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Another Terry’s fucks his mother short story, aimed directly at some of my faithful PM’ers,

I apologise in advance for the lack of description I give, such as body part sizes, pubic hair etc. this allows the reader to interpret in the way they prefer their fantasies to be and it saves the criticism when I suggested a 10″ cock or 44DD’s.

Please no comments about editors unless you are offering to do this for me.


“Terry.” She waited.

“Terry.” She waited.

Beth knocked on the bedroom door, “Terry,” and waited.

Beth banged hard on the door and shouted; “TERRY.”

She knew he was in his room so she opened the door and walked in. Terry was sitting naked at his computer with headphones on watching a music video and she could hear the loud music.

Beth pulled his headphones away from Terry’s head, instinctively he covered his willy with his hands and turned on the swivel chair to look directly into Beth’s, his mother’s, cleavage.

“What the fuck Mum, why can’t you knock.”

“I did, but you have that music so fucking loud you didn’t hear me.”

Elizabeth Michelle had dressed in a pair of black short shorts, a low cut almost transparent white blouse open to the waist and loaded her large breasts into a new pink uplift brassiere, he had never seen so much of his mothers’ cleavage before and Terry was still looking directly at her exposed flesh and the hint of the edge of her areolas. His willy had gone from completely flaccid to hard in a few seconds and the end of it was now visible to Beth as it spread further than his hands. “I wanted your opinion on this outfit, I’m going out with your father and you know how he likes to show me off.”

“You’re going out in THAT?”

“Yes, why not?”

“How the fuck do they stay in there, aren’t you afraid they’ll fall out?”

Beth put the headphones down on the desk and took a small step away from Terry; “So what about the outfit?”

Terry knows only too well his father is proud of his mother’s body and encourages her to show it off, she has turned into a real tease and is pleased to show herself off for him, he had been turned on by her body on many occasion but this was something else. “Jesus Mum, don’t let him see that before you go out or you’ll not make it out the door, he’ll want to jump on you the moment he sees you.”

“I do hope so, we haven’t done anything for ages.”

“If that doesn’t get him going, I’ll do you myself.”

“Is that a promise? Judging by your willy I’d say you’re ready to do that now.”

“OH!” Terry moved his hands to cover his erection.

“So you like this?

“To be honest Mum I’d be scared to be seen with you like that, you look like a prostitute and I’d be worried you’ll fall out.”

“The girls are quite secure in there,” she placed her hands on her hips and bent forwards, the exposed flesh tumbled forwards, “see, nothing comes out.” As she stood again her breasts seemed to drop back into place although they had not fallen out in the first place.

“Yeah but what about when you’re moving?”

Beth gently shook her shoulders and her breasts wobbled only eighteen inches from Terry’s face, his willy grew a bit more.

“See? They’re quite safe, unless I want them to fall.”

“Unless you what?”

“Want them to fall out, you know, accidentally on purpose.”

Terry realised his mother had moved closer as her long black hair brushed against his face, she gave a little extra flick and her left breast came out of the bra and hit his face.

Instinctively he reached up to grab her breast with both hands and kissed it then fed the nipple into his mouth and sucked, sucked hard.

“Ouch, it is attached you know.” But she made no effort to move away.

Terry removed her breast from his mouth, “Sorry.” He had never handled such a long or chunky nipple before, but until now his girlfriends had all been under half his mum’s age and none had breastfed. He wobbled her right breast and it too tumbled out of its confines, he studied the difference between them then sucked on the right nipple to make it the same as the left. “Yes Mum it’s a promise.”


“You asked if it’s a promise when I said I’d do you.”

“Oh really, and you meant it?”

“Fuck yeah.” Not really appreciating there was any chance that what he was saying had any chance whatsoever of going any further. Terry stood with difficulty as Beth was still bent over him; he stood and placed his arms around her waist pulling them close together. He wasn’t sure which touched first, his willy against her stomach or her breasts against his chest, but he didn’t really care as it all felt good. He looked deep into her eyes and hesitated, he normally looked over her head but suddenly realised he was almost looking her straight in the eye. He moved away to look down, past her exposed breasts, past the tiniest amount of black to her shapely legs, all the way down to her shiny black six inch stiletto shoes.

