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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – 18 years old!


We grew up in a small town in the Ozark Mountains if you could call it a town. Mostly just a group of homes and small farms with a general store. My family has lived there for generations. My mother and father were both born there and will probably die here. My sister Lila was a big girl, always had been. She was as tall as me, about six feet tall with long brown hair brown eyes and she looked a little homely and had a big butt you could call her a BBW. She was the target of bullying when we were at school, but she was much taller and stronger than all the other kids, even the ones in the grades above us. I was just over a year younger than Lila, but we were in the same class because she was held back in the first year.

We were close, walking home together every day, and swimming and fishing in the creek behind the house. We were both determined to get out of our hometown. We had talked about it all the time growing up, when I turned 18, I enlisted in the Military. Lila went off to college in the City. I wrote letters and emails back and forth, but we didn’t see each other more than once a year, for the next eight years. I was ready to discharge and emailed Lila to talk it over with her. She had finished college and worked as a software developer in the City.

She wanted me to come and live with her and pleaded for me to let her support me until I found work, but I didn’t need her support. I had my food and bed paid for by the Military for the last eight years and had never had a girlfriend, so no way to waste my money. My savings had grown well, and I had invested some in stocks that Lila has suggested. She was so smart and was moving up in her company quickly. I was looking forward to seeing her again. I said I would be happy to stay with her for a while.

I had not told her when I was coming. I wanted to surprise her. I arrived on the train at midday and changed into my dress uniform. I waited outside her office building front door and hoped to catch her as she left for the subway. Standing on the footpath at 5:00 pm at attention, fingertips on the edge of my cap and waiting. She came into my view, head down looking at the ground. She heard the “Thank you four service” from a passing lady. Looking up, she stopped, her chin quivered, and her eyes filled with tears. Then she rushed to me, almost knocking me down as she wrapped her arms around me. She held on for a long time crying on my shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, Bobby,” She said, through the tears.

“Because of this hug, I have missed them so much,” I told her, holding back tears of my own.

I could not show anyone those emotions years of training had taught me that they were a sign of weakness and Marines did not show weakness.

“Thank you for your service.” came from another passerby, this broke us apart. When we looked around, there were a lot of smiling people watching. She grabbed my arm, and I picked up my kit, and we headed for her apartment. I had never seen her apartment; it was very nice with two bedrooms. She was at college last time I visited her, ever since we usually only caught up on holiday somewhere. We went inside, and she showed me to my room, I dropped my kit, she kissed me on the cheek and left me to shower and change into jeans and a tee-shirt.

“This place is a palace, compared to the plywood and sandbags I am used to,” I said, looking around and poking all the trinkets and switches.

“I love it here, but I get a little lonely by myself,” She said, looking somewhat sad.

“What about we go out to eat and have a drink to celebrate,” I said, even though I rarely did this.

“Where do you want to go?” she asked.

“This is your city, you pick,” I replied, realizing she didn’t go out much either.

We went down to the street and walked a few blocks chatting about her life and my lack of one. She thought all the travel overseas sounded incredible, but I told her I saw mostly desert, and the inside of trucks as we moved around. We stumbled upon a little pub on a corner, that had booths, so we went in and sat at the bar until one became free. We ordered burgers and I ordered two bourbons, and Lila tried to wave it off, but I was having none of that.

“It’s Friday time to let your hair down,” I said, over the jukebox. “How often do you get to go out with your little brother.”

The food was great pub food, and the drinks were flowing too. I started to ask some personal questions and got blocked at every turn. As the night went on, we had more drinks and even got up and danced to a slower song. Our parents taught us some steps when we were little. I held Lila close, and she pressed into me, it was lovely to hold her again.

“Lila, where is the man in your life, you are successful and smart?” I asked as we settled back into the booth.

“No one wants to go out with a giant ogre Bobby,” She said, trying to be funny, but there was no fun in her bursa escort bayanlar eyes.

“I don’t ever want to hear you talk like that again!” I said, and the rage must have shown in my face because she sat back in her seat. “Shit, sorry sis, I am not fit for the real world,” and started to stand.

