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Best Friends (with benefits) Forever

Chapter 2

The Last Sexy Adventure…

Robyn and I left the hotel and walked out to her car, our pinkies locked together again. She drove me back to Danni’s place to pick up my car.

She pulled up next to my car and let me out. But all we did was our normal, quick and friendly, if not sisterly kiss goodbye. With a quick promise from me, to see each other the next time I come to visit.

Over the next few months we settled back into our normal routine. Me, coming to visit once or twice a month. Us going to a bar just to talk. But of course, as promised, we never spoke of that wonderful sexy adventure we had in room 143. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about it, or how her skin was so soft, or how gliding my hands along her womanly curves made my pulse quicken. Or her signature, spine tingling, heart pounding, goosebump raising, panty moistening kisses. All I had was the nude picture of Robyn on my phone to remember, to prove that it actually happened.

But not everything was back to normal. Some things were better than normal. Robyn found a decent job as a secretary for a lawyer. He was an older gentleman, married with two teenage kids.

She never became a bonafide paralegal. But Robyn was a quick learner. And she easily charmed her way around the courthouse. Befriending anyone that could help her. She quickly became invaluable to her new boss and he paid her accordingly.

After her sexy encounter with me. Robyn’s dating life changed too. She was dating guys AND girls. She confided in me about her sexual attraction to both. She had a great time with both men and women. I told her that it’s OK to date both. And sooner or later she would find the right person, man OR woman.

We also didn’t play the, ‘let’s pretend to be a lesbian couple’ game anymore either. At the bar, we sat across from each other. We also didn’t hold hands anymore. I understood not talking about that wonderful night, but not being able to at least hold hands now and then, really made my heart ache.


Several months before my wedding, Robyn came to Boston most every weekend to visit me. She was my maid of honor after all. And we had a wedding to plan. She was a tremendous help. And that impressed Tony.

So much so, Tony cleared out his weight lifting gear from the spare bedroom. I mean, who’s he kidding, he wasn’t using it anyway. Tony and I fixed it up nicely so Robyn had a comfortable room to herself. That way she didn’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.

But it was over those many weekends that Robyn became subtly flirtatious. I quickly picked up on it and loved being able to flirt back. I’m not sure why it started, and I really don’t care. I was just thrilled with the new attention.

She started out with little gestures. A hand on the arm that lingered much longer than necessary. A look over my shoulder while sitting next to me that caused her warm breath to raise goosebumps on my neck. Or that sultry stare with sparkling eyes she would give me when Tony wasn’t looking.

We also went back to using our lips when kissing hello and goodbye. Robyn made sure our lips stayed pressed together a tiny bit longer than necessary. They weren’t her signature kisses, but they were enough to make my eyes close automatically. They were enough to make my pulse quicken. They were enough to elicit a light moan from me. It made Robyn smile.

My flirting back to Robyn consisted of me trying to touch her as much as possible. Like when I would pass behind her in our cramped kitchen. My hand would glide across the small of her back, and my fingertips kept moving slightly. I would keep my hand there much, much longer than necessary. Then, finally I would let my hand drift down, while my fingers traced and lightly caressed the wonderful curve of her womanly behind. She often had to stop what she was doing and let out a whispery sigh.

Our flirting continued each time she came to visit. While working on the wedding, we would sit at the couch, me with my wine, her with her beer. My laptop and all the wedding stuff spread out across my coffee table. Robyn would sit up tight next to me, shoulders touching, bare arms touching, hips touching, thighs touching, bare knees touching. It was wonderful, better than holding hands.

Sometimes she would lean past me to point at something on the far end of the coffee table. She put her hand on my knee, and I inhaled the scent of lavender in her hair. Oh how I wanted to run my fingers through her long blonde hair. I thought back to that Sunday morning when I washed her hair in the shower. Right before I helped give her an orgasm so strong she fainted. Oh how I loved our sexy adventure.

Then I would tease her the same way. Reaching for something I really didn’t need at the other end of the coffee table. With my hand on her knee. Hoping to elicit in her, some of the fond memories of me that morning. I lingered, reaching across istanbul travesti her, far longer than needed.

But, as much fun as that was, reality would often shock me back to what’s proper. I was getting married after all. This flirting was just a wonderful distraction. It wasn’t going to go anywhere. We had our one crazy weekend. AND that’s all it would ever be…at least that’s what I kept telling myself.


