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Entry 5: Revenge of the Nerds – Part 2

When I woke up, I had no fuckin’ idea how long I was out.

I was still fuckin’ blindfolded, but I was in a different position. This time my hands were tied above my head and I could feel some ropes wrapped around my chest, rubbing into me like sandpaper. I was sore as! My arse was on fire and my back felt raw, pressed in tight against the pole or beam or whatever I was tied to.

My wrists and ankles were on fire too, the rope burns fuckin’ stinging under the new ropes holding me still.

Someone put a glass of water up to me so I filled my mouth with it and spat the shit back out, all over the fucker. A wall of water hit me in the face as the cunt emptied the glass over me.

“I don’t think he’s learned his lesson yet,” said one of the voices. “Perhaps he needs more tuition.”

“You think you’re being fuckin’ clever,” I growled. “You’re just a bunch of fuckin’ pussy cowards. You’re not even man enough to let me see you!”

“There’s a difference between being a coward and being stupid,” he said. “We leave the latter duty to you.”

I spat towards the voice, but my mouth was dry and not much came out. I don’t know if I hit him or not, but suddenly someone was holding my face and kissing me again. He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed firm, pushing me down lower. When our mouths separated, my face was pushed into his chest. It was smooth and soft like a fuckin’ babies bottom. Typical fuckin’ fag!

“Kiss me,” he said, fuckin’ suffocating me my shoving his chest harder into my face.

I fuckin’ kissed the prick alright! I opened my mouth and bit down hard on his flesh. The prick screamed like a fuckin’ girl and jumped back away from me. I could here him crying and laughed at him to make him feel worse.

A fist walloped me on the jaw, splitting open my lip.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” someone said. “We have someone here who wants to share a special memory with you. Perhaps its time we let him, huh?”

“Remember me?” a new voice asked.

I had no fuckin’ idea who it was, but I knew I was about to find out.

“Whoever the fuck you are,” I said, talking funny ‘cause my lip was swelling up, “you’re gonna wish I didn’t remember you!”

He belted me across the face, softer than the punch, so I knew he wasn’t the one who decked me.

“I’m going to make sure you’re sorry for what you did,” the dweeb said.

“Yeah, right,” I said back to him. “A pissant little shit like you? You’re nothing. You’re nothing more than a stinking piece of brothel-bred afterbirth.” bahis siteleri

And suddenly through the blindfold, my eyes were blinded by a sharp white light as the most incredible fuckin’ pain shot through my body. It was like a steel pole or something, I dunno, but it hit me in the side so fuckin’ hard, I could hear my ribs snap.

I cried out in agony, as loud as the blow was hard and I felt my knees buckle. I hung there from my arms and couldn’t say a thing, the pain making it impossible to talk.

Another blow with the same weapon broke one of my fuckin’ arms before I heard scuffling and voices, mixing together like a riot. Somewhere in the shouting I heard words like “Enough!”, and “What are you doing?” and I knew the cunt had done more damage than the other pricks had wanted, but the voices sounded far away, my head was swimming, if not drowning in the pain.

It was all I could do to stay conscious, fighting back the throbbing and sharp stabs of pain wracking my body.

“Let him loose,” I heard one of them say and I felt the ropes come off me. I fell to the ground, the jolt sending more spears of torture through me, and lay there, too hurt to move, gasping for air to ease the agony.

I had to know which cunts were doing this to me. I rolled onto my back, and ripped off the blindfold with my good arm, glaring up at the dead men walking.


The fucker’s had forgotten I could take off the blindfold. and they knew they were done for. Six of them there were, and now I could see all of them, huddling together a few feet away from me.

I was at one end of a basement, and I could see the support beam where I’d been tied up. Not far from it was the big fuckin’ X they’d made at school and tied me to earlier.

My eyes fell on Fab, the new kid I’d taken down once and I knew right away that he was the fuckin’ fist behind the punches before. He was a tough challenge to take down, but I’d let him off lightly both times. Next time he went down though, he was gonna fuckin’ stay there.

Fab was standing in front of the others, but I could see all their faces – the faggot who set me up in the park, that cunt, Shawn, who’s kid brother got what he deserved in the swim centre, and three of the dweebs I saw slave-boy Scott hanging out with in the shopping mall, including the one who I had beat up on. I knew it was him who’d broken my fuckin’ ribs and arm. I could see it in his face and how some of the others were still holding on to him, like they hadn’t finished calming him down. He was gonna be my prize fuckin’ example. That cunt canlı bahis siteleri was gonna know what fuckin’ revenge feels like, and he was gonna feel it for the rest of his fuckin’ life.

