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Your life can change almost in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes bad. A sudden change can change your happy life into a totally depressive situation. On the other hand, change can make you realize how unsatisfying your life was. This was my case. I had been living a life where I convinced myself that I was happy and content. I had married the man of my planning which provided the things I thought I wanted. Money and security were on the top of the list of things I wanted. At least so I thought.

To get what I wanted, I had completely changed my life. I gave up some very serious wild ways and learned to be the woman that Jack, my soon to be husband, wanted. And I did succeed in getting what I wanted. Jack is a very successful business man, owning a chain of restaurants along the Gulf Coast. What I didn’t consider was Jack getting more of an orgasmic rush from making money than from fucking me. But, over time I even learned to accept that. I also learned to use Jack’s money to entertain me in other ways. I had a Jaguar convertible, expense jewelry, the finest clothes, a custom built house out in the country and more precious metal credit cards than my purse could hold.

As far as my sex life went, I got used to turning the lights off and spreading my legs so Jack could climb on and get off in five minutes. Getting used to it would be a wrong choice of words. I put up with it. So as it was, I also used Jack’s money to buy various dildos and vibrators that I stored in a compartment I had hidden in my closet that Jack knows nothing about. His money also bought cable and satellite TV, both optioned out for the most graphic porn I could find to be piped into our house. And a high speed internet connection brought sites like Literotica®com to my 22” monitor for me to use as masturbation fodder. In my mind, my sex life was just fine. I did my duty as Jack’s wife when he wanted, and the rest of the time I would just take care of myself. I still had fantasies of my younger wild days and with the help of the toys, videos and stories, I stayed satisfied. Or so I thought.

My change happened almost over night. It started when my son, Steven, blackmailed me. He never forced me, and I could have said no, but I didn’t. It started with me sucking his cock until he came in my mouth. He then made me finger myself off while I swallowed his thick, creamy load of cum he had me hold in my mouth. We ended up in a guest bedroom for the night with Steven fucking his Mother any way he could think of. The next morning I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be a wild child again. I wanted to be my son’s slut slave. I could have Jack’s money and still get abused and used like I wanted all along. I slipped under the covers and put my son’s hard cock in my mouth and sucked him until he blasted his cum down my throat. This was a start, and I hoped it never ended.

That was all about a month ago. I am totally submissive to my son now. I am no longer really being blackmailed, as I want to be my son’s slut slave. However, I do know that the taped conversation still exists if Steven ever needed to use it as leverage. For appearances, when his Father is around, he never pushes our relationship. That’s not usually a problem since as I told you earlier, Jack would rather make money that get a blow job, so he isn’t around the house much at all, except to maybe eat a quick meal or pack for one of his frequent business trips. At all other times, when it is just me and Steven, I am totally submissive to him. My normal attire is a tight tank top (no bra) and silk gym shorts (no panties) except when we know that Jack won’t be around. On those occasions, Steven will sometimes make me perform my household duties and slave duties totally nude.

For his part, Steven has become quite good at dominating me. His style and technique will vary from simple requests to make him a certain dinner, to weekend play times where he will be very demanding of me, both sexually and domestically. I talked with Jack, at the demand of Steven, and convinced him that our son should have his own place. We had a guest area built above the garage and Jack consented to let Jack move in for as long as he wanted to. Jack then went to work making the place his own. For the most part, I didn’t know much about what Steven had done to the place. I would go up to get his laundry and it looked like a typical single guy place. At times, Steven would come to me and tell me to write a check to pay bills for work he had done to the place, and of course I never questioned him about any of it. Steven also had me pay off his credit cards which he used to make both local and online purchases.

It was a Friday morning and Jack had already went into town to his office. Steven and I both knew that Jack was leaving that afternoon for one of his weekend trips. I was hoping to have some play time with Steven over the weekend as well.

Steven and I were on the back porch. He Isparta Escort had one last final for the end of the semester today and then would be off for awhile. Steve was sitting in a lounge chair casually smoking a cigarette while his jeans and underwear rested around his ankles. I was on my knees between Steven’s legs, sucking on his cock and fondling his balls. That’s when I found out there wouldn’t be much play time this weekend.

