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When I heard the door bell rang, I jumped up from the couch with excitement. Today was my birthday and I knew my husband had prepared a present for me. He had been secretly typing away in his computer for the last two weeks when he thought I was sleeping. I tried to hack into his computer and hoped to find some revelations, only to be disappointed that his password was not the same anymore. I had been bugging him ever since but he kept his mouth zipped.

“So?” I asked cryptically when I opened the door.

“So?” he mimicked my tone and a sly smirk formed on his lips.

“Oh come on. You have to tell me what it is?” I pouted. “It’s my birthday. I deserve to know.”

He stepped through the doorway, closed the door behind him, and then pressed me up against the wall with his lips on mine. I inhaled the woody scent of his cologne as we tasted each other. My pussy quivered in excitement; the heat of arousal brewed between my legs. He pulled away and then planted a possessive kiss right on my forehead.

“Impatient little minx. You will know soon enough.” he reprimanded lightly and then gave my ass a light swat.

“It better be a good one.” I huffed.

“It will be nothing like before. I promise.” he smiled and then ushered me into our room.

We stripped each other and went into the shower. We made out a little bit before I started washing him. Once he was thoroughly shampooed, I paid a little extra attention on his cock, just a little, he did the same for me. After that, we washed ourselves clean and then changed into our dinner night outfit.

It was always the same at every special occasion. Anniversary. Valentine’s day. Christmas. His birthday. My birthday. We would go out and spend a little extra on dinner to indulge ourselves. Tonight, we planned to go to the Palace of Versailles. Not the real one in France, of course. It’s a luxurious restaurant by the same name that opened up not long ago a few blocks away from where we stayed.

“Shall we?” he held out his hand and I took it.

“Can’t you tell me already? I’m dying to know.”

“Patience, my little kitty.” he teased and I scrunched my nose at him.

He really wasn’t going to divulge what he had planned. Which made me all the more hot and bothered. The last time I had my birthday, he took me to a hotel, tied me to the balcony, and fucked me senseless over the rails. It was extremely hot and I still kind of missed the cold wind blowing through my naked body while being fucked.

And before that, he had taken me to his office during the night and made me ride his cock at the middle of the fucking meeting table. I vaguely remembered that the next day was the board meeting with the directors. It’s a kind of kink for me and he knew it since the day we dated each other. Every time I had my birthday, he would plan something kinky for me. I knew it. That’s why I was hot and bothered not knowing what’s to come.

But I couldn’t blame him for not telling. Anticipation was half the fun, after all. I had done the same to him during his last birthday. I paid an unannounced visit to him during office hour and blew his cock while he was having a webcam meeting with some investors from Japan. Granted, it was very awkward to suck a cock under the table but it was still hot as hell.He came all over my face during the final drafting of the contract with the investors.

And two years back, when the business he created was finally listed and publicly traded, I did something for him to commemorate his success. I hired Sam, an eighteen year old college student trying to earn a quick buck over Craig’s list, to double team my husband with me. I remembered how much he had liked it when the girl and I both lapped his hot throbbing cock like it was some cold summer snack. I even liked it myself watching the young girl riding my husband’s cock as if her life depended on it. There’s something hot about watching another woman enjoying my husband’s advances and I still hadn’t really got over it. It was a shame that she had a boyfriend and wished to stay faithful to him or else I would have hired her again.

Our lives had always been kinky. That’s what we loved about each other. We never let any moral obligations to get in the way of our darkest desires. We would do whatever it takes to satisfy every sexual tropes that we so desired. That’s how we showed our appreciation for one another. Call me weird but I would never want to have it any other way.

We finally reached the restaurant. My husband opened the door for me and then passed the keys to the valet. The restaurant was packed as expected. It was the weekends and it was almost impossible to get a seat here without prior bookings.

A concierge approached us as soon as we stepped into the establishment. My husband gave his name and the impeccably dressed man clicked away into his tablet. He nodded when he found my husband’s name on the list and professionally guided us to a small room that could comfortably sit four people. My husband, gentleman as ever, pulled out the chair for me before taking his seat.