I lay there on the ground looking up at them, and I could taste the blood still coming into my mouth. The poofter-posse stood there looking back at me, none of them daring to fuckin’ talk or breathe.

“I hope you had some fun,” I groaned, “’cause when I finish with all of you, you’re not gonna be able to smile ever again.” I spat out the blood and I could see them all stare at it, horrified.

I tried getting up, but when I went to move, it felt like a fuckin’ bolt of lighting shooting through my body. I lay still, letting the pain die down. My voice was all cracked and shaking from being dry and hurt so bad, but I knew I had them over a barrel and there was no fuckin’ way there were going to get off.

“What’s the matter?” I said to them. “Lose your balls? You know you could kill me now and no one would know….”

They were all fuckin’ pussies. All faggots are, so I knew it was safe to say that. I knew that it would scare them even more ‘cause it would make them know how pissed I really was.

They looked at each other, not sure what to do.

“Let’s get out of here,” one of the mall dweebs said.

“We can’t just leave him,” Fab said, the good fuckin’ Christian boy and just as hypocritical. He looked back to me. “This wasn’t meant to happen, Justin. You weren’t supposed to get hurt like that. It just….got out of hand. We’ll get you to a doctor.”

“Don’t you fuckin’ touch me, you cunt,” I growled at him. “Run back to your cock-sucking mummies and lock your fuckin’ doors, ‘cause I’m coming for every fuckin’ one of you.”

“Don’t you think this has gone far enough?” Fab said. “When are you going to get the message? Don’t you get the point of all this – why it happened in the first place?”

“Oh, I get it,” I said, rolling onto my good arm, “And when you least expect it, you’re gonna get it too….just as bad.”

I looked at the dweeb who had used the pole on me. It was still lying at his feet so I deliberately looked down at it then back up at him, so he’d know I knew it was him that broke my ribs. The cunt freaked out and took off up the stairs and out the room.

I kept staring at the others, and they started to back up, then one by one they ran up the stairs and disappeared too, ’til only Fab was left.

“Let me get you to a hospital,” he said, stepping towards me. Fuckin’ guilt-ridden prick!

“Fuck you,” I said. “I can canlı bahis do it myself. Come near me and I will fuckin’ kill you.”

Fab stopped dead and I could see the cunt thinking, his face all screwed up with worry.

“I’ll call an ambulance…” he said and took off up the stairs.

“Don’t do me any fuckin’ favours!” I shouted after him. “You cunt!”

I lay there on the floor, blood still slowly filling up my mouth, and I knew I was in deep shit. It wasn’t just my split lip putting the blood in my mouth. I forced myself up onto my knees, clenching my teeth to bite back the stabs of pain, then real slowly and carefully, I started crawling to the stairs.

“Holy shit!”

I looked up and saw Scott standing at the top of the stairs. He ran down to me fast and dropped down beside me.

“I knew they were planning something. I came to check. I saw them running out…. My God! What have they done to you?”

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill ‘em,” I said, squeezing my eyes shut and swallowing another attack of smarting.

“Don’t move,” Scott said. “I’ll go get help. There’s a phone box down the street. Don’t move.” He lowered me back down to the ground and took off like a bat out of hell. I couldn’t believe the fuckin’ dweeb was on my side. He is one sick fuck!

I lay there breathing heavy, spitting out the blood that kept filling my fuckin’ mouth. Scott came back pretty quickly and slipped his knees under my head and started stroking my hair.

“You’re going to be alright,” he said. “An ambulance is on the way.”

“Don’t say a fuckin’ thing,” I told him. “You don’t know what happened. Understand?”

“Don’t talk,” he said, but I wanted an answer.

“Tell me!” I growled. “You don’t know what the fuck happened!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll just say I found you here. It’s not lying…”


I could hear the police and ambulance sirens coming in the distance. It was the first and only time I was glad to hear the sound of the fuckin’ authorities. I’d be laid up for weeks, or maybe months before I could get my own back on those cunts, but I didn’t care. I had plenty of patience and it would give me heaps of time to think up the best ways to make them pay.

No one fucks with me and gets away with it, especially faggots like those cunts. They tried and failed and now I was coming back to get them. No more treating them like the wanted and feeding them my meat to please them. No more fuckin’ teaching them how to survive in this world; and no more Mr-Fucking-Nice-Guy!

I’d survived their best shot, ‘cause I’m too tough for any fuckin’ faggot to tackle. Now it was a question of if they could survive too. I was out for blood and this time, I was gonna push the fuckin’ limits to the max to show them all just how far I can go to make their lives Hell.

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