“I’ve invited a few guys over for a end of semester pool party tonight. We should be here about six. I left a list of what you need to do or have done on the kitchen counter. We’re just going to hang out for awhile and then maybe go bar hopping a little later. And I have a date tomorrow night with Stacie,” Steven informed me. I also noted that Steven’s cock swelled a little bit at the mention of Stacie, and I felt a sudden pang of jealousy.

Steven quickly brought me out of my thought pattern with, “Hurry up now bitch. I don’t want to be late for school and I always do better after I have unloaded in your slut mouth.”

What he said and the way he said it sent me into high gear. I had gotten good at sucking my son’s cock and was to the point that even on my knees I was almost able to get all 8” of his cock through my mouth and down my throat. I worked him hard and fast, using my mouth to fuck his cock. Since I was still in my tank top and shorts, and not having been given any special instructions, I assumed I would be expected to just swallow Steven’s hot load of cum. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and pushed it deep into my throat. His first shot went right down and then I pulled up and sucked on the head as he continued to flood my mouth. At one point I had to swallow to keep from having my son’s cum spill out of my mouth.

When he finally stopped cumming, Steven pulled his cock from my mouth. I instinctively bent forward and began to lick it to make sure it was clean before he pulled his pants up. “You know, I have gotten blown by a few girls in my short lifetime, but none compare to what you can do with your cum hungry mouth,” Steven tells me as he stands to pull his pants up. I stand next to him waiting for any orders. Once his pants are in place he bends over to whisper in my ear as he feels up my tits, “In fact, I don’t think I have ever had anyone be such a hot little slut as you.” I beam with pride as Steven picks up his keys and heads out the door.

I walk into the kitchen and decide against a cup of coffee right away. I want to savor the flavor of my son’s cum for a little while longer. Especially since it looks like I will have to revert back to my self pleasuring days while he parties with his friends. I look at the list he has given me. I realize that I will have to discuss party planning basics with my son some day. On the note is scribbled, “Lots of beer and something to eat.” I pick up the phone and hit a speed dial button. I let my tongue roll around in my mouth enjoying the after taste of my son’s cum while waiting to be connected. When the caterer answers, I give them more detailed instructions of what needs to happen. A few more calls and I am assured that the pool will be sparkling clean and that there will be high powered sound system available to play the guys favorite music. No son of mine will ever have a second class party if I can help it. Then I head off to my bedroom to take care of myself.

By 5:30, everything is in place. I even raided Steven’s CD collection and had the sound guy show me how to load them into the system and program the computer. The food was hot and in place and the keg of beer was iced down and ready for them. Steven showed up about ten minutes later.

“Wow! This is great!” he exclaims. I explain the no second rate party rule to Steven and he bends down and kisses me, pushing his tongue into my open mouth. I had just shown Steven how to run the music computer when the doorbell rang. I reach a hand out and feel my son’s crotch through his pants and wink at him, “I’ll be upstairs if you need anything,” and then I head up the stairs.

I had settled down to read and write some e-mail to family and friends. It was about seven and the party sounded like it was going well with the music playing in the background through my sitting room door. I heard a knock and then the door opened with Steven walking in. “Is there anything I can do for you?” I ask hopefully.

“No, not really. I was just thinking you might like to come downstairs and hang out with us. The food is great and the beer is cold,” he tells me.

“No, this is your party, you guys enjoy yourself,” I replied thinking Steven’s statement was an offer, not a demand.

“Well, actually, I would really like for you to come on down. In fact, I bought you a new swimsuit for the occasion, “my son tells me handing me a gift wrapped box. “But it’s up to you, you know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Steven then turns and walks out of the room.

The tone of his Isparta Escort Bayan last statement changed his offer to a formal request. Whenever he says that, it means if I don’t do it, his Dad will get to hear the tape of me wanting to be my sister’s husband’s sex slave, regardless of how innocent the conversation really was. There is no decision for me to make. I immediately take the box and head to my dressing room. I fix my blonde hair and make-up to perfection, no sense in looking crappy. I’m glad that I stopped on the way home from the gym and got a pedicure and manicure. I apply a thick coat of lipstick to match the blood red color of my finger and toe nails. Then I unwrap and open the box and pull out my new swimsuit. The one my son picked out for me to wear on this occasion. My heart jumps at what I pull out.

