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Many years ago, before I was happily married, I was dating a guy in college who I really liked. He unfortunately didn’t feel the same about me, and proceeded to dump me just before we left for summer break. I was totally devastated, not only because I had really liked him, but we had talked about doing a lot of fun things over the summer months, and I knew none of those would be happening. I packed up my dorm room and headed home for a very boring summer. Fortunately, I still kept in touch with a few friends from home, Matt in particular. He had gone to the same college that I did, and he was also planning to be at home for the summer.

Matt and I had been friends for a long time, and the sexual tension between us was evident. We just never seemed to be single at the same time. We had dated when we were in high school, but were both so innocent, nothing ever happened between us, other then a kiss or two. We continued our friendship throughout high school and college, and while the tension was there, we both seemed to enjoy the friendship and didn’t want to do anything to ruin that. Matt was about 6’0″, and stocky with dark hair and dark eyes. I had noticed how big the bulge in his pants was from time to time, and it was quite impressive. I always had dreamed about seeing the real thing, but it had never happened.

Matt was such a good friend, and he knew how upset I was, so he invited me to join some of his friends at a concert a few weeks after we got home. It was a band I really liked, and so I jumped at the chance to buy the extra ticket. I found out that seven of Matt’s buddies would be joining him, and I would be the only girl. I didn’t know all of the guys, just one or two of them, but I decided that I’d put up with the guys so I could see the band.

We all rode to the outdoor theater in a huge van. Jake, one of the guys I didn’t know, drove us, and the drinking started early. We got to the theater two hours before the opening act, and everyone was getting good and drunk. I got to know the guys much better. I knew Matt and Ryan from college, and Jake, Tom and Shawn went to college with us, but I hadn’t met them before. Nate and Jason had gone to high school with Jake. All seven guys were offering me shots and beer, and before long, I was really buzzed.

When I finally had to find a bathroom, Jake said he would go with me. I was so excited to be alone with Jake, because he was so hot. Jake was average height, stocky, and muscular. His bright blue eyes were such a contrast to his dark brown hair, and his smile was the best. As we were walking, he commented on my outfit. I had decided to look a bit slutty for the concert, and had worn a short skirt that barely covered my ass and a tight halter top. I have 36DD breasts, and Jake stared at them as we walked. Jake waited for me outside the bathroom, and then led me to the side of the building. Before I knew it, he and I were making out. I knew I needed to stop him, since it was broad daylight, but all the alcohol and the special attention from all the guys had made me so horny, I just ankarada yeni escortlar let Jake kiss me. His hands reached up my tiny skirt, and he felt my little lacy thong.

Jake pulled slightly away from me, and asked if he could get a closer look at the thong. I decided that I’d totally tease him, and I reached up under my skirt and pulled it off. You could see my wetness on them, and he took the opportunity to look closely, smell my juices on them. I smiled at him, and had him shove them in his pocket. I could see his cock straining against his shorts as we walked back to the van.

When we got back, the guys could tell that something had happened between Jake and I, but we both acted totally innocent. I was hoping my flushed face didn’t give it away. We packed up our stuff and headed into the theater.

The opening act was great, and after they were done, and before the main event hit the stage, Nate and Jason were going to hit the bathroom, and I went with them. I was still good and buzzed, and now horny on top of it all. When I got out of the bathroom, they called me over to a dark corner, and pulled out a flask of alcohol. I took a quick swig and passed it to Nate. Jason stood in front of me, and told me how hot I was. I thanked him, and he leaned down to kiss me. Jason was the skinniest of the guys, and the tallest at 6’3″. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and was very cute. I started kissing him back, and my pussy was starting to heat up. Nate, not to be outdone, stood behind me and started to kiss my neck. I reached back to him and pulled him closer to me. These guys seemed to have done this before, because Jason went right for my tits, and Nate started feeling my legs and ass. Almost at the exact same time, Jason pulled one of my tits out of my shirt, and Nate’s fingers found my uncovered pussy. I was in heaven as these two guys commented about my hard nipples and shaved pussy. I grabbed both of their now hard cocks through their shorts, and gave a quick squeeze. I then pulled away and smiled. I promised them more fun in the van after the concert, as the three of us were sharing the backseat.

I couldn’t believe I was acting this way with a bunch of guys I hardly knew. I was just so horny, I couldn’t control myself. That’s probably why I made out with Ryan during the concert. He and I had messed around before, and I always loved the way Ryan kissed. It was pretty innocent, and he could tell I was pretty drunk.

The concert finally ended, and we headed back to the van. We all decided it was too hard to try to fight the crowds, so we all sat around and kept drinking. The bugs were terrible, so we all headed into the van to be more comfortable. I was the last one in the van, and I was getting ready to head back to my seat in the back, when Ryan started the fun.

“Jess, I think you need to properly thank Jake for driving all of us today.” All of the guys seemed to agree with that one. I hesitated for a bit. Could I actually have sex with this guy in front of 6 other horny young men? I looked at Matt. He bayan escort ankara smiled and said, “You should do this. We’ve all talked, and we all agree that whatever happens tonight stays with tonight, and we won’t tell anyone about it.” Then he whispered in my ear, “I won’t think any differently of you, and I hope I get to fuck you as well.”

