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“What’s up, my brother?” Marjorie Etienne said, and the six-foot-tall, curvy, dark-skinned young Haitian-American woman looked at Rudolph, the only other Black person working in the Acquisitions Division of Magyar Tech, and smiled warmly. Rudolph Stanwood was the newest hire, and as far as newbies went, this one seemed most promising.

Magyar Tech may think of itself as diverse and progressive but it’s anything but, Marjorie thought. Last month, a group of Japanese businessmen hailing from Osaka, Japan, had come to visit the downtown office of Magyar Tech. They were potential investors, and the company leaders wanted to make a good impression, so they sent one of their very best, the unforgettable Marjorie Etienne.

Marjorie, who’d been tasked with handling the foreign visitors, could never forget the shocked looks on the Japanese businessmen when they realized that a Black person had been sent to greet them. You expecting someone else? Marjorie thought, annoyed, as the Japanese businessmen gasped in shock and muttered among themselves. To this day the incident irked her, for as tough as Marjorie considered herself, she was not immune to the effects of prejudice…

“Oh hello, Marge,” Rudolph said, addressing Marjorie by the same moniker everyone else at Magyar Tech seemed to. Marjorie was a bit peeved about that, since she’d only spoken to Rudolph a couple of times since he’d been hired. The top brass at Magyar Tech, a Hungarian-American corporate giant, was going after small tech companies beyond Minnesota, and they wanted some local talent on their hit squad.

Magyar Tech, started by Hungarian-American siblings and MIT alumni Joseph Magyar and Rachel Magyar, had grown from a small start-up in 1998 to one of the biggest tech companies in the State of Minnesota twenty years later. They had their main office right here in the City of Minneapolis, and satellite offices in Duluth and Saint Paul. Five hundred employees worked for them, and the company was still growing…

Marjorie Etienne, who was born in Cap-Haitien, Republic of Haiti, and raised in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, three years ago. Armed with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Marjorie had been handpicked by the company founders themselves to spearhead their aggressive new acquisitions division.

“How are we liking the company so far?” Marjorie asked, and Rudolph paused for a moment, smiling faintly. She considered the six-foot-two, ruggedly handsome Black man with the deep voice standing before her. Rudolph Stanwood was built like a College football player, yet his resume stated that he’d gotten by on an academic scholarship at University of Minneapolis. The brother looks like he lives at the gym, Marjorie mused.

Rudolph Stanwood was something of a man of mystery, and a lot of people at Magyar Tech had their eyes on him. Marjorie, who made a habit of checking out potential rivals, competitors and enemies, thoroughly screen Rudolph’s life. He studied economics at the University of Minneapolis, then went out of state for his MBA, which he earned at Northeastern University in Boston. Interesting fellow, Marjorie thought.

“Anything to get away from Boston and my psychotic ex-boyfriend David Clinton,” Rudolph said, and Marjorie’s smile froze, for she hadn’t been expecting…that. Rudolph looked, acted and sounded like a regular guy. He didn’t have a funny, vaguely feminine voice. He didn’t make funny hand gestures. He didn’t walk funny. He looked good, strong and manly. His voice was deep and masculine. Marjorie’s heart sank when she realized that Rudolph swung the other way…

“Bad breakups can happen to any of us,” Marjorie said, and she looked Rudolph over and again, and could detect absolutely nothing in his looks or behavior that would have pegged him as…one of those. Rudolph wore a dark gray business suit over a sky-blue silk shirt, Black tie, and dark gray dress pants. His pants were nomal, not too tight, which would have been suspicious, and not too loose, which would have been ill-suited for a business environment.

“Yeah, I was dating David for a while and he couldn’t handle the fact that I’m Bisexual, I like the fellas just fine but sometimes I just need a lady,” Rudolph said, smiling. Marjorie cocked an eyebrow. This was most unexpected, to say the least. Rudolph Stanwood was Bisexual, and not Gay, as Marjorie had previously surmised? Very interesting.

Rudolph Stanwood looked at Marjorie Etienne, the tall, attractive young Black woman in the stylish pantsuit. She seemed friendly, and for some reason, he felt really comfortable around her. She’d been part of the team that interviewed Rudolph when he first arrived at Magyar Tech. A stunningly attractive Black lady who reminded him of Sofia, the last woman he dated prior to coming out…

“Well, Rudolph, I don’t mean to cut you short but I have to go, I hope your heart is on the mend and that almanbahis adres you’re liking it here at Magyar Tech,” Marjorie said, and she gently clapped him on the shoulder, then walked away. As Marjorie reached the elevators, she could feel Rudolph’s eyes on her and briefly turned. She found him standing a few meters away, a smirk on his face.