He then fired off a quick succession of items, including a very fancy sounding wine, at the waiter. The waiter nodded mindfully, as if he remembered everything that had been said, and I was quite surprised that he actually caught what my husband said. I was already lost at the fifth word. The waiter, after receiving the orders, left the room.

“So, Mr. Crick. ” I licked my lips playfully while rubbing my shin against his leg. “Care to spill the secret now.”

“Why Mrs. Crick, aren’t you as impatient as ever.” he teased.

“If I blow you here, will you tell me?” I offered with a coy smile.

“I won’t tell even if you ride me.” he countered.

“Such secrecy.” I sighed.

The waiter came back in with a bottle of wine. He uncorked the bottle and poured a little into a wine glass for my husband to taste. My husband nodded and the waiter placed the bottle into a bucket of ice. As he was about to leave, I asked the waiter how long would it take for the first item to be served. He didn’t seem too happy that I had asked as he probably thought we were rushing.

“Ten minutes, madame.” he reluctantly said.

“Can you make it to fifteen minutes?” I asked and the waiter looked at me funny. “I have matter to discuss with my husband and we don’t wish to be disturbed then.”

“Very well madame.” the waiter nodded and then left the room.

“Matter to discuss?” my husband raised a brow.

“Yes. I’m just wondering if you really won’t tell me even if I blow you.” I said and then moved under the table.

“Are you testing my resilience, Mrs. Crick?” he chuckled.

“Yes I am.” I reached out to his pants and undid his zipper.

He was already rock hard when I pulled his briefs down. His cock sprang out and stood at attention. I looked at the meat in front of me. My meat. Without any hesitation, I planted a big wet kiss onto the tip of his cock. My tongue slid out and tasted the bead of pre-cum leaking out of him.

“Emm. Mr. Crick, you sure you don’t want to tell me?” I asked breathily while stroking his length.

“Mrs. Crick, you need to do better than that to get the words out of me.” he taunted.

I chuckled at his playfulness. Not wanting to lose, I angled his cock to my lips and I eased it slowly into my mouth. The friction of my soft lips against his hard cock caused him to shiver. When I pulled out, he let out a satisfied moan.

“Want to tell me now?” I asked again, my hand still stroking his now slick cock.

“Why Mrs. Crick? Tired already?”

“Stubborn boy.” I scolded and slid his cock back inside my mouth. My tongue slithered around him, tasting and feeling every inch of his skin. My hand, still grabbing the base of his cock, continued to stroke. Then, I bobbed my head up and down, up and down until I felt his thigh tensed up. I pulled it out and proceeded with licking his balls. My fingers remained diligent with the strokes.

“Want to come?” I asked. His cock was obviously troubled and in need of a quick release. “Just tell me and I’ll let you come.”

“Not in a million years, sweetheart.” he said confidently. But still, I hadn’t missed the regret in his tone.

“You really aren’t going to tell me?” I pouted as I stroked harder and faster along his shaft.

“No.” he growled, obviously close to a release.

“Really really?” I asked. My hand moved even faster. The sound of wet skin rubbing wet skin permeated the otherwise quiet room.

“Ugh…No.” he exhaled shakily.

“Fine then.” my hand stopped abruptly. His cock twitched violently at the sudden lost of stimulation. He let out a low unsatisfied groan. His hand urgently came to resume the stimulation but I secured his cock with both hands.

“Oh no you don’t.” I teased. “You don’t get to come without telling me.”

“Oh God, Mrs. Crick. You sure drive a hard bargain.” he protested.

“Tell me now and I will let you come.” I tested him once more. His twitching cock still hard and hot in my grasp.

“I’d rather not tell you.” he laughed.

“Fine then. Suit yourself.” I grumbled and tucked his hard cock back into his briefs. I pulled up his zipper and then came back out of the table. There’s a smug smile on his face. Obviously, he had won this Sex hikayeleri round and I had lost my bargaining chip. I sat down on my seat in defeat and I was still a little pissed at not getting him to talk. I wiped my lips with a kleenex and then put on a new layer of lipstick.

