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She eyed herself critically in the mirror, never understanding fully why he loved the parts of her that she hated but still marvelling at how sexy he could make her feel. Her short dark hair, round face, double chin and bright eyes sparkling back at her, a slight hint of the inner mischief showing.

Her eyes travelled down her body, her 44DD breasts encased in the bra of the expensive set he had bought her, bright scarlet and black, sensual and lacy. Moving down further, over her size 20 frame to the panties, she grimaced at the sight, wishing she were half her size. She looked further down to her thighs and calves below.

They had been lovers on and off for 10 years, he had always made a point of telling her how sexy she was, something her husband of 6 years skimmed over, almost saying but never quite getting there. Wrapping herself in her robe, she sat down and waited, watching the clock and counting down, their time together precious as always, both having to go back to real life, real time and real families.

Watching the hands go past the hour, he was late once more, his job in banking holding him when she knew he would rather be anywhere but there. She jumped as the bell rang, cursing herself for doing so, her heart beating fast in anticipation. Doubting herself as she always did, wondering if this week, he would not like what he saw, finally, after 10 years.

She opened the door and he stood there smiling.

“Hello Beautiful” he said.

Her heart slowed down and she smiled and relaxed.

“Hello Honey,” she replied, moving aside to let him in.

The door shut behind him and they stood in the hallway facing each other, his bright blue eyes watching her grey ones. Putting down his bag, he stood up straight and leaned forward, his hand moving to the front of her robe, undoing it and sliding his hands inside, resting them on her wide hips as he moved in and kissed her, passionately, deeply, her arms wrapping around his waist and neck, losing herself in the smell and need of him.

His arms slid around her and grabbed her full, round ass. Kneading it like over ripe dough, causing her to pull away giggling.

“Damnit woman I love your ass,” he smiled, grabbing it once again for good measure.

“You don’t say?” she replied with a touch of sarcasm as she turned away and moved towards the living room.

Taking off his jacket he followed her, watching her ass sliding under the loose robe, unable to stop himself leaning forward and grabbing another handful.

“Stoppit,” she yelped laughing, “or you will never get your coffee.”

He pulled his hand away as she walked through the kitchen, but grabbed a handful of robe as she continued to move forward. Her arms moved back and she let the robe fall from her shoulders to the floor.

Continuing into the kitchen in her bra and panties, she switched on the kettle, moving around, the actions automatic, her mind just ticking over. She did not hear him come down the steps into the kitchen and she jumped slightly, smiling as his arms slid around her waist, bending to kiss the back of her neck, moving around to nibble on her ears and shoulders.

She stopped what she was doing, unable to move as her sensitive neck and shoulders succumbed to his attentions, a small moan leaving her and her body quivering.

“You will never get your coffee,” she whispered breathlessly, her head going down to expose more of her neck.

“Sod the coffee,” he replied, moving from her ears and shoulders to her neck, his breath making her shiver even more, her body starting to need.

He took her hand and led her to the living room, towards the couch, while with his free hand, he started to undo his tie. Stopping in front of the couch, he turned and leaned down, planting kisses on her exposed throat and bra-encased breasts, his hands moving to undo the clasps.

Standing straight, he slid the straps over her shoulders and down her arms. His hands catching the cascade, a small smile of pleasure and satisfaction as he watched her breasts spill over.

Still holding her, he sat on the edge of the couch, making sure that his face was directly in line with her breasts. Sighing, he lifted them as his tongue slid out and he flicked her nipples, pushing her breasts together so that he could alternate between the two. His tongue circled them one by one as he gently pulled her nipples into his mouth with his teeth, nipping and tugging them, making her moan.

One hand slid over her full stomach and down to the leg of her panties, where he hooked a finger in the waistband and slid them downwards, feeling the smoothness of her closely trimmed mound. He felt her damp slit, teasing the top of it before he dipped his finger in.

He slid it in deeply, her moans matching his as he went further and found her clit, scraping it with his fingernail, making her shudder before pulling it out again. She looked down at him and he smiled back up at her. She then took the initiative and turned around, making almanbahis her way towards the stairs.

