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Part 6: Julie Goes to the Islands

Julie arrived in Myrtle Beach a changed woman. Her trip had changed her life. Julie had changed somewhat mentally, but the physical change was totally engulfing and could not be reversed even if Julie would dream of going back to the other world.

Ben was noticeably elated when the limo dropped Julie off at the house on Sunday evening. He had been thinking of nothing but Julie since she had called him from the airport. But when she stepped from the limo in that short white skirt, loose flowing short top and sandals he almost exploded. Obviously Julie had spent a lot of time in Caribbean sun. Her already flawless body was now a deep golden brown, all the way up to her clean-shaven pussy. When Julie stepped from the limo she was sure to allow Ben a good look up her skirt, and was very pleased with the effect it had on his manhood that she had been craving so much.

When Ben encased her in his strong arms, Julie thought she would faint dead away. The touch of his skin, the warmth of his mouth and the feel of his right thigh pressed against her now wet mound pushed Julie to an almost orgasm. Ben then scooped her up and carried her into the house and began to relish in the return of his wife.

Ben was all questions about her trip. Julie had been very busy while there and they had talked very little.

Julie began her story very calmly.

When she arrived at the airport she was greeted by her boss Rita. Along side Rita were a young man, a young woman, and one other woman Julie guessed to be about her age. Rita introduced the young ones to Julie as Bill and Sally, her and her husband’s adopted children, and Mia their nanny. Julie immediately began to notice the aura surrounding her traveling companions, but come to think of it, this had actually began while she was on the way to the airport in the limo.

Julie realized immediately the driver was interested in much more than driving. He had kept her every move in his sight from the time they moved away from the house. Julie feeling a bit sexy in her black outfit had only heightened his interest by moving and almost posing constantly. She crossed and uncrossed her long shapely legs giving her driver a complete view of her pussy lips more than once. She had leaned over to ask him a question giving him complete access of view all the way down her blouse. She remembered the feeling she had about the way he caressed her body with his eyes, but it was very evident there just as well could have been a sheet of bulletproof glass between them. He did not advance. He just caressed her body with his eyes.

Julie was very curious. She began to size up this group.

Bill was what looked to be twenty or twenty-one, medium height, and with a muscular build. One of the main things she noticed was the length and size of his fingers. She wondered if that old adage would prove true. Or better yet would she experience those hands on her body.

Sally was what she believed to be nineteen or twenty. She was not as tall as her older brother. Sally had a look about her. Julie felt as though Sally was sizing her up at the same time she was sizing up Sally.

The nanny, Mia was the most curious. She had a wide eyed look from her large brown almond shaped eyes. Her whole demeanor was that of server rather than teacher/mentor.

Their mode of dress was interesting also. Bill was obviously a cowboy. He sported tight starched Wranglers that very well outlined a nice package between his legs. His shirt was equally starched and had several sponsor embroidery logos. His hat had that look of being worn at all times. His buckle was large and had All Around Champion lettered on the top and his name engraved at the bottom.

Sally was actually casually dressed in short denim skirt, short top, and sandals. Her legs were muscular and her breasts were well developed. Julie noticed that during the time she had been there both of Sally’s nipples had come to attention revealing she was wearing no bra. Julie wondered if she was wearing anything else under that very short skirt.

Sally seemed to be squirming slightly and could not keep her eyes off of Julie. But even more interesting she could not keep her hands off of Mia.

Mia was dressed in a short cotton dress that was almost transparent. Her dark nipples were very visible and at times, depending on the position of her legs, Julie thought she could see her dark vulva located beautifully atop her long shapely tanned legs.

They all had the look of wealth and the look of much time spent frolicking in the sun.

Rita, as Julie, was dressed in a tailored suit. Hers was more of a gray pinstripe. Julie noticed she also had on a very sexy silky top that perfectly adorned her large free breasts as they moved about. Like Sally, Rita’s nipples were very much at attention peeking from around the opening of her suit jacket.

Julie’s curiosity was definitely at attention; her mind ran wild with the possibilities Kars Escort that stood there before her.

