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Mickey felt the velvety skin of the cock sliding on his tongue. The head of it beat the back of his mouth. He felt it drag his lips out as it receded. He tasted pre-cum on the head and spread it all around the head with his tongue. The dick came all the way out for a minute and his lips stayed extended in a perfect circle.

Mickey didn’t know how he let himself end up this way, but he was ashamed that he was starting to like it. Carl had trained him with discipline to make a vacuum in his mouth and let his lips pull out. Now the cock head was at the front of his mouth again. He circled his lips around the flange of the cock head and twisted his head so his lips wetted and lassoed the cock by the flange, then he rimmed the pee hole with the tip of his tongue.

Mickey could taste a hint of urine around the top of the shaft and cock head.

He remembered how reluctant he was the first time, and how he was convinced with a bitch slap that made his eyes water and his nose drip. Obediently he continued because he couldn’t think of a way out.

Now he continued twisting his mouth around the corona, and licking the head, just as if a hand was raised again for another bitch slap. He could feel the texture of the cock head with his tongue, and the silky shaft. The smell of the freshly wet penis was intriguing, and it made the taste better. He could see and feel the pubic hair brush his face with a wiry and sometimes feathery feeling. Wet sticky sounds played in his ears as the cock splashed and plunged the wetness of his lips, and the cum-slick saliva in his mouth. The sound was not bad at all.

Mickey could tell by the urgency that Carl would cum soon. Mickey was beginning to love the taste and feel of it in his mouth, not just on his tongue, but in his cheeks, and the roof of his mouth as well. He loved the feeling of a cum shot splashing against the back of his mouth. It was erotic and sexy to him. He remembered his first time tasting cum and then swallowing at the urgency of a raised hand and another possible bitch slap.

Carl must have waited days to cum. When his dick first met Mickey’s mouth it was hard as a brick and about to go off like a shotgun. Mickey tried to spit the dick out of his mouth. This wasted time, and almost wasted a cum-shot. Carl bitch slapped Mickey so hard it made his eyes waster and his nose to drip. He was threatened to make sure his teeth didn’t scrape the cock. Carl had wrapped his hands in Mickey’s hair and shoved his cock in like a steel rod.

So much of the saved up cum shot into the back of Mickey’s throat he couldn’t breath and cum squirted right up his nostrils, and also filled the back of his mouth. Carl made him scoop the cum out of his nostrils with a finger and suck it off. He had cum all around his teeth, under his tongue, and in his cheeks. His whole mouth was sticky, and his mouth and breath smelled like cum. He could smell the erzincan escort cum in his nostrils the rest of the day. The taste was with him all day. Now he gives a blow job at least once a day.

Now Carl was telling him to extend his lips as far down the cock as he can. Mickey obediently stretched his lips as far as he could. What happened next surprised him as Carl circled his thumb and forefinger around Mickey’s lips, and around the cock, holding the cockhead in place. He pulled hard stretching Mickey’s lips, then started pumping his cock, holding Mickey’s outstretched lips.

Mickey was amazed at the exotic feeling of his lips forced into a circle and used to plunge in and out with the cock. He had a more personal feel of the cockhead pushing his lips wider as it came in and out. Mickey ran his tongue with lust over the cockhead, and even the piss slot had a more sensitive feel. His outstretched lips gave an exotic, intensifying feel. They were more sensitive to the taste and feel of the cock plunging in and out of his mouth.

Carl made Mickey follow him to the bathroom. “I have to piss,” he said.

Once inside he ordered Mickey, “Kiss it on the head so the piss will come out.”

“Ridiculous,” Mickey thought.

As he kissed it, Carl took a picture. “Hold the head in your mouth.” He snapped another picture. “I know you have tasted drops of piss on my cock before. Now I want you to hold still and you will taste some more.”

Mickey was reluctant and started to back away.

Raising a hand Carl said, “Keep it in your mouth and seal your lips. Do not spill a drop or I will show the pictures to your wife. She will think you are a queer.”

Mickey was terrified. He didn’t know what his choices were, so he followed instructions so he wouldn’t get bitch slapped again. He couldn’t let his wife know about all this.

Holding the cock tight in his lips, Mickey could feel a dribble, some drops, and then a warm stream that picked up with intensity.

“You better swallow like you are chugging a beer, fellow.”

Mickey’s mouth was filling up and he had not choice but to gulp it down.

Suddenly Mickey realized the object on the bathroom counter was a camera, and it was running. He remembered seeing an identical set up in the other room.

Submissively the next day Mickey showed up again.

Carl let him in the door and said, “Follow me, do what I say, and keep your eyes on me.”

Carl led him to the tall living room window, with curtains pulled back. Carl’s apartment was on the fourth floor, and Carl could see a lady neighbor in the building across the courtyard. She was looking their way.

Now strip your clothes off and hand them to me, one by one. Carl stood next to the drawn curtains so only Mickey could be seen through the window. He pulled off his shoes and socks one by one. Then off came escort erzincan his shirt, his pants, and then his underwear.

