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Many years ago, I had an adventure that totally changed my outlook on being just a lady’s man and to start enjoying all aspects of having sex.

While out joy riding with a buddy of mine, we spotted a marques that stated a Las Vegas Revue would be showing that evening. Having nothing better to do and curious, we paid the entry fee, sat down at a table near the stage and ordered up a round of drinks.

After a short while, the lights dimmed slightly, the curtains parted, and a tall, sexily dressed lady walked up to the microphone. Now calling her a lady was a bit of an exaggeration, because she was obviously a guy dressed in drag, but the curves looked enticing and her make-up was exquisite.

It didn’t take long before everybody in the audience was laughing loudly, as she cut joke after joke about herself, the gay community, and insulted just about every politician in office during this time.

What followed her after her set were a troupe of different guys dressed up as women, singing and dancing for our entertainment, and with few exceptions, their make-up and outfits made if very hard to the discerning eye that they weren’t ladies.

When the comedian “lady” closed the first set, I waved her down and said, “You are absolutely hilarious! How about having a drink with us?”

“Oooo,” şişli escort she cooed in her deep voice. “I’ll never pass up an invitation from a handsome young man!”

She then disappeared momentarily beside the stage curtain and returned with the other four “girls” and we all proceeded to crack jokes, getting more wasted as time went on.

By the end of the third set, it was getting late and my buddy and I were plowed, hearing that they were closing it up for the night. When the lights came up, our host lady Gene comes over and says, “You guys have been such perfect gentlemen tonight. Want to continue the party back at our place? Its not very far from here.

I glance over at my friend Paul, who shrugs his shoulders and says “I’m game if you are…you’re driving!”

“Well Ms. Gene, its a date,” I say, laughing as we all proceed out of the club.

It was a short drive to their rental house thankfully and we followed the crew inside. What happened next is we watched wigs flying off heads and it was then very apparent that all the ladies were guys, as if it hadn’t been apparent by then.

Bob, one of the group’s singer came over to were we had taken seats on a couch, and handing us both a beer, he says “So boys, which of us was the sexiest out there?”

“Honestly, I think you all looked pretty hot,” Paul says, winking at him, drawing outa laugh and a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh my,” Bob said in his very feminine voice. “I’ve got something to show you,” and grabbing his hand, she pulls him up off the couch and leads him away.

While all the others were in various states of undress, removing all the extra paddings and make-up, Gene comes over and occupies Paul’s deserted spot beside me, saying, “Well Dave, we won’t be seeing your friend for a while. Wanna get stoned?”, as she pulls a dube out of his robe pocket.

“Never deny a woman,” I chuckled and took a healthy drag from the joint.

“You know,” he says, “We could go out to your mini van and do this in private if you’d like.”

Smiling, I shakily get to my feet, offering him my hand and said, “Why not. Its been a hoot so far!”

Well, no sooner has the door to my van closed, than Gene is attacking my belt, saying, “Baby, you are so going to love this!”

At this point, I had never had any kind of sex from another guy, but there was just something about Gene that eliminated all hesitation, not to mention I was stoned out of my mind.

He soon had my my pants undone and he stripped my pants and underwear off, pushing me back onto the bed I had in the back.

“Oh my honey”, Gene said with a smile, “I’m really going to enjoy myself!”, as he became swallowing my 7″ meat log and caressing my bloated nuts.

Now all this obviously felt outstanding as he raised and lowered his tight suction, but my excitement went over the top when he grabbed me behind my knees, pushing them up towards my chest and I felt a first in my life, besides being with a guys. I soon felt his long long gently circling my virgin rose bud before he began plunging it inside.

“Oh my God!!” I groaned as he inserted his tongue as far up my ass as he could. “Please don’t stop!”

“Oh honey”, Gene said sexily. “You’re gonna be my bitch real soon!”, as he removed his robe and I saw that he was completely naked underneath. He then removed his tongue, aligned his 6 incher with my cherry and he proceeded to slowly penetrate me.

At first I was not only surprised by how easily he slipped his entire length into me, but that I was actually allowing a guy to butt fuck me and totally enjoying the sensation as he worked his hips back and forth.

Between and booze and the buzz, it didn’t take him long before he was shooting rope after rope deep inside my hole, as I came on my stomach without even touching myself.

“That was incredible” I moaned.

“More to come sweetie” he smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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