“Having fun?” he teased.

“Not really.” I folded my arms and glared at him.

“I suppose not.” he laughed. “Oh, and by the way, you are going to pay for this tonight.” he pointed at his cock.

Right on time, the waiter came in with the first item. It was some light appetizer consisted of scallops, cheese, and vegetables. Then came the soup of the day, which was chicken mushroom with truffle toppings. The main course was duck breast bathed in sweet sauce.

As we ate, we talked about his work and about my day at home. There’s not much to talk, actually. But it was moments like these that really allowed me to understand what his work. I did casually ask loaded questions from time to time so that he might accidentally say out what he had planned. But he was too smart to fall for that and by the time we had taken our dessert, I still had no clue of what my present would be. I knew it was something kinky. It had to be. But I had no idea what.

“So, are you going to tell me or what?” I grumbled when we walked out of the restaurant. I had already given up in trying to make him talk.
“Your present?” he waggled his eyes.

“Yes. I want to know.” I demanded.

“You will know very soon my dear.” he grinned. “I’m taking you there now.”

The house was unremarkable. Just like every other houses in the neighborhood. It reminded me of my parents house. Picket fences and lawns, paved curb and well trimmed shrubs. It was just your average neighborhood residence and a colossal difference compared to the penthouse that we stayed in.

“A house?” I cocked my head. “My present is a house?” I was shocked to say the least. Why would my husband buy me a house? We were already staying together in the penthouse. Was he trying to kick me out? Or something had gone terribly wrong with his business and that our once high class loft was to be downgraded to this. Not that I cared about the money but a downgrade like this was sure to be a huge blow on his pride as a man, especially on the day of my birthday.

“I love watching you getting all worried.” he pressed a finger on my forehead. “Your present isn’t the house, my dear. Your present is inside the house.”
He brought me up to the door and then unlocked it with a physical key. All we used at the penthouse was our thumbprints or the password that only we knew. I hadn’t seen a key like this for a very long time.

“What’s in the house?” I couldn’t help but to ask.

“You will soon find out.” he opened the door and then ushered me in.

As soon as I stepped in, I saw a flight of stairs in front of me. Obviously, if my parents house were of any guide, the upstairs would be the bedrooms. I walked along the hallway, not bothering to go up the stairs, and turned around the corner to find the living room.

My jaw dropped when I saw what was before my eyes. There’s a large bed at the center with black rails. I didn’t missed the leather cuffs and metal chains at each bedpost. There’s also a black bench at one end with metal shackles built onto it. On one of the wall, there’s a large tool panel, but instead of hammers and drills, it was covered with whips and cans and other sadistic implementations.

“What’s this?” I asked nervously.

“Your present.”

A shiver went down my spine. A flash of memory came back to me. I had told my husband that I would like to try out roleplay and that I would want to be forced to do something really kinky. Actually, I had told my husband pretty much a lot of kinky stuff that I would like to try out.

But still, I really hadn’t expected this. I stepped back in a little fear, and slammed my back onto my husband. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my head.

“What do you think?” he whispered into my ear with a salacious tone.

“Um…” I swallowed. I was at a lost for words. My stomach clenched at the lewd thought of being restrained, yet a big part of me didn’t want to try it out. It would have been too much.

“Strip.” I heard my husband growled.

“What?” I shivered in fear at his blatant command.

“Strip now or I’m going to tear your clothes off.”

My knees weakened and my pussy stirred. Something with his voice made me shivered with needs. But still, I had never taken a command from my husband. The rebellious part of me began to take hold and I started to struggle.

“Why Mrs. Crick, you want to play?” his voice was cold. There’s no sweet warmth that usually accompanied the words that left his lips.
“Let me go you prick.” I blurted before I realized I had just called him a prick.

“You sure are a feisty one.” he growled and began unzipping my dress.