The wedding was coming up in two weeks and all of a sudden, several problems hit at once. The florist couldn’t get the flowers I wanted, the venue had a pipe burst in the ballroom. The church’s furnace died. The minister had a family emergency and couldn’t perform the service. There were problems with the wedding cake. Everything was falling apart all at once. I was an emotional mess and completely overwhelmed. I ended up crying to Robyn on the phone. She told me not to worry. Over the next few days, Robyn jumped into action with her take-no-shit attitude. It took many phone calls, but Robyn had taken care of everything. She was my hero.

Then came the day of the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Although hectic, it went on as planned and everything was great. Thanks to Robyn. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her.

Tony wasn’t allowed to stay at our apartment that night. He couldn’t see me the next morning, our wedding day. He slept over at his parents’ house. Robyn stayed with me that night. I was nervous as hell about the wedding. But everything was done. I just had to believe that everything would work out fine.

Robyn brought champagne with her that night to celebrate and settle my nerves. She was sitting in the large cushy chair in the living room. She didn’t complain when I squeezed in beside her. In fact she adjusted herself so I could fit in with ner. I felt sooo close to Robyn that night. The first night in a long while. We slowly drank a small bottle of champagne. She let me intertwine our fingers and hold hands. My heart warmed as I sighed and let my weight relax into her. I sighed again, even deeper as I laid my head on her shoulder.

“Thank you sooo much Robyn, you’re a lifesaver,” I said with appreciation in my voice.

“Well, you’re welcome Raven. It wasn’t easy. And there’s nobody else on this earth that I would have done it for,” she spoke in that soft loving tone she reserved just for me.

I nestled my head into the crook of her neck as I cooed like a baby dove. The closeness I felt for Robyn at that moment filled my heart. My cup runneth over I thought. How did I get such a great best friend?

My hand that wasn’t holding onto hers started to lovingly push through her soft blonde hair. I think I was causing goosebumps on her neck. I looked up to see if I did. And that’s when I noticed it. A familiar chain necklace. Without saying anything and without Robyn stopping me,

I untangled our fingers, reached into her pink button up blouse and slipped out the necklace to show the pendant that was connected to it.

To my shock. It was her half of our heart necklace. My eyes welled up. My heart began to thump hard in my chest. An overwhelming feeling of love flowed over me. My entire body warmed and tinged with affection for her.

Robyn was completely surprised when I fished out my half of the heart necklace from my blouse. I wore it often. Looking up into her blue eyes and without a word, we put the two halves together.



It was the first time that they’d been together since that morning we received them, many months ago. I looked deep into her glossy eyes. And she looked deep into mine. A tear of, I don’t know, sadness, joy, gratefulness, wanted to break from my eye. At this point, I didn’t care that we were only supposed to be best friends. I needed Robyn’s lips on mine.

I leaned in, closed my eyes and kissed Robyn. To my surprise, she happily, tenderly, kissed me back. The feeling of her soft lips on mine again made me forget everything. Tony, the wedding, the stressful tensions of the day… and our pact of not talking about our little sexy adventure.

I placed my hand on her cheek as our tongues lazily played in each other’s mouth. Our heads slowly tipped from one side to the other. Oh how great it felt to be kissing Robyn again. Our lips together again. Our tongues together again. Robyn tenderly caressed the back of my neck and let her thumb graze my jawline. All this passion made my heart sing. After several minutes of continuous kissing and light moaning, Robyn broke our kiss.

Then that lovely, but naughty, mischievous smile she owned, grew large on her face. She flipped over her half of the pendant. With a big smile of my own, I flipped my half over too. And we put them together.



We kissed again. But with much more passion this time. Our lips and tongues couldn’t make enough contact to satisfy ourselves. It was like we were trying to istanbul travestileri devour each other. We kept kissing. Our hands freely roaming over every soft curve of each other’s bodies.

Kissing Robyn and letting my hands explore her body again was a thrill I couldn’t contain. “Oh God Robyn, why do we torture ourselves by waiting so long to do this?”