After they boarded the private jet each of her traveling companions began moving about and arranging their obviously well used areas.

Rita moved to the rear of the plane and disappeared into what Julie surmised was her private bedroom/office.

Again Julie was interested in the manner Sally could not keep her hands off of Mia. She constantly was holding to her arm and when she thought Julie was not looking, she would either grasp her beautiful round tight buttock or rub her hand up and down her leg.

Bill moved to a desk area where he sat down and powered up his computer. Looking over her shoulder, Julie could see he was checking the futures market and also read some of his e-mails.

Mia shook herself loose from Sally long enough to come over and try and get Julie situated. She made Julie feel more comfortable pointing out an available computer and inviting her to let herself down and get comfortable. They would be airborne in a few minutes and their flight would be several hours long.

Julie kicked out of her heels, and removed her suit jacket. Immediately she felt she was somewhat on display. All eyes were on her, she even felt Rita was watching her every move.

Mia asked Julie if she would like a drink of any kind and also was she hungry. Julie replied a Bailey’s would be nice and a toasted bagel with cream cheese would really hit the spot.

Sally was really beginning to get more obvious and more amorous with Mia. As Mia walked past Sally toward the galley, Sally placed her hand on Mia’s right side inner thigh just above her hem line. Mia stopped and when she looked down at Sally their eyes locked and Sally began to ease her hand upwards toward Mia’s gorgeous pleasure zone. Even though Mia was mostly facing away from Julie, she could see the mutual desire passing between these two gorgeous females. Sally’s hand moved further and further up that gorgeous tanned leg to a point that her entire leg was visible and the lower part of her naked pussy lips were showing. There were no panties there. Julie was mesmerized. All else around her ceased to be of any importance. Julie was totally engrossed in this situation unfolding before her.

Mia leaned down and sucked Sally’s tongue completely into her mouth and what seemed like half way down her throat. Sally now grasped Mia’s right side pussy lip and began to massage it into her leg. Mia began to get week kneed and grasped Sally’s head with both hands.

Julie began to squirm around and could feel her nipples harden against her skimpy bra. Her own pussy began to ache and she knew how wet she was by the warmth she felt swelling and how much she wanted to ram her own fingers into her pleasure patch between her legs.

This was all interrupted when Julie felt something touch her shoulder and could hear someone talking to her. She snapped her head around to find Bill standing there grinning, looking at Julie then at Mia and Sally. When Mia heard Bill talking and turned to see him watching them she pulled from Sally and forced her dress back down and covered her now sopping wet lower lips.

Julie now realized Bill’s large right hand was on her near bare shoulder. He was asking her what type of movie she would like to watch while they were penned up in this flying bus.

The only thing at this moment Julie could think about was getting as many of those long fat fingers up her pleasure pot, either one of them.

Bill was still grinning, and when Julie turned more toward him, his Wrangler clad package was right in front of her face.

Julie glanced away just in time to see Mia and Sally disappear into the galley. Oh boy! What do I do now alone here with this huge dick in my face? Julie turned back and now lifted her red cheeked face to meet Bill’s dancing eyes. Julie now was afraid there was a wet spot on the back of her dress. All of this happening around her had made her feel totally engrossed.

Before this went any further, Julie turned to see Mia exiting the galley with her Bailey’s and bagel. She was also trying to get her dress back down. This was quite the undertaking since both her hands were full and she was obviously in a state of sheer ecstasy. While her hands were still full, Bill reached out and cupped her left breast with his huge right hand. Julie thought Mia was going to collapse right there. The only reason Julie did not collapse was she was still sitting.

Mia placed the items on the table and made a half-hearted effort to escape Bill’s grasp. As she tried to pull away Bill tightened his grasp leaning more toward her. Julie now felt something hard against her shoulder, and when she turned to see what it was she realized Bill’s dick was almost busting the seams of his Wranglers and now was inches from her mouth.

Julie licked her lips and now placed her right hand around the back of Bill’s left upper thigh just below Kars Escort Bayan his gorgeous ass. She was gushing now. Mia finally pulled free from Bill, so he turned his attention to Julie. Since she had placed her hand around his thigh, he reached down and placed the palm of his huge right hand on the back of Julie’s head and pulled her mouth into his manhood.

