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It had been nearly a week since the accident at work. Nearly a week since I’d been able to see anything other than vague shadows and almost total darkness. The doctors insisted I’d be fine soon enough. It was a bad chemical burn to the eyes but I was expected to fully recover my sight. Of course, the experience of being blind for a few weeks while I recovered was incredibly depressing. I promised never to take my eyesight for granted ever again when this was over.

I’d been moping for the last several days. I’d never been so helpless in my life. Linda had to do nearly everything for me since I couldn’t see a thing. Truth be told I probably could have been a little more self sufficient but I was in such a sour mood that I didn’t have the motivation. 10 more days of wearing my dual pirate patches was not something I relished.

“Come on Mr. Sorry For Himself – today you’re getting cleaned up and we’re going to turn your mood around. I have a very special surprise for you. We’re going to make the best of things today!”

I glumly allowed myself to be pulled from bed and ushered into the bathroom. A toothbrush was pushed into my hand and my pajamas were stripped off of me. On my first attempt I completely missed the sink and apparently spit all over the mirror. Linda just laughed and redirected me while the shower warmed up.

I could feel her naked body against me as she pulled me into the shower and proceeded to clean me from head to toe. The warm water felt wonderful cascading over my body but not nearly as good as Linda’s hands soaping me everywhere. Every time I tried to reach for her she scolded me and ran soapy fingers over my nipples or the head of my cock or teased my ass.

Once I was sparkling and fresh from head to toe she dried me with a towel, fixed my hair and deposited me on the couch in the living room totally naked.

“Be right back…”

I heard footsteps leaving the room followed by the sound of the shower turning back on. I didn’t know what Linda had in mind but my mood was definitely improved although it was driving me crazy not to be able to see her – I’ve always been a highly visual person.

Moments passed as I stroked my cock gently just enough to maintain my erection. Finally I heard / sensed Linda returning to the room. I could feel she was close by as she whispered, “Lean forward and stick out your tongue.”

I did as I was told. I felt her hands gently pushing my head towards my target. I extended my tongue, flat and wide preparing to lick her pussy from top to bottom. Oddly, I couldn’t smell her arousal – only the vanilla scent of her body lotion.

As I made contact I froze. Instead of the soft, slick folds of her pussy I felt the unmistakable shape of a cock head resting on my tongue. I suddenly felt dizzy and my mind began racing.


It must have been six months earlier that Linda and I were lounging by the expansive resort pool in St. Lucia. We were enjoying a great afternoon of people watching. A few of the women were topless and the remainder were wearing very brief bikinis. I would point out women here or there and comment on their bodies.

“Wow, the way her breasts sway with every step is certainly enticing.”

“Those eskişehir escort bayan are the puffiest nipples I’ve ever seen.”

“With that bikini bottom she mustn’t have a wisp of hair left on her pussy.”

Linda was smiling and nodding, her own eyes mentally exploring each of them longingly. Her nipples were rock hard and covered in a shiny gloss of sweat and tanning lotion. Finally she slipped her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, sitting up and swinging to sit on the edge of her chaise.

She leaned conspiratorially close to me, raised her eyebrows, and whispered, “I know you’ve always been fascinated by my bisexuality, but what about you?”


“Yeah… we always girl watch together but I’ve never heard you once remark about a man. What about the Brazilian guy over there? He’s wearing the smallest suit I’ve ever seen on a man and boy does he wear it well!”

I laughed. “You know I’ve always said that sexuality is a continuum. I have to admit that I’ve often fantasized about what it would be like to be with a man but I’ve just never met the right guy.” I winked at her, drawing a smile.

“I think the idea of having sex with another man is actually pretty hot but I’ve honestly never met a man that I’ve been attracted to.”

Drawing a long sip from her fruity drink, Linda continued her inquisition. “Well, what is your ideal man like in the fantasy?”

I looked around slightly embarrassed to be discussing my fantasy life so openly in a public place.

“That’s just it. In my fantasy I never actually SEE the man. The only part I focus on is his cock. He’s circumcised like me, pretty average in size like me, and his shaft and balls are completely shaved… like me. I guess I really am fantasizing about sex with myself in an odd way. In the scene that I play in my head I just see myself exploring his cock, giving my first blowjob, and no more. Is that weird?”

Linda put her hand over mine and gave it a little squeeze.

“Not at all sweetie… Nothing wrong with that.”

Noticing my erection tenting out my trunks she got an impish grin on her face and dragged me back to our room for hot sweaty sex.


My mind was whirling – did I really want to make this happen? Was this a fantasy that was better left unfulfilled? Was my wife going to think differently of me after this?

Linda’s voice brought me back to the present. “Just lick it.”

So, I did…

He wasn’t quite hard yet as I began my exploration. My hands went to his thighs as I ran my tongue around the head gently. Tonguing the ridge under his cock head forced it to twitch. Taking it into my mouth for the first time resulted in a low gasp from my mystery man. I sank my lips to the root of his semi-hard shaft and began sucking softly. I used my tongue to force his cock to the roof of my mouth as I held him.

The pulsing suction was something that Linda always used on me and I knew how much I enjoyed it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. His shaft began to harden and lengthen in my mouth. Little gasps and low moans offered encouragement as I sucked him to full size. As he grew I had eskişehir escort to let him slip out a bit as I wasn’t able to keep his full length in my mouth. I was amazed at how powerful this made me feel!

