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The sun scorched the soccer field for hours. The group of high school players practiced since early in the morning. School began in a couple weeks and the coaches needed to assemble their squads and shake out all the off-season rust.

“Alright guys, we’ll call you all in a week, whether you make the team or not. We’re going to have one final practice tomorrow so don’t hold anything back,” the male coach said to the assembled players. “We’re done. Relax. Hit the showers.”

Nik patted a teammate on the back, walking off to the stands. Some of the parents hung around, watching their kids play. He smiled brightly, noticing his mother wave to him. Most of the other mothers looked like mothers, middle-aged and worn out. Maybe one or two of them got extra points for a horny teenager into MILFs, but Nik’s mother scored off the charts.

Tight jeans hugged thin legs, and an equally tight t-shirt allowed her slim, busty physique to be enjoyed by all.

“I’m going to need another ride out here again tomorrow, mom,” he told her.

“Just tell me the time, hunny. I got snacks for you in the car,” she smiled, warmly.

Her bust had the proper amount of bounce, not enough to be over exaggerated but enough pep to make the other moms jealous. She gave her son a hug, leading him back to their car.

“Coach said he’d call during the week,” Nik said, strapping in.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re the best player on the team.”

“Aunt Krystal told me she’d get me a tour of the pro facilities.”

“Yeah? Were you chatting with her last night?” Veronika asked.

“She sends her love. She called pretty late. Wanted to tell me about Europe.”

“Always the jetsetter, that one. Remember, young man, I don’t want you slacking on your grades just because you’re getting scouted by the big universities.”

Nik nodded, but then suddenly winched in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Veronika asked.

“My back is sore. I hit the ground hard when a teammate landed on me from a tackle.”

“That isn’t good. Can’t have you hurt before the season even starts. When we get home I’ll give you a back rub and loosen you up.”

“Thanks, mom,” he replied, tentatively.

“Spill it, Nik. What aren’t you telling me? I can see it on your face.”

He hesitated for a moment before answering.

“You didn’t mention anything about today.”

“Today? Look under the front seat.”

Hesitation turned to a bright smile. A small package, neatly giftwrapped, rested under the seat.

“Happy eighteenth birthday to my young man. You’re no longer a child.”

Nik opened up the package. Inside he saw a wad of cash.

“I thought I’d do something different this year for you,” she replied before he could ask the question. “You only turn eighteen once. I want you to get something you want. Don’t want to ruin it by buying something that’ll disappoint you.”

“I’m happy with all your presents, mom. Thanks. I love you.”

“I love you too, Nik.”

After a short drive, they arrived at their suburban home. Located on the outskirts of the city, it combined small town charm with privacy. Veronika parked in the large driveway. The smell of fresh grass and gas filled the air.

“Go get cleaned up and then I’ll give you that massage, okay?” she said as they walked into the house.

“Sure, mom,” Nik replied, giving her a kiss on the cheek before heading to the shower.

Veronika immediately walked into the kitchen to get dinner ready, flushed and blushing. Nik didn’t see it but his plutonic kiss made Veronika’s head spin. Her heart beat faster, thumping through her chest wildly. Today he officially turned eighteen. Unconsciously, she bit her bottom lip slightly while setting out juice for when he got out of the shower.

The mother wasn’t dense. Her son had a man’s body, fit and firm. He didn’t sport bulging muscles like a football player but the muscles he did have were cut and ripped. Once Nik turned seventeen a year ago, Veronika’s emotions began to change. A normal, maternal bonding turned to an obsessive clinginess, as she made sure his every need and want got taken care off.

It did not take long for Nik to shower up and head into the kitchen searching for nutrition. He grabbed the first glass of juice he saw, gulping it down instantly. He took the second, thanked his mother, and then headed back upstairs.

He did not wear a shirt. Veronika could not help but look at him like a mother shouldn’t. A deep need grew inside her the past year. Each day closer to his birthday the need expanded, consuming more of her waking thoughts.

“Nik, it is your birthday. Why don’t I get us takeout tonight? Want pizza?” she called out.

“Sure, mom, you know how I like it,” he shouted from upstairs.

Quickly, she placed an order to his favorite pizza joint. Once completed, Veronika walked up to her bedroom to grab a bottle of lotion.

“You decent in there, sweetie?” she asked, opening his door a crack.

“Yeah, just reading.”

She stepped in. Still shirtless, Bayrampaşa Escort he laid on his bed reading a soccer magazine.

