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Today was the day that Amy had been waiting for. Today she was going with her hubby, Reed, to meet a woman that would be hopefully their third. She has been with Reed for years and he knew when he married Amy that she was into women and have been with women in the past. And that Amy may ask him to be with another woman with her. He said he was fine with it and he never pressured her into finding someone. He was happy with how the marriage was going and he was cautious about bringing in someone they didn’t know into their marriage.

But to Amy, every spring and summer when the girls would wear tighter and sexier outfits, the thoughts of being with a woman was over whelming. She would be reminded the handful of relationships she have had with women before she was married and how much she enjoyed hearing a female moan and feeling their soft kisses and skin.

“I do not know. What if she doesn’t like our chemistry? What if she doesn’t have chemistry with us?” Reed was always Amy’s voice of reason.

“I know you haven’t talked to her, like I have these past couple of weeks, but I think it is worth a shot. She is very open minded and she likes a lot of the same music and movies. If there is nothing sexual between us, then maybe we can be friends and have someone to hang out with while she is in town.” I tried to reassure him.

Erin had put a personal ad on Craigslist a couple of weeks back for someone to maybe have some female company with while she was in town. She said she was even open to it being with a couple. Amy responded to it and within a half an hour Erin wrote back. Every day since then, they had communicated via email or text and exchanged photos. It felt like it was a perfect match. And today was the day that they would find out if it really was.

“Ok, so we are supposed to pick her up at the train station around 4pm and then she has to be back on the train at 8pm.” I said while I was making sure she had everything: keys, purse, phone, hair tie, Chap Stick. Check and Check.

“She lives about 75 miles away and hasn’t needed to buy a new car since hers got crashed. So the train seemed like a nice alternative to a bus ride. Maybe if we connect she will look into a car. But that is down the road. I mean we are older than her so we have the possibility of not connecting.” I felt like I was nervous talking now and should probably shut up.

“With her living down there will actually be a good thing. So the novelty of it will not wear off so fast. She can feel us out too. If she doesn’t like this then she wouldn’t need to buy a car. We are in our mid thirties and she is in her late twenties. I think we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” Reed said as he locked the front door. Reed is a very good looking man escort bayan kağıthane but he had always been very shy when it comes to women.

When Amy stepped out of the car in the parking lot, she had wished she had worn a different shirt. She was in her Joy Division t-shirt, jeans and her favorite Doc Marten’s black boots. She was comfortable but not very sexy. Maybe she should have worn a shirt with a v-neck or a tank top. And as soon as she saw Erin she knew she should have worn something sexier.

She was wearing a black tank top dress with her black Doc Martens and with her black/purple hair hanging down playing with her beautiful cleavage. Her makeup was perfect and she looked so much more beautiful than the pictures she shared with me and from what I saw on Facebook.

“Oh my! Erin?” I didn’t need to ask as I was sure but didn’t know what else to say. I was dumb founded.

“Yes. Amy?” She was laughing and she said ‘Amy’ with a little bit of sarcasm. Then without a hesitation, Erin gave me a big engulfing hug.

The brief hug was warm and inviting, like I had always known Erin. Her hair smelled of Strawberries and she tanned skin was very soft. When the release happened, I stumbled backwards. Thankfully, Reed was there to catch me with one arm and extend his other hand out to greet Erin.

“Hungry?” Reed asked.

“Famished. And parched. Know a place where I can get a good mojito and a burrito?” Erin smiled.

“Actually there is a place right around the corner, Harry’s is the name of the joint, and they are actually known for their mojitos.” I gestured down the street.

We were making our way there and joking around like we have hung out before. It made me smile. The hostess asked how many in our party and I said “three”. I asked the hostess if they had a booth in a corner available. And after a couple of minutes, we were seated. It was in a perfect place. It was in the back of the restaurant close to the kitchen. No one should be paying that close attention to us.

Well into conversation with drinks and appetizers, everything seemed to be going smoothly. She was right across the table from me and she looked so delicious. We were laughing and talking about various topics; music, movies, art, childhood, and work. Then Reed was nudging me as he wanted to get out so he could use the restroom. I was standing up and I was about to sit back down when she grabbed my hand.

“Please sit by me. I feel lonely on this side of the table all by myself.” Erin was asking and her eyes were very seductive.

I couldn’t speak but I did as I was asked. I felt so embarrassed and I could have lit a candle with the amount of heat radiating off my body. She cuddled up against escort bayan taksim me with her head on my shoulder and her hand was slowly moving up my side to my breast. She was so forward and I loved it! Usually I was the one to be the aggressor and it felt wonderful to be the one being pursued. I turned my head to look at her and she was smiling at me.

