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Carla was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and having a bowl of cereal when her mother came into the room. Emily poured a cup of coffee and added milk, then sat down at the table across from Carla. She looked at her daughter, and Carla looked back and smirked.

“What is it, Mom? You’re looking at me all weird.”

“Are you sure everything is okay, Carla? I was a little concerned last night. You were acting a bit odd.”

“Mom. I told you. Everything is just fine, okay?”

Emily stared at her daughter a bit longer, then shook her head. “Fine. I’m here if you need me,” she said.

The women sat there in silence, sipping on coffee and drifting off into their thoughts. Carla was actually smiling as she recounted in her mind the events of the previous night. Emily was fairly certain that Carla and Billy were lying to her, and fairly certain why. As a mother, this was an issue that she needed to deal with. As a woman, thinking about Billy having sex made her blush and recall the thoughts she had last evening as she masturbated in the tub.

As if on cue, Billy walked into the room wearing only a bathing suit.

“Good morning,” he mumbled as he scratched his head and stretched. Both women watched him move about the kitchen. Billy caught Emily’s eye and she quickly looked away, fearing that he would see her thoughts by the expression on her face. She got up and walked over to the fridge.

“Would you like some bacon and eggs, Billy,” she asked.

“Sure, mom. That would be great,” he replied.

Billy poured himself some coffee and sat at the table next to Carla. Emily watched the two of them as she cooked, and she could see the glances they were aiming at each other. She had a mix of emotions running through her at that moment, but the one that was the strongest was jealousy. She was jealous that her daughter might well be fucking her stepson. She turned the bacon over, and admonished herself, thinking she had better get herself together. She was going to have to deal with what was going on between these two kids, and deal with it quickly before it got out of hand. John would flip if he knew what the kids were up to.

John had left early that morning for a business trip that would last a month. She had a little time to figure out what she would do, but she was clueless about how to handle this. Should she approach them and tell them what she suspected? Should she just try to keep them apart? How would she do that? It would be difficult enough during the day, when she was supposed to be working from home. What would she do during the night? With the kids sharing a bedroom, how could she keep them away from each other?

After breakfast, Billy headed off to the lake to go fishing, and Carla grabbed a book and headed for the hammock in the back yard. Emily had a brainstorm and called her friend Brenda, asking if she’d like to come spend a few days up in the mountains. Brenda had twin sons, Jason and James. They were twenty one, and Carla had always had a huge crush on both of them. Brenda accepted the offer, and several hours later she and the boys pulled up to the house, anxious to get outside and enjoy themselves. When Carla saw the boys, she ran over to greet them, squealing and excited. A short time later, Billy came back from the lake, and the four of them headed off into the trails to hike.

Emily was quite pleased with herself. The kids wouldn’t be alone, and Carla would have two boys to pay attention to. The twins were tall, strong, and handsome. It was just the thing Carla needed. If she was wrong about Carla and Billy, it would just be a fun week for all of them. Forgetting about work, Emily and Brenda sat on the porch sipping wine and catching up.

The four kids enjoyed their hike, talking and kidding and teasing. Carla was very happy to see Jason and James, but she spent a lot of time thinking about Billy. She watched him as they walked, and all she could think about was the next time she would feel his hands on her skin. She realized that she would not have an opportunity to feel his incredible cock inside her again while they had visitors, and she became angry at her mother.

As the week went on, Carla became more and more needy. On top of that, she started to worry that Billy had enjoyed his fun and would now move on. They really didn’t have any opportunity to discuss what had happened, and he seemed to be having a grand time with Jason and James. He was paying little attention to her, adding to her insecure feelings.

On Thursday morning, Jason and James slept in, but Billy got up early to go for a run. Carla was awake too, making coffee and pouting. She sat in the kitchen with Emily and Brenda, and they all watched Billy walk out of the house.

“He’s really grown up,” Brenda said to Emily.

“He has at that,” said Emily. She was blushing at the thought. “All of the kids have. In just a few short years, they will all be out on their own.” She pictured Billy lying there half naked in his bed and felt her cunt throb. She blushed again, and got up to pour herself a cup of Isparta Escort coffee. She opened the fridge and saw they were out of milk.