His hand rested on the back of my head and nudged me softly. Instinctively I knew what he needed and began to slowly bob on his cock feeling it slip along my wet lips. My tongue swirled around his length as he worked in and out of my mouth. I was drooling all over his cock lubricating it as I worked it. With each thrust I was getting more and more of it into my mouth. I went a bit too deep too fast and gagged slightly as his tip pushed at my throat.

Pulling him all the way out I licked all over his head to recover for a moment. When I had caught my breath I was ready for the next step. I formed a loose O with my mouth and kissed the tip. My hands reached around each grabbing a firmly toned ass cheek and encouraging him forward. A few pushes and pulls and I moved my hands to his hips letting him set his own rhythm.

The slurping noises of his wet cock penetrating my lips spurred us both on as he built up the pace. I was moaning around his cock as he thrusted deeper and deeper. When I’d worked up to it I sank my lips all the way to his base held him there for a few moments. I could feel his cock opening my throat as my lips caressed the smooth base of his shaft. Only then did I feel the shortest of hairs tickling my nose. I took a deep breath through my nose, inhaling the vanilla mixed with the subtle musk of his body.

I pulled back off of his cock and took a couple deep breaths and then went back to working him quickly in and out. The whole time he had one hand on my shoulder not pushing me but just holding me as I went crazy on his cock. He was leaning a bit too and fro but before his knees buckled I felt Linda push him slowly onto one of our dining room chairs. I stayed attached to his cock and followed him forward, sinking to my knees in front of him.

He spread his legs wide as his hand repositioned one of mine to hold his balls. They were as smooth as can be without even a hint of hair. Even having handled my own countless times I marveled at the combination of the soft texture with the firmness of his sack pulled close to his body.

His moans were increasing but my mouth was tiring. I brought my other hand around and grasped him tight around the base as I sucked on the tip alone. I began to jack him off with my right hand as the other alternated between caressing his balls and reaching behind them to tease his asshole with my finger tip.

His hips were rocking up off the stool with each pump of his shaft. I knew he was getting close. A feminine hand pulled my left hand away and I felt my index finger jacked like was doing with my other hand as I felt the cool sensation of lube being poured onto my fingertip. A few more moments and my hand was pushed back under his balls again.

I rimmed his puckered hole with the slick lube as I felt another new sensation. Linda was kneeling behind me, still naked. I felt her breasts mashed against my back, her nipples poking into me rock hard like the cock in my mouth.

An unspoken signal must have escort eskişehir passed between them as Linda softly announced, “He’s getting close. Be ready for it.”

I felt her lubed hand close around my own cock and begin jerking it in time with the motions of my own hand on the mystery man. My finger pressed firmly against his relaxed ass and slipped inside. I was moaning loudly around his cock as I felt it get a bit harder in my mouth. His hips were shaking as he tried to push his cock deeper into my waiting mouth. Loud groans began to drown out my own as I felt the first twitch of his cock. I pressed my finger deeper into his ass and held it there.

He exploded into my mouth, filling me with his hot, salty cum. My hand must have been a blur, pumping him as hard and fast as I could go. His hips jerked in time to the spurts of cum that continued to fill my mouth. I barely swallowed the first batch as my mouth refilled with more and more of his seed. I was reminded of oysters as it slid down my tongue into my throat. The taste wasn’t something I’d crave but it wasn’t unpleasant either.

Linda’s hand was still jerking me feverishly and I was thrusting into it as I did my best to maintain my focus on pleasing my mystery man. His final spurt triggered my own orgasm and I sank to the root of his shaft holding him still. Part of me heard the slapping of Linda’s hand against my belly as she stroked me in long quick motions. Part of me visualized the long ropes of cum arcing out of my cock onto the floor. But the biggest part of me listened to the rush of my pulse in my ears over the ragged breathing of the mystery man as his now sensitive organ twitched in my mouth.

Finally spent, I rested my head in his lap, softening cock still warmly encased in my mouth as I took labored breaths of my own coming down from one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Strong hands were stroking my hair as I felt Linda squeezing me tight against her as she released my cock. She pulled me backward onto my haunches. His now deflated cock popped from my mouth and he pulled my hands away. My finger felt cool in the air as it he slowly extracted it from deep in his ass.

My focus shifted to Linda as I realized she was fingering her clit wildly with her cum-covered hand and clutching me desperately. Her own release was nearly instantaneous as I felt her hips slapping against my ass while she came.

“Oh my god that was incredible!” she huskily breathed into my ear. More unspoken communication must have been exchanged as she added, “It appears you are a quick learner. You’ve earned two thumbs up and a big smile.”

I reached forward searching for the mystery man again but I found an empty chair. I heard him laughing softly from across the way as Linda joked, “I think you’ve sucked enough cock for today – one to a customer!”

The front door squeaked and clicked as I heard it close. The mystery man had left the building. Linda and I spooned on the floor as I reflected on the past hour.

“Are you ever going to tell me who it was?”

“And spoil your fantasy? No way! So, how was your first blowjob?”

“Wonderful! Thank you for setting it up. You’ve really improved my mood, I’ll tell you that much! I know that the accident made this possible but there is still a little part of me that wanted to see what I was doing… watching his cock in my mouth like a detached observer. Still, it was everything I fantasized it would be!”

“And more! Not to make you even more impatient to get your vision back but you’ll love watching the video!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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