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Group Sex

Behind the Red Doors

Author: Kyttie

My wife Donna and I, celebrate New Years Eve in Las Vegas, We enjoy the fireworks and all the festivities that go along with it, this year was no exception; The first night, I’ll play the tables for a while and usually crash out before Donna, who enjoys the hell out of gambling and the night life. However, on this particular occasion, her way up to the room the elevator contained approximately 8 people. One of the passengers accidentally leaned against the button for the elevator to stop at several floors between hers.

Among the people riding in the elevator was a black man in his mid 30’s who took his wallet out of his pocket, and started counting his money and placing it back into his pocket, then reaching into his other pocket pulling out a handful of money and counting it in front of everybody, wanting someone to say something or make eye contact. It was obvious what was on his mind, he wanted someone to fuck and he was willing to pay for it.

Donna is a sexy woman, and over the years she has certainly had her share of complements. As people reached their floors and departed the elevator, she found herself riding alone with this black man. Her eyes looking down at the floor, humorously thinking and questioning the rumor she had heard most of her life about black men being so large she had to sneak a quick look at his crotch to see, and to her amazement in this instance it was. I’m Larry, and asked her name, I’m Donna. He made small talk then asked in a soothing voice; “Donna have you seen the view of the strip from the penthouse”? She replied; “no I haven’t”. He then asked; “would you like to see the sights from that view”? She astonished herself with her answer, “Maybe for a quick glance, my husband is expecting me back soon”, leaving herself a way out. She has been curious for some time; how a white woman could possibly spread her legs for a black man to fuck her even if the rumors were true. She was presented this opportunity and decided to explore it.

She rode the elevator to the top floor with Larry. He led her to his penthouse with beautiful French red doors. Once inside they walked to a huge wall of windows and shared a spectacular breath taking view of the city.
She could feel his hot breath on her cheek, while he was pointing to different places of interest through the glass; he gently put his hand on her lower back as to direct her attention.
She felt his hand slowly and softly moving down her back to her ass, it excited her. She thought; “he was wasting no time trying to get into her panties” and wondered how far she would allow him to continue before she would ultimately have to stop him. Donna never said a fucking word or even attempted to stop his hand from reaching her ass as they looked out over the city.
As they gazed out the window, she could see their reflection in the glass. She saw the expression on both their faces. She could see his eyes scanning her clothed body as if she was naked and it thrilled her. As he was speaking, he continued gently rubbing and squeezing the cheeks of her ass. This motherfucker was exciting the fuck out of her and she loved it.
She noticed in the reflection of the window, kağıthane escort excitement in his eyes that to her seemed to say; “I’m going to enjoy fucking your white cunt”.
She could feel the blood racing through her body, her face getting hot as hell as Larry continued rubbing her ass. Donna realized she was living her ultimate fantasy.
She knew if she allowed him to continue, he would take her to the point of no return. However, it has been a while since she had been this sexually worked up. Her curiosity had been satisfied; she understood how a white woman could get caught up in black and white sex. And if she didn’t want to be another statistic, now was the time to prevent this from continuing any further.
Then she felt as if electricity flowing through her entire body as Larry’s hand slide under the front of her sweater; she could see and feel his black arm against her smooth white stomach as he slowly moved his hand up to her breasts. Donna knew Larry was taking her to the point of no return. She thought; “This motherfucker is good”, he was making her pussy sizzle with passionate desire, his hand reached her breasts and slid it under her bra squeezing her tits and fondling the fuck out of her nipples with his fingers, still playing with her ass. She felt his hand start moving slowly from her ass, to her hot wet cunt. Her mind was saying; “stop, I’m a married woman, I can’t do this” however; her pussy was saying “yes” wanting to be fucked by a black big cock. Any resistance she might have had vanished when she felt his fingers fondling her hot pussy from outside of her slacks.
Hearing her moans and deep breathing, Larry told her; “Donna, you need to experience a big fucking black cock stretching and fucking your white cunt and your in luck, I’m the motherfucker for the job”, she realized; “her fantasy was to spread her legs wide and watch an enormous black cock stretch and fuck her cunt”. Then he started kissing and licking her neck and moving up to her ears. He was making her fucking nuts.
While fondling her cunt he unfastened the button and unzipped her slacks, she felt like she was in a trance as she watched him slid his black hand inside the top of her panties. She felt his fingers find their mark, massaging and slipping inside the lips of her pussy and then she felt him insert one, then two, and then three fingers into her hot wet cunt. She got excited seeing the wetness of her cunt on his fingers as he kept stroking and finger fucking her. He was making her fucking crazy and taking great pleasure in doing so.
Then for a brief moment, horror set in, she seen in the refection another black man slowly moving toward her. He was naked, and stoking his enormous cock. The head of his black cock was so large she was skeptical it could fit inside a coffee cup; she wondered how in the fuck it could fit in her pussy.
Larry’s fingers still massaging her cunt, he softly whispered in her ear this is my friend Rick. She thought “what the fuck, I already feel like a fucking whore being with a black man what difference does it make if my cunt takes two big black cocks rather than just one”? The thought of two gigantic black cocks fucking her at the same eyüp escort time sent her over the top. She knew these two black motherfuckers could give her the ultimate sexual experience of her life; all she had to do is follow her fantasy and spread her legs wide and let the cum flow. Her concern was weather or not her cunt could actually take the enormous size of their cocks?
When Rick stood in front of Donna, he gently took her hand and placed it on his massive hard cock, it was so large and hard her hand couldn’t wrap around it. She started stroking his cock, she thought; there is no fucking way her cunt could be fucked by a cock so huge, however, it will be fun trying. Then without a word, he leaned closer to her and inserted his tongue deep into her mouth, French kissing the fuck out of her,
She felt Larry slid her slacks and panties down to her ankles, exposing her hot wet cunt as she stepped out of them. She was so fucking horny, without her already soaked panties that had been holding back her hot pussy juices, it flowed down her legs.
Rick, kissing her reached down and grabbed his cock and began rubbing and pushing the massive head of his black cock up and down her hairy wet pussy lips. Then he went down to his knees, gently spreading the lips of her cunt open and inserted his tongue between the lips of her cunt and started licking her pussy juices as a dog drinking water from his bowl. Donna felt such a climax coming she almost fainted from excitement. Uncontrollable she fucked Ricks wet face as her cum dripped from his tongue. Afterwards, she became limp and shaky, she didn’t know if she could stand on her own.