“Dammit. We have no milk.” Emily turned to Carla. “Can you go to the store and pick up some milk, hon?”

Carla frowned, but got up anyway. She wouldn’t drink coffee without milk, and she needed coffee. She was up most of the night fretting over Billy, and she was dead tired. “Sure mom,” she said grabbing the car keys off of the counter. “I’ll be back in a while.” Carla climbed into the big SUV and pulled out of the driveway. She was about a half mile down the road sitting at a traffic light when she saw Billy jogging around a bend in the road. He saw the SUV there, and he broke into a huge smile and waved at her. When the light changed, Carla pulled over to the side of the road and waited for Billy. He came up to her side of the vehicle and crouched down, looking in at her.

“Hey, Sis,” he said. “Where you going?”

“Down to the store to get milk. We’re out.”

“You want company,” he asked her.

Carla flashed her best smile at him. “I’d love it, Billy. Hop in.”

Billy jogged around the other side and jumped in. He looked at Carla and smiled, and she started driving down the road. They hadn’t gone very far before they approached a scenic overlook on the right.

“Pull into there,” exclaimed Billy, as he pointed to the sign. Carla’s heart leapt in her chest as she gave him a quick glance and smiled. She made a hard right and pulled in fast, seemingly on only two wheels. “Nice turn, sis,” Billy teasingly said. The parking lot was deserted, and Carla pulled the SUV far back under a stand of trees.

She put the car into park and turned to face Billy. His mouth was upon hers in an instant. Their tongues danced together as Billy reached under his sister’s t-shirt and fondled one of her tits. Carla moaned into his mouth as they kissed. She broke free and looked at Billy.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted to continue this with me,” she said.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve been thinking about it all week.”

“I was so worried,” she sighed. “We don’t have a lot of time, Billy. Let’s get into the back. I need to have your cock inside me again.”

They flipped the back seat down, and Carla climbed in, followed by Billy. Carla was lying on her back on the floor, pulling her shorts and panties off. She was throbbing and drenched already, and she waited impatiently for Billy to slip his shorts off. He knelt between her legs, and she reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock. She was rubbing it on her pussy and whimpering.

“What is it that you want, sis,” Billy teased.

She looked up at his smiling face. “I want you to fuck me, Billy. I need you to fuck me. Please.”

“I was right the other night. You really ARE my slut Carla. Isn’t that right?”

She locked her eyes on his and licked her lips. “I am, Billy. I am your slut. Does that excite you? Are you happy that your sister is your slut, Billy? Look at me, all ready to take your giant cock inside me. It’s all I can think about. Your cock inside me. Are you going to fuck your slut sister now, Billy? Please?”

Billy grinned and guided the head of his cock inside his sister’s dripping cunt. Carla gasped when he penetrated her, and they both looked down and watched as his long fat cock disappeared inside her, inch by inch. By the time he was fully inside her, she had already cum and was clinging to him. Billy started a slow, rhythmic movement, fucking her as he kissed her mouth and neck and tits. Before long, Billy picked up the pace and started to pound Carla. She was very vocal as he fucked her, and an overly excited Billy bit her neck as he came inside his sister, filling her cunt with a load of his cum.

He stayed inside her for a little longer, kissing her gently and petting her hair. They put their shorts back on and got into the front seat, making the short drive to the store to pick up the milk. They arrived back at the cabin and went inside, where Emily was shocked to see the two of them together.

“I thought you were out jogging, Billy.”

“I was, mom. I ended up down near the general store and saw Carla in the parking lot. I got lazy and hitched a ride with her. It’s really hot outside and I needed some relief,” he said, glancing at his sister.

Carla rolled her eyes and shook her head at his remark. “Here’s the milk, mom,” she said handing her mother the bag.

“What happened to your neck, Carla? There is a bruise on it!”

“I…I don’t know. Maybe something bit me I guess.” Carla went into the bathroom and examined the mark that Billy had left on her neck. It made her smile inside. He had marked her, and she liked it. “I’ll spray some Benadryl on it. It’s a bad one.”