He stood at the bottom at the bottom of the stairs, watching her climb up the steep stairs, her ass wobbling, swaying with each step up until she reached the top. She turned around and smiled at him as he leaned against the wall and simply drank in the sight of her.

Even now he could not begin to explain why he found her so intensely sexy. The absolute opposite of his wife. She was everything that in another life he would have looked for. Her breasts, showing signs of age and childbirth, sat on the top of her stomach. They have never been pert, even when he first met her. She had always been a BBW. He had played away from home more than he cared to remember, but she was the only one who had not been slim, the only one he had stuck with, the only one he had fun with. He knew how self conscious she was, even after all these years, but he did not care; she was still natural.

He remembered how he felt when she said she was getting married. He missed her when they decided to call it a day, he never pushed her to carry on and to his surprise, they stayed good friends until she decided to let him back into her bed. They both knew that it would always be just this, but it was a situation they both accepted.

He came back to the moment to find that she had mirrored his pose at the top of the stairs and was watching him. She smiled at him wistfully and held her hand out. He smiled and started to climb the stairs as she walked off into the spare bedroom. The only rule she made was that she could not and would not fuck him in the same bed as her husband. Ironically it was the same bed they had always fucked in, her old bed from her old flat.

He walked into the bedroom and into her arms again. He was wrapped in her as she kissed him, enveloped in layers of warmth and flesh that was her. Her beautiful large breasts squashed against him, so warm and fleshy that he could feel them through his shirt. His hands travelled up and down her, squeezing her, kneeding her, grabbing her ass.

Her hands moved and started to undo his shirt, unbuttoning it, pulling it out of his trousers, opening it, introducing flesh to flesh. She slid it over his shoulders and let it drop to the floor while he moved his attention back to her sensitive, tender neck, loving and needing to hear the moans he knew he could produce from her. As she undid his trousers, his fingers hooked through the waistband of her panties and they pulled them down in unison.

He stepped out of his trousers and then continued to pull her panties down her legs, kissing his way down her stomach, knowing that although she was enjoying it, she was also embarrassed by the attention he gave her body.

He moved onto his knees, kissing her thighs, going from the outside to the softness of her inner thighs, drinking in the smell of her. She kept her pussy hair trimmed short, clipped to keep it neat. He kissed her large mound and the underside of her stomach, making her squirm.

He pushed her back onto the bed and she automatically opened her legs for him. He buried his head between her voluminous thighs and ran his tongue up the slit of her cunt, sliding it in to flick her clit as he reached the top.

She moaned and put her one hand on his head trying to push him in further. He pulled back and told her to move up onto the bed properly, he wanted to watch her. She sat up and moved her bulk until she was full length on the bed, watching him in anticipation while he stood and took off his boxers, his hard cock springing free, waving about while he watched her eagerness as she licked her lips gently, not even aware she was doing it. There greed in her eyes but all in good time.

He knelt on the end of the bed and she looked at him.

“Finger your cunt,” he demanded.

With a glint in her eyes she smiled at him and pulled her knees up and open, sliding one hand down, over her stomach and mound until she reached her cunt.

Never losing eye contact she slid two fingers into her slit and felt her clit. Moving them back and forth slowly she felt it start to harden.

Closing her eyes, she leaned back and gave into the feelings overtaking her. Thinking of him between her thighs heightening what she already felt, she flicked her clit repeatedly with one sharp fingernail, making her bite her bottom lip and breathe raggedly, small moans leaving her mouth.

She slid the fingers deep into her cunt and started to pump it while her thumb continued the assault on her clit. Her cunt made squelching noises as she started to pump harder, her cunt getting wetter and wetter.

He watched from the end of the bed as she brought herself closer to orgasm. He loved watching her pleasure herself for him.

Her whole body moved rhythmically as her fingers pumped her cunt. Her breasts had slid to the sides, her stomach moving back and forth in waves. His hand moved unconsciously to his cock as he listened almanbahis giriş to her moans and watched her face, her lower lip between her teeth, her head thrown back as her body started to tense with her forthcoming orgasm.

Moving gently so he did not disturb her he lay full length across the bed at her feet, lost in watching her.

