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I remember waking up in the middle of the night to pee and being aware of Mike’s presence in my bachelor apartment, but it hadn’t seemed important until I’d woken up properly the next morning. I stirred on my floor mattress to the sound of Mike’s loud snoring and realized that it was the first time he’d spent the night at my place.

I rolled over and looked up to see the bottom of Mike’s foot, only a few inches from my face. He’d slept on my loveseat, filling the whole thing, with his head tilted back and his heels planted on the floor near the head of my mattress. My eyes moved from the hole in Mike’s sock, up his big bulky thigh, to the round boulder of his belly, rising and falling as he snored. He still wore his dark red sweater and dark grey sweats. I took in the view of Big Mike before pushing myself up to a cobra pose.

I was a little murky but I wasn’t very hungover. I hadn’t gotten drunk in a while so I had expected to feel worse. As I rose to my feet, I realized that my pelvis lacked any post-sex soreness. I hadn’t remembered what had happened the night before, and I also hadn’t remembered changing into the pink and white pyjamas that held loosely on me either. A half empty bottle of powerade was on the kitchen counter, strawberry lemonade flavoured. Powerade was my go-to hangover drink. I looked back to Mike and glowed a little at the realization of how much he’d taken care of me.

He was still snoring like heavy mining machinery so I slipped around him into the bathroom to clean up. Luckily I wasn’t shit-faced; a quick scrub and wash made me feel prettier. I brushed, flossed, and mouthwashed until my breath felt presentable. Mike’s nasal roar wasn’t stopping as I came out and I didn’t want to wake him. It was only nine-thirty.

Instead, I stood next to him and ran my hand along his beard. His glasses were on the table and his thick black hair was whorled around in a mess like usual. His heavy brow and nose looked more and more handsome to me as time passed. He could definitely use a trim to reduce the sasquatch factor, but Mike was handsome as hell to me. I moved between his knees and carefully lifted up the hem of his sweater to reveal a few inches of thick, black belly hair. He continued to snore soundly, so I saw no reason to stop.

I lowered down to my knees and looked up at the beautiful mountainous view from between his thighs. I slipped one hand, palm up, into the crevice between his legs. My hand sunk between those warm walls and got stuck pretty quick. Mike was still snoring, so I dared to gently creep under the weight of his underbelly. His nasal roar gave me the confidence to push in until I reached his balls.

A sharp snort interrupted his snoring, but he didn’t wake up. I started to massage the heavy bulge, with my palm at first, but then stroking with curled fingers. His snore slowly transformed into a low moan, which lit up my face. I loved the idea of pleasuring him while he slept. If I could’ve sucked his cock and brought him to orgasm in his dreams, I would’ve dove in immediately, but there was no way I could get to his cock in those sweats without him letting me in.

Mike began to murmur and shift, until I saw his eyes flicker and a smirk come to his lips.

“Morning, daddy.” Mike kept his eyes closed and was slow to speak.

“Mmn…what’re you doing down there?”

“Looking for treasure…under a sleeping dragon.” He smiled, looking pleasured.

“Oh really? Well…” Mike shifted in his seat, my hands practically pinned under his crotch. “I’ll let you touch the dragon’s gold, little princess.”

Mike slid his arms between his thighs and hefted up his huge belly. He leaned back and straightened his legs out wide for me. My loveseat creaked at the enormous shift of his weight, while he curled his feet and toes up. I pulled down the hem of his sweats and was floored at the sight and scent of his furry underbelly.

His smell was already an acquired pleasure to me, and the sight of his sasquatch paunch made me want to bury my face in fur. I slowly nuzzled the soft skin of my cheeks into his forested fupa, and was greeted with the warmth and slight sweat of his crotch. I kissed his skin and sucked mouthfuls of thick pubic hair before pulling the hem of his underwear down and seeing the head of his thick, flaccid cock poke out. I immediately took a deep whiff, letting the tip of my nose graze his corona, and then pushed out a warm breath on the pink glans.

Mike murmured some satisfaction at my little tease. If I’d had the restraint I would’ve kept teasing him, but I didn’t have nearly enough willpower to keep that big dick out of my mouth for long. Mike knew that, too; he chuckled as my wet lips slid around his shaft.