“Stop it.” I protested while trying to get away from him. His arm held tightly around my waist and kept me in place.

When he finally had the zip all the way down, he shoved the parted garment over my shoulders and arms. That was when I managed to turn around and gave him a slap. A slap that came so naturally that it shocked me.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly said only to realize my husband hadn’t minded the slap at all. In fact, he seemed to like it as a sinister grin formed on his lips.

My heart began to race. My blood pumped in my ears. Was it fear? Or was it excitement? I couldn’t tell. But what I did know was that I needed to get away from my husband.

But my petite frame of 5’5″ was no match to him. He grabbed the bunched up dress by my waist and slid it down to my ankles. In the chaos of things, I had tried to step back only to be tripped over by my dress. My ass landed on the solid floor with a sickening thud.

“Ouch.” I groaned whilst rubbing at the ache. I thought my husband would have been concerned but instead he remained cold and distant. He stepped forward with a sick grin on his face. I scuttled backward trying to get away from him. He took yet another step and I moved further back.

Then, I found myself trapped at the corner of the living room. My husband was looming over me, his huge body shadowed my small stature. A drip of wetness slipped out of my pussy. It wasn’t pee. I knew that much.

“Your cunt’s wet.” he observed the wetspot on my panties.

“I’m not.” I denied.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” he remarked pointedly.

He bent down and lifted me off onto his shoulders as if I was a lightly packed duffel bag.

“Let me go.” I yelled while pounding my fists onto his back. He simply laughed and swatted my ass. I jerked at the harsh abuse and slammed my fists harder in retaliation.

He dropped me onto the bench with my back facing down. I tried to push him away but he was simply too strong. He straddled me by my waist to keep me in place. My hand went in for another slap only to be caught. I tried to slap him with my other hand, only to have it met with the same fate. He moved my hands and positioned them between the opened cuffs. With a little nudged, the cuffs snapped shut around my wrists, locking my hands above my head.

He removed himself from me and then went on to shackle my legs as well. I had kicked but on both attempts, he caught my ankle one after another and locked both of them into place. Once he had done that, he stood back to marvel at his handy work.

“Let me go!” I shouted defiantly as I struggled against the restraints.

“You sure are noisy.” the planted a wet kiss onto my cheek. I immediately leaned towards his face and hoped to chomp out that smug smile off. He jerked backwards, narrowly avoiding my teeth. “Feisty.”

He went towards the tool panel and grabbed something of it. When he came back, he held up a large ring with a strip of leather belt on each side. “Open your mouth.” he ordered.

“Fuck you.” I spat angrily. Not that I was actually angry but it seemed to be the right thing to do at that moment.

He smiled and then grabbed me by my cheeks. His fingers dug painfully into my flesh and reluctantly, I opened up. He slipped the ring in to the back of my teeth and then fastened the belt to hold it in place. When he was done, my mouth couldn’t close anymore, giving my face a permanently gaping hole. I tried to say something only to have the words poured out of my mouth in an incoherent slur.

“Now, where were we?” he rubbed his fingers on his chin. “Ah, yes. Let’s see how wet you’ve been.”

He slid his hand into my panties. His finger curled up and plunged knuckle deep into my moist crevice. He let out an appreciative moan.

“You are really wet, my dear.” he remarked.

I blushed into a crimson. Despite putting up a furious fight, I hadn’t noticed that my body had reacted lewdly towards the whole ordeal. I tried to clamp my legs shut only to be stopped by the bench between my legs.

His finger continued to explore further down, drawing out more juice from me. While he fingered me, his eyes scanned every inch of my exposed skin as if it was the first time he saw me half-naked. It had made me feel incredibly hot and disturbed.

He pulled the finger out of my pussy and Sikiş hikayeleri showed the slickness that clung onto his digit. Gradually, he placed the finger into my mouth and rubbed it against my tongue. I had tried to avoid it, but his finger followed where my tongue go. Reluctantly, I began licking my own arousal off his finger.

“Good girl.” he praised. “Now, let’s start.”