“What is this brother’s deal?” Marjorie asked herself as she headed downstairs. Like most Black women living in the United States of America, Marjorie was aware of Down Low Brothers, men who considered themselves straight and had wives or girlfriends, yet went around sleeping with other men. Marjorie had bought a copy of On The Down Low by J.L. King during her senior year at M.I.T. out of curiosity and it opened her mind to a whole new world…

According to the book, Down Low Brothers were out there, hiding in plain sight. A man like Rudolph Stanwood, who admitted to being Bisexual, wasn’t on the Down Low, then. Rudolph hadn’t tried to seduce Marjorie or any woman at the company while hiding some boyfriend somewhere. Marjorie silently praised him for his honesty, then wondered why a man as tall, handsome and masculine as Rudolph would go around messing with the fellas…

For the rest of the day, Marjorie handled her business. Human resources sent her a bunch of resumes to look at. Five young White guys between the ages of twenty two and thirty, all of them with MBAs and Master’s degrees in Economics or Computer Science or Computer Engineering from schools like Stanford University, Yale, M.I.T. and of course Northeastern University and Harvard.

“Ambitious, smart, and Whiter than sour cream,” Marjorie thought to herself as she looked at the resumes of Todd Jenkins, Thomas Wilson, Hayden Wolfgang, Justin Harrison and Elliott Christensen. Marjorie had nothing against White guys and strove to treat people fairly regardless of race, gender, or, as it turns out, sexual orientation. Still, would it kill human resources to send her some minority resumes once in a while?

Marjorie believed in balance in all things, and that went for the personal as well as the professional. Last year, Marjorie made one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars, plus a performance-related bonus of twenty two thousand, thanks to the good folks at Magyar Tech. Making big bucks working for Whitey, Marjorie thought with a bittersweet smile.

Not selling out, not now, not ever, Marjorie thought, looking at the other young Black female professionals working in downtown Minneapolis. Sisters with degrees from Howard University, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, and the like. A lot of those young ladies dated men of other races. The few Black male professionals hanging around seemed to gravitate toward White women and Latin women.

What’s a true soul sister to do under those circumstances? Marjorie wondered. The hard-working young Haitian American woman never forgot where she came from, ever. Marjorie spent a lot of time volunteering for Black youth organizations in Minneapolis. After all, they were the future of the country. One day, Marjorie went in to do some volunteer work, and ran into…him.

Marjorie came to the center to do some volunteering, and also to use the swimming pool. When she couldn’t find the young woman whom she was supposed to be mentoring, Marjorie decided to go for a dip. She hadn’t counted on running into a certain tall, dark and handsome mystery man here.

Rudolph Stanwood was at the swimming pool of the youth sports league, and he was training some minority young men and women how to swim. Marjorie gasped in shock as she saw the tall, handsome, dark-skinned brother rise out of the water in dark red swim trunks. He was built like NBA legend Dwight Howard, only a bit shorter. Oh, and there was a major bulge at the front of his trunks.

“Brother wouldn’t be chasing the fellas if he had some of this pussy,” Marjorie thought, as she admired Rudolph’s fit, muscular body. He hadn’t noticed her and continued to talk to the young men and women gathered around him. Marjorie watched him as he showed them how to swim, and practiced with them. Dude seemed to know his craft…

“Alright, people, remember, glide, don’t fight the water, kick those legs and let it work for you,” Rudolph said, and he clapped his hands, and his students waded into the water. Marjorie went to the ladies room, changed into her tank top and swimming shorts, then went into the water. She winced at its coldness, then her body adjusted to it. Resolutely, she made her way toward Rudolph.

“Hey stranger,” Marjorie said, tapping Rudolph on the shoulder, and he turned around and smiled. He didn’t seem the least bit surprised to see her there. Marjorie grinned at him, and they shook hands. Rudolph looked at her a bit longer than was considered socially acceptable, and Marjorie wasn’t sure what to make of that. I don’t have a dick, darling, I don’t do it for you, Marjorie thought sourly.

“Nice almanbahis adres to see you again, Marjorie, didn’t know you came here, I’m the new swim coach,” Rudolph said warmly, and Marjorie nodded. She watched Rudolph work at his craft, demonstrating swimming techniques to the brown-skinned and Black-skinned young men and women around him. Terrence Howard got nothing on this swim coach, Marjorie thought, remembering an old movie she saw about Black swimmers.