I started to suck the cock of this man who owned me, and it was perfect. We were in my apartment with no risk of Aron walking in, I was fresh and clean, Mike was relaxed, and more than anything, he seemed fully aware that I genuinely, eagerly wanted him to cum down my throat. By that point he understood Çankaya Escort that he was pleasuring me by allowing me to worship him. I wanted that service to be my morning ritual from here on out.

He moaned louder, letting me know that I was pleasing him. His bassy voice vibrated through me from my ears to my g-spot. I started to thrust my hips slightly, wanting to fulfil the tease that his pleasured voice implanted between my thighs. My rhythm picked up, both in my rocking pelvis and my vacuum suction. I started to press deeper and deeper into his paunch, desperately fighting his weight to attempt a headbutt to his pelvis.

Mike’s little chuckle increased, showing some amusement at my gusto.

“Little princess must really want the dragon’s gold. Ya little gold digger…ya little slut tire-biter.”

Mike began to grind his own hips, pushing back against my horny headbutts with lazy pelvic thrusts. His low moan became a rhythmic grunt of satisfaction as my facial muscles wrestled with the thick foreskin of his girthy organ. My loveseat began to squeak as Mike seemed ready to explode.

Mike grunted suddenly but, rather than his nuts, all that busted was the joint of one of my loveseat’s legs. The frame cracked soon after as my poor furniture succumbed to Mike’s tremendous weight. I realized something was off and was able to escape Mike’s underbelly before he came crashing down to the floor.


Mike fell on his ass and rolled to one side under my now-destroyed loveseat. I sat on my heels looking at his big belly wobble as he rolled over and pushed himself with one arm.

“Oh shit…you okay?”

Mike huffed out an angry breath and furrowed his heavy brow.

“Yeah, just…breakin’ more of your furniture. Fuck…” I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely ashamed or not. “And I thought you told me you got a new bed. I didn’t realize you’ve been sleeping on the floor this whole time.”

It had been in the first few days of us knowing each other that Mike had cracked my bed frame in a failed attempt to fuck me. He’d been overcome with shame and had immediately tried to bail from our fling. It was only because I’d chased him down and badgered him to go out with me again that we’d ended up hitting it off. I’d told him that I had another bed from my parents I could use, just so he wouldn’t feel any worse than he already did. That was before he’d known how enamored I was with him. This time around he was fully aware that I cared more about giving him a good blowjob than I did about my furniture.

“Well…I don’t mind the floor. It’s kinda fun knowing that you did it, with your big sexy body. I guess breaking furniture turns me on.” Mike made a slow smirk.

“Yeah, everything turns you on…” He very slowly rolled up to his knees, and then planted one foot firmly beneath himself. “And now you’ve got me turned on. So now I’m gonna do something more naughty than a blowjob. I still owe you some punishment from last night.”

Mike rose to his feet fully, changing his smirk into a dominant sneer as he looked down at me. A shiver ran down my spine as I watched him change from his casual self into the dominant persona that he’d grown so talented in portraying. I looked up from my knees at the towering giant as he began rubbing his crotch.

“Pull your mattress over here…in the middle of the room.” His voice had become firm and commanding, easy to obey. He began to take off his sweats, delighting me with the sight of his huge, fleshy thighs and thick, black leg hair.

“Lie down, head towards me. Yeah…”

I obeyed Mike’s command instantly and lay face up on the mattress, giving me a worm’s-eye view of Mike squeezing out of his underwear. My heart pounded with quick anticipation of what he was about to do. Just the sight of his mammoth thighs, like skyscrapers above me, made me shiver with both fear and delight.

“Put that pillow under your head. Prop it up a bit.”

Mike turned around and planted his feet wide on either side of my mattress. The view of his furry thighs and gigantic round ass loomed above me, blocking out the light on my ceiling. Directly above my face was the dark crevice of his ass and thighs, positioned in such a way that the possibility of it all coming down on me was impossible to ignore. Mike stood like that for a while, letting me imagine the dark fantasy that he was suggesting.

“So you get turned on when I crush things, huh?”

Mike rolled up the sleeves of his red sweater and pulled the hem up above the last few inches of buttcrack that were covered. He lifted his right foot and stepped back down heavily, and then with his left, letting a small ripple of motion flow through each corpulent thigh.

“How wet would you get if I just sat down, hmm?”

Mike’s hips suddenly dropped, bringing him down to a shallow squat. The sight of all that weight sinking caused my body to brace instinctively. He’d only lowered down halfway, his palms planted on his knees Keçiören Escort for support, but the reality of what could happen sent a tremble through every inch of my body.