“Let’s have a proper look at you.” bayan esmer escort bursa Terry turned his mother. “How come I’ve never noticed what bloody lovely legs you have before? From the back you look my age, in fact no part of you looks fifty-one.”

Beth turned back to face him, “‘Scuse I, pardon I, twenty one with thirty years experience.” She playfully slapped his face then placed both arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss. Terry returned his arms to her waist and snugged them in close, crushing her breasts and his willy between them again.

Terry had kissed lots before but all of a sudden he realised what experience does for a person, Beth alternated between very gently nibbling and licking his lips and tongue and some more serious hard crushing. He never did work it out but at one point it felt she was trying to bite his top lip off and simultaneously tickling his palette. Their hands were all over each other, him stark naked and her still clothed.

“Go on then Terry.”


“Do me.”

“Just like that? Do you!”

“Just like that.” Beth grabbed his wrists and placed his hands hard on her bottom. “You said it, now do it.”

The realisation of the consequences of his previous comment suddenly hit Terry, he also realised his mothers shorts had gone, he had no idea how or when but from the waist down she was as naked as himself. With his hands just under her buttocks he lifted his mother off the floor and spread her legs, she crossed her ankles behind his bottom and held his neck tightly. Using his fingers he spread her pussy lips to guide his willy as he lowered her, his willy slipped effortlessly completely inside her pussy. They stayed in that position for ten minutes or so, the only movements being the kissing which continued.

“Oh fuck Mum, I’m gonna cum, I never thought I’d do that just from kissing but…” he jerked his willy hard up inside twice and came, filling her with so much that it started leaking straight away, a few seconds later he humped and Beth responded by squeezing harder until he finished cumming then humped for a few seconds more.

He stood in the middle of his bedroom with his mother, twenty nine years his senior, still wrapped around him. Their combined juices were dribbling down their legs and they were still kissing, not the amazing sexy kissing from before but the calming down softer version as Terry’s erection faded and slipped from his mothers pussy.

The peaceful end to the kissing was broken with; “Right sunshine I bags first shower.”

“Race ya.”

They got there together, shared a shower and came out smelling of roses as they heard the car pull up on the drive as it did regularly at quarter past ten in the evening.

“That was close Mum.”


An hour later Charlie, husband and father had showered, eaten his supper and laid in bed beside his wife.

“Never guess what happened to me today.”

“Go on tell.”

“I bumped into an old school friend Toni, she invited us for a barbie at the weekend.”

“What did you say?”

“I accepted of course.”

“What else did you get up to today?

“Oh nothing much…” Beth paused and thought about Terry. “I did fuck your son though.”

“Yah, of course.” He started snoring.

Elizabeth Michelle laid in bed beside her snoring husband yet again, wondering what her ‘other man’ was doing in the room along the corridor. Terry was thinking something very similar.

The following day there was a funny sort of feeling between mother and son, neither really knew what to do or say about the previous evening and in the end nothing was. It was a long day.

10:15pm the car pulled up as the night before and just as the night before an hour later Charlie laid in bed beside his wife.

“So what was it like?”

“What was what like darling?”

“Fucking our son?”

“OH, you didn’t believe that did you?”

“Yah. What was it like?” He put an arm round her shoulder and hugged hard. “Elizabeth Michelle, you should see the look on your face, of course I don’t believe it honey.”

“So what would you say if it was true?”

“Yah, right. If I thought you had the guts to fuck Terry, I’d love to watch you, night even buy you a nice present.”

Realising Charlie loved the fantasy of it, Beth told in great detail what she had done the previous evening, even adding a few enhancements to the story. He laid there in disbelief and silence but with an erection which was rather unusual these days, She sat astride him and made love in his favourite cowgirl position as she continued the account, she came twice before he did, the feeble amount of his juices paled into insignificance compared to his son but at the age of sixty-six that was hardly a surprise.

“Wow that was one cool story.”

“Like it?”


“The way you told it, I could almost believe it.”

“Would you be OK with me fucking Terry then?”

“Seriously?” He turned to look bursa ucuz eskort directly into her face and paused, Charlie could feel a knot of excitement in his stomach. He didn’t know what to say but spoke anyway; “Honey, you fuck Terry and I will… but ya gotta be honest with me…oh sugar that’ll be… dunno but bloody amazing… and ya gotta be serious about it and not fuck his mind.”

