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So, you see I have this younger brother that can be a pain, but he is very handsome. He is a 19 year old freshman in college. He has brown hair, and brown eyes. He is about 5’8″ tall, with huge shoulders. He played sports in high school, and was very popular. But he is very quiet, and shy, until he gets to know you.

Now myself I am 21, taller than him by a few inches, brown hair, and brown eyes. I am a very curvy woman. I know that I am a bigger girl but that does not stop me from what I want. You see I am finishing up college this year, and I am not shy with the guys. I love to flirt, and tease to get what I want. Which is dick!

Our parents are very open with their affection in their relationship. So, Billy, and I would always see them groping, and touching one another. So, for me to be very sexual is no surprise. But I wonder about Billy… he’s only had one girlfriend, and so damn quiet. I am hoping that while in college he will have some good experiences.

We go to the same collage in the next large town over. Which is convenient, so we are able to drive home together for Thanksgiving break. Billy came over to my apartment to meet me so we could head home. When he got there, I was not quite ready. So, he was waiting in the living room watching television.

“Hey, Missy are you almost ready?” Billy hollered at me.

“Give me a minute, will you? I can’t find my sweater I wanted to wear tomorrow.” I yelled back from my room. “Damn I think she took it when she moved!” I exclaimed.

“What is going on?” Billy asked.

I came out of my room pissed off. “I kicked Tammy out last week, and I think she took some of my clothes among other things.” I replied.

Billy turned to me surprised, and asked, “Why did you kick her out I thought you two were friends?”

I sighed as I sat down next to him on the couch. “We were but she was starting up trouble, and I did not want to deal with it.” I told him. “No worries. Come on let’s get out of here, and go see the old folks.” I said with a laugh.

Billy, and I headed out to go home. It was about an hour drive so we were there in no time. Mom, and dad were happy to see us. We sat around to visit, and catch up. Both Billy, and I got calls from friends that were home also. So, we both made plans with them for Friday.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, which is always a good thing. It was nice seeing all of the family. But I am ready to be on my own. You realize living away you value your privacy. On Friday, my girlfriend called so, I got ready to go out for the day with her. As I was leaving Billy was finalizing plans of his own.

I was gone all day, and into the evening. I came home around 8 o’clock. The house was quiet, there was a note in the kitchen. “Hi Kids, Dad and I went to a friend’s house for the evening we will be back late. Love you, Mom.” I shrugged, cool quiet time Billy must still be out.

I went up to my bedroom to get changed, to be comfortable. As I was walking by Billy’s room his door was partially open. I heard a noise so I walked in.

Billy was on his bed jerking off! “Holy shit Missy get out!” Billy yelled at me. I was frozen in my spot just staring at him.

As Billy was flipping a blanket over his lap I finally realized that I was staring. “Oh, Shit I’m so sorry!” I told him as I was backing out of his room. I heard his door slam when I got to my room.

Wow, I know I shouldn’t think this but Billy has a nice dick! I sat on my bed, the vision of him kept running through my head. I started getting very wet. When I was getting undressed I could not stop thinking about my little brother Billy’s willy. I started touching myself, before I knew it I was laying on my bed finger fucking myself thinking about him.

I started rubbing my clit, which then made me cum hard. After I was done I laid there thinking of how can I see his dick again?

About an hour later I went down to the kitchen to get a snack. Billy was in the living room watching television. After I found something I went to the living room. We’re going to have to discuss this sooner or later. Might as well get it over with.

“So, did you have a good time with your friends?” I asked him.

“Yes.” Was all he said.

“Did you do anything worth talking about?” I was trying to get him to talk to me, he wouldn’t look at me.

“No not really, same old stuff.” He told me.

Finally, I was frustrated, “Billy, I’m sorry I truly did not mean to walk in on you.” I told him. He turned red in the face but still would not look at me. “Are you going to talk to me?” I asked him.

Still not looking at me Billy told me, “It’s no big deal sis, all is forgotten.”

I sat there for about 15 minutes stewing. I can’t believe how he is acting. So, I decided to make a joke out of the situation. “So, who were you thinking about while you were stroking it?” I asked him with a sly smile on my face.

Billy turned to me with a stunned look on his face. But hey at least he was looking at me. “Nobody” he said.

“Really because you looked like you were all bursa bayan eskort into it, and you had a look of ecstasy on your face.” I said to him with a grin.