She held my arm, “Yet,” she said, not letting me go.

“Where is your girl in every port,” she asked, her eyes locked on mine, not a joke this time.

“I have managed to scare them all off with my big package,” I said, trying to lighten the mood, causing her to roll her eyes.

I ordered another round of drinks and some chips to soak it up. I did not want us to be falling over drunk.

“I don’t attract men, Bobby, I have never even been on a date,” she said, still holding my hand.

“I know, I am no better, I have been all over the world, and I am too shy to even ask for a date, let alone a one-night stand,” I said with a half-smile.

“We are a fine pair, drunk in a bar and still can’t pick up a date. I would be too scared to get naked in front of anyone. I don’t have a perfect body.” Lila said.

“I think you look good, but I am your brother, and it’s in the code,” I said, holding my fingers up like a boy scout. “I was not joking, the last one to see my package ran away screaming, and she was a prostitute. I could not even pay for someone to have sex with me,” I said, looking at my bourbon to worried to look up.

“You’re still a virgin too at twenty-six. Surely a prostitute would be able to…,” Lila said, with an astonished look on her face.

“It’s a real problem, all the guys from the unit have said they don’t blame her. They always make a joke about it with girls at the bars, and when any of them takes the dare to put their hand in my pants, they pull it back out like it’s going to bite. I think the guys do it, so they get laid. It puts me out of the picture and gets the girls hot for normal size cocks. That’s why I don’t go out much anymore,” I said.

“How big is too big anyway,” Lila said, before she had a chance to think.

I simply put the drink can I had in my hand on top of hers and pointed to it, and her eyes went wide.

“No, you can’t be serious, you’re a shiny white guy,” she said.

The sad look in my eyes told her that I was not joking. I held up an empty can to catch the attention of the waitress, and she nodded when she saw me and brought over another round. When I looked back, Lila had both hands around the can in front of her. And a strange look on her face.

We finished drinking in the early hours of the morning and walked home, holding each other up. I am glad Lila knew the way because I had no idea. In the apartment, I directed her to the main bedroom, and she fell back onto her bed, giggling.

“Ok, I have to see it,” she said, propping herself up on her elbows.

“You show me yours, and I will show you mine,” I said, I was laughing at my own childhood joke. We’d had a similar conversation as children.

“You first,” she said

“Oh no, you don’t, that’s what happened last time,” I said, thinking she was playing.

She pulled her shirt up and hooked her thumbs into the top of her panties.

“Together, on three,” she said, holding the pose.

I was stuck. I wanted to see her pussy. I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to see her. I undid my jeans and dropped them and kicked them off, then hooked my thumbs into my boxers and waited.

“One, Two, Three,” Lila called, then pushed down her panties.

I was not expecting her to do it. I was expecting me to be standing there with my cock hanging out, and her laughing at me like last time. Lila had pulled her panties off and spread her legs, sitting up more to get a closer look at my cock. I was rising with each pulse of my heart, the blood filling my cock, and it was expanding and lengthening more by the second. I was looking at my sister’s pussy. It was spread open and looked wet, she had big outer lips and thinner inner ones, with a prominent clit at the top covered with its hood.

“I can’t believe it, and I am looking right at it. I want to touch it, I have never felt one before,” Lila said, Holding out her hand almost playing with my cock.

“You can, if I can,” I said, continuing our game from childhood.

She reached out and took my hand, placing it on her pussy, and with the other, she ran her fingers under my shaft. I gasped, letting all my breath out, I slid my fingertips along her pussy and played with her clit. I had seen one before, and I have read everything I could about the subject. But still, it was enthralling to play with a real one. I knelt beside her and felt her pussy with one hand and played with her nipple with the other. Her clit started to stick up out of its hood, standing up as I played with it. I slipped two fingers into her pussy, and she was both hot and wet.

“It’s really hard, but soft to touch,” she said, stroking bayan sarisin escort bursa my foreskin back and forth on my cockhead.

I leaned down and kissed Lila, and our tongues danced inside each other’s mouth. Lila’s breasts were large, with big puffy nipples. I pulled on her nipples and teased her clit. Lila started sliding her hands up and down the shaft, it took both her hands to get around it.

