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Tesla let out a deep sigh as she set the weights down, feeling the heat deep in the muscles of her arms that came with a strenuous workout. With a soft moan she sat up and arched her back, feeling her breasts press against her tight sport’s top as she cast her gaze around the gym.

For the most part, she, and everyone else, was in their own little world, focusing on their own workout and routines, the occasional pair working together, chatting and assisting each other on the machines.

Tesla often came here with friends or, bumped into them already here, occasionally having someone she knew spot for her on the larger weights, but typically that sort of lifting wasn’t her sort of thing, she preferred the focus that came with her solo workout and the music she listened to through her headphones, specially fitted to comfortably fit over her long canine ears.

But it wasn’t always so easy to focus. She had a few friends who, when spotting her out in the wild, as it were, would go out of their way to tease and distract her, just trying to rile her up to get a reaction.

One such culprit was Ardanis, a dark coated feline married to their mutual friend, an adorable bovine named Naira. He was sweet kind and loyal, and an absolute sex pest. It just so happened that it seemed, today at least, he had his sights fully set on Tesla.

She wasn’t quite sure how he always managed it, but it didn’t matter which machine she was using, every time she looked up Ardanis would always be somewhere in front of her occupying her line of sight.

Whatever workout he was doing when she looked up, it seemed to be designed just as much for her benefit as for that of his fitness, his workout a display of grace and finesse, an opportunity for him to show off his lithe body in a way that she could never ignore.

Quite often he would notice her noticing, obviously having been waiting just for that moment and each time and he would simply smirk, his eyes glittering with glee before he looked away from her, nonchalantly, like he was innocent in the matter and she was the pervert for staring.

Tesla, breathing a little hard leaned back on her hands and pouted her lips, settling her gaze on Ardanis’s feline butt which was in the process of raising and falling, a weight across his shoulders as, with perfect posture, he did slow deliberate squats, the fabric of his pants tight enough as to display every shift in the fullness of his cheeks. The full effect was almost hypnotic and Tesla could feel her cock twitching eagerly, trying to harden.

She cursed under her breath and looked away, trying not to think about it and to tent her shorts in the crowd of gym goers. They might not have been paying attention to her but something like that tended to stick out.

Shaking her head she stood and walked away towards the two rows of treadmills, climbing on one at the back and building her pace up from a walk to a jog then a run, feeling the fabric of her sports top struggle to contain her breasts almost as much as her shorts were struggling to contain her balls, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever as busty and blessed as she was both above and below her waist, but she was used to it, and the sensation of achievement after a full workout was often worth the discomfort during for her.

She looked down at the machines electronic panel and chewed at her lip as she checked her speed and increased the gradient by a couple of ticks. If it was going to be a ill-focused workout she might as well make what she could do worthwhile.

As she looked up again she almost stumbled in her steps, having to catch herself on the treadmill’s handrails as her eyes settled on the treadmill in front of her and the slender figure jogging comfortably on it, Ardanis, his bouncing ass once more squarely in her sight and at the forefront of her mind.

She tried to keep running, her long ears flopping about freely, but she was unable to look away to the point where she found herself running out of step to her music and, with a sigh, she slowed the machine down to a stop and climbed off of it.

Ardanis couldn’t help but smirk as he jogged lazily on his treadmill. He knew the effect he had on his Tesla and sometimes just couldn’t help himself. Knowing she was struggling to focus on even the most basic of tasks, like running, just because of how sexy she found him made him feel so warm and excited inside, he just couldn’t resist chasing that feeling.

Even though he was looking Sex hikayeleri ahead, without headphones himself Ardanis, with his keen hearing, was able to identify when the footfalls of her steps slowed and stopped, the whiz of her machine falling away and, though he couldn’t hear her footsteps as she stepped away from the treadmill thanks to the general background noise of the gym, he knew she’d moved on.

He gave himself a couple more minutes, just to help maintain his innocence before he excitedly went to begin the game anew, finding Tesla and then a machine she would see then finding out how best to use it to show off his body to her. He slowed down his treadmill, slowing it to a complete stop before he turned to step off.

“Ah!” He gasped, eyes going wide as he all but stepped into Tesla, standing just behind his machine, her arms folded under her full breasts, her expression unimpressed and her package bulging visibly in her shorts.

Ardanis glanced around and realised a few people, a few regulars, in fact, were smirking. They knew as well as he did that he’d pushed her too far and that he was in trouble now.

“O-oh! Hey Tesla.” He panted softly, offering her a beaming smile, radiating pure innocence.

“Don’t you, ‘hey Tesla’ me.” She said, her voice edged with a tone he recognised as, ‘tread carefully’.

He was never very good at treading carefully, “How’s your workout going?” he flashed her a cheeky grin.

Her expression darkened and her eyebrows raised, critically.

“……Good?” He ventured.

Turning around she grabbed him by the wrist and started pulling him away, her hold like a vice as she dragged him through the gym, the pair met with several wolf whistles and comments from all species and genders.

