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Billy and his friends take Tammie and me to the park

Fresh from my hot shower. I walk into my bedroom, where I hear Tammie on her phone talking to her son Tommie. “Okay, you can go over to Alex’s house, to finish your science project. But that’s it! You go straight home when you’re finished. Because you’re still grounded.”

I look through my closet, trying to figure out what to wear for my trip to the park. I hear Billy and his friends returning from Chad’s house. Billy walks into my bedroom. Where Tammie and I are still naked. He places his hand on my ass and tells me to “Wear something sexy” I can’t decide, so he picks out my outfit for me to wear. “Here, put these on” As he hands me a pair of denim short-shorts, and white sleeveless halter top. With my 44DD’s and my 50-inch booty. They’ll be nothing left to imagine “Billy, you can’t expect for me to wear this to the park. I’ll look like a whore” Billy looks me in the eyes, as he rubs my cunt. “Do as you’re told, Shante! And if I tell you to dress like a whore. You’ll dress like a fucking whore. Got it!!!” As my cunt juices start to flow all over Billy’s fingers. I give in to Billy’s demand. “Yes, Billy, I got it!!! If you want for me to be your whore. Then I’ll be your whore.” I felt so humiliated and ashamed of what I had become. But I knew deep down inside, that I meant every word. I was his whore!!! I found Tammie an outfit similar to mine.

Once we were downstairs, Chad and his sister Chelsea were sitting on the couch. Chelsea took one look at Tammie and me and said: “You two look like a couple of whores” And the three of them began to laugh hysterically. Tammie and I don’t say a word. Because we knew in fact that, we did look like a couple of whores. But neither of us could deny the fact that, knowing that they were about to treat us like a couple of whores, was turning us on.

Billy tosses me my car keys, as we all head towards my garage. Once we’re all inside my car. Chelsea thanks Billy for her birthday gifts “Thank you, Billy, for getting me two whores for my birthday.” As bad as I wanted to scold them for calling us whores. The throbbing sensation of my cunt wouldn’t let me.

As we get closer to the park. I couldn’t help but notice that we’re awfully close to Tammie’s neighborhood. Tammie noticed it too. “I don’t know about this, Shante! I can’t walk around THIS park, dressed like this. What if someone I know sees us?” Billy lights up a joint “Don’t worry about who see’s you. You won’t be outside for too long, anyway.”

When I pulled into the parking lot. Billy told me to park on the side of the restroom. After parking the car, I looked around and saw nothing but kids from the local jr high and elementary schools. There were dozens of them everywhere. I was starting to feel my hands shake, from being so nervous. So I asked Billy for a puff from his joint. While I was hitting the joint. I saw a Hispanic man walking fındıkzade escort towards my car: “I think he’s coming this way, you guys” Billy asked me for $100.00. After I handed it to him, he got out of the car and gave the cash to the Hispanic man, in exchange for a set of keys. Then Billy followed the man into a door on the side of the building, while the rest of us continued to wait in the car. After a few minutes, Billy stepped out and waved for us to come and join him. And the Hispanic gentleman left.

Tammie and I both took deep breathes before exiting the car. We passed by a group of white kids on their skateboards on our way into the building. “Holy shit, dude!!! Are those whores?” We tried to get into the building as fast as possible before anyone else saw us.

When we got inside of the building. Billy took us through a secret passageway, in between the boy’s bathroom (5×16 room with 4 holes on each wall). The room was small and clean, but it smelled horrible. That’s when Tammie noticed that there were holes in the walls: “Why are there holes in the walls?” That’s when Billy lit up a cigarette and explained to us what the holes were, and what we were expected to do: “These are glory holes. When a guy puts his cock through the hole, the person on the other side has to either suck it or fuck it. Normally, Chad and I would watch Chelsea suck off every kid in the park, for a $10.00 fee. But since today is Chelsea’s birthday. She’s going to watch the two of you suck and fuck every kid in the park. Got it!!!”

Tammie and I both looked at each other, and decided that this was too much: Tammie started walking back towards the door: “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to sit in this smelly bathroom and suck off a bunch of horny kids.” That’s when Billy stopped her and showed her the video on his phone, of the two of them having sex. “Sure, go ahead and leave. Just know that we’ll send this video to everyone in your neighborhood, and let them see what kind of a whore you really are.” After watching the video of the two of us, willingly sucking Billy’s cock. We knew that there was nothing left for us to do but to submit. So, we stood and waited for our instructions.

As we waited, we heard a knocking sound coming from the back of the room. Then we saw a hand holding two $5.00 bills, come through the first glory hole on the left, then another hand came through the first glory hole on the right side with $10.00 in it. That’s when Billy pointed at Tammie and me: “Shante, I want for you to suck any cock that comes from the right side. Tammie, you suck every cock that comes from the left side.”

Tammie and I look at each other, then looked at the two cocks coming through the two glory holes. The cock coming through my side was about 6 inches long and thin. But the cock on Tammie’s side had to be at least 12 inches long with medium girth. As I took the güngören escort strangers 6-inch cock into my mouth, he instantly started fucking my mouth: “Fuck, dude! I’m gonna cum in her fucking mouth.” I kept his cock in my mouth, as he bathed my tongue in his warm cum. “Oh shit, swallow it. Swallow my fucking load.” And that’s just what I did. As he pulled his cock from the glory hole, I looked back at Tammie, who was now bending over, and bouncing her ass against the wall of the glory hole. While the kid with the 12-inch cock slammed into her dripping cunt.