“I can’t get this thing inside me, even if I wanted to, but I can help you cum if you help me too,” she said, still pumping on my cock.

“I don’t think I will have to wait much longer, I am about to cum,” I said, starting to shake badly.

I played with her clit and slid my fingers inside her, as she pushed my foreskin back and forth. I started to play with her clit and kiss her, and soon she began to moan and hump her hips and grind herself into my hand. Lila slid her hand up and down my shaft driving me over the edge into my orgasm. I could feel the sperm pulsing down my cock, the first few shots hit Lila in the neck and left a line down her chest to her nipples then the rest dripped onto her big breasts. She froze and started groaning as her orgasm blazed through her body, and she kissed me more tenderly as the climax subsided. Lila ran for the bathroom to clean up and came back with a cloth for me. She lay on her bed and was trying to cover herself up.

“Don’t cover yourself up,” I said, pushing her hand away gently.

“You don’t really want to see my body do you,” she said, sliding the covers up over herself.

I stopped her and lay down facing her running my fingers across the side of her face. I leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips, my tongue trying to find hers. I ran my hand down her side and over her butt coming to rest on her thigh. I continued to kiss her, and she was kissing me back passionately, so I ran my hand down to grab an ass cheek. I was sliding my fingers along her ass crack and over her puckered opening. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my fingers into her pussy and picked up some of her juices and took them back to her rosebud and lathered her anus. The kissing became more passionate, and my finger pressed slowly into her ass. She gasped as I sank my finger into her to the first knuckle.

“I love to play with my ass, I have had the handle of my hairbrush in there and a deodorant bottle too,” Lila said when she pulled back breathing out slowly.

I slid my finger up to the second knuckle without any resistance and slid it in and out a few more times before pushing it all the way home. Lila reached between us and played with my cock, rubbing it on her clit as I played with her asshole. I slid a second finger in there, and she moaned even more. Humping against my cock and my fingers, humping forward sliding my cock on her clit but my finger coming out of her ass then sliding back, filling her ass with my finger but losing contact with my cock, she was picking up the pace. Pulling back from our kiss, she pinched her nipple with her free hand and pulled on it hard.

“I am getting close to shooting Lila,” I said, trying to hold back the cum.

“I will only be a few seconds if you can hold on,” She said trembling.

I held on for as long as I could and started to squirt on her clit. She was beginning to clench her ass on my fingers, and still rubbing her clit with my cockhead. Lila threw back her head and pulled on her nipple as she screamed out her orgasm spasming on my fingers. We both cleaned up this time as I had cum everywhere, all over her pussy and my front, then we settled into her bed. We were laying facing each other in the city sounds coming in the window.

“A penny for your thoughts,” I said, a little worried she might have some regrets now that the alcohol was wearing off.

“I am a little embarrassed to tell you what I was thinking,” she said, biting on her lower lip.

“I think your secrets are safe with me, we have been fooling around all night, and It’s not like I can tell anyone about fucking my sister, ever,” I said, looking down to her erect nipples.

“I was trying to work out how I’m going to get that big cock of yours in my pussy or my ass,” she said, after a long pause.

“Are you sure you want that,” I said when I recovered from the shock.

“I think I can stretch myself out to take it, and if I do, I will have a partner for life, and I don’t have to worry about some pretty young thing stealing you away, no other woman will be able to take you,” Lila said, with a cheeky grin on her face.

There is an old saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” so with Lila offering me my biggest fantasy why would I talk her out of it.

“How are you going to do it?” I asked, pulling on her nipple as I spoke.

“We are going to an adult toy shop tomorrow and buy dildos in a range of sizes up to the size of your cock, and some buttplugs and lots and lots of Lube,” Lila said, leaning forward and kissing my lips. “Now stop playing bursa evi olan eskort with my nipple, or you are going to have to get me off again before I can sleep.”

I hugged her close, and she pulled her leg up over mine, pushing her big boobs into my chest and closed her eyes.

“I want to be able to go to sleep with that big thing all the way up inside me as soon as I can,” she whispered, pushing her pussy against my cock.

