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Do Black swingers and Black cuckolds exist? Do Black women experiment sexually outside their marriage with their man’s consent? Can bisexual Black men be faithful to Black women? They sure can, ladies and gentlemen. Want to know how I know? I’m married to one. My name is Avaline “Ava” Nestor and I’m a young Black woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I work at the CIBC bank downtown, where I manage accounts for some of our business-minded clients. I’m happily married to a big and tall young Black man named Steve Vincent. He currently works for the Ontario Department of Corrections.

We met as students at Carleton University in the fall of 2008, and as luck would have it, Steve and I fell in love. We have been married for three and a half years. We’ve got a daughter together, Nairobi, and we’re just another happy, successful Black couple in the big city. A lot of folks don’t think you can be happy and successful in Ontario, Canada, if you’re Black. That is so not true. I got my MBA from Carleton University because I wanted to make it. I didn’t really picture myself working at a bank but it’s a nice start. Life is okay. Could be worse, really.

My husband Steve Vincent studied criminology at Carleton University and thought that after graduating in 2010, he’d be working as a police officer. Well, the only place in Canada with a high demand for police officers is the Yukon and since I got pregnant with our darling little Nairobi at the time that Steve was considering the big move, leaving Ottawa became out of the question. I was not raising our daughter by myself. I love Steve and Nairobi, they’re the light of my life. Still, Steve and I have fallen into a slump sexually. That’s why, with Nairobi at the grandparents, I decided that hubby and I would have some fun.

My husband Steve and I are freaky, and the stuff we get into would make our friends blush if they knew. Steve recently told me that ankara ucuz escortlar he’s bisexual, and while most Black women would freak out if the Black man they live with told them that, I wasn’t surprised or shocked. I’ve known Steve for six years now and I’ve seen where his eyes go when we’re out together. Most of the time he checks out big-booty women of all hues but sometimes, he checks out men. I accepted my husband’s bisexuality. The question is, would he allow me to incorporate some of my freaky shit into our lovemaking?

My husband and I come from different worlds, ladies and gentlemen. I was born in the City of Kingston, Ontario, to a Nigerian immigrant mother and White Canadian father. I grew up in a very liberal household. At the time Steve and I met, I was a sexually adventurous party gal and he was the leader of Young Christians United, a campus morality group. Steve Vincent was born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to Haitian immigrant parents. He grew up in a Roman Catholic household. Small wonder it took him so long to admit to himself that he’s bisexual. Me? I’ve done a lot of wicked, fun things sexually before I got married. And now that I’m a wife and mother, I don’t see any reason why I should stop.

I am really into pegging. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and fucks a man with it. Steve was reluctant to try pegging but once I put my big Black stud on all fours, jerked off his dick, lubricated his ass and shoved the dildo inside of him, he became a changed man. Now Steve can’t get enough of my dildo up his ass. I like to jerk off his long and thick, uncircumcised chocolate dick while sliding my shiny pink dildo in and out of his asshole. Steve likes to moan loud and deep as he gets strap-on fucked by me, his dominant wife.

I decided to intensify things a bit between Steve and I. That’s why I brought my good friend ankara üniversiteli escortlar Troy along. He’s a stocky, bald-headed and openly gay White dude I know from work. Someone who really likes gay and bisexual Black guys. I brought him over as a surprise for Steve since I knew he needed some dick and my strap-on dildo wasn’t doing the trick anymore. Well, the two of them had a lot of fun together, and so did I. Steve got on his knees and sucked Troy’s thick White cock while I watched, fingering my hot, wet pussy as the fellas did their thing.

Troy rolled a condom on his cock and Steve got on all fours, looking very eager. I spread Steve’s ass wide open and sprayed some lubricant on his hole, before guiding Troy’s dick inside of him. Finally, Steve’s most forbidden fantasy was about to come true. I had seen the shit he watched online, websites like Thug Hunter, featuring White guys banging Black dudes in the ass, and Ghetto Gaggers, featuring Black women riding White dicks. Yeah, not a big leap for me to figure out that Steve wanted some White dick up his Black ass. I set it all up for him because I’m nice like that. Ah, the adventurous life of the Black wife of a bisexual Black man, eh?

Troy gripped Steve’s hips and thrust his pale dick into Steve’s dark butt while I spread my thighs, furiously fingering my cunt. Steve moaned as Troy’s dick went up his ass. I smiled. This is so damn hot. Troy smiled and winked at me. Fuck my husband with your big White cock, I chimed in, thrusting two fingers into my wet Black cunt as I did so. Troy plunged his cock into Steve’s ass, and my beloved Black husband squealed. It was so damn hot. Steve’s screams were hot but eventually got on my damn nerves so I gave him something to do while Troy filled his ass.

Eat my pussy hubby, I said, and Steve began eagerly licking my sweet chocolate cunt while Troy continued ramming his ass. I admired our ankara vip escortlar reflection in the bedroom mirror. A Black woman lying naked in bed, with her legs spread, a big Black man licking her pussy while a thick White cock filled his ass. Hot damn. I shuddered with pleasure as Steve’s tongue and fingers worked their magic on my cunt. Nobody licks pussy like Steve, and I say this as a woman who’s slept with a few other pussy-loving women in her time.

Steve buried his face between my chocolate thighs and continued eating my cunt until we were interrupted by Troy shouting as he came, and squeezed his flaccid, condom-covered White cock out of my husband’s sweet Black ass. That was fun, Troy said, and I had to agree. I noticed that Steve’s dick was hard as hell, so I made good use of that. I told him to stop eating my pussy and, as he stared, I climbed on top of him. Fuck me babe, I said, and wrapped my arms lovingly around Steve and impaled my hot cunt on his hard dick. And just like that, we started fucking.

Troy watched us, jerking off his dick as I rode Steve’s hard prick. My husband smacked my ass and grunted sexily as he rammed his dick inside my cunt. Give it to me hard sweetie, I cheered as Steve fucked me roughly, just the way I liked it. We went at it for a good half an hour before he came, blasting his load deep inside of me. Afterwards, Steve lay there, happy as can be, as Troy and I sucked every last drop of cum out of his thick Haitian dick. What can I say? It was a great night.

It’s a shame that Troy isn’t bisexual because I have a fantasy of cuckolding Steve, my sexy Black hubby. In my most twisted sexual dreams, I play the role of the Black wife cuckolding her willing Black husband with a well-endowed White Bull. I’m sure there are Black couples out there who’ve tried this shit before. After Troy departed, Steve and I went to bed and I asked him if he was down with the cuckolding thing. Might be fun to flip the script, Steve said, then he kissed me. I went to sleep with kinky thoughts swirling around my head. I am a Black wife seeking a White Bull to cuckold my willing Black husband with in the Ottawa area. Think I’ll find such a unicorn? Only time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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