Emily looked at Billy, who shrugged and shuffled out of the room. She was now certain that the two of them were fucking each other, and that thought was solidified when she went out to the car later and saw that the middle seats had been folded down, creating what was Isparta Escort Bayan essentially a bed in the back of the SUV. Dammit, she thought. She was going to have to talk to them. In the middle of all this, she was still struggling with her own thoughts about Billy. It seems that once she had opened that Pandora ‘s Box, she could no longer close it. She had masturbated several more times over the past few days, her thoughts drifting to her stepson as she did so. The more horrified she became about it, the more it excited her. She needed to get control of this entire situation.

That evening, an exasperated Emily had more wine than she should have as she sat on the front porch. Brenda and the boys had left after dinner, which would leave Carla and Billy alone in the bedroom that night. Emily decided that she would sleep in the living room, and if she heard anything going on, she would step in and put a stop to it. As it turned out, Emily passed out on the couch while the three of them were watching a movie. When the movie ended, Carla put a blanket on her mother and followed Billy into the bedroom.

He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and Carla followed him in. They stood there side by side, brushing and looking at each other in the mirror. Carla looked down at Billy’s crotch, and she could see the bulge rapidly growing there. She reached out with one hand and grabbed it through his shorts, rubbing it and feeling it continue to grow as she did. Carla felt a little weak in the knees. She wanted everything. She wanted him in her mouth and in her cunt. She wanted to kiss him and lick him all over. She wanted his strong hands all over her body. She wanted him to use her like the slut she was for him.

They rinsed their mouths and Carla put a finger to his lips to shush him.

“I’m going to go check on mom,” she whispered.

“Okay. I’m going to take a quick shower while you do,” Billy replied.

Carla snuck out into the living room, and heard Emily snoring lightly on the couch. She went back into the bedroom and locked the door. She stripped naked on the way back into the bathroom, and stepped into the shower with Billy. The shower was big and square and made out of tiles. It was so big that it was open to the room, with no shower curtain needed. Carla came up behind Billy and wrapped her arms around him, kissing his back and reaching down with one hand to stroke his cock.

Billy turned around and started kissing his sister, running his hands all over her wet, naked flesh. Carla dropped to her knees and looked up at Billy, a look of lust and need written on her face. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked on it, swirling her tongue over it and stroking him with both hands. It was far too big for her to get too much of it in her mouth, but Billy seemed to be enjoying what his sister was doing. Billy saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and he could see someone standing outside the bathroom door through the mirror.

Emily had heard something as she slept, and she went over to the kid’s door to check on them. The door was locked. Prepared for this, Emily had the key in her pocket, and she quietly opened the door and tiptoed into the room. The beds were empty and the bathroom door was ajar. She walked near the door, and stopped in her tracks when she saw Carla kneeling before Billy in the shower. Billy’s cock was like nothing she had ever seen before. She meant to swing the door open and burst into the room. When she saw Billy naked, she backed up a bit and just watched. She was still half drunk, and her fantasies of the past few days had clouded her judgment. She positioned herself far enough back and off to the side so that she could see them in the reflection of the mirror. She secretly praised herself for buying the spray that can keep mirrors from fogging up. She had a perfect view of what was happening.

She told herself she should either confront them or leave, but she did neither. Instead, she reached her hand down her shorts and started to rub her clit. She nearly moaned out loud when Billy had Carla stand up and bend over. He was slapping her ass and pussy with his big, fat cock. Emily wished it was her there in the shower with him. When he entered Carla, Emily bit her lip and wondered just how incredible that must be feeling. It didn’t take long for Emily to cum as she stood there, and she quickly exited the room and relocked the door. She went into her own bedroom and rummaged through her dresser for the biggest dildo she had. She flopped onto the bed and fucked herself silly with it, cumming countless times before she finally succumbed to sleep.

When Billy and Carla had finished fucking, they curled up in Billy’s bed together. Billy had his arm around his sister, and she had her head on his shoulder.

“You know, Mom was watching us from outside the door,” he told his sister.

Carla shot upright. “What? You saw her?”

“Yes I did. She thought I couldn’t, but I saw everything.”

“Everything? What do you mean by everything?”

“Carla…she Escort Isparta was touching herself as she watched us. I swear. I could tell by the look on her face that she came. It…it was kind of hot,” he laughed.

“Billy…she is going to tell dad. We are going to be in so much trouble.”

