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It was Jeanneene’s birthday. She had made sure her twin sons, Ryan and Mason, were out for the evening with friends. She paced her bedroom, anxiously awaiting the surprise her husband had promised her when he got home from work. Six o’clock came. No Steve. Her pacing got faster as she fantasized about what his present might be. Over the phone that afternoon, he had teased her to no end, bringing her to the excited conclusion that it was something sexual. She lusted after the possibilities, as their sex life had been fairly dull the past few years. As she daydreamed, her pussy began to throb with longing. She lay down on the bed and began to fondle herself with anticipation. Her already hard nipples stood to attention like little soldiers on her bosom.

As she fantasized, her eyes closed, she was unaware of her sons, home early from their night out, standing in the doorway, gazing longingly at her mature but still desirable body. Their eyes rolled over her perfect C-cup breasts that had not yet begun to sag, her flat stomach, and her natural forest, trimmed just perfectly. Their 10-inch cocks began to rise. As Jeanneene writhed on the bed, Ryan and Mason looked at each other and decided silently to disrobe and aid their sexy mother in her daydreams.

Jeanneene imagined Steve’s strong, masculine hands groping her voluptuous bosom Isparta Escort lovingly. The image almost seemed real – she believed she could feel his hands on her. Suddenly her eyes flew open. There were hands on her breasts! Mason and Ryan had laid down on either side of her and were gently fondling her. Her first thought was – oh my god, my sons are touching me naked. Her second thought was – this is wrong, these are my sons! Her third and strongest thought was – they have the biggest, most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen in my life. This thought took over her mind, and she let them continue to feel her.

Mason and Ryan were in ecstasy. They had always secretly wanted their hot, tight mother. Now, as her hands wandered down to their steel love rods, they moaned simultaneously. “Yeah Mom,” said Ryan. “You stroke it just right.”

The lust that had been tucked into the very fibres of the house broke loose, as the boys ravaged their mother’s body. Ryan mounted her with reckless abandon and prepared to impale her on his huge throbbing stick while Mason edged his cock toward her mouth. She opened her legs and her mouth to accept them both. Ryan thrust into her all at once, causing her to quiver and cry out. Mason silenced her cries with his monstrous dick. Her mouth was tight and warm, and she was able to deep-throat Isparta Escort Bayan him repeatedly, using the skill that only an older woman can possess. Meanwhile, Ryan was so deep inside her wet, hot pussy that he could feel his balls slapping her ass. He reached down with one hand and began to rub her stiff-as-a-marble love button.

She removed Mason’s cock from her mouth long enough to moan, “Where did you learn to fuck so good?” Then Mason shoved his dick back in her mouth, and the combined stimulation caused her to mew. The vibrations in her mouth were too much for Mason to bear. He began to feel the tightness in his balls, signaling he was about to cum. He quickly pulled out. He looked down at Ryan, and at the same time they yelled, “Switch!” They quickly changed places; Ryan was eager to feel their mother’s moans through his dick as well. As Mason stabbed into her cunt with roaring passion, Ryan offered his swollen dick to Jeanneene. She accepted it, thinking how much of a reversal this was from when they were babies. Once they had sucked the milk from her; now she was sucking it from them. She hummed and moaned until Ryan was on the edge of cumming.

He jumped up and off the bed. Mason knew what Ryan wanted, and he instinctively rolled Jeanneene on top of him. He deftly slid down Escort Isparta the bed until Jeanneene’s legs hung over and she was laying on him. He quickly thrust back into her warm, wet hole, and forced her perky ass up into the air. Ryan was so excited he couldn’t stand it. He seized the opportunity to shove his dick in her unsuspecting asshole. She threw her head back and screamed, but after a minute, the pain lessened and the pleasure ensued. Mason and Ryan soon were in an orgasm-inducing rhythm.

Mason slid in as Ryan slid out, and the rubbing of their cocks together through the thin membrane between Jeanneene’s pussy and her ass was too much for any of the three of them to bear. Jeanneene began to spasm and tense up, pulling Ryan and Mason tighter inside of her, as she came. Her orgasms seemed endless – she came all over their slippery dicks again and again. The moisture, added to the sounds of their mother squealing in ecstasy, caused Mason to cum. “ARRRRR!” he howled, as his white, sticky man-juice coated the inside of his mother’s womb. Ryan followed suit seconds later, crying, “RRRROWWWRRR!” as he spasmed and deposited his cum into their mother’s tight ass.

Mason, Ryan, and Jeanneene fell apart from each other, gasping for air. After a few minutes, the boys smiled, kissed their mother on the cheek, and left for their rooms down the hall. Jeanneene remained on the bed, leaking her sons’ seed down her legs and ass. She had a drowsy, satisfied smile on her face as she dozed off, still waiting for Steve. However, she didn’t miss him now; she had already received the best birthday present she could have ever hoped for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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