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Big Tits

Ben woke up with a start. How long had he slept he wondered. He couldn’t tell from the light behind his window shade. He glanced at his alarm clock. It was 3 o’clock. He hadn’t intended to sleep quite that long. He realized that he had to pee in the worst way. He got up, shuffled to the bathroom and relieved himself. While there he decided to shave and brush his teeth, just as if it was morning. He never felt right until he had shaved and brushed his teeth.

As Ben started to stroke his lathered face with his safety razor he wondered where his sister was. Was Katie still in bed or had she also gotten up. If she had he couldn’t believe that she didn’t come in and wake him with some overt sexual gesture. He finished his shave, dried his face and went back to his room to dress.

Ben descended the stairway quietly as he felt sure that Katie was still asleep and he didn’t want to disturb her.

When he got to the bottom he realized that he was wrong. Katie was in the kitchen. She had spread the morning paper on the kitchen table and was bent over just slightly reading it. He stood and gazed at his sister for a minute or so. She still had on the big t-shirt, actually one of his old ones, and a pair of white cotton, French cut panties. Her ass cheeks were partially visible and he could feel himself getting hard just looking. He had gotten to the point where he lusted after her almost constantly. He realized also that what he felt for her was not just lust. Oh sure, he loved her like a sister, but he was also hopelessly in love with her. So much so that it hurt sometimes. He decided to see if he could creep up on her.

Ben walked as silently as he could, hoping that none of the boards in the floor or whatever else would give him away. He was now within two feet of her as he reached out quickly and gathered her in his arms from behind.

“Ohhhh ,” she cried, ” Ben what are you doing, do you want to scare me to death?”

“No baby, I just want to fuck you to death,” he said with a chuckle.

With that, Ben pressed his erection against her ass and when he did so Katie bent over a bit more and began to grind her ass against him.

“Oh Bennie, fuck me sweety, fuck your little sister. “

Ben pulled his shorts down, his big cock leaping free and at the same time pulled her panties down around her knees. Katie shoved them the rest of the way down with her foot and stepped out of them. She then backed up just slightly and bent over at a much greater angle, one that would permit his cock to make its way easily up her now steaming pussy. Ben placed the head of his cock in her pussy and shoved quickly.

“Oh God, oh Bennie, it’s so good, I love that big cock of yours baby and I love it in my hot pussy. Fuck it Ben, fuck it baby.”

Ben was stroking her with a slow, even rhythm. He would bury himself in her as far as he could, withdraw almost completely then move deep into her again.

“Wait just a minute Bennie, let me get my hand down there so I can play a little.”

Ben eased back just slightly so that Katie could get her hand on her clit, then began to stroke her again, moving in and out forcefully but under control.

Katie began by putting two fingers on each side of Ben’s cock so she could feel him move in and out. She was struck with the amount of liquid she was pumping out. She was really juicing. She moved her two fingers over her clit and began to slowly move them in a circular fashion, increasing tenfold the pleasurable sensations.

“Ahhh, oh yes, oh it’s so good. I don’t want it to ever stop. Ben, promise me baby that you’ll fuck me like this for the rest of our lives, promise please.”

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll have to get in the witness protection program to get away from me. “

Ben was really pounding her now, shoving his big cock in and out, slamming her against the side of the big table, making her grunt each time he did.

Katie had picked up a rhythm now, rubbing her pussy forcefully, feeling her clit standing up and awaiting her fingers.

“Unghh, mmm, yes Ben, fuck it baby, just keep fucking it. I think it’s gonna cum real soon.”

She was massaging her erect clit now, occasionally grabbing it and squeezing it slightly between her two fingers. She could feel the faint tingling deep within her and could feel her nipples getting harder and harder, almost hurting they were so hard.

“Ben, it’s gonna cum, my pussy’s gonna cum all over your cock, oh Ben I love it, I love it so much.”

“Cum baby, cum on my cock. “

With that Katie exploded, her pussy clenching her brother’s cock which was now pumping away rapidly in her quickly pulsating pussy. Ben Çapa Escort couldn’t hold back any longer. He quickly pulled his cock out and shot his cum powerfully all over her ass and up her back.