Julie could not resist. She placed her free left hand on this enormous bulge. Bill released most of the pressure from Julie’s head. Julie now had one hand caressing Bill’s muscular thigh and the other rubbing and caressing his huge man-tool.

When she mustered the courage to look up again, Bill was still smiling. He calmly nodded toward his engorged dick and nudged her head closer to his body.

Julie could feel the blood rushing toward her face. Her face felt exactly as her swollen gushing pussy felt, hot and wanting something crammed inside.

With a slight noise from behind, both Sally and Mia exited the galley. Mia’s dress was slightly wrinkled and it was noticeably wet in the front. Sally’s skirt was still up over her hips, she was trying to get it back down where it belonged as they walked toward the twosome they had left alone.

Bill slowly backed away from Julie and she looked back into his eyes trying to encourage him to come back and let her have his body.

When the two girls got back to them they each took Julie by an arm and lifted her from her comfortable chair. Once she was up each of them grasped the bottom of her top and lifted it up and over her head. There she stood in her skirt and very skimpy bra. Both her right and left side hard nipples were showing completely above the material.

Bill reached over and clamped her right nipple between his left index and middle finger, rubbing the end of that nipple with his huge thumb.

Mia had found the zipper of her skirt, and when she slid it down it took only a slight tug and Julies skirt was piled around her feet.

She stepped out.

One quick flip of Sally’s hand found both of Julie’s breasts leaping out of their skimpy entrapment.

There she was standing naked in front of these three wondering what they could possibly have in mind.

Bill continued to grin as he trapped Julie’s eyes back into his gaze.

She realized what he was doing with his hands, but could hardly drag her eyes from his gaze. She finally forced herself to look down just as Bill’s pants opened and his huge cock leapt outward and toward the three women standing before him. He continued his strip by peeling his Wranglers down and kicking them aside. He unbuttoned his shirt and slowly slid one arm and then the other out of each sleeve. After tossing it aside, Bill now stood there naked for Julie’s enjoyment.

Her mouth was slathering. She wanted this young stud to pound her until she could not walk, and fuck her mouth until she could not talk. Julie was so enthralled in this episode her juices were running down the inside of both her thighs, her pussy was aching, and her tiny brown button was quivering.

The girls now eased Julie backward into her chair. They clamped both of her arms to the arms of the chair, then reclined it to a point she was flat on her back looking up at them.

They grasped her legs and forced them apart slightly and clamped them down. As soon as she was secure the chair began to move again, it pushed upward from the bottom allowing her vulva to be thrust upward and completely vulnerable.

Julie was losing it now. Even though she was actually passing in and out with violent lust, she was becoming concerned with what they were really about to do to her.

As she looked to her right she saw Mia remove her dress. She was nothing short of gorgeous. Long shapely legs, large breasts with huge near black nipples, and tight waste and ass. Her long black hair she now pulled back in a pony tail like she was preparing to get busy. When she looked to her left she saw Sally peel her top off of those young hard breasts that were straining for attention. Sally slowly unbuttoned the button fly on her denim skirt. It fell to the floor.

Bill moved in closer and slightly eased her legs further apart. Sally took the left and Mia took the right. They pulled them apart as the chair forced her vulva further up toward Bill and his tongue that was now coming toward her twat.

But then he stopped. Julie could not believe this. She was accustomed to being the one in control, the one making the decisions. She was really becoming concerned. That is, with the brain cells still able to think logically. Her entire body was screaming FUCK ME NOW!

As soon as she had finished her thought her chair began to move again. It was slowly separating and spreading her legs further apart and was moving in from the feet forcing her knees up.

By this time her pussy could only be described as engorged and soaked. She wanted that hard enormous dick crammed so far up her pussy Escort Kars it choked her.