Charlie fell asleep confused, Elizabeth fell asleep not really knowing what he had just been saying while Terry wanked thinking about his mother.

The following day felt even more weird for Beth, that evening she heard him wanking about eight o’clock so she did the same. The phone rang at 9:45pm. Charlie didn’t give Beth chance to say much; “Honey I’ll be home usual time and you better be fucking Terry when I get there.”

Beth put the phone down and replaying it in her mind, over and over, nervously poured a big measure of JD and coke, she sat and sipped it trying to work out what was happening and trying to confirm in her mind that he had indeed said what she thought. Then mustering the courage she stripped naked apart from some gold chains, walked to Terrys door, thought about knocking but changed her mind and opened the door, walked straight in to Terry and planted a big hard kiss on his lips.

“Fucking hell Mum, that was lucky, I only just finished a group skype with my mates.”

“Fuck them, I’ve been wanting to do this for forty-eight fucking hours.” She pulled his T shirt over his head then lifted him from his chair; “Come on help here, get them pants off.” While he was stripping she dragged him to her room where the kissing started, and she spent lots of time touching him all over especially his willy. They were both getting turned on and Beth laid on her back, opened her legs and pussy lips with her fingers. Terry got the message and knelt to lick her out, nibbling on her lips and clit and getting his tongue as far in as he could. She came big time with; “Erh, erh ERH, AARGHHH”

Terry checked the clock which showed 9:57pm and not knowing his mother had put it back fifteen minutes he decided he still had plenty of time to fuck. She had chosen her room as they couldn’t hear the car arrive from there, Beth turned over onto her hands and knees to her favourite doggy position, she also hoped Terry would not see his father from that position.

The bedside clock changed to 10:01pm as Charlie opened the front door, he removed his clothes and climbed the stairs, leant against the bedroom door frame and masturbated gently and quietly as he watched his sons arse bobbing to and fro.

Charlie could see and hear that Beth came then said; “I hope you’re not in her arse.”

Terry jumped off the bed and cowered the other side of the bed and started stuttering; “Sorry.” repeatedly. Charlie moved towards the bed and gestured to Terry with his thumb to get out, pushed his erection into Beths pussy and fucked hard, came, rolled off and fell asleep.

Ten minutes later Beth went to Terry’s room without knocking, he was a nervous wreck until she put her arms around him, pulled his head to her breasts and started playing with his willy. “Sorry about that darling but Dad’s ok with it, he wanted to catch us at it. Fuck that was the hardest I’ve known him for many a year. I reckon that is going to be our nightly routine for a while.” She straddled his lap and fucked him really, really slowly, holding his head between her breasts.

It did become their nightly routine and Charlie loved the sloppy seconds which gave Beth and Terry carte blanche to make love earlier, which they frequently did.

One evening Charlie came home unexpectedly two hours early to find Beth laying on the dining table, Terry was standing to one side of her, bent over licking her clit. As Charlie entered the room he held his finger up to his lips to tell her to be keep quiet, then stripped off and slipped his cock into her pussy while holding Terry’s head down to make sure he kept licking her. Terry’s cock hardened another notch and his mother reached out to hold it.

Charlie came very quickly and pulled out, “Now it’s your turn for sloppy seconds Son.” Terry was not so sure about that and was reluctant to move out of his mothers hand, Charlie pulled him by his arm “Come on, there’s plenty of time for that later, fuck your mother for me.”

Terry reluctantly moved and turned, there had been one previous occasion he’d been the second and a girlfriend used it as a way to dump him. It had left a big impression on him and he was worried something similar would happen now. “Come on hurry, I haven’t got all night.”

Terry slowly moved to his mothers’ pussy and placed his willy at the gaping entrance. Charlie, feeling a little impatient, gave him an almighty push, shoving his willy all the way in. Beth was taken a bit by surprise and let out a big grunt as the air was pushed out of her. “Go on fuck her… fuck her hard… fuck her like your life depends on it… fuck her like I bursa anal yapan escort can’t anymore.” Terry humped harder at each comment until the table legs were creaking.”