I woke up to the smell of coffee. I followed that smell into the kitchen, where my big sister was facing the sink. I moved up quietly behind her and wrapped my arms around her pushing my morning wood into her ass. She stopped and pushed back into me, turning her head to kiss me.

“I can help you with that if you like,” She said, smiling up at me.

“It can wait until later. I am hungry, I will go and piss, and it will go down by itself,” I said, looking down at my stiff prick.

We had breakfast and went out to the street and started walking. Lila showed me the sights of the City, and we rode the subway and bus everywhere we went. We ended up in a pub for dinner and drinks, and after quite a few bourbons, Lila paid the bill and dragged me out the door.

“I would never have the guts to go in a place like this, without you here,” She said, pulling me in the door of an adult bookstore.

The lady behind the counter looked disinterested until she noticed us enter, and asked us if we needed any help. I guessed she mainly got older men who perved on her all the time. We waved her off for the moment and looked around. Lila handled all the goodies, tried the vibrators and felt the dildos. She looked at the covers of the DVD’s and snuggled into my side running her hand over my bulge any chance she got. I noticed the viewing booths and nodded Lila towards them. She smiled a devilish grin, and we walked along the front, looking at the posters of the video playing in each. Lila picked one, and as we were going in, I saw a sign “one per booth” I looked back at the lady behind the counter, and she just waved me in with a big smile.

We deposited some coins, and the movie started playing a little white girl sucking a big black cock, he was almost as long as me, but a bit thinner. The girl was quickly in tears as he tried to force his cock into her. I was playing with Lila’s nipples, and she was gripping my cock as the movie heated up. Then we heard a tap on the wall and looking to that side we saw a hole, soon a cock poked through, Lila just giggled for a second then looking at me with a questioning expression, I just shrugged, and she wrapped her fingers around its shaft. There was a groan from the other booth and with Lila pumping the shaft he soon came in her hand.

I was on my phone looking up adult bookstores and booths, and the first thing that came up was Gloryhole, I showed Lila, she read for some time then clicked on the video link and watched, rubbing my dick the whole time. Then another knock Lila put two fingers on the bottom of the hole, and a cock came through. She played with the cock and then shocked me by leaning down and sucking the head into her mouth as he came.

Then a knock came from the other side, and two ladies fingers came through the hole, I looked at Lila and she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and fed it into the whole. I heard a gasp and felt the hand wrap around my shaft. It was strange not knowing who was doing it though. I was soon on the edge of cuming, Lila whispered for me to let the lady know I was going to cum and when I did she sucked on the head of my cock, as I spurted all my sperm into her mouth. We heard a moan from that side and another knock from Lila’s side, she just said sorry as we fixed ourselves up and stepped out of the booth. Strange, I had in my mind there would be a long line for Lila’s services, but only one guy was in the store. We picked up a good selection of dildos and buttplugs, and lots of lube as we paid the lady asked what all the big dildos were for, was it some fantasy.

“I need to get to this size so I can fit his cock into me,” Lila said, holding up the biggest dildo on the table.

The sales lady’s eyes went wide, and she smiled, I think she thought Lila was joking until as we were going out the door, a middle-aged lady came out of the booth and asked where the guy with the huge dick went, We both smirked as we went down the stairs.

When we got back to the apartment, Lila emptied all the bags onto the coffee table and moved it over to the wall under the tv. She went into the bedroom and dragged the blankets and a sheet out and lay it down on the floor. She placed a DVD in the player and turned on the TV. The film started playing with a sister and brother getting ready to fuck. It was very hot to hear the words coming from the TV. Lila disappeared into the bedroom and yelled for me to strip, and I did as I was told. When she came back, she had only a smile and two cans of bourbon and coke covering her nipples.

“Here take this one, my nipples are cold,” she said, as she handed me one of the cans.

Her nipples stood out from her massive boobs, and they were long and crinkled from the cold cans. I reached out and pulled on one, and she moaned as she moved closer, picking up my cock as she did, pulling back the foreskin and stroking the skin on and off the head. She dragged me down onto the blankets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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