“Oh, Krystal sent that to you last week,” Veronika said, seeing her sister on the cover.

“Yeah, felt like reading it again.”

“Lay on your stomach. I’ve got some lotion here that’ll help with your aches.”

Nik nodded, putting the magazine aside, and rolling onto his stomach. Head resting on a pillow, he wore only a pair of loose shorts. Veronika never changed clothing before sliding up onto him.

“You’re right, it was a bad fall. I can see the bruise,” she commented, rubbing a bit of lotion onto it.

Nik winched slightly but settled down.

“His elbow jabbed me,” he said.

“Just forget about it, baby. Close your eyes and relax. Let mommy take care of her special man,” she cooed.

Rubbing lotion into her hands, she slid her fingers over his well-developed back softly and sensually. Veronika rubbed him down lots of times before, making sure to keep him pain free and limber. This moment it felt different, felt sexual. Each breath she inhaled his scent. She could smell his masculine musk. It made her pussy quiver in forbidden anticipation. She also smelled his blood, enticing her further down the taboo path.

Fingers pushed deep into Nik’s skin and muscles, massaging away all the pain. Even when his mother touched one of the many bruises from practice, the overall pleasure of the experience kept it at bay. With his eyes closed, he began to drift off to dreamland. Practice took hours and his muscles screamed out for rest.

“How does it feel, hunny?” Veronika asked. “Nik?”

He didn’t reply, taking in large breathes of air.

“Nik, are you awake?”

He did not reply. Veronika shifted her position, sliding further up his legs for better access to his upper back and shoulders. She leaned in closer. The smell of his blood called out to her, tempted her. Conflicted, she bit her lip for relief but bit hard enough to draw blood. A single drop dripped onto his neck.

Leaning over further, still massaging him, she let her lips touch the blood spot. A soft, simple kiss touched his skin, soaking up the blood. Veronika kissed the same spot again, and again, soft pecks so as not to wake him. Her pussy moistened, making her uncomfortable in tight jeans.

Still asleep, Nik turned around on the spot. Now his mother’s needy, wanton pussy felt the softness of his cock bulge. Inadvertent and not planned, it sent a taboo lightning bolt up her spin. Massaging hands resumed their duty on his chest.

“You’re no longer my little boy but a strong man,” she commented.

Before lust could force her hand, she stopped and got off him.

“No, now is not the right time. I shouldn’t but I should. I want to but I can’t. Dammit, Krystal, Viktoria, why couldn’t you two have had a son?”

She hesitantly bit a finger, admiring her son’s masculine body. Part conflicted and part not wanting to do it this way for their first time, she slipped out of Nik’s bedroom and to her own. The moment the door closed, off went her jeans and fingers began making love to her pussy, trying to calm the ancestral desire burning deep inside.


The next day Veronika acted as if nothing happened, making breakfast for Nik and packing him a lunch before driving him to practice. Returning home, she consumed her time looking at job offers for upcoming photo-shoots. Some she rejected immediately due to the distance away from home. She made Nik a promise to see every game during his senior season.

“Hola, anyone here? Knock knock,” a happy, feminine voice called out from the hallway.

No doorbell, the woman simply walked inside the house. Tall, statuesque, and ivory skinned without a blemish. Raven black hair fell down behind her ears, tweening between short and medium in length. Wearing a business suit and a tight skirt that showed off her entire body, she left zero to a perverted imagination.

“Viktoria!” Veronika screamed, happy. “You didn’t tell me you were coming to visit.”

Veronika ran from the kitchen entrance, hugging her sister tightly. Their large busts smooshed together.

“Business trip. Was in the area and wanted to visit my favorite sister. So, where is my handsome young man of a nephew?” Viktoria asked.

“Out. Practice. Won’t be back for a couple more hours.”

“Been a couple years since I got to see you, sis. I told you I’d pay for a vacation to the west coast.”

“You know Nik is in school and is a shining star in the region’s soccer team.”

“I told you I could get him a spot in the academy. Play against a better lot of talent. No one plays soccer on the east coast. Or talk to Krystal and use her contacts.”

“Let’s not fight, okay? You’ve always been the protective older sister. I get it. We can talk about something else.”

Viktoria smiled, taking off her jacket to hang up.

“Right, you’re right. It’s been eighteen years and I still worry about you. Had to marry a cop and stay single Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan afterwards. Right, new topic. I wanted to take you and Nik out to dinner tonight. A little celebration for the big contract that finalized and it is his birthday too. I hate celebrating alone. We also have something else to celebrate, I trust you haven’t forgotten?”