“Would you like it if I just smashed you with this big ass? You like that, little girl?”

I couldn’t respond, stuck between yes and no. I just opened my mouth and stared into the slightly widened chasm of his ass cheeks. His ballsack and cock could be seen under the huge bulge of his paunch; his dick seemed to be stiffening at the thought of crushing the life out of me.

“I bet you wouldn’t even say no if I decided to squash you. I bet you’d just use that pretty mouth to please my cock and my ass while I crush the life out of you, you’re such an eager little slut.”

Mike’s hips descended further, darkening my view even more. His ass cheeks spread out a bit further, greeting me with the sound of those moist cheeks spreading. The bulk of Mike’s heavy thighs was pressing into the thick circumference of his calves, so he seemed squatted to his limit at that point. He was only a few inches above my face, the mild scent of his anus adding to this lethal threat.

“You still have that safe word, remember? If I’m acting too ‘uncle’ for you…”

He reminded me of what I’d completely forgotten: our safety word conversation. After Mike had torn me a new asshole, he’d suggested a safety word to let himself fully indulge his callous, dominant side without fearing he was going to destroy me. It had been a good idea, but I’d worried if I even had the restraint to use it. Laying on my back and watching Mike’s sexy, gargantuan backside descend a few more inches, I genuinely wondered if I could trust myself. I practically felt the heat from his ass crack bathe my face.

“I…I’m kinda digging the uncle right now.”

Mike chuckled to himself, still in the deepest squat his morbidly obese body could tolerate.

“I love it. I love that you can’t say no…” He stood upright and turned around, removing the threat of his massive tush. “Now…enough yappin’. I’m gonna use your mouth for what it’s good for…makin’ my dick wet.”

Mike lowered himself again, but this time he knelt down, facing me. One huge knee planted on the mattress and his opposite foot stomped onto the other side of my head. The furry depths of his crotch loomed right above, and the familiar heat and smell basked my face. It took us a few minutes to maneuver me into the exact right position, but soon enough my head was tilted back upon my balled up pillow, and Mike’s sweaty, hairy testicles were resting their weight on my forehead.

“Aahhhh…that’s a woman using her head. Heh…”

The warmth and the weight of Mike’s junk made for a delightful sensation as his foreskin smothered me. His cock was pushed down by his paunch, but evaded my eager lips from tasting it. Instead, Mike tilted his pelvis left and right, and back and forth, bathing me in the sweat of his ballsack. He couldn’t move much in that position; just enough to make me feel perfectly objectified.

“Alright, now take this cock…” He bucked his hips back, and then sank them further into my face, filling my open mouth with dickmeat.

I instantly moaned with pleasure. Mike’s foreskin slightly challenged the oxygen I could breathe in through my nose, but I was comfortable in that position, being used as a cock sleeve. His semi-erect shaft plunged a few of its many inches into and out of my wet mouth, the big knob giving my lips a workout.

“Ohhh, fuck yeah. Suck that cock, you little slut. Can’t use your safety word with your mouth full, can ya?”

He wasn’t wrong, but I had no need to. His hips thrust more and more, plunging his fat meat stick deeper into my mouth until he hit my throat. I made a defensive whimper when he began to crowd my uvula, but I knew I could stay the course.

As his cock pushed further into me, his hip thrusts became slow and heavier, smothering my face with the weight of his underbelly. My breathing became a little more strained, increasing the intensity. I began to squirm a bit on my bed, trying my best not to cave to the pressure of his girth.

Mike slowed his pumping and then pulled out, his wet cock dragging across my face as he adjusted his foot into a full kneeling position. His knees were planted wide on either side of my head and he was able to lower himself down a tiny bit further.

“Make my balls wet,” his stern voice commanded.

His testicles smeared across my face, smashed by the bulk of his paunch, until I was able to take one of them in my mouth. There was no way I could suck on both of those huge testicles at the same time; I wasn’t even able to get one of his balls completely in my mouth, but I managed to comfortably suck on one of them without suffocating on his hairy foreskin.

“Aahhhhhhh.” Mike’s deep, pleasured tone made me feel proper in my place, being reduced to a wet mouth.

His weight shifted forward and I felt the solid impact Etimesgut Escort of his belly across my body. It wasn’t his full weight by far, but enough of his belly fat to smother my abdomen. One at a time, he gripped my thighs behind the knee and pulled my legs apart wide. He then sunk even more weight on me, putting us almost in a sixty-nine position. His weight was now really putting pressure on me, intensifying everything.