“Drop it Missy” he told me in a voice that most normal people would drop it. But not me I’m his sister. So of course, I keep going, and tease him.

I put my feet on the couch between us, and started nudging him with my foot. “Come on who is it?” I asked. “You can trust me not to tell.” I kept nudging him with my foot. “Billy…” I started whining in a fun way. I see he is starting to smile. At least the mood is lightening up.

Billy looked at me from the side of his eye. He had a cocky grin on his face. “Keep nudging me with your foot, and you will regret it.” He told me.

I laughed, and kept poking at him. He turned suddenly, and lunged at me. He was tickling me. A big weakness for me. I was squirming, trying to get out from under him. But he was not having it. He was out to get back at me, for catching him jerking off, and teasing him.

I was laughing so hard, “Stop Billy I am going to pee myself!” I told him.

Billy was laughing, and kept tickling me. “I don’t think so Missy. You asked for this!” He told me.

I realized that the way he was on top of me my t-shirt rode up to my boobs. I think Billy realized at the same time what was going on. He pulled back, and sat up. I noticed that he had to adjust himself in his jeans.

Billy got up, and said to me, “I am going to go upstairs, and call Dan.”

“Okay, tell him I said hi.” I replied to him. I had sat up, so when he left the room, I put my head on the back of the couch.

I was flipping through the channels, but nothing caught my attention so I turned off the television. I decided to go up to my room.

When I got, upstairs I thought it was really quiet. I did not hear his voice coming from his room. The door was closed this time so I didn’t just walk in. I knocked, and walked in at the same time. I’ll be damned if Billy wasn’t jerking off again.

Billy yelled at me, “Damn it Missy, stop coming into my room!” He covered himself up with the blanket again.

I stood there with my arms crossed smiling at him. Billy was getting agitated with me. “So, little brother you seem to like to play with yourself a lot?” I asked him in a sarcastic voice.

“So, I’ve heard you in your room touching yourself.” Billy came back at me with.

“Really, you’ve heard me, have you?” I asked with my eyebrow raised.

Billy started squirming on his bed. “Well, yeah your room is just down the hall.” He said to me.

“Billy I’m at the other end of the hall. You would have to be outside my door to hear me.” I informed him. I put my arms down, and started walking towards him. He pushed back against his headboard.

“You’ve listened to me? Haven’t you?” I got in his face, to ask him this.

Billy stammered, and finally said, “No, you are my sister! I would never do that!”

I leaned over him, and looked him in the eye, “I call bullshit.” I said to him.

Billy all of a sudden kissed me on the lips really quick. That threw me off. I was not expecting that. I straightened up. “What was that for?” I asked him. Billy just shrugged his shoulders.

I stood there for a minute dumbfounded. I had to admit to myself that my little brother is sexy as hell, and I wanted to fuck him.

Billy was looking at me, and asked me, “What’s the matter Missy? You have a strange look on your face?”

I just shook my head. Then I looked at him in the eye, and asked him very quietly, “Have you ever jacked off thinking about me?”

“Excuse me, what did you say?” Billy asked me.

I took a deep breath, and asked him again, “Have you ever jacked off thinking about me?”

Billy just stared at me for a few minutes. “Yes, I have. Matter of fact I was before you came in my room.” He told me.

I was looking at him in the eyes, then a smile spread across my face. “Good, because all can think about right now is your dick, and yes, I touched myself earlier thinking about you!” I informed him.

Billy was smiling at me. “So, what are we going to do about this?” He asked me.

“How much experience do you have with women?” I asked him.

Billy blushed, and admitted to me, “Unfortunately not much. I’ve only been with Tiffany.”

“In high school?” I was surprised to say the least. My brother is a very handsome guy. I can’t believe he hasn’t had any hook-ups since he’s been at college. “Why haven’t you been with any one at school?” I asked him.

“It’s hard for me to meet people. You know that I am extremely shy.” He replied. Then asked me,”How many men have you been with?”

“Oh, I don’t know some but not an overabundance.” I responded with a sly smile on my face I asked him, “Do you want me to teach you some things that ladies like?”

Billy looked at me, and asked, “How?”

“I could show you some different things so that you have more confidence to ask a girl out.” I told him. Then I added, “I could bursa evi olan escort show you some sexual moves to make a lady really happy in bed.”

Billy paused for a few minutes. “Okay, you know I like to learn new things.” He responded with a cocky smile.

He lifted his blanket to invite me into his bed. I happily went to him. Then he laughed, and said to me, “Teach me, oh love guru.”