The swim suit is solid white, at least what there was of it. The top consisted of two strings with two small triangles to partially cover my 36D tits. And if I thought the top was revealing, the bottom was two stings and only one triangle. I take a deep breath, calm down and put the swimsuit on. I must say I do look hot in it. The two tit triangles will not cover me entirely so I place the material centered over each nipple, leaving tit skin showing all around the patch of cloth. The bottom triangle fits similarly. The cloth patch covers my pussy and not much more. The back is nothing more than a string that runs from my pussy through my ass cheeks. Fortunately, there is also a matching wrap in the box that I place around my waist. To complement the outfit, I scrounge in my shoe closet and find a pair of high heeled sandals in white. A quick check of my hair and make up and a good does of Whore (the preferred scent of strippers I am told) and down the stairs I go, stopping at the bar for a quick double of whatever my hand landed on.

I open the patio door and feel the music thumping. I look out and see my son with about ten other guys about his age. They all must be in the Fire Science program because each of them is big and muscular. I feel the drink warm my stomach and with another deep breath I walk over to where they are all sitting. I notice one of them nod my way and I burst into a big smile as all eyes are on me. I begin to strut in time to the music and as I arrive in front of this crowd of young men, I strike a cross legged pose and simply ask, ”Is there anything I can get for you boys?”

There is no more powerful feeling in the world than to make someone speechless. And I had done it to ten men at once. I notice an empty cup and move over to the owner. “Looks like you need a refill. What’s your name?” I ask.

A barely audible voice squeaks, “Charlie.”

“Well Charlie, my name is Beth. Let me take care of this for you, okay? I’ll be right back,” I tell the young man as he can’t decide where on my body to look. I turn and strut back to the patio, fully aware that even with the sheer wrap, they will be able to see what my swimsuit doesn’t cover. From behind me the comments start. “Jesus, look at her ass,” and “Fuck that, did you see those tits.” Then one of them says just as I am almost our of ear shot, “Sorry, dude. I forgot that’s your Mom.”

I return with the full cup of beer and bend over to set it on the table next to Charlie, giving him and the other guys around him a good view of my barely covered tits and a good whiff of the scent I know they have all smelled at the local strip clubs. “Anyone else need a refill,” I casually ask. “Of course I can only carry two at a time so I may have to make several trips, but I don’t mind if you don’t.” For the next 30 minutes it seems that gallons of beer was consumed as I strutted back and forth.

On the return of one trip, I saw my son talking to a boy who said his name was Mark. “No way,” Mark said. “I’m not kidding, it’s true,” I heard Steven tell him. I walk past the two and set two beers on the next table for Gary and Bill. As I bend over I hear Mark mutter not quite under his breath, “Well fuck me.” I walk behind Mark and let my hand trail over his shoulders and can’t resist a comment. “Hmmm. What a thought.” I go back to the bar and fix myself a drink and then return to stand on the patio. There seems to be a heated discussion going on with a lot of looks my way. Several “bullshit” and “no ways” make there way to where I am sitting smoking a cigarette and sipping another double plus a double. The last comment I hear before Steven calls me over is, “Prove it.”

Now I would have to be as stupid as my hair color would make some people think I am not to know what was happening. Steven motions me over and I know it is time. Time to show off. Time to be the slut I love to be. Time for me to make my son proud of me. I saunter slowly over to where my son sits. There is no other sound but the music playing and all eyes are on me, or various parts of me. “Steve, is there anything I can do for you?” I ask compliantly.

“Mark here wants Escort Isparta to get a better look at your tits. Take your top off for him,” my son instructs me. “Better yet, let me change the music and you can just strip off what little you do have on,” Steven tells me as he moves to the sound system computer. I remain where I stopped in front of where Steven had been sitting. The music starts and Steven has picked well. The song is the 80’s hit from Roxette, “She’s got the Look.” I take a couple of steps back, close my eyes and tilt my head back.