My lips wrestled with Mike’s big ball until it tagged in its partner and I was given a fresh nut to suck. My own saliva was smeared across my face but I was too deep in my role as Mike’s sexual object to be concerned. As long as I could breathe, I wouldn’t quit. Mike had never teabagged me before, although this was more like tea-bludgeoning.

“Fuck yeah. Now let’s fuck you up.”

Mike sunk his hips backwards and I was given a brief moment of fresh air before his big hard dick came thrusting back in. From my dark, inverted view, I winced at the sight of his fat corona butting into my nose. It took Mike a second to find my mouth, but when he did, he crammed himself in without restraint.

My throat was suddenly crowded with his erect cock. That, along with the pressure of his underbelly smashing my face and his huge upper belly grinding down on the rest of me, took our little game into a near life-or-death scenario. Mike sunk his hips deeper than I’d expected he could, and truly fucked my throat.


Mike relished our position while I barely held on. His big balls smashed my face with each thrust of his heavy pelvis. As intense as it had become for me, hearing his voice and knowing I was serving him well gave me the strength to keep going. My throat yielded to his hard dick like a latex glove conforming to a surgeon’s hand. There was no way I could submit any further.

Mike began to pant as he fucked my face, his giant body rippling with fleshy waves. The girth and force of his bludgeoning cock was painful to my throat but I felt confident I could last long enough to finish him off. His arrival seemed to be nearing; each pelvic thrust was soon accompanied by a loud grunt. Each vocal bark gave me a little more strength to continue, but the pressure of his weight and force did feel truly devastating.


Mike thrust his weight down harder than ever, ejaculating deep into me with a forceful blast of spunk. My head felt like a bug under a boot for a few seconds, with only the slightest relief between his bursts of semen. White spots were the only thing keeping my vision from pure black, and the pressure on my throat forced a desperate moan of panic.

My muffled voice had no effect on Mike; he continued to grind his slow, sweaty thrusts until his last drop of seed was in my stomach. Even after he had fully finished draining his balls, he let his weight rest upon me while he caught his breath. His furry fupa was now smothering me like a wet sauna. The vacuum of his pubic fat put the genuine fear of death in me. I began to squirm desperately for release from his lethal, lazy weight.

“Ohhh shit,,,ohh fuck yeah. That was good,” He shifted his hips back, finally allowing fresh air to relieve me. Although fresh was hardly the word for the oxygen that filled my lungs. I choked and sputtered while I fought for breath, still being pinned firmly by his belly across my torso. Last night’s alcohol hadn’t left me shit faced, but Mike’s sweaty crotch had.

“You still alive down there, little girl? You did a great job as a wet hole. I’m gonna use you like that more often. Fuck…”

My throat was too tender to speak, but Mike at least pushed himself up on all fours, giving my ribs some relief. I just looked up at the gigantic fleshy torso wobbling above me, in awe of his incredible weight and ruthless sexual appetite. I felt crushed and abused, but looking up at Mike’s wet, flaccid cock gave me the satisfaction knowing that I was the one who got to service it.

“Hooh…well, that was a good warmup. What should I do with you next?”

The fear of another round under Mike struck me with panic, but my throat was still too tender to protest. He grabbed my second pillow and shoved it between his thighs next to my head.

“Prop yourself up higher.”

I obeyed, but forced an inquiry with my wispy voice.

“What…what are we doing?”

“Just like I said…using your pretty little mouth.”

My head rested on two pillows as Mike planted one foot back on the mattress and sank his kneeling thigh a bit. His torso rose upright and the circumference of his big furry ass blocked out everything else in view. The elevation of my head brought my face within inches of the hair on Mike’s ass.

“All that face fucking worked up a sweat. Hope you’re not regretting introducing me to rimming.”

Mike chuckled with playful sadism. Those fuzzy globes wobbled heavily as he stabilized himself. The huge dark chasm of his ass crack threatened to completely engulf me. I had only just caught my breath as Mike lowered his hips the last few inches to fully consume me. I felt completely overwhelmed, and let out a little whimper as my face was swallowed in black butt fur. His warm skin pressed into me and the heat and scent of his ass flooded my face. Mike only sank a fraction of his weight onto me, but I was instantly trapped firmly in his ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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