“No she isn’t. What is she going to tell him? That she saw us and rubbed her cunt until she came as she watched? I don’t think so. I think if she does anything she will talk to us about it. That she will ask us to stop fucking each other. Tell us that it’s wrong. That’s what I think.”

“I don’t WANT to stop fucking you, Billy.”

“I didn’t say you would have to.”

“What do you think we should tell her if she brings it up? I mean, we can’t deny it. She knows what we were doing.”

“True, but she doesn’t know that I saw her. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m going to fuck her too.”

“Billy! You can’t fuck my mother,” said an incredulous Carla.

“Oh, yes I can. And will. Well, I will if you’re okay with it. I know it’s a little freaky, but…If she is part of all this, we have nothing to worry about.”

“I must be a sick as you are,” replied Carla. “The thought of it is actually turning me on,” she said as she reached down to grab his cock. She wasn’t surprised that it was already hard. Carla climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his cock, riding him until he had filled her pussy again with his cum.

They slept soundly wrapped up in each other’s arms, and woke up around nine the next morning. Carla left the bedroom first, walking into the kitchen. Emily was sitting at the table, sipping coffee and flipping through the newspaper.

“Where’s Billy,” she asked Carla.

“Still in bed. He was rolling around a little. I think he’ll be up soon.”

“Okay. I thought we could take the boat out on the lake today,” said Emily. She was sitting there in a bikini with a short cover-up. “I want to discuss something with you two kids before we go, though.”

“Oh? What’s that mom,” asked Carla.

“Go get Billy and we’ll talk about it.”

Carla tried to suppress a grin, and headed to the bedroom to get her brother. Billy followed her out a couple minutes later wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. He plopped into a chair at the table next to Emily.

“What’s up, mom,” he asked.

“Listen kids. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I know you are close in age, and I know you are not really siblings, but you just can’t carry on a relationship with each other. It’s just wrong. What were you thinking?”

Billy turned towards her. “What were we thinking? What were YOU thinking, mom, as you stood in the doorway, watching us and masturbating. Can you answer THAT, mom?”

Emily appeared shocked. “What are you talking about, Billy. I…I”

“I could SEE you there, mom. You made yourself cum as you watched me fuck Carla. You know what I think,” Billy said as he stood up and faced Emily. “I think you’d like to have me fuck you too, MOM. That’s what I think.”

Emily stammered as she looked down, now aware that Billy’s cock was hard and getting harder by the moment. The boxers did nothing to hide his giant cock. Emily jumped up from the chair and backed up towards the wall.

“You stop this this instant, William,” she shouted, trying to sound in control.

Billy smiled and moved forward, pressing her against the wall with his body. She smacked him in the face, and his response was to grab her by the hair and kiss her deeply. Emily could feel his cock pressed against her, and she could feel how strong this young man was. He was manhandling her, and she fucking loved to be manhandled. It had been way too long since she had.

“Billy,” she gasped, and he kissed her again. She struggled not to respond, but she did, just enough to encourage him to continue. Billy reached down and yanked her bikini bottom off, then grabbed her by both thighs and lifted her off the ground, spread open, the top half of him still pinning her to the wall. She struggled to get free but he was too strong. She could feel the heat of his cock as he pressed the head against her cunt. Emily knew that he would slide in quite easily, as she was already drenched with her need. She had completely lost control of this situation, and a part of her was thrilled.

“Billy, come on now,” she pleaded. “Please, Billy.”

Billy smiled at his mother. “No need to beg, mom,” he said as his cock pierced her lips and entered her pussy. Emily let out a grunt when she felt him inside her, and another, louder one when he quickly rammed into her to the hilt.

“Billy,” was all she could whisper.

He started to fuck her fast and hard, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and just went along for the ride. Billy knew he had her when she came for the first time. The other three times were just icing on the cake. Her last orgasm came when he had his own orgasm, filling his mother’s pussy with his cum.

Billy found out a lot that day. He found out that John and Emily had been having problems, and that his dad hadn’t had sex with her for months. Evidently, he was having an affair with a secretary at work. Billy had a tough time understanding what his dad was doing. Emily was beautiful and sexy, and she was one hell of a nice woman too. He liked her a lot and always had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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