“Oooh Ardanis’ has done it this time…”

“Did you see Tesla’s package? Mm, I’ll have to get me some of that myself…”

“You’d have thought he’d have learned by now…”

Tesla ignored them all easily, though she did glance left at the young gazelle girl who’d mentioned wanting some of what she had to give. Just a mental note for future Tesla.

Ardanis beamed like an idiot, waving to a couple of familiar faces as he was frog marched into the changing rooms by the very obviously erect spotted dalmatian.

“Oooh, are you going to take me home so you can punish me?” He said, trying to make his voice sound fearful, but he couldn’t help but keep the hope from bleeding through.

“No.” She said, sternly and for the first time, Ardanis actually worried he’d gone too far, it wasn’t like her to refuse an opportunity to punish him.

“No?” He mimicked, voice a little cautious.

She guided him over to one of the changing room benches, attracting the attention of a few newcomers, halfway through changing. She found an empty space then pushed him, firmly, into a sitting position.

He looked up at her, blinking curiously, his eyes torn between the rueful expression she held and the thick bulge just in front of his face, his ears twitching as he heard the distinctive sound of a couple going at it in the showers.

“Oh… Oh! Here? We’re…. Here?”

“If you earn it.” She said wryly, a little smirk touching her lips, “Lie down.”

Tesla watched as, eager as always to please her and glad he hadn’t legitimately upset her he did as he was told, laying down on the slender bench and wiggling his back, getting himself comfortable as he looked up at her, wondering what came next.

“Close your eyes.”

He did so, holding onto the bench with his hands for support as he wondered what she would do, maybe lean down and kiss him? Peel his shorts off and fuck him? Maybe she would use those full breasts and-..

“Mmfm!” He whimpered suddenly as after a minute or two had passed his face was all but engulfed by a soft warmth, a distant soft sigh from Tesla indicating her satisfaction as she straddled his head, her balls resting against his forehead as she settled her ass firmly on his face.

He whimpered and squirmed, his cheeks flushing with colour as he heard several laughs and one mirthful cheer from the others in the locker as she forced him to kiss her asshole.

He tried to remember what she had said, ‘if you earn it’… If he did a good job, she’d fuck him, here in the locker room, or maybe if he was lucky maybe even the showers.

Tesla, now shamelessly nude, was casually taking a deep drink of cool water from a bottle when she felt his tongue Sikiş hikayeleri press up against her little star and she grinned quietly to herself, biting her lip to not give him the satisfaction of hearing her moan as he began to rim her curvy ass, feeling each long stroke of his tongue against a very sensitive spot as he worshipped her, a familiar position for the both of them, albeit in an unfamiliar venue.

“Wow, that’s really got him rock hard huh?” One girl asked, a smirk on her lips and Tesla laughed as she felt Ardanis blush so brightly at the comment that she could feel the heat of his cheeks against her ass.

“Y-yeah, he’s a bit of a slut,” Tesla replied, winking at the woman who nodded knowingly.

“Mm, you two a couple?” She asked, her eyes drawn down to Tesla’s own package, impressive in its size and her large bust with her hard pink nipples.

Tesla shook her head, “Best friends, though he’s married.”

“Oooh, whoever he’s married to is lucky.” The woman giggled and Tesla grinned. Naira was very lucky to have a boy like Ardanis, and she was very lucky to be allowed to use him when she wanted.

Over the course of several Ardanis continued to worship her ass with his eager lips and tongue and Tesla moaned out in satisfaction before, finally, she shifted her weight forward, allowing him to draw in a lungful of unobstructed air, his chest rising and falling as he panted hard.

“A-ah, w-was, was that good?” he asked between ragged breaths as she stood up, reaching down to squeeze at her hard cock from which a drop of pre dribbled, leaving a silver line to her cock. She turned to look over at him, noting his own hard cock and smirked.

“Mm, always. Come on… Strip down and meet me in the showers.” She said voice light and he was standing and stripping before she’d even made it a few paces.

He heard a giggle from a woman, who he presumed had been the one Tesla had talked with, at the eagerness at which he obeyed her. he flashed her a bright little smile as his own cock, hard as steel though not nearly as impressive as Tesla’s sprung free of his tight shorts which, with the rest of his and Tesla’s gear, he stuffed carelessly inside their shared locker.

He stepped into the showers and looked around expectantly, his eyes adjusted to see through the cloud of steam and he saw in one corner a couple, a pair of cow girls, one curvy and soft, pressed up against the wall by the other, buff muscled and hung each having at one another, but he didn’t spare them a second glance, he wanted more than a show.

“Over here…” Came her sultry tone and his eyes focused on Tesla, her spotty pattern almost camouflaging her in the steamy tiled room.

He stepped towards her and she slid her arms, already wet as he had been standing under a shower, around him, pulling his body to hers.

He moaned softly as her lips found his, their kiss wet and desperate as her full soft breasts pressed tight to his chest, squishing up against him in a sensation that always felt nothing short of magical.

Their cocks danced together, bumping and sliding against one another as she kissed him, both of them turning around until he was firmly pushed against a wall, panting softly as her fingers dug into his ass cheeks, gripping him tight her as her lips traveled down to bite gently at his neck, drawing little eager gasps from him.