I punched him in the arm, laughing. “First of all, what do you know?” I asked him.

“All I have ever done is missionary. She always said it hurt too much to do anything else.” He told me.

“So, you have not eaten pussy, or had a blow job?” I asked in amazement.

“No, but I’ve played with her boobs. She didn’t like for me to put my finger in her.” He replied.

“Wow, seriously?” I asked in awe. “Boy, she is missing out on a lot, and so are you!” I told him.

“Okay for starters, did you cum before I interrupted you?” I asked him. All he said was no.

“Well, I need to take care of that since I was the one that stopped you from finding release.” I told him.

I flipped the blanket off him to see his dick up close. Wow, he was thick, with a large mushroom head. He was about 7 inches long. I could see the precum dripping out of his tip. I went down to the end of the bed, and got between his legs. I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick, and licked the tip. Billy was propped up on his elbows. As soon as I licked him he groaned, and fell back.

I took his dick in my mouth, and started sucking it. I was going up, and down. He was groaning, he put his hand on the top of my head. After a few minutes, I started deep throating him. I gagged a few times, but I kept going. His dick tasted so good, and I could feel all the veins on the shaft.

Billy started moving his hips along with me. “Oh, god Missy I am going to cum!” He yelled. I started sucking harder, and faster. Billy came hard I felt him shoot 5 squirts in my mouth. I swallowed most of the cum. But I had left some on my tongue to show him what he gave me. Then I swallowed it.

Billy was breathing hard, with his arm over his eyes. I asked him, “Are you okay?”

Laughing, he lifted his head to look at me. “That was the best thing that has ever happened to me!” He told me as his head plopped back on his pillow.

“Just wait there is a lot more for you to learn!” I told him as I went up to lay next to him.

Billy turned towards me, he very tentatively put his hand up under my t-shirt. He started rubbing my boobs. He pinched my nipples, which made me moan.

“I think you have too many clothes on here.” He said to me. He helped me take of my t-shirt, and I lifted my bottom to pull down my panties.

Billy sat up, and just stared at me. I started getting embarrassed, and tried to cover myself with my hands.

“What’s the matter?” Billy asked me.

“You’re just staring at me, and I know that I don’t have the perfect body. So, I don’t want to disappoint you.” I replied.

Billy moved my hands, and just looked at me with a smile on his face. “Missy you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He told me. “Because of you I have always compared very girl I have ever met to you.” He stated to me.

“Really?” Was all I could say.

Billy touched my face, and looked me in the eye. “Yes, don’t be so surprised, and I have felt this way since I hit puberty.” Billy chuckled, and then told me, “Hell, every time I jerk off, it’s you I think about.”

“Wow, I never noticed… you always were my pain in the ass little brother.” I replied to him.

“Well I had to cover up my true feelings. I didn’t want you to know that I had a crush on you.” Billy laughed when he responded.

He then leaned in to kiss me. Wow could he kiss, it made my toes curl. He started rubbing on my boobs again, then moved down to suck on my nipples. Which made them very hard, and sensitive. I started squirming under him. He moved his hand south to my pussy. He spread open my puss-lips with his fingers. He found that I was sopping wet.

Billy groaned, and asked me, “Damn, sis am I making you so wet?”

“As if you didn’t know!” I laughed in response. Then I told him, “You keep touching me like that, and I will be cumming really fast!”

“Well if you are going to cum I might as well make it worth your while!” Billy told me as he moved down, and started licking my puss.

I sucked in my breath and came immediately. Billy kept licking me after I came, and cleaned me up.

He looked up at me with a cocky grin, and said, “Your honey tastes sweet! I could feast on you all day!”

I laughed, and replied, “Who’s stopping you!”

Billy smiled, and went back to my pussy.

“Now Billy what you are doing feels great. But insert a finger or two into my pussy while you suck on my clit.” I instructed him. He did this, and it instantly made me start moving my hips. I grabbed his head, and ran my fingers in his hair. “Yes, that’s it! Now wet a finger, and put in my ass bursa rus escort as well!” I told him.

Billy did better than that. He lifted my legs higher, and moved down to lick my asshole. “Oh, my god! Yes, Billy that feels fantastic!” I yelled at him.

He moved back up to my pussy, he started putting his tongue in my hole. He inserted a finger in my ass. I came instantly. He moved back up my body, and laid between my legs. He was looking at me with a cocky grin. “You liked it?” He asked with curiously.

