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Sue and Coyote are walking hand and hand on the sandy beaches of L.A as the sun was starting to dip in the east.

Sue leans over and whispers in a mischief tone his ear. “Do you want to sleep here tonight under the stars?”

“Mmmm sounds good.” He responds.

He runs up to the Chevy s10 4X4 and grabs a blanket out of the back. He comes back and spreads the blanket out.

Coyote sits down and gentle pulls sue down in front of him. He wraps his arms around her pulling her close to him. They sit there a while and watch the sun go down the rest of the way and the stars pop out one by one. You can smell the sea on the slight breeze that is blowing and Sue snuggles closer to coyote.

Coyote runs his fingers down her arm in a caressing movement causing slight shiver in Sue.

He asks her. “Are you cold sweetie?”

“No being with you I don’t feel the cold.” She sighs laying her head back on his chest.

He smile down at her his sweet smile she adores and she blushes a little knowing this smile well. Coyote hugs her tight for a min happy being with.

Coyote feels himself becoming aroused at the thought of being alone on the beach with the woman he loves.

Unknown to him she is feeling it to and caresses his leg on one side.

Coyote Zonguldak Escort moans softly in her ear and responds “Sue you know what that does to me.

She replies in a husky tone “I know love.”

Coyote runs his fingers down her arm again interlacing his with squeezes it “Sue are you sure here.”

She responds in a soft passionate tone as she continues to move closer to his manhood “Yes dear.”

She then runs both hands up on the inside of his thighs.

“Mmmmm baby yes.” He moans deep and throaty.

Sue reaches behind her and feels for his manhood he is rock hard already. She turns around and pulls down his shorts just enough to expose him to the cool night air. She then lowers herself down to taste him licking him in erotic circles.

“Ohhh that feels so good.” Coyote moans softly.

She slides him all the way down and out again wrapping her tongue around him over and over. He shivers a little loving. Coyote loves the way she does oral on him.

Sue continues to draw him into her mouth taking great care not to use any teeth the way he likes it. Sue starts to suck a little each time bringing coyote closer and closer too release.

Coyote gentle grabs the back of her head as he releases Zonguldak Escort Bayan into her mouth with a shudder.

Sue swallows every ounce of his love juices until he shudders again. She licks softly on the tip afterwards and kisses him there.

Coyote pulls her up to him and kisses her softly on the mouth, deepens his kiss.

Sue can feel her passion setting fire from his kiss.

Coyote slips his tongue into her mouth and caresses her tongue in such a way that causes her toes curl and, her breathe too quicken. She does her sweet moans that sound more like a purr which he loves so much.

“Oh kitten you know I love when you do that.” He says when he pulls back a little.

Coyote lays back bringing sue down on top of him runs his hands down her back in erotic circles she moans from his caresses. He pulls up on her dress sliding his hands down to her buttock pulling her tight against him.

She can feel his ready again and kisses him, and relaxes against him moving her hips tight against his.

Coyote positions himself and penetrates her deep and quick.

She cries out a little he deepens the kiss as he moves in and out of her.

Sue is in near tears from the sheer ecstasy she feels every Escort Zonguldak time they make love. Coyote fills every inch of her in ways she has never known but with him.

He rolls her over without removing himself and continues his slow rhythmic motions.

Tears of pleasure roll down Sues face as her emotions and passion heighten. She has not reached this intense of an orgasm before,and at that very momentin time she falls even deeper in love with Coyote. Sue doesn’t know how she can ever live without him.

Coyote Loves her just as much but has never been able to express it the way he wants to. He is saddened by this and tries to tell her in his love making.

Coyote moves a little slower not wanting to reach his climax before Sue does and, is having a hard time holding back.

Sue starts to tighten down and Coyote picks up the pace knowing now she is cumming.

Sue is on the verge of fainting as she cums hard then she ever thought possible. Her shudders rack her body over and over again. Sue can feel Coyote releasing deep within her as he moans deeply.

Coyote comes down on her gentle holding her close and tight against him kissing her softly on her lips her eyes.

He whispers in her ear “I love you Sue.”

“Love you too my Coyote.” Sue responds breathlessly.

Coyote slides out of her gentle and rolls beside her pulls her to his shoulder.

Sue snuggles down and falls fast asleep in his arms.

Coyote stays awake for a few and says a small prayer thank you God for bringing her here to California.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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