My heart fluttered as anticipation fell upon me. What had he planned? Whipping? Caning? Clit torture? I hadn’t had any idea until he suddenly called out to someone by the name Samantha.

I frowned. Who the hell is Samantha?

“What took you so long, Mr. Crick?” a familiar voice protested. I bent my head forward and there she was, the eighteen year old girl that I once hired for sex, walked down the stairs and came into the living room. She was way more beautiful than I remebered. Not to mention that she was wearing only a loose t-shirt and a skimpily short denim pants.

“My wife wasn’t as willing as I had expected.” my husband said as he held out his arm. The girl sauntered into his embraced and then planted a deep long kiss on his lips as if they had been in love for a very long time.

A pang of jealousy hit me and my heart cringed. I bit onto the ring furiously as I glared at the adulteress with a murderous glare. I struggled with the restraints once again, hoping to break loose so that I could strangle that bitch. Who the hell was she, kissing my husband in such intimate ways. The girl looked at me with a smug grin and then turned back to my husband.

“I’ve been waiting so long upstairs.” she sulked. “And if you hadn’t called out, I would be touching myself right now.”

“Sorry about the wait. You must be really wet now.”

“Well.” the girl blushed a little. “Not as wet as this slut.”

Something violent broke loose inside me. I wished I hadn’t been tied up so that I could scratch that bitch’s face. I turned to my husband and gave him the look. The look that conveyed ‘What the fuck’. It was my birthday, how could he tie me up and cheat on my birthday. The bastard’s lips curled to a grin.

“Maybe I can make you as wet as her.” my husband said before kissing the girl right before my eyes. Jealousy rippled through my body and every inch of my skin prickled with fury. My muscles tensed, aching to punch the two in the face. But yet, deep down, something carnal began to stir. I looked away, not wanting the sickening feeling to bubble up. I couldn’t be aroused by watching my husband kissing another woman.

“I think I’m already as wet as her.” I heard the girl moaned. “I need your cock right in my pussy now.”

My pussy clenched deliciously at those words. My heart began to flutter as my stomach felt weighted by a more familiar, more welcomed sensation. I shook my head furiously and hoped to drive out the ludicrous feeling out of my system. There’s no way I could be aroused.

“Take off your pants, Sam.” I heard my husband said. I turned to him with disbelief. Was he really going to fuck her in front of me? Not that I hadn’t already seen that before but still, I wasn’t tied that time and I didn’t want to miss out on the action as well.

I watched in horror as Samantha slid her pants down and revealed a very pink and very young cunt. Her cunt was already wet and I noticed a trail of wetness going along her thigh. She wasn’t lying when she said she was wet.

“Which hole do you want to fuck first, Mr. Crick?” she asked coyly.

“Which hole needs my cock more?” my husband went to the young girl and gave her a light kiss.

“I think both of my holes want your cock as much as the other.”

“Well, I’m sure we have time for both.” he looked at his watch momentarily. “But first, I need to get my cock wet.”

With that said, he turned around and grabbed a fistful of my auburn hair. With a jerk, he pulled my face to his groin, his cock sliding in effortlessly into my mouth. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. He usually would pull back when he heard me gag, but this time, he held his cock in place.
My tongue slithered on the underside of his cock. I wasn’t trying to lick him. I was trying to push him out of me. But without much of a choice, my mouth was repeatedly plundered by my husband’s hard cock. After a while, he pulled back. A thick layer of my saliva now covered his entire length.

I was so engrossed by the forceful fellatio that I hadn’t noticed the young girl had already assumed a lewd position over my face. She had straddled the bench, her moist pussy hovering only a few inches from my face. She placed her hands onto her ass cheeks and parted the voluptuous flesh apart. Her pussy gaped, revealing a very wet, very slick opening, ready to receive a cock. My husband cock.

My eyes widened at the sight of my husband’s cock pressing against those young nubile lips. The lips parted, and then enveloped the huge tip of the cock. Inch by inch, I watched his throbbing cock sank deeper and deeper into Samantha.