Finding the beat of the music in my head, I begin to move. The song has a strong hard beat and so do my movements. I waste very little time undoing the back strap to my bikini top. This allows the triangle patches to flop around as I dance, but not quite giving a clear view of my tits. I sashay over to where Mark is sitting and back up to him. I take his hand and place it to the knot holding my top on. As he pulls the strings I hold the material to my breasts and move away from him. I dance for a moment or two before returning in front of him, pulling my hands and material away. Just like an experienced stripper would, I looped his head with my bikini and brought his face to my tits. I let Mark stay there for a moment and then move back out in front of everyone. I move around each of the table letting each young man have a good look at my tits. From somewhere in the bunch I hear, “Take the rest off!” I am only too happy to comply.

I return to pool side where everyone has a good view. I turn around and bend over and run my hands over my ass before I slide my fingers under the thin string. I turn around and push my hips forward and inch the material down. I know all eyes are on the bikini as it reveals a perfectly smooth and tan mound. A collective groan escapes my audience as I pull the strings back up tight. I look at the guys and find my target. The shy one, Charlie. I glide over to his chair and position a hip in his face. I use the fingers of one hand and diddle the knot. I look down at Charlie and notice a very nice bulge in his swimsuit. With a pouty lip and a come fuck me anyway you want look in my eyes I ask Charlie, “Think you can help me?” Poor Charlie just about passes out from the blood rushing from one head to the other, but he manages to untie the knot while I hold the strings. I turn and brush his face with my ass cheek and in a helpless tone tell him, “I have another one for you too, Charlie.” Charlie learns quick and almost tears the strings apart.

I’m still holding the small triangle of cloth over my pussy and stand before Charlie. His eyes are glued to the small white cloth. I can’t resist teasing Charlie. “Tell me what you want to see.” But Charlie can’t find the words. I notice my son Steven lean over and whisper in Charlie’s ear. Again I tease, “Charlie, is there anything else I can show you?” He stammers and stutters but the only audible sound from his mouth is a quite, “Yeah.” Steven again leans over to Charlie’s ear. I continue to tease him, “Charlie, if you can’t tell me what you want, I won’t know what to do. Can you tell me what you want to see?” Again my son leans to his friend and he also gets a little shove on the shoulder and then a louder, “Do it!” from my son.

Charlie’s face flushes a bright shade of red and he practically yells at the top of his lungs, “Yeah bitch, we want to see your cunt!” The rest of the guys clap and cheer and Charlie gets many friendly slaps on the back. For me, I just barely whisper, “You got it stud,” and whip off the material. As I did with Mark, I loop the bikini bottom around Charlie’s head but this time I pull lower until his nose is pressed to my hot, steamy cunt. I gyrate a little, actually enjoying his nose on my pussy before I release him and push him back. Remembering the rest of the guys I back off and move around making sure everyone gets an eyeful of my now bare pussy and ass.

The music quiets down as my son Steven pushes on the remote control. “Lap dance time,” he announces. Steven has the guys move all but one table away and then has all the chairs placed in a large circle around it. Steven leads me over to the table which I climb up on and continue to move to the music.

“Okay. Here’s the deal. We can either go to the strip club and waste your money, or you can spend your money here and get a positive return on your investment,” Steven explains while rubbing my ass as I sway to the music. “I’m not going to rip you off, you will get your money’s worth. I think $10 a lap dance is more than fair. Especially since at this club you don’t have to sit on your hands or any stupid shit like that. Anyone that doesn’t want to pay for a lap dance is more than welcome to hang out over on the patio till we are done. As would be expected, everyone forks over the ten bucks.

I start off with a boy named Jason. I give him the full treatment rubbing my tits in his face and grinding on his stiff swimsuit. He even gets brave and takes a feel or two of my tits before the song ends. I move to the other side of the circle and select David as my next lap. David, is a little braver and feels up my tits and my wet slit before his song is over. From over my shoulder I see Adam on the other side of the circle lighting up a cigarette.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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