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The last Saturday of this June was the most amazing and wicked weekend getaway I have ever experienced in my life. I was in a dilemma for most of the time should I write about this or not. But then I thought what the heck.

A group getaway was long due for all of us. When I say us what I mean is a group of five couples namely: Anjila Siddique and Nimish Jain, Vaishali Kapur (Me) and Shoeib Alam, Pratibha Saxena and Sumit Bharadwaj, Pritha Ghoshal and Hemant Shah, Sneha Tandon and Vikram Shetty.

We had hired two cars and made an overnight drive to reach our destination. The name of the place is not important. Anyway, all through Saturday we fooled around together, went for sight seeing, teased each other, played some outdoor games, clicked some breathtaking photographs and just before returning to the hotel all the couples gave each other space as we went our separate ways to spend time with our hooked ones.

At night we were back for dinner in the small but stylish restaurant of the hotel. Most importantly the food was nice and they were able to arrange for the drinks we had asked them to before hand.

Since Pritha and Hemant’s room was comparatively bigger so post-dinner all of us assembled in their room in order to check out the sweet-sexy-crazy photographs we shot all through the night and day.

We carried over our boozing ordeal from the restaurant to the room with the guys drinking Whiskey while the girls sipped Vodka. All of us were in our night dress with the girls wearing shorts of different colors and lengths along with tees and tank tops while the guys were in shorts and gym-vests.

Once we were done perusing the photographs we thought of playing Truth and Dare. We gave each other all kinds of mischievous and funny acts on Dare and asked some seriously dirty questions during the Truth part. But an hour and half later all of it became a big bad bore. People had started yawning. It was then Nimish said, “The world is going to end next year. December 2012.”
“Bullshit!” Shoeib retorted.
“That’s what they are saying.”
“Who are they?” I asked, piqued.
“The calendars of Maya civilization.”
“Do you believe in such stuff?” Anjila asked Nimish.

Anjila and Nimish were hooked since three years now. Anjila clearly had the biggest assets among the girls in our group which made her act snobbish at times while Nimish was more of a guy next door. I didn’t quite like Anjila much. May be because she had a ‘fuller’ figure than me or what I don’t know. The dislike was of course not to an extent that was beyond my tolerance.

“I don’t know.” Nimish said.
“Like always. You are never sure of anything you say.” Anjila finished her drink. She had contempt in her voice which by now we knew was a routine whenever she talked to Nimish. Especially in our presence. She never let go of a chance to boss or some times even patronize him.

“But I believe in it.” Hemant said.
At 37, he was the oldest of all the guys and gals present by a decade. He was married and yet in a relationship with Pritha who was of our age. He always told her he would eventually divorce his wife and marry her but then he had been saying so from the last two years. Anyway, as friends we did alert Pritha about him but in the end we all quietly resigned since it really was ‘her’ life.

“Really?” I asked again. Smirnoff was making my head spin slightly. Still, I was in control. Or so I thought.
“Yes. So its better to enjoy as much as one can before it all ends.” Hemant shot a lecherous smile at Pritha who avoided eye contact.
“Doomsday or no doomsday I enjoy anyway.” It was Shoeib again.
My lover. I have already told you about him and me in my first story in this portal. We were still going steady. Or should I say we were fucking steady.

“The thought is scary none the less.” Sneha raised her voice.
She was the ‘good girl’ of our group or so she behaved and made us believe. She had a flawless fair Kayseri Escort skin and innocent facial features.
“Everything is scary for you. From doomsday to getting laid before marriage.” Sneha’s boy friend Vikram taunted. The sharpness in his voice told us someone was speaking from experience.
“That’s my choice.” Sneha suddenly sounded serious.
“Yeah, I know.” Vikram made a face.
“Someone sounds frustrated.” I joked. People laughed except Sneha.
Honestly, Vikram was a stud and I had a crush on him which only Shoeib and Pratibha knew about. He was tall, dark and muscular.

“Come on sweetheart its okay.” Pratibha comforted Sneha.
Pratibha was the super bitch of our group. A highly manipulative girl. I had an on and off relation with her. That night it was off. I must agree she had this killer model kind of a figure. But that’s about the good things about her. Some guys say that’s enough. Well, that’s debatable. She was dating her college boy friend Sumit who I felt wasn’t quite made for her. I can’t explain why. You look at some couple and know they aren’t made for the other. Again, none of my business.

There was silence. The first silence of the night. The only silence of the trip. I broke it by saying, “What about a bucket list or a bucket wish?” And looked at everyone’s face. “What if we tell each other that one thing that we want to do before this doomsday happens.” The faces only read boredom.
“What about a sexual bucket wish?” Shoeib asked. This time the faces had interest in them. Somewhere I felt proud to be associated with Shoeib. It was ingenious things like a ‘sexual bucket wish’ that had kept me hooked to him even though I knew how bitchy it was of me to do so.

