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It all started on a Sunday the last Sunday of the summer before I headed off to school. It was a nice Sunday morning. I had just woken up and just looking around the house. As I got out of bed I’m noticing that I have to call this girl back. That had wanted to do something on this Sunday.

As I’m looking for my phone book, I’m noticing what a hard on I have thinking of what I’m going to do with my chocolate beauty. As I’m flipping the pages in my book I see my name, friends name like my buddy mark, and my girls like kia. As I approach the next couple of pages I see my black beauty’s number.

I’m so ready to see her and just make this hard on go away that I stroke my dick to its full potential. I start dialing the area code then number. After about a few rings my black beauty answers saying in her sexy voice “hello”, I answer quickly “hi sweets”. “How you doing today”, I said “good”, she replies. “You ready to do something today?” I said “Maybe” she says in a sexy yet calm voice. “All right then!” I answer.

Its now 12:00pm and no show, as I’m chilling around my house I’m thinking she’s going get it for making me wait. I called her at 10:30 and its now 1:30pm as I’m in my kitchen making lunch. My sis is telling Pendik Escort me your friends here. I’m like “shit” I put my lunch away and walk to the door. As I open the door I see my black beauty 5’3 black lovely hair with a hint of red in it, her lovely eyes that I can get lost in, and her perfect c-cup breasts that slightly sag but damn do I love sucking those tits of hers. She’s short but she makes everything she wears look good on her. Wearing her tight jean that makes her ass stick out. I’m standing there in my shorts no boxers and my cut off nikey shirt that’s says hard rock. And yes I did have a hard rock. I invite her in her sexy self, walks in looking at me smiling. I say hi and ask her if she wanted to go down stairs. My basement is like a den nice and comfortable and were we can get our privacy.

As I’m sitting down next her I ask her about her day and how her weeks been going. I move in closer and kiss her on the chick as I move in to kiss her lips she moves away. I try again and she does it again. She asks if I can put the t.v. on I do. As were sitting there watching MTV I see her checking out my crouch area and she notices my hard on. As I see her looking at me I move in closer we make out Anadolu Yakası Escort passionately and she loves every minute of it. As I move my hands over her body she’s moaning and kissing me as I kiss around her neck and ear. She just goes into a mad rage kissing me forcing her tongue into my mouth, not letting me tease her. As we get hot I move my hands down to her waist and try to unbutton her jeans. She pulls my hands up and keeps kissing me. I try once more and I unbutton her pants and unzip her zipper. As I get up to pull her pants down she holds them up.

I move down and kiss her I put her left leg on my shoulder and get into a better position on the “L” shaped couch in my basement. As shes lying there I’m kissing her with a passion shes gone to far in not letting me have her. So I lift her other leg up while still holding her and kissing her. I lift her ass off the couch my a few inches and pull her pants off. I see shes just wearing her regular panties and not her sexy black thong. I pull them down and she tries to stop me but gives into her own temptation. I stick a finger in her cunt and she is so wet that it coats my whole index finger. As she saying no, I’m telling her in her ear I’m going İstanbul Escort fuck you like I never fucked u before. I pull my shorts down and out flings my cock at full attention I rub her clit with it. And I’m still kissing her. I put my cock in her and start to pound away at her cunt and shes moaning. I told her for teasing me I’m going to fuck her hard and I do just that.

As I’m pounding away at her tight cunt I feel my balls ache after about seems like hours of fucking. My dick just unloads wave after wave of hot cum into her pussy feeling her up. I stay in her for about a couple of minutes till my member was fully drained. Pull out and kiss her and I say to myself fuck that was great but also I forgot to wear a condom. Shit what now. I get up and walk into the bathroom/laundry room and look at myself in the mirror wiping my sweat off my face. I walk back in and shes standing there pulling her panties up then her pants as I see cum dripping alittle down her thigh before she pulls her pants up all the way. I sit there and look at her and shes looking at me and ask her am I the first too ever cum in you and she says yes.

In my head I’m like fuck what the hell happened, its like I turned into an animal and just fucked her with ease. But as I kiss her she just sits there.

I walk her to her red car. I tell her I love you and she replies. She leaves and I go back into the house and say fuck that was great!!!!!!!

But what happens now, I guess I’m going to have to wait and see…………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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