“That’s great!” Veronika said, hugging her sister again. “Come to the kitchen. I’ve got coffee on. You can tell me all about it the deal, and I’ll tell you what I’ve got planned.”


Nik slid into the tackle, winning the ball cleanly. Hopping back up on his feet quickly, he sent an arcing lob over the defenders to the striker ahead. A single bounce and the forward struck it cleanly, sending the ball into the back of the net.

“Good sliding, Knight. Good timing on that. Play like that against the Tigers and we’ll have no problem winning the championship this year.”

On the sidelines, shouting encouragement and instructions, was Coach Zoya Rodriguez. Tall for a woman, but still half a foot shorter than Nik. Not an ounce of fat on her thin, slender frame. Long hair wrapped in a ponytail, fluttering in the air. Head coach of the girl’s team, but today subbed in for Mr. Richter, out with the flu. Rumor had it she played pro in the Mexican women’s leagues. She never talked about it, but a litany of medals hung in her office, starting the rumors.

“Put some hustle into it, guys. Don’t play like girls!” she shouted, shaking her head at some sloppy defending from the B team. “Alright, enough, enough, pack it in and come over here.”

The squad jogged over quickly, except for a few lollygaggers. Each took a knee in front of Zoya.

“Coach Richter is sick for the week; you guys know that. I want to remind you that you’ll be under my supervision during the practice game this weekend. No ifs, ands, or buts. When I tell you to do something, you do it. I expect you all to act in a professional manner and not ruin the reputation of the school. Understood?”

The team shouted in agreement. Zoya tossed an armband to Nik.

“Compliments of Coach Richter and I. We agreed you’d be the team captain this year. I believe congratulations are in order,” she smiled.

Some on the team rubbed his hair and slapped his back, congratulating him.

“Right, game one is at noon and game two is at three on Saturday. I expect you all to get a good night’s sleep Friday night. Peak performance. It might be against the girl’s team but I don’t want you taking it easy on them or you won’t be getting that call next week. That’s it. Head on home.”

A couple more players slapped Nik on the back but everyone else dispersed to go about their business. Another day, another practice. Even though it was a yearly tradition, and the boys hardly ever lost, Nik knew winning would up the team morale, but a loss would hurt them before the start of the season.

“Nik, come here a moment,” Coach Rodriguez asked. “You’re the captain now. Big responsibility. You think you’re up for it?”

“Yeah, definitely. Long time coming.”

“Confidence, good, I like that. Being the captain is more than being the best on the field. You’ve got to set an example for everyone. I expect twice as much from you. Come earlier, stay later, all that jazz. Understand me?”

“Yeah, sure. This Coach Richter’s pep talk too?”

“That is another thing I wanted to tell you,” she said, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

“He is sick but he isn’t coming back. Can’t get into it. So it has been decided I’ll be running both teams. Think you can handle being coached by a woman?”

“Yeah, why not. You’ve got those medals in your office. They’re real, right? And you won back-to-back championships with the girls. What do I have to lose?”

“Good. I’m one person, and this situation is not ideal. We have no volunteers, so for the good of the team you and Tiffany are going to be my assistants. I expect you both to help me run practice and the team during games.”

“Seriously? Isn’t that too big a step, or against the rules?”

“Don’t think you can hack it, Knight?”

“No, didn’t say that, coach. If you think I can be of use, I’ll do my best.”

She handed off a clipboard.

“Study it for the competition. No time for practice before then, but I expect you ready to coach the boys during the B team’s game.”

“And Tiffany will be coaching the girls during the A team’s game?”

“Exactly. Don’t worry. Do what I say and I’ll make sure you get into the university of your choice. Fair trade?”

Nik nodded. Part of him was nervous, wondering if this was all too much pressure at one time. Another part of him was giddy, thinking how good this would look on his resume and application for college. A lot to take in at one time. His hand still clutched the armband with the word captain on it, in big, bold letters.

“Go and hit the showers. And congratulations again, Captain.”


“He plays this weekend at the high school. I’ll Escort Bayrampaşa be watching the game. Come along. I know it’d make him happy,” Veronika commented.

“He is eighteen. He’ll want some nubile young cheerleader waving to him, not his family embarrassing him,” Viktoria replied.

“I’ve gone to most of his games and he never says a word wrong.”

“Have you two had the chat yet?”

“What chat?”