“Emm…Mr. Crick. Your cock feels so good.” The young girl moaned pleasurably.

I sucked in a breath. A flame burned intensely between my parted legs. The subtle wetness of my panties told me just how wet I had been just by watching this unfold. I was aroused by the sight of my husband fucking another woman.

“Mr. Crick. Fuck me please.” the girl pleaded.

My husband obliged by pulling his cock out and then rammed it back in hard and fast. The shaft of his manhood slid in between the lips like hot knife through butter. I watched with amazement at the young cunt taking my husband’s fully length. Her lips were even drawn out at each pull, as if her cunt hadn’t wanted to let go of my husband’s cock.

Glistening beads of her cunt juice mixed with my saliva clung onto her pussy lips. At each hard thrust, the beads lengthened, getting closer to the opening beneath it. My gaping mouth. I watched in both horror and excitement as one was jolted loose and fell onto the tip of my tongue. It had tasted salty and a little sweet. Suddenly, I wished more of it would drop in.

And indeed it had. The sloppy action above drew more and more juice out of the young girl’s pussy and each bead landed inside my mouth without a single miss. I had savored the taste, despite I knew I shouldn’t. My pussy felt like it was as wet, if not wetter, than the leaky hole above me.
Suddenly, the cock retreated entirely out of the pussy. It happened so quickly the pussy hadn’t had enough time to close back. Then, without missing a beat, the cock plundered balls deep into Samantha’s asshole.

It was hard and fast and dirty. Creamy white mess began to accumulate around the base of my husband’s cock. Samantha squealed and panted with delight at each hard thrust and it made me very jealous that the cock was in her and not me. But it also made me really really wet that I couldn’t help but wanting to touch myself.

“Sit on her face, Sam.” my husband commanded. The cunt above me immediately came down onto my face. The wet lips gave way and my nose snuggled firmly inside her still wet, still musky hole. I didn’t know why, but I stuck out my tongue and tasted the young girl’s clit while taking a deep whiff of her gaping cunt. At each hard thrust, the young pussy slid back and forth along my face.

“Do you like it, Mrs. Crick?” the girl teased and suddenly, I felt a finger running along the crevice of my sex. I quivered at the sudden contact, as if my body had just been given an electric shock. The girl pulled my panties to the side, no doubt seeing the wetness that had formed there, plunged two fingers inside me.
I groaned and my eyes rolled back at the heavenly stimulation. Her fingers even curled periodically, creating sweet sweet friction on my g-spot. Then, I felt my pussy parted, and a warm breath caressed over my clit. As if being thrown out of a plane, my body jolted with pleasure. Samantha was suckling on my clit.
“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum.” I heard my husband growled.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Cum inside me Mr. Crick.” Samantha pleaded.

The pace became quickly. The cock above me slid in and out of the girl’s ass faster and harder. My husband’s balls quivered a little and after a series of powerful thrust, I watched his length twitched.

“Oh yes. Come inside me. Give it to me.” Samantha sighed. Her fingers moved furiously between my legs and before I knew it, a huge wave of orgasm crashed over my body and I shuddered relentlessly against the restraints. A gush of liquid coursed through my urethra and then sputtered out of my fingered cunt explosively.

“That feels so good.” I heard Samantha cooed. Her fingers still sliding in and out of me sedately, as if she had forgotten what she’s doing.
“I’m glad you liked it.” my husband said. “Let’s dress up now, we hadn’t got much time.”

“But I’m tired.” Samantha sulked.

“Sam. Get up now or I’ll tie you up as well.” my husband warned softly.

“You are such a sadist.” the young girl bounced up from my face, leaving a large wet stain all over me. Her musky scent still lingered as I took in a lung full of fresh air. The epic orgasm had left me breathy and jittery all over and I would really like to be let out now. I looked at my husband expectantly, signalling him that I needed to be released, Erotik hikaye that I knew it was just a ruse, that this was indeed a very kinky birthday present that I had hoped for. I even wanted to give him a kiss to have given me such a convincing setup.