“Oh Ben, that was so good. Why did you pull out?”

“Remember kiddo, you’re not completely safe until the middle of next week and I didn’t have the will power to quit and put a condom on.”

“Yes, those damn things,” Katie said angrily, ” I hate them.”

“Yeh, well, that’s better than getting knocked up isn’t it?”

“Yes, I guess so,” Katie answered petulantly, ” but I sure am gonna be glad when the middle of next week finally comes.”

The two of them cleaned up, kissed gently, then sat down at the table in order to catch their breath.

Ben and Katie planned the evening meal as they sat in the big kitchen, Ben reading the sports page and Katie painting her nails.

The remainder of the weekend seemed to fly by. They talked with their mother, determining that she had arrived safely at her destination and on Sunday taking a quick trip to the mall. They continued to have sex on a regular basis and Katie took up residence in Ben’s room, sleeping with her lover each night. On Sunday night they had gentle sex in Ben’s big bed, professing their love for each other and Katie once again cursing the necessary condoms. On Monday, Katie announced that she wanted to do something different in bed.

“Like what Katie, we’ve done just about everything I can think of.”

“Let’s just have oral sex Ben. I mean, you’ve licked me down there before but I mean do me until I cum on your mouth. Then I want to do you. I wanna to see if I can do a good job of sucking cock. I wanna see what your cum tastes like.”

Ben had to admit that the idea sounded great. It was true that they had done that briefly for each other but not to completion. The idea of dumping a load in his sister’s mouth was exciting. As a matter of fact, as the day wore on, Ben found himself much in anticipation of the evening’s events. After the supper dishes were done and after he had viewed the news on TV he decided to push the action a little.

“Well,” he said standing and stretching briefly, ” I think I’ll go up to my room and get on the computer a little.”

“Oh really Ben,” Katie said sarcastically, ” are you hinting?”

“Hell no,” Ben replied, ” I just want to look at the computer a little.”

“OK big brother, just don’t let me find you looking at porn,” she said mockingly, and by the way, it’s our room now, not just your room.”

Ben smiled softly at her then turned and started up the stairs.

“You can come up whenever you want to,” he said over his shoulder, ” if I’m looking at porn, so what.”

Katie chuckled, she wouldn’t mind looking at porn with him. It might add an element of excitement to the whole situation.

She moved about the first floor, making sure that the doors were locked and the windows had been put down and secured for the night. Once done with this, she ascended the stairs, heading for the room she now thought of as her own.

Her brother was reclined on his bed, watching TV. He was clad only in his boxer shorts.

“Mind if I don’t sleep in pajamas tonight,” she questioned, ” I’m too lazy to go to my room and get them.”

“Are you kidding,” Ben answered, ” you haven’t worn them any night so far.”

“Well that may be true,” Katy said, ” but I started out with them on. You’re the one that took them off of me. “

Ben laughed, it was very true, he had indeed been the one that stripped her and he rather liked the idea of not having to go through all that. Might as well start at naked instead of dressed. Katie was wearing only her panties having shed the big shirt.

Ben had not gotten on his computer as he said that he was going to. He was instead watching a movie on TV. It was difficult for Katie to grasp the plot and though it was certainly not porn, the girls costuming was very risqué and the script was very, very suggestive. Katie leaned against her brother and began watching the movie with him. As she watched she realized that she was starting to get turned on. Her left hand was partially under her and it occurred to her that if she moved it only an inch or so she could touch the nipple of her left breast. She moved her arm slowly and carefully as she preferred that Ben not know what she was up to.

Katie reached her left nipple and began to gently move her finger back and forth over it, causing her nipple to stiffen and sending a tingling sensation throughout her boobs. She noticed also a distinct tingling in her pussy.

