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He took the ties from Victoria and grasped one of her seamed; silk clad legs roughly pulling it to the table leg he tied it there. Then grasping the other he tied that also. He then walked into the vault to tie her hands, “wait,” she said, “wait. I want you to remove my jacket and blouse first.”

“That is not what I did to Becca,” he looked at Victoria awaiting a response; she just looked down at the buttons on her blouse and looked back at him. “OK,” he said and walked back round to face her. He ran a hand across the top of her chest, over her shoulder and slipped the jacket from one arm. Then, with her arm free he pulled the jacket from the other. “Good,” she said proud to be in control of the situation. “Now remove my blouse, slowly.”

She was already thrilling at his touch, her body breaking out in goose bumps. Her vagina already wet was beginning to leak a greater volume of her juices.

He looked down at her large breasts as they heaved beneath the thin cotton. Her nipples, much larger than Becca’s were very evident; in fact he could see the darkened flesh quite clearly beneath the white material of her blouse. Her cleavage Connor had to admit, was impressive and in normal circumstances he would probably find it most alluring. He felt the first beginnings of arousal in himself and was disgusted that he was so easily turned on.

He decided that he wasn’t going to do this the way that she wanted and grasping each lapel of the blouse wrenched it open tearing the material and popping some of the buttons off. His hope that this would annoy Victoria was soon dashed. “Oh my God Connor, I didn’t know you had it in you! That is so hot! I can feel myself getting wetter than ever!” Her chest heaved all the more as this young stud of a man prepared to expose it.

He pulled the blouse from her, gasping as he did so. She wore a black and red bustier underneath the shirt, which explained her small waist. The cups were styled to support the breast without escort şişli covering it. The felt-like material had inlaid ribbons of red and gold. The breast cups were of filigreed lace and nylon. The whale-bone stays of the corset were stitched in deep red. The whole piece of lingerie looked expensive and showed off her assets to perfection. Between the breasts was a small red bow highlighting the base of her cleavage.

The nipples and a good 70 percent of the breasts were actually exposed and were being pushed up and out. No wonder the nipples were visible beneath the blouse! Her wonderfully tanned orbs thrust out towards him heaving in her lust, he could see that she wanted him to caress them, but he resisted. “Lay on the table,” he commanded. “Lay on the table now!” She looked into his eyes for a long time before deciding it would be best to obey. She lay on the table, as her breasts touched the cold wood she was given a delightfully arousing shock. “Now put your hands through the bars.” She hesitated only for a moment then did as bid, beginning to enjoying the fact that she was no-longer in command. He then roughly tied her hands with the remaining strap.

He wandered back to the other side with a wicked smile on his face. “Well, if she has pictures of me” he thought, “then I will have some of her.” Moving his hands to the tight hem of her skirt, he pulled it up over the perfect taut mounds of her arse. The cheeks were nicely tanned and firm. He was surprised to find that her knickers were already showing a large wet patch around the crotch, but then remembered how she had reacted in the office upstairs. “So,” he said, “you were masturbating whilst watching the video of me fucking Becca weren’t you? Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy it that much that you wanted it yourself? Well, it seems I have no choice but to give it to you, but I will only stop once I have had my fill. You saw what happened to Becca; well that could happen to you!”

“Oh besiktas escort my God,” she panted at him, “I have not had sex for over a year. Of course I want your massive cock in me. There’s not a red bloodied woman out there that wouldn’t want a piece of that meat Connor. And yes I was masturbating whilst looking at you fucking Rebecca it was so hot. Had you been a few minutes later, you would have caught me coming too and rather loudly I think! I check the security tapes most mornings, and this morning was the most delightful of surprises. I could feel myself getting wet in seconds. I haven’t been this turned on in years!”

Connor started to take pictures of her behind. The suspender straps from the bustier ran tightly across her bum, pulling in the fleshy cheeks where they ran. Her black stockings were expensive, probably silk. She had hit him right in the fetish! His love of lingerie was starting to overwhelm his intended abstinence. This angered him still further. Pulling her skirt back down over her apple bum, he took hold of the hem where the split in the skirt had been created and tore the garment apart, up the seam, pulling it roughly from beneath her; he threw it on the floor.

“Connor, what do you think you are doing!” she shouted at him, how am I now supposed to go back upstairs with no skirt?”

“No skirt,” Connor said grasping her panties and tearing them from her, “and no panties to cover your wet pussy either!” He threw the ruined wet lingerie on top of her skirt.

“Connor!” she shouted again, but it was evident to him that her passion and the state of her arousal was fast overcoming any anger or feigned protocol. He set up his camera phone to video the proceedings and walked around to face her. “You wanted me to take you. You wanted me to give you a good fucking. Well, I’m fucking you on my terms. If you are not prepared for that then say so now and I will let you go?”

“I…” she said haltingly not sure whether escort taksim this was what she wanted or not, but realising that things had already gone too far for her to back out now; not that her body would even let her consider it.

She needed to be fucked badly; to be this close in over a year and not complete the act would be unthinkable and as she could see that Connor had stirrings in his trousers too, well that sealed it. Her vagina contracted at the thought that she had induced an erection in this young man. “I need a fuck Connor, desperately. I need to see your cock, to touch it and more importantly feel it ramming into me. If this must be on your terms, I have nothing to say but bring it on!”

“Understand one thing” he said, “I am not happy that I must prostitute myself in this way.”

He removed his clothes as he had done the night before and then knelt between her thighs. He could not help himself from running his fingers along the length of her shapely legs. Despite himself, he thrilled at the exotic/erotic touch of the silken material. He ran his tongue from the stocking top up to the mound of her mons veneris and slipped it between her lips to lick at the flow of juice beginning to drip from her pussy. She gasped at the contact with her vulva and pushed her fanny onto Connor’s tongue and mouth. “Oh Connor, you don’t know how long it has been since I was last licked by someone.”

He continued his probing, running down the cleft of each labia lip before running deeply into her vaginal gully. Pushing his tongue deeply into Victoria’s vagina, he then pulled back and searched for her clitoris which he quickly found. This was larger than Becca’s too and was very pronounced extending from her vagina by almost a centimetre, hard and as rampant as a woman’s genitalia could get. As soon as his tongue brushed upon this erected sexual throne Victoria cried out. “Yes, yes oh my god yes, there, just there, oh my GOD CONNOR, yes huh, yes!” Her body and legs shook in her orgasm, as Connor ran his hands up and down her thighs alternating from the flesh to the stocking top, to the stocking. He looked down at his swollen shaft; angered that he was getting turned on by what he was doing to Victoria.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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