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Paul and I have been friends for a very long time. In fact, he is my best friend. For a while I have had sexual feelings for him but never let him know it. It has been difficult at times to hide my feelings, especially when his blue eyes are looking into mine or when his shoulder length curly dark brown hair is worn down. He also has a very nice physique. I have hoped that he has some of the same feelings for me, but doubt it. I have always considered myself to be rather plain looking and I have had no indication from him that he thinks of me as anything more than that.

Today we are alone in my house watching a romantic movie, a not uncommon occurrence for us. As the movie couple’s relationship intensifies, so does ours. When the movie couple begins to kiss Paul unconsciously rests his hand on my closest knee. I look over at him, happily surprised by this action. He is watching the screen, so I slide closer to him so that he has better access to my leg. Slowly I bring my hand up to his shoulders and begin to massage the base of his neck. He closes his eyes and moans, sliding his hand further up my thigh. I can feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute.

As the sex scene begins almanbahis to play, Paul turns to face me and pulls me into a passionate kiss. I was not expecting this, but I kiss him back just as passionately. He slides his hand up my side and begins to caress my breasts through my shirt. My nipples become hard and erect. I slide my hand down his chest and torso and rest it on the growing bulge in his pants. I gently rub his cock through the fabric.

Paul pulls my shirt off over my head and throws it to the floor. He pauses for a few seconds to look at my breasts through my lace bra. He kisses me again. Reaching behind my back he unfastens the bra and slips it off my body. We break the kiss only long enough for me to get Paul’s shirt over his head.

We stand up and undo each other’s pants. I am able to pull down his boxers before he can get to mine and immediately drop to my knees. His cock is beautifully long and soooo hard. I kiss the head and lick off the pre-cum. Paul moans slightly. I take his rod fully into my mouth. God he tastes good. My tongue swirls all over him. I suck harder and faster while my right hand massages his balls. I can feel his balls begin to almanbahis giriş swell, ready for release. Paul sighs, “I’m cumming Beth, I’m cumming.” I wrap my mouth tighter around his cock and he cums. I lick his cock clean before standing up and kissing him.

Paul quickly strips me of my panties and easily slides two fingers into my dripping pussy. My knees start to shake from the feeling of his strong fingers pumping in and out of my hole. We stumble back to the couch and lie down, Paul on top of me. His thumb has found my swollen clit and is rubbing in circles to the same tempo of his fingers. He sucks and licks my nipples while his hand fucks me. As his hand progresses in speed I can feel my orgasm begin. “Harder, faster, I’m cumming.” Paul begins to work harder on my pussy as well as on my breasts. My body spasms into an orgasm. As I come down off the orgasm Paul withdraws his fingers and licks them clean.

He sits on his heels and lifts my left leg. He slowly kisses his way up the calf and inner thigh. As he reaches my crotch he lightly kisses my pussy lips. I give a slight moan. He slides his tongue into my hole and stays there for a little while before moving almanbahis yeni giriş up to the clit. He sucks on my clit rolling his tongue over it. His tongue starts to put more pressure on my knob and I cum again. When my orgasm subsides Paul continues to kiss his way up my body. He spends a minute kissing and sucking each nipple before he reaches my mouth. I hungrily kiss him, sucking his tongue into my mouth.

Paul kisses my neck and I reach down and grab his cock. I slowly massage it and whisper into Paul’s ear, “Make love to me. Please, fuck me now.” Paul returns to kissing my mouth as I guide his staff into my wet cunt. The penetration feels amazing. He holds the entire length of his cock inside me for as long as he can, savoring the moment. Before long though he starts pumping into me. He kisses my right breast while rubbing my clit. We fuck for what seems like forever. When I feel that he is about to cum, I moan “Just a little longer, I’m almost there.” We come together in a massive orgasm. Paul collapses on top of me. He slowly withdraws from me and we kiss passionately.

We fall asleep for a little while. When we wake we slowly get dressed, not wanting the night to end. When fully clothed, we sit back on the couch and hold each other. We start the movie over again, having missed most of it.

“So, I guess we’re ‘going out’ now.” I say to him.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Paul kisses me and we continue to watch the movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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