Larry, seeing Donna’s excitement said to himself; “I’ve got to have some of this” he stepped back and after he took his clothes off, got back in position behind her. He spread the cheeks of her ass apart and took his cock and started moving the head up and down her ass.
She could feel the head of his gigantic cock rubbing up and down the crack of her ass. She has never been fucked in her ass before and the feeling of his rock hard cock pushing against her tight ass hole made her fucking crazy with excitement and anticipation.
She couldn’t imagine after coming so hard and just having one of the most exceptional climax in her memory that she was getting aroused to this degree this soon. Feeling Larry’s cock, pushing firmly against her tight ass trying to find its way deep inside.
She went fucking nuts; Donna went into a frenzy thrusting her hips back and forth against their cocks.
Rick slipped her sweater up over her head and pitched it on the floor beside her, as Larry unhooked Donna’s bra and let it fall as well, exposing her firm beautiful breasts, her nipples wanted more attention, Rick grasped her tits and started sucking and tonguing her hard nipples.
She felt Larry’s hard cock pressing against her ass as she spread her legs even wider for his gigantic cock.
She looked down at Rick’s huge fucking black cock; the head was wet from rubbing her cunt and hard as a rock pressing against her pussy. Rick reached with one hand and gently bent and guided her head down to his cock; his other hand reached for his cock and placed mecidiyeköy escort it to her lips. Donna eagerly opened her mouth to conform her lips around his gigantic black cock head. It was so fucking huge; it would barely fit. She couldn’t imagine having a black cock in her mouth, much less tasting his oozing pre cum on her tongue. As she bent over sucking Ricks cock, Larry grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass and buried half of his enormous cock head in her ass. She came so fucking hard her knees buckled and almost fainted.
She heard a voice saying; “Let’s get her to the fucking bed, take her hand”.
Donna followed them to the bed
Larry took her hand and placed it on his black cock and she begin to stroke him as Rick lay on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor as he pulled Donna on top of him. She spread her legs wide as she mounted Rick’s mammoth black cock. She felt him put the head of his cock between the lips of her already wet cunt and started rubbing his cock up and down her cunt lips. She experienced herself thrusting her pussy toward his cock and feeling her cunt being stretched beyond belief as she pushed her cunt harder against the head of his rigid black cock.
She felt the head of his cock stretching the lips of her hot wet fucking pussy to the breaking point and it excited the shit out of her. Never in her imagination could she have seen herself being so outrageously fucked by two enormous black cocks.
Rick began to suck her tities as they were suspended above his mouth. She looked at what was between her legs and started franticly fucking it uncontrollably hard, she could feel the head of his cock entering her hot stretched pussy. As Donna tried working his cock deeper inside of her cunt, Larry positioned himself behind her ass, and again spread the cheeks of her ass apart, with oil applied to his hard cock he inserted the head in her ass hole. She came so fucking hard she thought she might collapse from pleasure. There was no rest for Donna as Larry was burying his cock deep in her ass. She felt weak and limp as Rick matching her thrusts kept sinking his thick black cock deeper in her hot cunt. She had never experienced or could imagine such sexual pleasure, she knew her cunt was being stretched beyond its limit and ruined by these two black mother fuckers and she loved every fucking inch of it. They were fucking her so hard and furious she thought her heart would stop. She heard herself telling Rick; “fuck my white cunt you black motherfucker, I want to feel ever inch of you’re black cock until I feel your balls bounce off my white hot cunt, and fill my pussy with your hot black cum”. Faster and deeper they both fucked her until she felt both their balls bouncing off of her. She felt another organism coming, as they had stepped up the pace.
She felt their cocks pulsating and she knew they both were on the verge of cuming deep in her cunt and ass, then she felt Rick’s cum jetting with such force, filling her cunt with his hot cum, Larry busted his nuts in Donna’ ass about the same time as Rick.
Donna came so fucking hard she thought her heart would burst out of her chest as they pumped her full of their hot cum.
She lay in bed feeling their cocks still in her cunt and ass; she was milking every fucking drop of hot cum from their huge black dicks. Rick and Larry just rocked her world!
Then she heard a voice saying; “its time to wake up dear”.
Donna couldn’t believe it was just a wet dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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