“Small world, Rudolph, I’ve been volunteering here for years,” Marjorie said, and Rudolph nodded. For the next hour or so, they talked, and swam, and he also did some coaching. Afterwards, he had a little talk with his team, and then shook hands and offered words of encouragement before sending them on their way.

“Marjorie, you’re a decent swimmer, sister, alright, a good one, I got something I want to talk to you about, if you got time?” Rudolph said, and Marjorie grinned, and acquiesced. The two of them headed to the Starbucks nearby, and had a little chat over coffee and sandwiches. Marjorie found Rudolph to be laid back and easygoing, and not at all what she expected…

“You were great with them back there, coaching is your thing,” Marjorie said, sipping her coffee. Rudolph nodded, and as they talked, a tall, plump Latin gal walked by. Rudolph’s eyes went to her derriere, and he smiled, then his smile froze when he realized that Marjorie had caught him. So, Rudolph checks out women’s asses, not just men’s? Interesting, Marjorie thought, amused.

“Well, Marjorie, I was raised by a swimming coach, my adoptive father Jarod Stanwood coaches the men’s swim team at the University of Minneapolis,” Rudolph said proudly, and he pulled out his cell phone and handed it to her. Marjorie took the phone and looked at the screen. Rudolph stood next to an older White man, a silver-haired, fit-looking White dude who vaguely reminded her of actor Tommy Lee Jones.

“Your father is White, I mean, you’re adopted,” Marjorie said and Rudolph nodded. All of a sudden, a lot of things about Rudolph Stanwood’s behavior and mindset made sense to Marjorie. Rudolph didn’t carry himself the way most Black men did. Black men of all backgrounds usually found Homosexuality and Bisexuality disgusting, and loathed to have such labels attached to themselves. Also, they behaved a certain way around attractive young Black women like Marjorie. Rudolph was too…decent.

“I love my father, I never knew my birth parents, only that they died shortly after I was born, my father raised me on his own, mostly, he had a bunch of girlfriends but never married,” Rudolph said softly. The brother had a faraway look on his face, and this conversation was getting a little deep for Marjorie.

“Sounds like you had a tough life,” Marjorie said, unsure what else to say, and Rudolph continued. He pulled out another picture, this time of him standing next to a light-skinned, lean and muscular brother dressed in a sharp business suit. This must be his ex-boyfriend, David the jealous one, who flipped out over Rudolph being a switch-hitter, Marjorie thought.

“I came back to Minneapolis to make a fresh start, don’t know what the Universe has in store for me but I’m open, to anything,” Rudolph said, and he flashed Marjorie the kind of sweet, fearless smile that must melt many a woman’s…or man’s…heart and soul. Marjorie felt her heart skip a beat as Rudolph’s eyes met hers, and she felt nervous, for reasons she couldn’t explain.

“Well, Rudolph, thank you for sharing this with me, I’m just an immigrant’s daughter trying to achieve things, but I think you’re cool, and we’re going to get along famously,” Marjorie said, and she smiled at him and offered him her hand to shake. Rudolph grinned, and then took her hand, but instead of shaking it, he kissed it. Oh my, Marjorie thought as she felt a tingle down below.

“Marjorie, you’re going to be my new best friend,” Rudolph said, and Marjorie smiled nervously and nodded. That’s how it all began. Rudolph Stanwood and Marjorie Etienne became best pals, and they supported one another at work and elsewhere. Three months ticked by, and the two of them had become practically inseparable.

“I love it when you tell me about sex with your ex,” Marjorie said to Rudolph, as they sat in his living room. Well, she sat on the couch, remote in hand, watching a rerun of Vampire Diaries while Rudolph lay there with his head on her lap. Rudolph grinned and continued to tell her about his sexual escapades with his ex-boyfriend David Clinton.

“One time, David and I did it in the library basement at Northeastern, he sat me down and sucked my dick, and then he bent me over and stuffed my ass with his huge cock,” Rudolph said, grinning. Marjorie looked at his face, and he seemed far away, lost in memory. Once upon a time, the thought of two men having sex disgusted Marjorie, but not anymore. Now, it kind of turned her on…

Marjorie visualized Rudolph and his former boyfriend almanbahis adres David getting it on, two hot, manly guys fucking each other. Rudolph looked strong and manly to Marjorie, and she thought he should be the one fucking David, but it was the other way around. The tall, strongly built Black dude loved getting his ass filled with dick. To each his or her own, Marjorie thought.