“You know, ‘the’ chat,” Viktoria said.

“The sex chat? Yeah, told him to always wrap it and to be up front about it if he brings a girl home.”

“Not that chat. The family chat.”

“Wanted to wait. He is so focused on his athletics; I don’t want to take away from it. You know how Krystal was when we were in high school.”

“And what of your modelling career, sis? He find any of your pics yet?”

“Nothing to chat about. He knows his mom is a model. It isn’t like I did porn or nudes.”

“No, but semi-nude modeling in Asia, and a lot of racy pictorials. Aren’t you afraid he’ll find one of the magazines and waste all that delicious cum? Boys his age are so full of testosterone; I’m surprised your house doesn’t reek like a bordello.”

“He sprays his room daily.”

Viktoria coughed up her coffee, choking on it, surprised.


“Air freshener. Vikky, I’m not dense. He is a handsome, young guy like his father. Full of hormones. I found his stroke books, and the underwear stained in his jizz. It is what it is. Better that than knocking up that cheerleader waving to him from the crowds.”

“Right. Maybe I shouldn’t be prying. The responsibility falls on you,” Viktoria sighed. “Easier raising a son than a daughter. I’m trying to keep all the boys off her until the proper moment.”

“Isn’t that the father’s job?”

“He isn’t home much. Always away on business, so I play mom and dad. All the boys lust after her. Once that Latin blood kicks in, well, I just hope she gets married to a proper man first before popping out a kid.”

“Funny. You marry a business mogul and I marry a cop. How different our lives swerved.”

Viktoria snapped her fingers, remembering something important.

“Forgot to give this to you,” she said, reaching into her bag. “Gift. From our new line. Something special to wear to make you feel special on those lonely nights.”

Veronika took it, looking inside the fancy box. A single piece, lingerie nightie. Bright red, made of fine silk, and see-through along the stomach and legs.

“Beautiful. Expensive?”

“Freebie. I got a warehouse of this stuff just lying about. Lingerie, suits, bra and panties, everything. Prototypes and extras for reviews.”

“Hey mom, guess what? I’ve got some awesome news!” Nik called out, entering the kitchen without warning.

The sisters didn’t hear him enter the house. Veronika still stood, showing off the lingerie in front of her hot, MILF body. Nik got an eyeful of his mother in a different light. Even fully clothed, a mental image blew up in his brain. If this were a hentai, his nose would be bleeding profusely right now.

“Nik, we didn’t hear you come in.”

Veronika remembered she was holding up the lingerie provocatively, and tossed it back in the box.

“Aunt Viktoria, I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

He walked over to give her a big hug. Her large, pillowy tits squished against his hard, muscular chest.

“I mixed business with pleasure. Wanted to drop in and surprise my favorite nephew for his birthday,” she smiled, stroking his face. “You grew up to be quite the handsome man. How many hearts have you broken so far?” she flirted.

“Sis, don’t go putting ideas in his head,” Veronika scolded her. “What big news did you have. You look like you won a million bucks.”

He took the armband from his pocket and handed it off.

“You did it!? Seriously? That is great, hunny. I’m happy all your hard work paid off,” she said, excited, hugging him tight enough to cut off his breathing.

“It is settled then. I’m taking you out to celebrate. The best restaurant in the city,” Viktoria chimed in.

“Isn’t that a bit too expensive?” Nik asked.

“Charge card. Husband left it for me. I can think of nothing better to spend it on. And…” she trailed off, pulling out another large box from her bag.

“Holy hell, Vikky, how much can you stuff in there?” Veronika stated.

“It is a duffle bag. Got a little of everything in here if you know how to Tetris it properly. Open it up, hunny. I think you’ll like it.”

The large box opened easily. Pushing away the packaging, Nik’s eyes bugged out at seeing the tailor made, expensive, Italian suit.

“Whoa, this must have cost a couple grand,” he said, shocked.

“A designer friend owed me a favor. She gets a kick out of making custom suits for handsome, young men. Wear it tonight for me,” she smiled, grabbing her phone from the duffle bag. “I’ll go and make the reservations.”

Nik looked at his mom, smiling widely. His looked over the entire jacket, pants, and tie. Movie quality design and materials.

“Is everything okay with Aunt Viktoria? You couldn’t pry a penny out of her hands before, and now she gave us expensive gifts.”

“Don’t think about it, Nik. Just enjoy the gift.”

“Reservation is in three hours,” Viktoria yelled from the other room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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