“What is that?” Sneha queried. Nobody was surprised. I sometimes felt Sneha asked things like this intentionally just to prove to everyone how innocent she is.
“That one sexual act that we would like to do if the doomsday is a surety.” Shoeib clarified it for her.
“I am in.” The three words echoed nine times and then I exclaimed, “So let’s begin.”
“First you.” Shoeib said immediately.
As I started pondering over what that one act would be I saw everyone staring at my face eagerly awaiting an answer. As if suddenly all their sleep had been taken care of by a rush of blood at the right place.

“Hmm, okay.” I said, “Since you all know about how I made my boy friend and (now fiancee) Aashish watch me make love to Shoeib over Skype I think I shall go ahead this time and would like to make my entire family watch Shoeib and me fuck properly. I want them to know how dirty their girl is and they better accept Shoeib.”

A pause later there was a loud applause as if I had achieved something. Shoeib came over and kissed me once on my cheek. There were harder claps and some whistles too.
“You are next.” I told Shoeib.
As he took his place he said, “Mine is simple. I want to fuck the brains out of three Bollywood Actresses in one night. They would be Rani Mukherjee, Minisha Lamba and Kareena Kapoor. Man, I want to cum on Rani’s face, pee on Minisha’s butt hole and impregnate Kareena before her boy friend does.”
We all laughed out loud. Fantasizing about Bollywood actresses was such a common thing for guys in India. Shoeib’s desperation only restated it.

Next, every one turned towards Anjila since she was sitting next to Shoeib. It would go about in a circle was the unstated understanding.
Anjila cleared her throat as if she had already thought of what to say.
“I’ll like to go naked on street and then whatever happens, happens.” She smiled naughtily.
“There will be a traffic jam for sure.” Nimish commented trying to be funny.
“Or some traffic fuck.” Pratibha’s comment somehow caught Nimish off guard as if he had almost imagined Anjila being involved in a traffic fuck session. He didn’t laugh or even smile.

Next was Nimish himself. “I would fuck one Kayseri Escort Bayan of my aunts. She is like 32 or something. I have had a crush on her ever since my uncle married her three years back.” Anjila gave him a surprised stare as if she never knew about it and we cheered his declaration.

The whole process of announcing the ‘sexual bucket wish’ was slowly taking dirtier turn but the good thing was we all were sporty enough for it. I winked at Shoeib since I was enjoying it a lot as were others. Thanks to him.

“I can’t answer it.” We all booed Sneha.
“No, I can’t.”
“Yes, you can.” Vikram sounded vengeful.
“C’mon Sneha. No one’s serious here.” Anjila butted in.
“Alright. Alright. I don’t know. Perhaps a…gang bang.” She said aloud. There was a stunned silence. This was the last thing we thought we would hear from her. Vikram looked like he had seen a ghost. Nobody said a word while Sneha was too embarrassed to speak further. It was Vikram’s chance now.
“I would go by what Shoeib said. Even I want to fuck Bollywood actresses. Priyanka Chopra and Priety Zinta. Its like I want to fuck Priyanka and cum on Priety’s face and then fuck Priety and cum inside Priyanka’s pussy.” Nobody cared much. Only one or two clap were heard.

“I would like to do a friend of my younger brother.” It was Pratibha. “He is like 19 and super cute and the thought of being naked in front of a teenager gives me the kick.” I felt pity for Sumit for the kind of silent reaction he gave.

“I would like to fuck my maid once. She is hot.” I don’t know about others but I definitely booed Sumit. But then it was his choice.
“Don’t stick it inside me after you do her.” It was Pratibha’s sense of humor. Everyone laughed, I ignored her.

Finally it was only Pritha and Hemant left.
“I want to do it in the open once. Doesn’t matter with whom.” It was as simple as she was. I liked Pritha a lot. God bless her.
At last we the kids turned to the uncle in our group. Hemant Shah. Though nobody said it in Pritha’s presence but no one actually liked him. Not because he was bad or ill mannered but he simply was a misfit among us.

“I want to do a girl who is present in this room. I won’t give out her name though.” He laughed while the guys gave him a cold stare. Somehow Pritha found it very funny may be because she thought he was talking about her. If so, then why wouldn’t he take the name? He must have been fantasizing about his girl friend’s friends. That’s us!