Her only answer was to kiss me. But it was THE kiss. The kiss I was waiting for, the kiss I was longing for. Her signature, spine tingling, heart pounding, goosebump raising, panty moistening kiss. Oh God, her lips are so soft, she kisses like no one else. Her lips pulled away from mine. I kept my eyes closed so I could concentrate on the lingering sensation still on my lips.

Robyn spoke while my head was still in the clouds. But in that voice you use when you’re trying to get away with something. “Are you thinking, what I’m thinking?”

“All I’m thinking about right now Robyn is how wet my panties are. What do you mean?” I whispered.

She giggled. “We’ll, I’m thinking that you’re getting married at 4pm tomorrow and it’s about 10 pm right now. So that only leaves 18 hours.”

I gave her a confused look.

“Do you think that would be enough time for one last final sexy adventure?” she said with her lovable, yet naughty smile.

I don’t think I ever smiled as big as I did at that moment. My heart began to sing. I wanted to scream, YES! But I kept my cool. And, thinking that this will definitely be our last encounter, our final sexy adventure. I decided to answer her question by unbuttoning her blouse. I was able to see the edge of her pretty red lace bra. I could see the generous swell of her gorgeous breasts. I kissed and licked in between them.

Then I figured, I have to say something. I whispered just back to her in my sexiest voice. “Yes Mistress Robyn, I think we have enough time.” I looked up, smiled and winked at her. Now I think I understand where all that winking comes from.

Her smile grew wide and her eyes turned naughty. “Go put on whatever you are going to wear on your wedding night, my astonishingly beautiful, soon to be married, dirty slut. I want to see it before anyone else. Then meet me in the spare bedroom in ten minutes. I need to prepare as well,” she giggled.

Now I don’t want you to think that this playful dom/sub thing we have going on is anything more than just another level of dirty talk. Because that’s all it is. I mean I do like to be dominated, but only in the way of being told what to do in bed. I like to hear the dirty words. I like to say the dirty words. It’s exciting for me. And I can tell Robyn really enjoys it as well.

I know she enjoys it so much, because she can’t stop smiling. She tries to be serious, she tries to be the stern Mistress, but she can’t. See… Robyn is NOT the strong Mistress type. Her eyes twinkle and she smiles or winks often when she gives me commands. But I play along as if she would punish me if I didn’t listen to her. Of course she would never cause me an ounce of pain. The best way I can describe our sexy relationship is… pretend. She pretends to be the Mistress and I pretend to be the adoring submissive.

It’s just this time, I’d like to go a little further. I want something that I’ll never forget. I want something I can easily recall, as often as I want. Especially when I’m by myself. I’ll purse my lips and remember how soft her lips were. I’ll think back and remember how I could raise goosebumps on her by just nibbling on her neck. I’ll call myself a nasty slut in that low sultry voice she has and feel my pussy tingle. I’ll lick my lips and remember how sweet her pussy tasted. I’ll be able to make myself to cum just by remembering the way she licked my pussy. More sex and more dirty talk tonight is what I was thinking.

I giggled as I scurried off to my bedroom to put on my outfit. It was a white, sheer, Chantilly lace push-up shelf bra and panty set. With matching white lace garter, white silk hose, and white heels. Topped off with a sheer, white lace trimmed robe. I think the push-up shelf bra showcased my smaller breasts perfectly, making my long hard nipples the stars of the show.

I looked in the mirror to admire myself. With my girlish body layered in white, I finally saw myself as a woman, not a girl. Maybe because, as a kid, I used to see my mom wearing something like this under her dresses when she would go out with my father. Maybe it was because I was getting married the next day. Maybe since I’m pushing thirty, my brain registered that I AM a woman. I didn’t know what it was, but I felt much more mature at that moment.

Candles lit up the spare room as I opened the door. When I saw Robyn, my breath caught in my throat and my pulse doubled. She had on a simple red chemise that teasingly showcased her womanly curves. It was silky, flowing, and moved effortlessly with her body. It looked comfortable, especially compared to my… costume? She also had touched travesti istanbul up her makeup and let her long blonde hair flow down past her shoulders. At that moment, Robyn defined the word sensual.