I leaned forward, and kissed him. I could taste myself on his tongue. “Yes, that was fabulous! I think you’ve done this before.” I answered with a laugh.

“No, It’s you sis. I want to make you cum so I am doing things I’ve seen in pornos.” Billy told me.

I laughed, and told him, “Well keep watching them you are doing great!” Then I looked at him, and told him, “Fuck me Billy! I want your beautiful, hard dick inside me!”

Billy readjusted himself between my legs, and rubbed the tip of his penis on my clit before inserting it into my pussy. Once he was completely in me we paused to get used to one another. I started thrusting my hips up to him, and he started moving. He was thrusting in, and out of my pussy.

He was moving at a nice slow steady pace. I had my legs wrapped around his waist to push him in deeper. Billy then got up on his knees, and put my legs on his shoulders. He started moving a little faster. “Pound it hard Billy, you won’t hurt me!” I yelled at him.

Billy started pumping harder, I was moaning, and getting louder. Billy leaned forward, he put his hands on my shoulders, and with my legs still on his shoulders he started pounding my pussy. I was loud (I tend to be a screamer) “God, yes Billy that feels so fucking good! Don’t stop!” I yelled at him. I kept talking, “Yes, fuck my pussy make it feel good!” I was starting to have a huge orgasm. I was screaming. Billy kept pumping faster.

“I’m going to cum! Can I cum in your pussy?” He asked me.

“Yes! Fill me up now!” I yelled at him. He was grunting as he came hard, then collapsed on top of me. I was in an odd position which was getting very uncomfortable. “Um, Billy can you get up?” I asked him.

He lifted his head, and looked at me. He realized how I was positioned, he jumped off of me.

“Sorry, I got carried away.” He said as he laid down next to me.

“No worries, I love you laying on me but my legs were cramping up.” I said, and we both laughed.

We both were laying there catching our breath. We turned our heads to look at one another, and smiled. At the same time, we both started talking. I said, “Let’s make sure to continue this!” Billy said, “I don’t want this to end!” We both started laughing.

“Sh, quiet I think I heard something?” I told Billy as I sat up. “Oh, shit mom, and dad are home!” I scrambled out of his bed grabbed my t-shirt, and ran to my room as quietly as possible.

When I got into my room, I grabbed fresh panties, and night clothes. Then I went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I got done, and I no longer smelled like sex I felt comfortable to go downstairs.

Mom, and dad were on the couch relaxing watching a show. I came in “Hi, how was your evening?” I asked them as I sat in the chair.

Dad answered, “It was a nice evening, but glad to be home.” Mom agreed with him.

Mom asked if Billy was home yet? I told her he was that he was in his room. Mom, and dad looked at each other, shook their heads.

“What?” I asked them

Dad laughed, and replied, “It’s a guy thing we tend to spend a lot of time in our rooms.”

I played it up, “Gross dad, I don’t need any more explanation!” I said. “On that note I am going to bed I will see you in the morning.” I walked over, and gave both of them a kiss goodnight.

When I got to my room I sent a text to Billy, “Mom, and dad think you are masturbating!”

Billy texted right back, “I am.”

For some reason that put a huge smile on my face. So, I responded with, “When they go to bed come to my room.” Then I sent another text right away, “I promise to be quiet. LOL”

I could hear Billy laughing from done the hall.

About an hour later I hear my door creak open.

“Missy, are you still up?” Billy asked quietly.

“Yeah, come on in.” I told him. So, Billy came in, and crawled into my bed.

He started talking, “I’ve been thinking, are you on any kind of birth control? I came in you, and I don’t want to risk getting you pregnant.” He seems quite upset about this.

“Hey, no worries little brother. I have an IUD. I would not have told you to fill me up otherwise.” I reassured him. I could feel him relax with relief.

“Can I just hold you naked for a bit?” Billy asked me.

“Sure, that would be great!” I got out of bed to get undressed. Billy shimmied his boxers off. I crawled back into bed, and turned on my side to give him my butt to spoon. Billy wrapped his arms around me, I could feel his dick resting in the crack of my butt. I wiggled to get comfortable.

Billy put his hand on my hip. “You better stop or you will meet up with willy again.” He told me.

I giggled, and kept wiggling against him. Billy growled in my ear, then he ran his hand down to my puss, and started rubbing my clit. “Now look what you did? You woke willy up, and he wants to be warm, and comfy.” Billy said to me in a fun voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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