Anyway, the game was over. People had started to stretch and yawn once again getting ready to leave. But I was very much agile. For some reason Hemant’s wish kept ricocheting in my mind till it took the garb of a solid thought. What if we have a dirty weekend here. Not with our partner but with each other’s.
I instantly SMSed my thought to Shoeib. I am not sure but I think Shoeib and I are the most sexually open couple in the lot. But what I didn’t expect was Shoeib would come out with my thought so shamelessly among all. He simply said it aloud a minute after I SMSed him.

“Attention please. Let me read the SMS that Vaishali sent me just now.” Before I could reach him, the thought was out.
“What rubbish!” Only Nimish spoke. The rest were all quiet. Not a single word. As if we all had mentally decided if we were with it or against but wanted not to lead but follow only if one does. Who would that leader be.

“I am ready.” Shoeib said. I wanted to say ‘me too’ but didn’t. There was no response from the rest either. People were avoiding eye contacts as well.
“Can’t we do a secret ballot?” For the first time I mentally thanked Pratibha for her suggestion. Sumit was too spineless to counter what his girl friend stated. Perhaps his girl friend was interested in fucking someone else was a humongous fact in itself which quietened him down.

Now people started looking at each other but from the corner of their eyes. Nobody Escort Kayseri was sure if their actions were going to be judged by their partner but inside they knew the door to their darkest fantasy had been knocked. Now all there was left to decide was to answer it or not.

“Anyone has a problem with what Pratibha said?”
Again nobody said anything. Guess, it was better this way. Blame it on the alcohol. No, blame it on the night.

Shoeib quickly rang the hotel staff and asked for a sheet of blank paper. Hemant had a pen. As the paper was provided Shoeib divided it into ten equal parts and gave it to each one of us.

“I don’t think its right.” Nimish sounded grim.
“Then write a no on your slip. simple!” Shoeib suggested and turned his attention to all, “All we have to do is write yes or no. The majority wins. Nobody can challenge the majority. Agreed?”
The silence was interpreted as positive by Shoeib. We all sat down with our piece of paper, wrote our decision and folded it before giving it back to Shoeib.
I had written a yes. I was deliberately not trying to think much. A numb mind is needed to green light such things. I think the same was true for the others too.

One by one Shoeib started reading aloud the one word decisions.
So there it was 8 yes-es and 2 no-s.
“C’mon you devils. Cheer up now. Am I the only man here?” Shoeib tried to charge up the quietness.
“How do we do it?” Hemant asked. I so wanted to know whom did he want to fuck among us girls as per his bucket wish.

Shoeib looked at me for a clue. I suddenly found my mind racing for a solution.
“What about the pairing of mobile phones?” I blurted out and I don’t know why I said so. All I knew was each one of us had a different model.
“Superb!” Shoeib said excitedly.

He immediately called the hotel staff for a plastic packet. It was promptly provided. Shoeib was the first one to drop his mobile phone into the opaque plastic packet. So did all the other guys; one at a time. The thing was: the guys would drop their mobile phones in the packet, the girls would pick up blind.

As Shoeib tried to shuffle the mobile phones by shaking the packet he said, “Once a girl holds a phone, she has to pick it up even if she realizes whom it belongs to by her touch.” Again a silent approval. What was with these guys? They all wanted to be a part of a dirty act but they didn’t want to talk about it. Mankind, thy name is Hypocrisy!

Anyway, the fact that the girl had to choose the mobile phone turned me on instantly. The girl will choose which guy will fuck her tonight. Will she pray to get her boy friend or pray hard to get someone else. Someone specific?
My prayers were already done.

“Vaishali, baby you first please.”
I followed Shoeib’s request and put my hand inside and in a flash took out a mobile phone. It was Sumit’s. I saw a hint of a mocking smile on Pratibha’s face. As if she was happy I was going to sleep with her boy friend.

Next, was Pritha. Then Sneha. Followed by Pratibha. Lastly, Anjila.

So, we finally knew with whom we were going to sleep with for the night. It was not the kind of weekend we had in mind. Perhaps it was better. Spicy it definitely was. There happened an umpteenth silence of the night. After which people got up and emptied the room following their partners.

The final list of the fuck-couples were:
Anjila and Hemant.
Pratibha and Vikram.
Shoeib and Sneha.
Pritha and Nimish.
Vaishali and Sumit.

One thing was sure: it was going to be a lusty night for the ones who had said yes but the two morons who said no…well, they would have to suit themselves.

Only Anjila stayed back in the room with Hemant; her twelve year older fuck partner for the night. As I left the room following Sumit I wondered if Anjila would be bossy on bed with Hemant as she is otherwise with Nimish.

I got to know only after the night was over as the girls confided in me what all happened in the respective rooms.

to be contd…

[With individual chapters of what happened with the fuck-couples and how it affected their present relationship by the end of the night.]

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