Ben had impressive peripheral Çapa Escort Bayan vision. He had detected her movements in the very beginning. He wondered just how far she would go. He could see that she was slowly but deliberately playing with her nipple. He was determined not to get aroused as she would know that he was watching her. He started doing multiplication in his mind, thinking about the last time he went fishing, anything to keep his cock from getting hard.

Katie was really enjoying the movie now. She continued moving her finger over her nipple. She very slowly crossed her legs at the ankles and began to squeeze her pussy by flexing her legs ever so slightly.

She was sure that Ben couldn’t tell what she was doing. She was wrong.

It was difficult for Ben to keep from laughing. He had seen her tighten the muscles in her legs and at the same time acted as though he was intent on the action in the movie. In fact, he now had no idea what the movie was even about.

Katie was getting really worked up now. She was flexing the muscles in her legs in rhythm and was now pinching her left nipple. She wanted so badly to pay some attention to her right one but dared not do so.

Ben was doomed now. He could actually smell her pussy. She must really be getting hot he thought. He could feel his cock starting to grow and there was nothing he could do the stop it. At that point something happened that was completely unexpected. His cock was close to the opening of his boxers and suddenly, as it got harder it popped through the opening, standing there in all its glory.

Katy jumped, detecting the movement out of the corner of her eye.

“What the hell is that Ben,” she nearly shouted.

“It’s called a hardon, a stiffie, whatever. You didn’t think that you could lay there playing with yourself without something happening did you.”

“What,” she said incredulously, ” you mean you’ve been watching me. Why you dirty…..”

With that she began to wrestle with her big brother and in that of course she didn’t have a chance. Ben was a very powerful man and before long he had her pinned down and now began to tickle her.

“Ben,” she shouted, ” Ben stop, oh Ben please,” she giggled.

Now they were wrestling all over the bed. Ben could have locked her down completely at any time he wished but was enjoying the activity. Finally he had her flat beneath him as he stopped to gaze at her. She was so damned pretty. She was also so damned sexy. He leaned down and tenderly kissed her, pausing to suck on her bottom lip. Katie groaned and kissed back, inserting her tongue slowly into her brother’s mouth. Finally they broke the kiss.

“Ben, Ben, you make me feel so sexy. I love you so much.”

“I love you too kiddo, more than you’ll ever know,” Ben replied.

With this he backed off, reached down and gently removed her panties. He couldn’t believe how wet they were.

He lowered his head to her groin and inhaled deeply. It was better than a Spring morning, or the evening after a gentle rain. It was pussy and it inflamed him immediately. He reached his tongue out and gently touched her clit. Katie almost came off of the bed. It was as if she had been hit by an electrical current.

“Oh God Ben, oh baby that feels so good. Ben if you don’t want to you don’t have to lick me until I cum. You can fuck me if you want to.”

“No,” Ben replied, ” it sounds good to me. I’ve been thinking about delivering a load to that beautiful little mouth of yours for quite some time.”

“Mmm, sounds good to me too. OK lover, lick away,” she said.

Ben continued to nibble at her clit, alternating with also licking up and down the lips of her pussy. She was soaking wet but he loved the taste. He would occasionally suck her now hardened clit into his mouth gently causing her to move her ass up toward him and to groan loudly.

Katie was shoving so much moisture out of her pussy that Ben could hardly keep up with it. He was loving every minute of it though. He was now stabbing her clit with his tongue causing her to jerk and moan even more. He now moved two of his fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her with them as he continued to lick and suck. Katie was humping him hard now, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

“Oh Ben, Bennie, it’s so good. Ahh, Ben I’m gonna cum baby, here it comes.”

Katie’s orgasm was powerful, she humped up at her brother and remained there with her ass off of the bed. She was at the same time whimpering. She was cumming as hard as Ben had ever seen her do.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh Ben it’s so good, so good,” Katie whimpered, “I love you baby, Escort Çapa love you.”

Katie started to relax, coming down from her sexual high, her breathing returning to what somewhat resembled normal.

” Ben,” she whispered, “I love you so much. You have just pleased me baby, so much.”

“That’s what I aim to do ma’am,” he replied.

They lay quietly in each other’s arms, relaxing in the afterglow of Katie’s orgasm.