Mickey was hesitant and felt humiliated, but there was an element of excitement as he did this in exhibition.

If the neighbor was watching she could see the clothes being handed off to an arm from behind the curtains.

“Now I want you to pirouette around showing your pretty naked ass and figure to the window. Bend over once and show your ass crack. Now put this on.” Carl handed him a pair of lacy panties to put on in front of the window.

Mickey now felt effeminate, and suddenly aware of how his long hair felt.

“Get on your knees.” Carl had his cock out. He checked to see if the lady neighbor was looking. Sure enough she was. He held his cock so it was visible to the window from behind the curtains. The neighbor was getting an outstanding exhibition of a blow job.

“Kiss, lick and suck it and I want your lips stretched to the max. You better take it deep enough so you can lick my balls.”

Carl managed to discreetly get a zoomed high definition picture of the lady who he found out later was Peggy. With that he could figure out which apartment was hers, and could recognize her casually outside.

Later that week he nonchalantly meets her out side and strikes up a conversation. He mentions that there is talk about a naked man in a window and asks if she had heard about it. This caught her attention and the more they talked about it the more Peggy had to admit it turned her on, but she hadn’t told her husband about it. It was her secret.

Carl invited her up to his place. They sat at the kitchen table and chatted. After a cup of tea, Carl offered her a drink. He mixed a lovely but strong drink. She got more chatty as time went.

Soon Carl determined she would need to pee. He had her bring her drink into the living room. When they came in the door, Peggy was immediately confronted with a partially nude man bound to the furniture. She could see his shapely ass, and could see he was blindfolded and had a cock gag in place.

“You can suck his dick if you want to, he can’t see who you are. Go ahead and feel his goodies.”

Like a child in a playground, she felt of his ass, cock and balls. She giggled and got on her hands and knees and sucked his cock from semi hard to hard, and tongued his balls.

“You probably need to pee by now don’t you?” Carl asked her.

“Oh yes,” she answered as if she had forgotten.

“Then let’s do this.” Carl reached over and removed the cock gag from Mickey, commanding to Mickey, “Keep your mouth wide open or you know what comes next!”

Carl pointed to Mickey’s mouth. “You can pee right there!”

Taken aback, Peggy was loosing her balance and started to pull down her skirt and panties. Carl steadied and guided her. She sat directly erzincan escort bayan on Mickey’s face at just the right position.

Mickey could feel the warm pubic fur, and keeping his mouth open started to explore it with his tongue.

Soon a warm squirt followed by a steaming stream of piss, went directly into his mouth. The weight of her body sealed the connection and Mickey’s mouth filled up. He began gulping as trained. He knew it was a pussy sitting on his mouth but didn’t know who. He felt embarrassed and humiliated.

Carl walked Peggy to the outside door because she had to go home. “That was awesome, very raunchy, wild and outlandish” she said. “It was fun too.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” replied Carl.

As relationships with his neighbors continued to develop, Carl was speaking to Peggy one day in the courtyard. “I have a new friend I would love you to meet, if you are game for it.”

“Yes.” Peggy already felt a thrill.

Carl took Peggy’s hand in a neighborly way. “Come on.”

They went up to his apartment and again sat at the table and had a few drinks. Soon enough Carl took Peggy into the living room.

There was Alice, Mickey’s wife bound to the furniture, BDSM style, similarly as Mickey had been. Alice was stripped to her side tie panties. She also had a blindfold and a cock gag.

“Go ahead and untie them and have a lick.” Peggy couldn’t wait. She untied the panties and got some wonderful free pussy licks. In her lips she could feel the clit stiffen, and the pussy lips swell, she could taste the ravishing nectar of wetness. Peggy moved up and licked the boobs starting around the base and teasing up to the nipples. She let her tongue trace up to her neck and could feel her body heat going up like an oven.

Removing the cock gag, Carl said, “Go ahead.”

Peggy stripped from waist down and sat on Alice’s freshly trained open mouth.

Carl could hear the piss like a stream splashing into a toilet.

Alice felt embarrassed and humiliated. She didn’t know who this was. Now this person was eating her pussy and finger fucking her. Her ass was fingered, her first time anal.

When it was time for Peggy to leave, Carl again led her to the outside door. “It was wonderful having you over again today.”

She replied, “I loved every minute. It was like being treated to a wonderfully kinky desert.”

Meanwhile, in the ensuing days, Mickey started catching himself looking at other men’s crotches. He would wonder if he fingered their prostate, how much more cum could he get. When he got noticed, his face would turn beet red with embarrassment. It was obvious to the other men that he had experience at cock sucking, and loved it. Maybe, he thought, he was beginning to get a gay fetish.

Mickey had noticed a slight hint of piss on Alice’s breath. He thought it was his imagination, or may some left over odor from his own mouth.

With curiosity, he noticed Alice seemed to habitually open her lips round stretched and extended. He did not make an issue of it, for now.

Carl’s live porn website began using up bandwidth.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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