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Kevin watched his beautiful mother standing by the bed and taking off her clothes. The cute boy was laying on his back on the king size bed in the master bedroom completely naked. His legs were spread apart and his large fully erected dick was standing straight up in the air and wobbling around. His head was propped up by two pillows and his hands were behind his head.

Sharon couldn’t believe she was going to actually spend the weekend fucking her cute son. But she knew she had to do it. All her girlfriends were bragging about fucking their own sons and making fun of her for being a prude. It was a brave new world and she finally decided that it was time to become a part of it. Not that she was going to regret it. Her son was so cute and had such a big dick that she was hotter than she had ever been in her life.

Kevin’s dick was bigger than his father’s, and his dad was gone on weekend business trips so often lately that Sharon couldn’t help but start looking for ways to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. With her son, she wouldn’t even have to leave the house. The gorgeous blonde suspected that her handsome husband was having an affair. All her girlfriends had the same problem. That’s why they turned to their sons for satisfaction. It made perfect sense to Sharon.

Kevin had a relaxed look on his face as he watched his mom unfasten the buttons on her tight sweater and remove it. Next, the miniskirt was sliding down her shapely legs. As she stood there in only her bra and panties, his dick got even harder than it already was. This was going to be so fucking good. His friends had described to him plenty of times the pleasure of watching their beautiful mothers undress, but reality was much better than fantasy.

The cute boy wrapped a hand around bursa otele gelen escort bayan his steel-hard dick and started slowly and lovingly stroking it as he watched the lovely woman turn around with her back facing him. Sharon wanted to tease her son and drive him into a sexual frenzy. She reached behind her back, unfastened the bra, then let it slide down her arms and drop to the carpet. Next she slid her panties down over her firm lush ass and down her shapely legs, then kicked them away. Kevin nearly blew his load as he watched his mom’s sexy ass come into view. Cum started leaking from the head of his dick and started running down the shaft, providing lubrication for his hand.

Sharon turned around, walked over to the bed and got up on it, then crawled between her son’s legs on her hands and knees. Kevin removed his hand from his dick and watched with fascination as Sharon’s beautiful face moved directly into his crotch. When her full soft mouth and long pink tongue contacted his hairless balls, his eyes closed as a wave of intense pleasure washed over his entire muscular body. Jesus christ, how could anything feel this fucking good!

The gorgeous stacked mother made love to her cute son’s balls until they were glistening with saliva, then she turned her entire attention to the huge tower of hard flesh standing tall above her face. It was a holy mountain with a tabernacle at the top housing a crown of lust engorged and ready to pour forth a shower of life-giving fluid. She was going to worship and adore that mountain and work her way up it, then drink from the fountain of youth until her thirst was completely quenched.
She was going to deep throat her son’s dick over and over and become one flesh with bursa ucuz escort bayan it. Sharon was going to take Kevin deep into the world of incest and give them both the ecstacy and rapture of complete satisfaction and fulfillment. Fuck her useless husband, all she needed was her stud son!

The sexy big-titted blonde moved her pink glossed lips to the bottom of the fully erected shaft of Kevin’s dick, then began slowly and methodically working her way up it, moving her tongue all around the throbbing flesh, giving it maximum stimulation. It was so goddamn good for both of them. Two attractive human animals were breathing hard from the labors of lust, wanting more and more of something they could never get enough of. And the pleasure went on and on as the mother continued to lavish affection on her son’s body. Cum was continually leaking from the head of Kevin’s dick and working its way down the shaft, and the gorgeous blonde licked it up as she made her way upward.

Kevin eventually opened his eyes and locked his gaze on his mom’s beautiful face. It was halfway up his shaft now and those big baby-blue eyes of hers were looking right at him as she paid homage and adoration to his dick. Sharon was in love for the first time in her life and she was ready to do anything her cute well-hung son wanted, even take his dick up her ass, which she would never let his asshole father do. If Kevin wanted to pump a load of cum all over her face and even piss on her, she would let him do that too.

It took a long time but the hot mother made it to the top. She swirled her tongue all over the head of the dick, then formed her lips into a perfect circle and started sliding them down. The head moved into her moist warm mouth bursa merkez escort bayan followed by inch after inch of the shaft. Before long it was nudging up against her throat. Sharon took a deep breath, then began swallowing and loosening her throat muscles. It wasn’t long before her son’s magnificent dick was sliding down her tight warm throat. Her tongue was licking all around the shaft as it headed damn near all the way to her stomach. Kevin was in heaven.

Sharon held the huge dick all the way down her throat for a minute, letting her throat muscles massage every inch of it, then her blonde head began bobbing up and down as she started fucking it with her face. She moved her hands to Kevin’s firm round ass and got a good grip on his asscheeks. He was squirming around and the asscheeks were clenching and unclenching from the obvious intense pleasure he was experiencing.

Twenty minutes later the boy’s balls jumped upward and his ass jerked up from the bed. Sharon knew what was about to happen and she quickly drove her mouth all the way down his dick. A long stream of warm slippery cum shot out of her son’s dick right down her throat. Hell, she barely had to swallow because the cum nearly went directly into her stomach. Kevin’s ass jerked up and down nearly a dozen times as he completely unloaded his huge balls. The boy’s pleasure was beyond words to describe.

When her son started squirting, Sharon went into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. The gorgeous stacked mom came and came and came. She squealed like a pig around her cute son’s wildly geysering dick. She felt like she was going to drown in his cum. It was the best meal of her life – absolutely delicious. She felt completely satisfied and proud of her accomplishment.

Kevin was satisfied too. He’d had better blowjobs from some of the cute girls at schhol and even from some of the handsome male teachers. But this was his mother and now he could consider himself a true stud with his friends. It was a nice milestone in his life and it classified him as a perfectly healthy horny male animal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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