“OK big boy,” Katie said, ” now it’s your turn.”

Ben laid back and opened his legs, his cock standing as a flagpole.

“No sweety, not that way,” Katie said, ” I wanna do it like I’ve seen in the movies. I would like to get on my knees with you standing. You know, nice and raunchy.”

Ben laughed at the vision, moved off the bed, walked around to her side and smiled at his sister.

Katie got off the bed, kneeled down and leaned forward, taking Ben’s big cock in her hand, gazing at it.

“Ben,” she said softly, ” it still amazes me. Look at the big veins in it. It is so hard, it’s like a rock baby. Are you ready for me to suck you off Bennie?”

Her soft handling of his cock and her conversation had heightened his sensations. His cock felt so sensitive. She was very lightly moving her soft little hand up and down its length.

“Oh Katie, that feels so good,” he croaked, hardly able to speak. ” I’m not gonna last long at this rate little lady,” Ben said.

Katie smiled and moved forward….” I haven’t even started yet baby, you just wait. I’ve been practicing on a carrot, ” she giggled.

At that point Katie took his cock in her mouth and began to slowly work her way up and down his tool. She could get most of it in her mouth but when she tried for the last bit her gag reflex wouldn’t allow her to get there.

“Katie babe,” Ben said, “when I cum there is usually a lot of stuff as you well know. You don’t have to keep it in your mouth. You can just jerk me if you want.”

“Oh no,” she replied emphatically, ” no siree. I’m gonna milk this big ole thing and enjoy every fucking minute of it.”

Ben was startled by her use of the “f” word but only momentarily. Katie was working on him in earnest now and it was starting to have some results. Her mouth was small and perfectly formed for this purpose. He would call them rosebud lips. Her mouth was wet and warm and oh so exciting.

“Oh Katie, baby you sure you never done this before?” he asked.

“No Bennie, never. Like I told you, I’m serious, I’ve been practicing on carrots, my hairbrush, everything that I could find.”

Man she must have some happy hairbrushes cause she was doing a dynamite job on him. He could feel his climax getting closer with every slurp from her magical mouth.

“OK babe, you’re getting there, it’s not gonna be long now. Remember you don’t have to take it in your mouth.”

Katie merely continued to suck and lick and shook her head in the negative. She mumbled something, or tried to but it was tough with 9 inches of cock in her mouth. OK, if that’s what she wanted he would grant her wish.

In addition to sucking she was now also flicking her tongue across the bottom of his cock. He felt it building fast now, boiling toward completion, his cock beginning to harden even more.

“Here it is honey, get ready.”

Ben felt it racing down his cock and he caught his breath as the first salvo was fired into her dainty little mouth. He was shooting fast and each was a powerful rope of cum, splashing into the back of her throat. After what seemed like minutes but was instead probably seconds, the firing ceased. He slowly and gently pulled his cock from his sister’s mouth.

He backed off, shifted his weight, then came forward and kissed her gently on the lips. He could taste the saltiness of his ejaculate on her lips. That was a first for him and he realized it didn’t really taste that bad.

“Thank you little sister, that was one hell of a blowjob.”

“Really Ben, did I really do it OK,” Katie asked.

“I’m not kidding Katie, that was fantastic. You saw how quick I came didn’t you.

Katie smiled broadly, happy that she had been able to please him.

“Maybe you’ll let me do that for you again some time,” Katie said proudly.

“Yep, maybe I will.”

“By the way Katie”, Ben asked, “you’re not gonna keep coming up with a new theme each day are you. I mean we’ve done just about everything now.

“Oh no we haven’t big brother, I’m thinking we might try the back yard tomorrow night. After dark of course.”

“Katie,” Ben said, you know the Wilsons have a big light that they use when they put the dog out. It unfortunately lights up our back yard too. Sounds awfully dangerous to me.”

“That’s what makes it exciting baby, it’s the danger part you know. “

Ben decided by the weekend he would probably be glad his mom was back home. His sister was starting to wear him out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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