“Oh darling.” he smiled at me. It was still the same cold smile, devoid of warmth. “It’s not over yet. This is only the beginning.” he planted a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

What’s he talking about? I asked inwardly.

He seemed to know what I was thinking. He pulled up his pants and tucked his already limp cock away. Then, he chuckled. “I know how much you love me and I want you to indulge in your fantasy as much as possible.”

“I know you secretly wanted to be a cuckqueen. Those stories that you’ve read, those porn sites you’ve visited, the domination, the gangbangs, the humiliation. I know everything about them.”

A shiver ran down my spine. How could he know? I had made sure every last history of the debauch website I visited was deleted. He smirked, as if he read my mind.

“Our house computer was wired to my office computer, darling. I can see what you see. And you’ve been seeing a lot of it, haven’t you?” he tenderly ran his hand along my scalp.

I blushed. My cover had been blown.

“Mr. Crick, they are here.” Samantha announced chirpily. She looked at me with a sense of envy, as if what I was about to experience was the greatest thing of my life.

“Good. Tell them we’ll be out soon.”


Who the hell are ‘them’?

“Don’t worry. They are very professional.” he said cryptically as if it had made total sense.

Samantha bounced back in to the living room with a big smile plastered on her face. “I told them to wait.”

“Good. Put on your pants. We are going now.” he told Samantha.

“Wait. I need to do one more thing.” the young girl sauntered her way to me. Then, she straddled my face. She parted her ass cheek like she had done before. I watched with unexplained excitement when the white seed of my husband oozed out of her puckered asshole. The creamy sludge fell straight into my still opened mouth. A burst of weird flavors filled my mouth. My stomach quivered delightedly at the helpless state of my body as I was forced to eat the jizz out of another woman’s ass. Is this how it feels to be a submissive?

I swallowed the warm goop down and then sighed with a strange satisfaction. Is this really me, I asked myself. The woman who felt sexually aroused
watching her husband fornicating with another woman.

I watched my husband’s receding back, the girl was walking along side of him, and then the two disappeared into the corner. The door opened.
“Mr. Crick. Good day.” I heard a man said.

“Good day Jonathan. I hope you have everything covered?” my husband asked. “I don’t want my wife to be disappointed.”

“Not to worry, Mr. Crick. We aren’t charging you a million dollar if we can’t pull it off.”

“I shall put her in your capable hands then. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” my husband said. There’s some shuffling sound, then heavy footsteps, the sound of boots thumping hard on the floor.

My eyes widened in horror as I watched a throng of men, some half a dozen of them, walked in to the living room. All of them were very well-built, very muscular and bulky. All of them were wearing military boots, cargo pants and a tight t-shirt that did little to cover the bulges of their muscular form. Each of them had a duffel bag with them. Two of them were carrying a large metal box as well.

“That’s the slut?” one of them asked. I felt a sense of thrill at the rude moniker. I had never been called a slut, at least not directly face to face, but for some reason I didn’t hate hearing that word.

“Yeah. That’s her.” Another said.

“She’s a little small than she was in the picture. Can she take all of us?” said the bald black man.

“She ain’t going anywhere till she does.” the one with the golden hair smirked. He dropped his duffel bag and came up to me as he unbuckled his belt. As soon as his pants dropped away, he positioned himself between my legs. With a finger, he pulled my panties to the side, revealing my very eager hole. “Happy birthday, cupcakes.” His hips propelled forward. My wet pussy parted, stretched and inhaled the massive cock all the way in.

My hair was yanked and my head tilted backwards. My eyes fell onto a throbbing cock right in front of me. Within a blink of an eye, the cock disappeared into my gaping mouth and began fucking my throat. My bra shredded away by brute strength and the cold air bit the swell of my breasts. A mouth quickly cupped over my nipple while my other breast was being kneaded. I closed my eyes shut as I savored the welcoming sensation, the rough pounding of my cunt, the relentless plundering of my mouth and the abused done to my nipples and breasts. Soon, the promise of release came rushing back to me and not long, I quivered into a very messy, very wet and explosive orgasm.