“Continue,” Marjorie said, and Rudolph laughed, then went on to tell her, in vivid detail, how his ex-boyfriend David introduced him to Kink and BDSM. David would tie Rudolph up and proceeded to feed him his dick, first down his throat, and then up his ass, all the while Rudolph lay there, all but helpless…taking it. Dammit my pussy’s wet, Marjorie thought as Rudolph went on with his tale.

“Still, as fun as David was, he didn’t like doing certain things for me, like sucking my dick or eating my ass, well, you see, my last girlfriend, a Jamaican chick named Sofia, well, she could suck dick and eat ass better than any Gay man or Bisexual man I ever met,” Rudolph said, laughing. Upon hearing that, Marjorie paused, and excitement flooded her entire body. Now we’re getting somewhere, she thought.

“Anything you guys can do, us girls can do better, that’s how the saying goes, Rudy, I bet I suck dick better than some Gay or Bisexual guys,” Marjorie said, laughing. Rudolph suddenly looked up at her. Marjorie looked at him and smiled. Without another word being spoken, her face drew closer to his. That’s when they kissed. It was a deep, passionate kiss, all the more special because it was so unexpected…

“This is nuts, Marge, but I want you so bad,” Rudolph said as he kissed Marjorie, and she embraced him passionately. They undressed hastily, and she smiled as he tentatively touched her breasts. Grabbing Rudolph’s hands, Marjorie pressed them against her ample derriere, and he got the hint and squeezed her ass cheeks. Marjorie then sat on the couch, and spread her thighs invitingly.

“Take without asking,” Marjorie commanded, and Rudolph nodded, then proceeded to kiss her lips and caress her breasts. When he began licking her belly button, Marjorie nudged him downward, and Rudolph began eating her pussy. When Rudolph’s hungry mouth found her vagina, and his lips wrapped themselves around her clit as his fingers slid inside her pussy, Marjorie moaned deeply and closed her eyes. Now we’re cooking, Marjorie thought happily.

Rudolph savored the smell and taste of Marjorie’s pussy. As much as he loved the male body, he had definitely missed a woman’s softness and uniqueness. He hadn’t been with a woman in three years, not since Sofia dumped him for being a switch-hitter, and he took up with David, who also couldn’t handle him swinging both ways. Thrilled to finally be with someone who accepted him the way he was, Rudolph ate Marjorie’s pussy with gusto.

“Dammit, I could become addicted to this,” Rudolph said softly, and he looked up at Marjorie and smiled, then resumed eating her pussy. Marjorie squeezed her thighs, locking his face in her crotch. Rudolph continued to eat her out, flicking his tongue over her clitoris, and driving her absolutely nuts. Moments later, Marjorie cried out, orgasmic, and her pussy oozed hot girly cum all over Rudolph’s face…

“Oh fuck, you made me cum,” Marjorie said, her eyes moist, her face sweaty, and Rudolph grinned, then kissed her. Marjorie tasted her pussy on his lips and smiled. They continued with their fun, and she had him lie down on the carpeted floor, flat on his back, as she grabbed his dick and stroked it. Winking at Rudolph, Marjorie took him into her succulent mouth…

“Marge, oh, damn that feels good,” Rudolph cried out as Marjorie fingered his asshole while sucking his dick. Marjorie tried to fit all of Rudolph’s giant prick in her mouth but only got about half of it inside. She’d seen huge dicks before, but dammit, the brother was in a category by himself. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her vagina…

“Let me ride this fuck stick,” Marjorie said, much later, and upon hearing that, Rudolph grinned broadly. One small step for womankind as I try to straighten out this switch-hitter, one giant prick for my pussy, Marjorie thought, smiling wickedly as she impaled herself on Rudolph’s manhood. When Rudolph seemed to hesitate, Marjorie grabbed his hands and placed one on her hip and one on her breast…

“Hmm, feels good,” Rudolph said as he bucked his hips, and felt Marjorie’s vagina grip his dick. He hadn’t had his dick inside anyone in ages, as his ex-lover David, a total top, liked to bang his ass, while mostly ignoring his dick. Marjorie’s hot, tight pussy felt awesome around Rudolph’s dick, and he couldn’t get enough of her. Bucking his hips, Rudolph thrust into Marjorie, and she rode him hard while screaming obscenities in English, French and Haitian Creole…

“Always wanted to fuck my best friend,” Marjorie said, panting, as she slid off of Rudolph’s dick, and into his waiting arms. Rudolph kissed her on the forehead, and Marjorie smiled. Normally, she wasn’t one for cuddling after sex. Lots of chicks were all soft and romantic like that, but Marjorie was a rough rider. Still, tonight was different…

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