Beth was hanging on to the edge of the table so she didn’t get pushed off the other side, “Fu… ck… ing… h… ell… Orhf, f, f.” she had her face screwed up in a mixture of some sort of pleasure and pain as she came, hard, as she had not done for a long time.

She was oblivious to the fact Terry had finished before her but was being held in place and pushed back and forth by Charlie until she finished.

Charlie maintained pressure against Terry’s buttocks with his hip and was quietly hissing into his son’s ear; “That is the way a lady needs to be treated sometimes, you just promise me you’ll keep this up.”

“Sure Dad, as long as you don’t mind.” This was all feeling a bit weird to Terry but he was enjoying making love with his mother, she was so much more experienced than any of his previous partners

“Anything you like but not her arse and don’t even thing of spoiling her body with tattoos or piercings.”

“Sure thing. Thanks Dad.”

“You better be ready to go again, She’s gonna want it. You better start kissing soon too.”

Elizabeth Michelle slowly slid down from her high as her husband left the room. “What was all that about?”

“Not really sure Mum, I think he just told me I can do anything I like.”

Beth sat up on the table with her sons softening erection still inside her, she put her arms around his neck and started kissing him with those oh so sexy kisses only she could do for him, he held behind her shoulders to return the kissing and in no time at all his willy was getting harder, he lifted her jumper off over her head and reached behind to unclip her bra, not one with massive uplift like a few weeks ago but a soft lightweight fabric cup, he pulled it from between them and dropped it to the floor.

Beth whispered into her sons mouth as they kissed; “Fuck me baby.” Terry started slowly humping his mother and she responded with her feet behind his bottom matching him movement for movement, their tempo increased and in no time the humping was as hard and fast as before until that point of no return as they were both coming together and the table collapsed.

As they both fell Terry’s willy slipped out of his mothers pussy and spewed his white mess on the polished tables surface before Beth landed on it and slipped backwards on the sticky goo. “Oh shit he’ll go mad, this is a family heirloom.”

“You ok Mum?

“Yeh but look at this mess.”

Terry had a quick look at the splintered wood, “I reckon it’s a right off. Fuck, what’s he gonna say?”

Charlie returned to the room with a towel around him, he was in the shower and didn’t hear the crash. He looked down at the damaged wood and Beth still struggling to stand from the slippery surface, he stepped forward to help, just as Terry got there before him and helped her up.

“Sorry.” Beth started saying but she was cut short by Charlie.

“You OK darling?

“Yeh but…” she was turning to look at the table.

Again he cut her short “At long last, I finally have an excuse to get rid of that horrible table. Are you sure you’re both OK?

“I reckon I’ll have a bruised arse but that’s all.” She looked back at the table, “But I thought you loved this.”

“Well yes I suppose so, but I know you don’t and it isn’t a pretty thing is it.”

“Right you two get a shower and get some clothes on while I clear this mess, then I have something I want to chat about.”

They showered separately, both feeling concerned about what this ‘chat’ may be.

Terry was the first to return, dressed in a pair of shorts and he helped clear away the broken table. “So what’s with the chat?”

“It affects both of you so wait till Mum’s here.”

Terry started feeling jittery, wondering if their lovemaking was coming to an end. Beth joined them in a bath robe.

“Can you get dressed please.” Charlie turned away from her in a very dismissive way to continue with the debris. She returned in a dress just as Henry the Hoover was switched off and only evidence of the table was four flattened patches in the carpet.

“So why did I have to get dressed?

“I want your keys. Both of you”



“Keys please.”

Terry left the room. Beth got her keys from her bag, which was just a couple of feet away on the antique sideboard, and handed them to him with a scowl on her face.

Charlie started fiddling with them, appearing to take a key off. Beth was getting quite worried, he handed them back as Terry returned with his keys and handed them over, Charlie started fiddling with them too. Terry looked at Beth with a confused look on his face, she just shrugged her shoulder. Charlie returned his keys.

“Outside now.” They both looked at him then at each other. “Come on outside, I haven’t got all evening. Charlie left the room and opened the front door, “Anytime soon.”

With another look of confusion to each other they reluctantly followed.

Parked in the drive was the brand spanking new bright pink Mini Cooper that Beth had been swooning over in the showroom, she ran over to it and blipped the new key on her bunch. “And you son get Mums Toyota that you have lusted over, ever since we got it.”

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