My blurry vision fell onto a figure standing poise in front of me. As I blinked, the image became crisper and clearer. Then, the figure slowly took the form of my husband. He was watching me with an amused look on his face.

“Hello, sweetheart.” He whispered as he leaned down to kiss my head. “How are you feeling?”

“Used.” I groaned at the ache between my legs. I leaned up and saw that I was no longer on the bench. Instead, I was on the king size bed with my legs tied to the opposite bedpost. My hands were bound to the upper bedposts, forcing my body into a spread eagle. “When did you come?”

“Just a while ago. It’s eight in the morning now.” He said while looking at his watch.

“I see.” I felt a pang of disappointment looming over me. I wished he wouldn’t be here so early and spare me another couple of hours to fill up my fantasy. “Is it over?”

“Do you want it to be over?” he cocked an eye questioningly.

“No. Not really.” I said honestly. Being bounded and fucked by six men was terrifying, that much was certain, but it was also invigoratingly exciting, as if it had filled up a part of my life that I didn’t know existed.

“Good.” My husband climbed onto the bed and lied on top of me. His trapped cock pressed against the mount of my sex, causing me to yelp in discomfort. “I’m glad you really enjoyed it.”

“I did. Thanks.”

“You are welcome, darling.” He rocked his hips and the hard form of his cock molded onto me. “I need to get to the airport now.”
“What? Where are you going?”

“Japan. Samantha has just agreed to marry me. And we are going for our honeymoon.”

“What?” I snapped and tried to sit up only to realize that my limbs were still bound.

“Oh darling, why are you so shocked? Last I know, you are into being a cuckqueen, aren’t you?” The way he said out my secret fetish sent a thrill down my spine as I contemplated with the situation. “And by the way, this is as close as my cock will ever get to your dirty whore cunt.”

I watched him in utter shock as he removed himself from my naked body. He straightened out his shirt and then put on his jacket. “Samantha will be moving into our penthouse. We plan to make a few babies too. You can stay with us if you want but you will have to sleep in the maid’s room.”

My heart began to flutter and my body grew warmer. I had thought it was anger of being betrayed that was creeping into my being. But it wasn’t. It was something else. Something more carnal. Something that had turned my pussy into a leaking hole eager to be filled. I writhed on the bed as I struggled to wrap everything around my confused head.

“I will see you in two weeks.”

“T-two weeks?” I stammered.

“Yes, darling. Don’t worry, the men will take good care of you while I’m fucking Samantha bare in Japan.” He said. As he turned and was about to leave, Tim, one of the men who fucked me hard yesterday, came down the stairs.

“Morning Mr. Crick.” Tim said.

“Morning. Where’s Jonathan?”

“Out to find more hire. Your wife’s really something. Boss plans to get three more in to keep her well fucked.”

“Good. Tell him I said hi.” My husband nodded and then left the house.

Tim then climbed up onto the bed and straddled my waist. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive hard-on. He spat on his cock to lube it up. “Are you ready cupcake?”

I looked at Tim’s handsome face, his young features and tight form of his abs. My lips dried with excitement. My heart pounded in the ribcage at the sudden and new development. My husband was going to marry Samantha. They were having honeymoon in Japan. My husband’s planning to knock her up. Samantha’s going to live in my penthouse and sleep in my side of bed.

I cracked a lazy smile at Tim and raised my hips towards him. My wet eager cunt parted, ready to receive his cock. Tim rocked forward and my cuckhold pussy took the first of many cocks in with sweet delight. Two more men came down and began taking their clothes and pants off. This was perhaps the greatest present of all time.

Epilogue 2

Dear Mr. Crick,

We are pleased to inform you that your order has been processed. We have assigned contractors to come and take a look of the room you wish to refurbish. The design of the room, as suggested by you, will be BDSM themed and all necessary equipment and furniture will be tailored to the exact specifications as stated in our previous agreement.

Thank you.

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