“Cum for me babe,” he said.

The sound of his voice, husky from want, made her moan more. Her fingers pulled out of her cunt and moved back to her clit. Using three fingers she rubbed her clit whilst flicking it with the middle of the three, rubbing deeper and harder with every movement.

“Cum for me, give me something to taste,” he said as he moved gently up the bed between her thighs, able to smell her juices, wanting them, feeling his cock twitch because of them. When he was level with her cunt he lay full length between her thighs and blew gently on her open, exposed, swollen clit.

She moaned and shuddered, never stopping rubbing her clit. Aware of his presence his breath warm on her thighs and cunt, not wanting to stop, her orgasm so close now that it was almost painful.

She gasped as he pushed two fingers into her wet hole, his little finger gently rubbing on her asshole.

“Oh Fuck,” she gasped, her hips rising from the bed as he pumped and pushed deeper.

“Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum.”

“Move your hand,” he ordered.

She moved it and her fingers were immediately replaced by his mouth, sucking hard on her clit he drew it in and flicked on it with his tongue.

She responded with a shudder as she came, his mouth moving down and his tongue sliding into her cunt, feeling it contract, tasting her cum on his tongue as he pushed as deep as he could while her fingers moved back to replace his tongue.

He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and replaced them with his mouth. His fingers slid over her asshole, teasing while she was still wracked with convulsions.

Her hand moved to his head, gently pushing him in.

“More,” she gasped breathlessly, her wide hips moving rhythmically on his tongue, needing the attentions he always showed her. His fingers, wet with her cunt juices slid easily into her ass, her moans getting louder again as he used her holes.

He felt his fingers slide into her ass as he tasted her. He could never understand why anyone would not enjoy this taste, why any woman would not enjoy this attention. He got a kick out of knowing that his tongue and two fingers could have this effect on a woman.

“Harder,” she breathed. Her hips started to push harder against him, rising from the bed so that he had to use his free hand to push her back down again.

Carrying on his assault on her cunt with his tongue, he pushed deeper with his fingers, pumping hard, knowing the signs of another orgasm, this one deeper than the last, longer and more intense as she lost herself to him.

“Nnnnnnn, fuck,” she moaned as she pushed. “Jesus fucking Christ,” she gasped as he suddenly bit her clit, nipping it and sucking on it.

Her orgasm hit suddenly and despite her size she contorted backwards almost doubling with the intensity of it. Unable to keep his mouth and her cunt in contact with each other, he concentrated on pumping her ass with his fingers, able to feel her orgasm effect her whole body.

As she came down from her orgasm, her body continued to convulse, the slightest touch making her shudder violently, her hips slowly touching the bed. He moved back into her cunt with his mouth, needing to taste her again. His fingers slid out of her ass and his tongue once more made contact with her soaked cunt.

Ignoring her begging, he buried his face in her cunt, sucking on her hole, needing her taste, needing her cum, listening to her whimpers as she begged him to stop, her body unable to take another orgasm of that intensity straight away.

He moved away from her and up her body, pausing only to kiss the battlescar of childbirth that she hated so much. To him it was part of the woman he cared about. He covered her with his body, his hard cock against her cunt, making her moan again despite herself.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, not breaking eye contact as his head bent and he kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring, while she tasted herself on his tongue and lips. Their eyes closed as their kiss deepend, paying the attention to each other that they only got with each other,

He pulled away and rolled to the side. She shivered and he moved in close, pulling a blanket over them both. They lay together, his hands moving over her, gently cupping her breasts, her mound; his fingers very gently teasing, aware of his need but knowing that he needed to bring her back first, before his needs could be satisfied.

She sighed deeply, so deep it made her shudder from top to toe. She was aware of every nerve ending, every hair follicle on her body. She was also acutely aware of the hardness against her as they lay together.

He gently almanbahis yeni giriş kissed her shoulder and neck, moving around with her as she lay on her side, her back to him, inviting him. His fingers trailed down her spine, making her shiver and sigh. Planting small kisses, his fingers made patterns over her ass and thigh.