“A-ah, what now?” He asked, voice quavering with the need to feel her inside of him.

“Mm…” She moaned slightly, looking up at him with a smirk, “I’m going to get my workout one way or another…”

He looked at her with half-lidded eyes, unsure of what she meant, at least until he felt her hands hooking under his thighs, lifting him up.

He gasped in surprise, slipping his slender arms around her neck for support as he looked down at her, eyes wide as he also wrapped his legs around her, his thighs securely gripping her just above her wide hips, his ankles locked behind her butt.

“O-oh wow!” He exclaimed in surprise and she grinned, biting her lip as she lowered him down, her cock finding and pressing wetly against the entrance to his ass, his eyes closing as he saw stars, his mouth parted as, without hesitation, desperate to feel him wrapped around her, she slowly lowered him down onto his cock.

Tesla wasn’t as strong as all that, especially when compared to the bull of a woman in the corner, but Ardanis was incredibly light, coupled with the fact that his weight was very Erotik hikaye evenly distributed between his legs, his arms her arms and the wall, she figured she could probably hold him up for a little while, long enough at least, she hoped, to leave a lasting impression inside his ass.

Chewing her lip and with a grunt of effort she lifted him up again and he moaned in appreciation as she settled into a rhythm, bouncing him up and down on her cock which she slid deep into him, feeling the pleasure run through her as she was actually quite impressed with the all-around workout this was giving her muscles.

She leaned forward, once again pressing her full soft breasts and her wide hard nipples to his chest, knowing how much he loved that as she made him ride her, up and down on her cock, their moans and the lewd slapping noises of their coupling mingling with those of the other pair in the far corner.

“Oooh my god Tesla, is that you?” A voice came, bright and mirthful from the steam.

Ardanis opened his eyes, looking over Tesla’s shoulder at the figure appearing from the mist, his vision bouncing in time to Tesla’s thrusts as he looked at the new arrival with a lustful pleasured expression.

“O-oh! H-hey, ah, Naira, ooh! H-how’re ah! How’re you!” He whimpered innocently and moaned as Naira, his bovine wife blessed with a beautiful golden coat and a bountiful curvy figure approached, smirking as she rested her hands on Tesla’s hips from behind.

“Doing good…” Naira said with a smirk, “Slutting it up as usual Ardanis?”

“N-no!” He said, defensively and let out another whimpering moan, his cheeks flush crimson at being caught once again in the act.

“Y-yes,” Tesla responded for him, drawing a laugh of Naira before she leaned in and kissed Tesla on the neck.

“Mm, have fun with my husband, see if you can’t get the whole gym to hear him before you give him back, hm?” Naira smirked and, after giving Tesla’s hips a parting squeeze, stepped away from the pair into the shower where she began washing herself down, her attention torn between the two rutting shower couples.

Ardanis turned his attention back to Tesla who was panting harder, from the exertion, and, he recognised, from her impending climax.

He bit his lip and held her tighter, feeling every inch of her long thick shaft pounded brutally into his cute feline butt, his ring stretched around to accommodate her and his own hard cock grinding against the water slick fur of her stomach.

“Y-you going to cum?” He asked, biting his lip and gently digging his claws into her back, not enough to hurt her but enough to get her to arch her back.

Tesla didn’t respond, her passion was mixing with adrenaline as her muscles grew tired but she powered through. She hesitated, slowing her pace briefly as she lifted him and forced him very tightly to the wall, switching in a heartbeat from lifting him up and down, to using her hitherto unused hips, slamming her cock up into his waiting still body.

He gasped loudly at the sudden switch in pace and though he tried, he really did, he could stop his voice from reaching a high gasping squeak and moan as each powerful thrust drove the air from him.

His head lolled against her shoulder as Tesla took him, claimed him, owned him, her pleasure building, her muscles starting to falter.

“A-ah!” She gasped out suddenly and she drove herself balls deep in her boy-toy, holding herself there as her cock twitched and pulsed within him, coating his insides with her thick canine seed, breeding her bitch like they both loved.

They held each other, the hot streams of the shower’s water pouring over them as her climax ebbed and flowed within him, their breaths coming hard and ragged as water poured off of them in little streamlets.

“A-ah… You can… You can put me down now…” Ardanis giggled softly, breathing hard as he felt her begin to soften with him and, slowly, she did so, leaning heavily against him as she slipped free of the loving embrace of his ass.

She looked up at him, her mixed coloured eyes always a sight to behold and he smiled back broadly, Tesla let out a soft little laugh and smirked playfully, “Go on, get back to your darling wife. She’s probably pining for a little attention herself.”

Ardanis laughed softly too and nodded keenly, leaning in and giving her a long last hug before turning to walk over to the waiting Naira, “Oh, and you’re welcome by the way!”

“For what?” Tesla asked, tilting her head curiously.

Ardanis grinned, “For me helping you with your workout!”

He turned to walk away and, as Tesla slapped him on the ass, she was sure the whole gym heard his squeak.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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