“Oh my, darlin’. You are so wonderful.” I said softly as I bent down to kiss her beautiful lips. With each kiss I gave to her, she would return with a kiss with more fervor. We were soon lost in our kissing and grabbing that we didn’t notice that Reed had returned from the restroom. Then I felt a little gentle kick from under the table that brought me out of the kissing.

“Ready to go?” Reed asked with a little smirk.

I looked at my cell to check the time and noticed it was a quarter to 7 pm and Erin had to be back on the train in an hour and fifteen minutes. So there was not enough time to bring her back to our house to see how things would go.

“Damn. Erin has to be back on the train soon. Maybe we could go to the beach for a little bit? It shouldn’t take that long to go and the sunset would be marvelous to watch.” I said as I got up to pay the waitress at the front of the restaurant.

When we got back to the car, I exclaimed, “I will play chauffeur!”

With my passengers buckled in behind me and the Social Distortion CD playing through the speakers, I started the hemi engine. Pulling away from the curb, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my hubby and Erin chatting. It made me smile with excitement. Even though, I had spoken to Erin on the phone and texted many times, I was still a little bit afraid that things wouldn’t go so smoothly.

Soon it was quiet in the back seat. I looked in the mirror again and they seem to be whispering to each other and giggling. Thankfully I got a red light and I was able to see his hand glide ever so lightly across her breast and my body tingled with delight. I knew that gentle touch and how good it felt. I was very happy that he felt so comfortable with her that he would touch her that way.

I gently pressed on the accelerator pedal as I didn’t want to jolt them. I tried not to make sharp turns or brake too hard and every once and awhile I snuck peeks at them to see how things were progressing. And they were progressing! I had to remind myself to pay attention to the road and get to the beach safely where I could watch. The five minute drive seemed to take forever as I didn’t want to be focused on driving anymore. The lightly touching had turned into kissing and groping of genitals on both sides. Animal instincts were taking over in the back seat and it was radiating heat to the front.

I şişli escort bayan got to the parking lot at the beach and parked the car so the rear of the car was facing the beautiful sunset. With the dark tinted windows of the Magnum and the sun shade I put up in the front windows, we wouldn’t be seen and we wouldn’t see the sunset. But we had more important things to do.

Her panting was deep and sensual as she clearly loved having her beautiful, soft breasts sucked on and fondled. Her hips were moving ever so slightly back and forth and then I noticed that his hand was under her skirt. Oh seeing that shot tingles up and through my body that made me start to grab my breasts and wiggle. This was exactly what I had desired for so long!

“You want to taste?” Reed had broken away from Erin and was motioning for me to lick his fingers.

“Yes, please.” I said while slowly licking my lower lip in excitement.

I leaned forward and opened my mouth for Reed’s pointer and middle finger. I held onto his hand while I licked and sucked her cum off. Erin had started to put her hands up my shirt and push my impeding bra up releasing my breasts for her hands to fondle easier. Her hands felt so warm and caressing and then she twisted my nipples. I didn’t have to say anything to her; it was like she was reading my mind.

She slipped off her black underwear and then got up to a kneeling position to give Reed’s cock some attention with her mouth. He seemed surprised when she was taking of his shorts but he quickly tried to help to get them off.

I leaned toward her just a little more and started to kiss her ass cheeks. She took the hint and shifted her weight up to where my tongue could lick her pussy lips with long licks perfectly. Her moaning was deep and lusty as she was enjoying my licking/nibbling and her sucking on Reed. The rhythm of my tongue on her lips and clit was a slow methodical pace that seemed to get a really great response from Erin. She was thrusting up and down with my tongue movement and when I started to speed up so too did her thrusting. I couldn’t help myself, I had to cum. So I moved my hand down my jeans to play with my clit as I licked her.

“Oooooo I am going to cum!” Erin said in between her panting.

So I quickened my licking. I couldn’t help myself as I wanted to taste her so badly. Then I did, and, oh it tasted so wonderful! She started to quiver and shake which seemed to take over her whole body as she came. She stopped thrusting and flipped back over to lie down. Her moans became longer and deeper as her shaking lessened.

“Wow, Sweetheart. You are so very beautiful. That was amazing!” I said as Reed’s phone went off.

“That is the alarm to get Erin back to the train station. I had set it while we were eating.” Reed said as he turned off his alarm.

“On your next visit, we will definitely have some fun!” I was happy on well we were getting along but saddened that it was over so quickly.

Hopefully that next visit wouldn’t be so far away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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