With a sigh, she turned over and smiled at him. He grinned and kissed her on the nose.

“Enjoy?” he said

“Bastard,” she smiled back, “Now its your turn.”

She moved down the bed, over his body, planting kisses here and there, nipping at his nipples with her sharp front teeth making him suck his breath in sharply.

Reaching his stomach, she licked from his belly button down to the head of his still proud cock. Her tongue circled the head before she took him into her mouth and slid him deeply down her throat.

She took him fully to the hilt, taking the smoothness of his long, slim cock to the back of her throat and beyond.

“Ohhhhhhhh God, Fucking Hell,” he said putting his hand on her head, moving in rhythm with her as she slid up and down his length, teasing with her tongue and teeth. Unable to bear it, he pushed her deeply onto his cock. She sucked him hard as he grabbed her hair and moved her onto him, constricting her throat, making her gag and unable to breathe.

She pulled back coughing, then, she took a deep breath and greedily took him back into her mouth and down her throat again. He fucked her face hard, wanting it to be her cunt, knowing he would get that very soon.

He pulled out of her mouth and slapped her face with his cock.

“You want it? Well? Do you WANT it?” he demanded.

“Fuck you, you know I do,” she replied, as she wrapped her fingers around his balls and rolled them in her fingers.

“Get on your knees and give me your cunt then,” he said, watching her move up the bed, her tits swinging free, like heavy pendulums, her stomach still rolling in waves.

He grabbed her hair on the way past and pulled her to face him, kissing her hard, he felt her lips against his teeth, his greed and his need made him hard and harsh, lust taking over from passion.

She pulled away breathlessly and turned away from him, her ass in the air. She waved it from side to side as she looked over her shoulder and grinned at him.

“Bitch,” he said as he moved behind her quickly, his cock almost bursting free of his entire body, at the same time thanking the powers that he lasted a long time. His lust wanted to fuck till doomsday.

He slammed his cock into her hard and fast. She screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Filling her cunt he pulled back and filled her again, over and over, never lifting the speed or depth, watching as her whole body shook with each stroke.

She moaned with pleasure as she felt his balls slapping her sensitive clit. If he carried on at this pace she would cum again, fast. Not caring and knowing she had more to give, she drove back into him, each thrust hitting her cervix, each hit contracting her cunt around his cock, each contraction becoming more and more needy.

He grabbed her wonderfully fat ass and hips and pulled her in more, hearing her moans getting louder, sweat starting to form on both of them, he felt a trickle down his back. He loved when they made each other sweat, it meant he had found the inner slut he knew was there, the wanton greed of her body.

Her cunt was soaking wet, he felt her juices on his balls as they slapped against her. He pulled back slightly and stopped, just far enough back to be able to put his hand between them, a finger slipping into her hole, then pulling out again. He slid back into her while he tasted his finger, the taste eliciting a moan of pleasure from him. He continued his assault on her cunt, not wanting to cum yet, wanting to feel her cum on him first. Feeling the first wave of her orgasm approaching, she pushed back harder and harder.

“NNNNNNNNNGHAAA, shit, fuck, YESSSSSS,” she moaned as he thrust in deeply.

He held her wide hips and rammed hard as she slowed and every muscle in her body contracted around his cock. Unable to move with him, he took up her rhythm and thrust into her, feeling his own orgasm approaching fast as she milked his cock with her cunt.

With one final thrust he exploded into her; a massive shuddering orgasm, each contraction of her cunt setting off another spurt, both of them moaning, until they finally collapsed, his cock still inside her, slowly deflating, both of them stuck together with sweat.

Her body trembled as she lay below him, while he planted a kiss on the back of her neck. She let out a low moan as he withdrew from her swollen hole and turned over to face him. Her hand went to his cock and balls feeling them soaked, she kissed him quickly and moved down the bed once more to take him into her mouth.

He moaned as her teeth slid over the sensitive head of his cock, his hand once more going to her head and pushing her onto him, cursing his cock for betraying the rest of his body.

She licked and sucked gently, loving the taste of her all over him, cleaning him up ready for the next time. There was no chance he was going yet. He was going to stay a while longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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