When I turned back from shutting the door, Robyn was already next to me. Our arms lovingly wrapped around each other. Our lips quickly pressed together. “Oh God,” I moaned in between our soft tender kisses. Robyn quickly positioned her lips for more spine tingling, goosebump raising, panty moistening kisses. And boy, did she deliver. This kiss went on for what felt like a week. My heart happily thumped away in my chest. Goosebumps traveled over my entire body in waves. The tingles running up and down my spine kept going on and on. And of course, my white silk panties were soaked.

We broke our kiss and I sighed with her arms still lovingly wrapped around me. “Raven, things were so crazy the last couple of weeks, I didn’t get a chance to tell you… But, I’ve been dating this woman for a month or so now. And she brought up the subject of monogamy the other day. I politely sidestepped the issue. But I think that I’ll soon be in the same boat as you. Raven, this WILL be our last little sexy adventure. Nothing like this will ever happen again,” she said while a forced smile came to her face. Her eyes turned glossy too. “So I guess what I’m saying is, let’s not hold back. Let’s do ALL the things that we’ve ever wanted to do. All the things that we’ll never get to do ever again. Let’s say ALL the things we’ve ever wanted to say. Without any hesitation… What do you think?”

“Well first Robyn, I’m so happy you found someone. Second, you’re right, nothing like this will ever happen again. But you and I WILL remain best friends.Tony and I might even be able to double date with you and your girlfriend. And as much as I will miss our sexy adventures, we will always have our friendship.” I said that while holding back a few tears. I didn’t want our sexy adventures to end. But I knew it had to… I just didn’t want it to. That’s why I did what I was about to do…

I moved my arms to rest on her waist. I looked deep into her eyes, and in my sexiest voice “… I have a gift for you… Mistress Robyn.”

“Oh… what’s that?” she said, as one eyebrow reached for the ceiling.

I took a half step back, undid the sash on my sheer robe and let it fall to the floor. I pushed my chest out slightly. “Me, I’m giving you my body. I want to be YOUR sex toy for the night.” I looked down at a non-existent watch on my wrist. “For the next…oh… two or three hours Robyn. I am YOUR living, breathing, sex toy. You can use my body as you wish. I will do anything you say… Mistress Robyn.” I smiled, as tingles ran up and down my spine by saying those words out loud. I love that I’m giving my body to my best friend to do as she wants.

It was at that point that I glanced over her shoulder.. I noticed a myriad of sex toys splayed out on her dresser. Dildos, vibrators and butt plugs of various colors and sizes. Not one, but two strap-ons. Satin blindfolds, handcuffs, nipple clamps and about six different lubes. Oh my God. I thought to myself. What the hell did I get myself into?

Then Robyn turned her head and her eyes followed my gaze as I looked over the display of sex toys. “Wow Robyn, that’s quite the collection of toys you got,” I said with a smile… and a little fear in my voice.

She looked back at me with a smirky smile. “Yeah, I stop by to see Monica once in a while. She always ends up talking me into buying something. She’s hard to say no to. Don’t worry, we probably won’t have enough time to use them all. I just like to keep my options open.”

A twinkle came to Robyn’s eyes. She quickly grabbed the rubber-tipped nipple clamps and started putting them on me. She looked into my eyes as she slowly adjusted the pressure. “Tell me when they feel snug but not too tight my sexy slut.” I looked into her eyes but didn’t say a word. When I let out a quiet and stunted sigh, she stopped twisting the clamps. I could have taken much more. But I didn’t want this to turn into a full BDSM thing. This is supposed to be fun and playful.

She took my hands and walked me over to the bed. The chain between my nipples swayed as I walked. Robyn sat down and had me straddle her right leg. My already wet panties pushed up against my hot pussy.

“First, my cute little slut, I want to watch you make yourself cum by rubbing your cute little pussy on my leg.” She smiled.

“Yes Mistress Robyn.” I smiled back.

I looked into her eyes, leaned forward slightly and started shifting my hips so my satin covered pussy could make enough contact to do the job. The silver chain between my nipples swayed with me. After a minute, Robyn put her hands on my shoulders and pulled our lips together. She kissed me hard. Our tongues practically slid down each other’s throats. This is going to be easy I thought. A few more kisses like this and I’ll be cumming in no time. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Stick your tongue out slut.” I did as commanded. Robyn started sucking on my tongue. I opened my mouth wide so she could suck as much of my tongue into her mouth as possible. I absolutely loved what she was doing. And I was thrilled when she let me do the same to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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