Julie felt the lips of her pussy being opened. She began to feel a sort of relief. Then she felt the head of Bills huge dick enter the outer folds of her engorged pussy. He steadily pushed until he was entirely sunk into her tight pussy, then he just stayed there. Julie could hardly believe it, this huge dick was splitting her wide open and he was just standing there with her penned to the chair.

When she started pushing and fucking this cock she felt herself begin to loose all control of her body. The girls released their grips of her legs, and then began to release her from the tie downs of the chair.

When she was released Bill slightly leaned backward and Julie raised and clamped to his chest as if he had raised her with his dick. When her breasts came in contact with his chest she wrapped her legs around his waist and began fucking Bill for all she was worth. He then started to slowly move toward the large couch that now had been extended to a larger than king sized bed.

Ben maneuvered around and lowered himself onto the bed flat on his back.

The main trouble they had was getting Julie’s legs unlocked so he could lie down.

Julie was lost in the moment. There was not a single molecule of Julie’s pussy that was not touching dick. Every fold was stretched out and the bottom had been reached many times even prior to her being on top and Bill forcing this missile deeper into her chute.

Julie knew Mia and Sally could not be far away, but she was so engorged by this huge dick she did not really care where they were. Suddenly she felt someone pushing her from the back. Someone was trying to get her to lay forward. She gave into the pressure and allowed her body to be pushed down against Bill’s chest.

The feel of his hot chest against her now nearly raw feeling nipples only sent Julie more over the edge.

As Julie kept fucking this enormous cock, she could feel her juice starting to build. She really could not remember such a feeling from her pussy. There was pain because this cock was so big, but there was so much pleasure the pain was pushed aside.

Oh my God! As if nothing could make this any better, Julie could now feel someone’s tongue begin to slowly circle her tiny clinched second hole. Now the tongue was inside her. Was she going to pass out? She could only buck on this dick and push back against this hot tongue.

Then all at once the tongue was removed and lubricant was being poured all over her gorgeous vulnerable ass. As the liquid ran down her crack to her button a huge finger circled and now was inserted all the way into this private crevice.

When Julie turned to see what was happening behind her, she was shocked to see Jose the chauffer standing behind her naked, his huge dick in his right hand, and now was forcing the middle and index fingers of his left hand up her ass. She was somewhat scared at this thought. Her entire lower female cavity was filled with Bill’s enormous tool. Did they really think she could take this monster at the same time?

When Julie started to rise up, the girls grasped her arms and pushing on the back of her shoulders penning her down against Bill’s chest.

Then she heard someone say that it was time.

Julie felt the head of Jose’s dick enter the outer most part of her ass. She was still fucking Bill’s dick and was barely able to remember where she was, but this intrusion into her tiny bung hole was almost more than she could stand. Jose applied only slow steady pressure applying more and more lubricant. Julie’s movement on Bill’s dick was more than enough action to slowly allow this sausage to enter her body.

Once he hit bottom and started to fuck Julie at the same rhythm she was fucking Bill, an awakening was arising in her body from her head to the tips of her toes. Julie thought she was as full of cock as she could be. Then another hand grasped a hand full of her auburn hair and pulled her head back and up. Standing there in front of Julie with his dick in his hand was Dan, Ben’s older brother!

Julie’s mind was now spinning out of control. What was he doing here? Then with a lustful grin on his face he began parting Julie’s lips with his swollen member. Julie had no choice but to give in and take his dick into her mouth and almost down her throat.

She was still fucking Bill’s dick, Jose was drilling her ass with a tempo indicating her ass would shortly be filled with Latino cream, and the head of Dan’s dick was swelling in her mouth about to explode cum down her throat.

Dan had released his grip on Julie’s hair and she could see he was now ravaging Mia’s pussy with his right hand and Sally’s pussy and ass with his left hand.

This pushed her over the edge. From the depths of her belly she began to come apart. She encompassed an orgasm like no other. Each of her holes was crammed full of dick-to the maximum.

These two women were screaming in orgasm, and now she felt jism squirt and ooze from her ass and her pussy. Just before Dan let his cum escape his body, he pulled his engorged dick from her mouth and sprayed it all over her face and in her hair. Julie lost consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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