Well, that did it. I was too horny not to play along. Jake was in the drivers seat, and I straddled him. My very wet pussy was dripping onto his jeans. We shared a long horny kiss, our tongues dancing with each other. His hands reached up, and pulled my halter top off. I broke the kiss so I could concentrate on getting his pants off and a condom on (the guys seemed to have a large supply with them), then straddled him again. Finally, his rock hard cock entered my very willing pussy. I had the control, and I slowly moved up and down his shaft. Jake spent this time sucking and biting at my nipples. His hand found my clit, and his thumb started rubbing my nub. It was absolutely driving me crazy! The faster he rubbed my clit, the faster and faster I moved on his cock.

Jake was pulling at a nipple and rubbing my clit incredibly fast, and I came for the first time that night. I’ve always been loud in the sack, so I was really thankful the windows were up when I screamed out. As I came down from my orgasmic high, Jake grabbed my hips, and started slamming me onto his cock. His rock hard member kept getting deeper and deeper in me. Finally, he moaned, slammed me down on him one last time, and came.

The rest of the van was completely quiet, entranced in the moment. Then the guys erupted in cheers for Jake and I. Jake seemed pretty spent, but I was just getting warmed up. I moved from the front seat to the seats just behind and immediately started undressing Ryan and grabbing his gorgeous 7″ cock. Tom and Shawn were sitting beside Ryan, and quickly got undressed. I grabbed their cocks with my hands, and gave them hand jobs. It wasn’t easy because I was so focused on giving Ryan pleasure with my tongue. My pussy was just running with juices. It got a lot harder to focus when I felt hands pulling off my skirt, and a cock going into my pussy. I knew it was Matt. Finally, that sexual tension was going to go away! He was amazing. He was pounding into me doggy style, I was sucking on Ryan’s prick, and giving hand jobs to both Tom and Shawn. Before long, I felt Ryan’s cock get bigger, and he came with a grunt and lots of dirty words. He tasted so sweet. Matt kept fucking me, and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over me. His cock was hitting my g-spot over and over and over, and I came at least 3 times. Matt finally slammed into me one more time, and I felt him come, hard. I let go of Tom and Shawn’s cocks to turn around and hug Matt. It was the only intimate moment of the evening.

When I turned back around, Shawn was sitting where Ryan had been, and had a rock hard 8 inches for me. Tom got behind me this time, and took Matt’s position. Tom had a very wide cock, even though it was pretty short escort bayan ankara at 5 inches. He stretched my pussy wider, even though it had already been stretched from two other cocks. Shawn came very quickly in my mouth, but Tom had incredible stamina. He was small, but man did he know how to use it. Once Shawn had come, he flipped me over and shoved my legs into the air. Matt, knowing I could come both in my g-spot and on my clit, immediately started rubbing my clit. Ryan, getting back into the act, started biting my nipples. He had his tongue pierced, and I loved feeling that hard metal on my nipples. Just before Tom the Stamina Man finally came, Matt got me to cum through my clit. It is a different orgasm for me, and is incredibly intense. I screamed so loud, I knew anyone within 20 feet of the van could hear me. I didn’t care.

We all took a little break after that. Nate and Jason had been patiently waiting in the backseat, but agreed that I should rest for a minute. I was still in this crazy sexed state of mind, but could handle catching my breath and chugging a beer.

Matt started the conversation. “Jess, did Nate and Jason tell you what they are famous for?” I shook my head no, but I knew what the answer would be.

“Double penetration.” Every single guy in the van was staring at me.

“I figured,” I said. “I’ve never done it, but tonight is a night of firsts, so I want to do it.” I looked at Jason and Nate. “Will you be gentle with a first-timer?”

They promised. I climbed to the back of the van, and kissed both of these guys. They could taste Ryan and Shawn’s spunk in my mouth, but neither seemed to care. They were focused on fucking me like I had never been fucked before.

Nate sat on the seat, and adjusted me to straddle him. His cock was so big. I think it was probably 10 inches or so. His cock alone was a lot to handle. I felt lube being applied to my other hole, and looked back to Jason. He had the perfect ass fucking prick, especially for a first timer. It was long, but very skinny. I knew it would be great up my ass. Nate held me still as Jason slowly penetrated my ass. It was painful at first, but with every inch deeper he went, the better it felt. Finally, he was all the way in, and slowly pulled out. Nate didn’t even move, Jason did the moving for both of us.

Jason started fucking my ass faster now, and I have never felt pleasure like that before. I think I had one continuous orgasm for the entire time they were both in me. Just when I thought it would die down, Jason would start fucking me harder and faster, and a new level of pleasure hit me. Nate kept saying how he could feel Jason’s cock through my pussy walls, which got Jason going even more, which got Nate hotter and hotter.

Jason was totally pounding into me, and Nate came. He screamed in pleasure. I screamed with one final huge wave of feeling and then almost passed out. Jason came in my ass, and it was the most incredible feeling I have ever had.

I was totally spent, but incredibly relaxed. At that point, I couldn’t even remember I had been upset about my ex-boyfriend!

The rest of the summer was spent with a lot of fucking for Matt and I. I played around with Nate and Jason as well. Things died down once we all got back to school, but it was one of the best summers of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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