That’s when I looked through my own glory hole and saw a boy who was about 5″ tall, 85 lbs, pulling out his 7-inch white cock. I immediately took him in my mouth. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to turn around. “Turn around, so I can fuck you” I turned around and pulled down my shorts, then put my ass up to the hole. It didn’t take him long to start fucking me hard and fast. Soon, the sounds of Tammie and me getting our black pussies pounded by a couple of white kids echoed throughout the building. “Oh, yes! Give me that young white cock” After I heard him grunt. His young white cock flooded my black cunt. “Oohhhh, yes!!! Give me that load!!!”

When he pulled out and left. I looked back through the glory hole and seen Ted. The 14-year old white kid who cuts my lawn. I’m not sure if I’m more shocked that a sweet boy like Ted would be here at a glory hole or the fact that he has a 10-inch white cock. The thought of anonymously sucking Ted big white cock was really turning me on. As Ted pushed his cock through the glory hole. I licked all around his tip, then I licked inside his piss hole, before taking his big cock down my throat. I was really getting into sucking Ted’s cock when I felt Chelsea’s fingers in my cunt. “That’s right whore, suck his white cock” As my cunt began to spasm and cum on Chelsea’s hand. Ted pulled his cock from my mouth and shot his load on my face. Then he removed his cock and walked away. Chelsea handed me a wet rag, to wash the cum off my face.

Then I saw Tammie, who had a frightened look on her face: “What’s wrong?” Tammie pointed to the glory hole. When I looked through the hole and saw her son Tommie and his Asian friend Alex paying Chad $10.00 each, to get their cocks sucked. I knew that Tammie didn’t want to have to suck her own son’s cock. So I agreed to do it. But Billy said “No” Then he pulled out his phoned and played the video again. “You will suck every cock that comes through that fucking hole. Do you understand me?” Tammie, nodded her head “Yes” Billy told Chad to “Send them in” As Tammie wiped the tears from her eyes. Her son Tommie stuck his 12-inch cock through the glory hole. I watched as Tammie took her son’s cock into her mouth. She was stroking her son’s cock as she sucked it. Then Tommie tells his mother to “Turn around” As Tammie backs her fatih escort ass up to the wall. I can see the tears running down her face. Then I watched her eyes widen as Tommie’s cock made its way into his mother’s hot cunt. As bad as she tried to resist it, Tammie’s body started to betray her. Causing her to throw her ass back on to her son’s big cock. While Tommie was pounding his mother’s cunt. Chelsea walked over and started to spank Tammie on the ass, while Tommie fucked her. Sending Tammie’s cunt into overdrive. Making her cum on her own son’s cock. “Oh my God, his cock feels so fucking good!!!” Then Chelsea moved in front of Tammie and played with her tits, while she taunted her. “Do you like that young cock, whore?” Tammie shook her head “Yes, I like his young cock” Chelsea asked Tammie: “Are you a fucking whore?” Tammie squirted on her son’s cock and said: “Yes, I’m a fucking whore” As her son Tommie came into his mother’s cunt. Then he ordered his mother to clean his cock. So Tammie turned around and took her son’s cock into her mouth, and licked both of their cum from it.

Then Chelsea pointed at the cock coming through my side of the glory hole. It was Tommie’s 13-year old Asian friend, Alex. I can’t believe how thick this kids cock is. It’s only about 6 1/2 inches long, but it’s as thick as a can of Pringles. So thick, that I could barely fit it into my mouth. I was only able to suck on the tip. But with me licking his piss hole, Alex came in my mouth. “Ah shit, man. She just swallowed my load.” Then he walked to the end of the glory hole and handed Chad $20.00. Then he and Tommie stuck their cocks back through the gloryholes. Tommie’s cock came through Tammie’s hole, then Alex’s cock came through mine. This time they didn’t want their cocks sucked. They only wanted to fuck our pussies. Tammie and I, looked at each other, as we pushed our asses up against the wall. As I waited to feel Alex’s fat cock in my cunt. I felt the tip of his cock, being shoved into my asshole. Apparently, Tommie had done the same to his mother Tammie. Because Tammie’s knees started to buckle, as she looked up at me and said “Oh my God, Shante. He’s on my fucking ass!!!” Alex had managed to squeeze his fat cock into my asshole. Which caused me to tremble. He started out slow, then before I knew it. Young Alex was whaling away my ass. Then I felt his young teenage cock, shooting sperm into my bowels. I looked over at Tammie. Who was now pulling herself from her son’s cock, while it was still squirting cum. And take him into her mouth. As her son, Tommie’s cock began to jump and twitch inside her mouth. Tammie continued to suck her son’s cock until there was no more cum left. When the boys had withdrawn their cocks from the glory hole. Tammie and I were so worked up, that we had to smoke a joint, just to calm our nerves.

Over the next three hours. Tammie and I sucked and fucked over 30 horny teenage boys. I received several loads on my face, in my mouth, in my cunt, in my ass, and a couple on my tits. By the time we got back to my place. Tammie and I were so exhausted, that we passed out on the couch. While Billy and his friends counted their money.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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