ll be your lookout.” I paused as I looked in both directions.

“OK. Just stand there and watch for a second. OK?” He nodded as I started running my hands from my neck down to my crotch pulling my nipple ring along the way. He watched intensely as I ran my hand over my crotch watching my dick starting to grow. I gave him a crooked finger move to come closer. I thought I’d give him the honors.

“Would you pull my suit to the side for me?” I asked

I leaned back and spread my legs some more. I could see the bulge in his trunks starting to bulge. My cock started to strain against my small suit….He reached down to pull my suit to the side and my hard cock popped into the hot air. He started to run his hand along the shaft of my cock and down to my shaved balls. His touch was very delicate and anymore of this was going to make me shoot.

“What does this run to” as he saw the string attached to the cock ring.

“Would you like to see?” I smiled at him.

He nodded as I turned onto my hands and knees. I unhooked the ring to spring my cock. It felt so good to be out in the open. I pull my suit to the side so he could see the string in my ass.

“Jesus” he moaned

“You like that”? I asked

“Oh yeah”.

I pulled my hard dick down between my legs with my left hand while I started pulling the anal beads slowly out of my ass. I gasped as the first bead worked it’s way out. I could feel the sun shining on my asshole as my precum started dripping from my cock. After the third bead popped out, I leaned down to put my shoulders on the towel which pushed my ass up higher. I grasped my butt and pulled the cheeks open to show my pink anus, which was already gleaming with the sweat that had trickled between my legs. It was to much for Stewart. He glanced up and down the beach to make sure no one was coming. He pulled his trunks down to mid thigh to play with himself.

I simply licked my finger and ran it along my asscrack. I squeezed and rubbed the cheeks of my ass. I looked over my right shoulder with a big smile and brought my hand up.

“SMACK” as my hand hit my ass.

“SMACK” as I spank it again.

“Yes. Spank that ass good. This is so hot.” He says as he starts tugging a little faster on his cock. It’s about a good 7 ” with some low hanging hairy balls. I could tell he could shoot any minute. I didn’t want that yet.

“Stop.” I say. “Put you hands at your side. I crawled toward him til I came up to his waist. I smelled his beautiful organ. It smelled sweaty. I begin with his large hairy balls. I licked them with broad, bold stokes. I service this guy. I take one of his testicles in to my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the semen filled orb.

“Oh yeah!” he purrs, putting his hands on his hips.

I lick up his massive shaft. My tongue and lips trace the thick veins that carry to hot blood of passion to his cock. I kiss it. I squeeze it. I take in his large head. I let my lips enjoy the soft ridge where the head meets his engorged shaft. My tongue circles him. I suck hard and massage the thick shaft with my tongue.

He is moaning and groaning. I am pleasuring this man. I slide his cock until it reaches the back of my throat. I let rest in my mouth. I prepare myself and relax. With more pressure, his penis enters and expands my throat. I feel it hot, wet, and hard in me. I push further and my nose meets his public hair. A little more and my nose touches his warm body.

“Oh Shit! çankırı escort bayan he moans

I pull back slowly as I glance into his eyes. At the corner of my eye, I could see a dark shadow moving across the hot sand. I looked over to see the older in cargo shorts take in the scene. I had gone too far to turn back now. This is what I get off on, having men check me out, servicing them. I was loving their attention, their eyes on me, and the fact that my nakedness excited them. My dick was so hard it ached.

I pulled my mouth from Stewart’s dick and asked if he had a condom. He kind of frowned when he shook his head no. I asked the cargo man also, and received the same response.

“Well I guess I have to get off by myself.” I said. “Just watch and keep on a lookout for anyone.” They nodded. I leaned back on the towel and stroked myself slowly running my other hand over my body. After a brief minute, I took 2 fingers from my left hand and went under my leg to ease it into my hot hole.

Just showing myself naked and knowing the affect I was having on them, started giving me a perverse pleasure. I just pulled harder on my cock and tugged my aroused nipple ring as I looked at them. As I leaned flat on my back with my legs spread apart like a whore’s and 2 fingers up my oily ass, I took my hand of my wet dick and reached into my bag for another surprise. I pulled out a 7″ dildo and poured some oil on it. I push the dildo down, towards my fuck hole. I haven’t had any action lately, but I keep my hole in mint condition. With ease I push the dildo inside me, directing it towards my prostrate.

“Oh man. I’m going to like this” said Stewart

I push up to the front of the towel, spreading my legs as far apart as possible. I sit on the toy with both of my feet digging into the sand for a little leverage. I arch my back a little. Time to ride. My dick was now rock hard, totally erect. The veins bulging with a nice pool of precum starting to slowly drift down towards my smooth six-pack as I start to plow my hole for my two-man audience. The cargo man had taken his dick out of his shorts and would occasionally stroke it to keep it throbbing.

I now started to pound myself fiercely on the dildo, turning and twitching it, stretching my ass and massaging my prostrate. My dick was throbbing, dripping profusely. I was about to cum. I leaned back against the towel, resting my shoulders while my right hand worked the heavily veined shaft and blood engorged glans. I rubbed my thumb over the dripping piss-slit on the up stroke and was breathing heavily when, suddenly pulling my gold hoop, I closed my eyes and let out a loud, low groan as my semen began spurting out of my piss-hole.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed

The first shot and landed on the on my top of forehead. Four more shots each a little shorter in distance covered my chin and naked belly with sticky fluid. Spunk was still dripping out of my dick when I finally released it. The men watching me were speechless. I looked at Stewart, smiling.

Stewart couldn’t hold back. With a loud moan, he shot his cum into the air with the first shot hitting my feet. He shook his head from side to side as the rest ended up on the sand.

“Oh fuck!….My God…That was awesome!”

I looked over the at the cargo guy. He was stroking faster as the sweat was pouring down his forehead. I looked at my cum soaked stomach. I ran my hand down to scoop it up and winking at him, started to lick my cum. By the time I was done cleaning my middle finger, he had shot his cum all over the sand. He quickly zipped up and started leaving.

I stood up. I tied my suit back up tight.

“Well, I better clean myself up and cool off.” I said

“Will you be out here again anytime soon?” he asked

“Probably. Just not sure when. Just look for me.”

“Oh I will”

I walked out towards the water shaking my ass one last time for him. The thought of this in my mind started making my dick rise again. Now I was just looking forward to getting fucked.

* * * * *

This is my first story. Please send feedback. I’d like to know if I should continue this story or write another adventure for this character. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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