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* The players *

Milly a married woman, pretty, good figure and about 28.

Gerry, Milly’s husband, handsome about 32.

Jillian, single, attractive, but with a great body, about 24. She was at the same school as Milly.

Optional. A second cameraman.

* The scene. *

A pleasant rumpus room with bar and leather settee, bar stools and good lighting. The Optional Cameraman or fixed camera views of the three players as the plot unfolds.

Milly dressed informally with wrap over underwear or swimsuit.

Jillian in an out-fit, which emphasizes her figure, but dressed for normal out doors, i.e. fully clothed bra pants tights etc.

Gerry in open shirt and shorts.

Gerry is at the bar opening a bottle of wine. Milly enters welcoming Jillian; they both sit on the settee.

Milly. ‘Come sit here Jillian. I am so glad you could come round this afternoon. Pour her a drink Gerry.’

Gerry. ‘White wine or red Jillian?’

Jillian. ‘White, sweet if you have it please.’

Gerry pours the drink.

Jillian. ‘What is all the mystery about Milly? You beg me to come. I am not to make other arrangements for this evening and I am not having my monthly. Just what is going on?’

Milly. ‘Well dear it’s secret because we don’t want anybody else to know and we want you to keep our secret if we tell you about it.’

Gerry hands both women a glass and is obviously looking down Jillian’s cleavage.

Gerry. ‘Of course she will keep our secret she has known you for years and has never been indiscrete yet. Get on and tell her what we want Milly.’

Milly. ‘I, Er, we have a favor to ask of you.’

Jillian. ‘Well what is this favor you want of me Milly? I won’t agree to anything until you tell me.’

Milly. ‘Well Jillian, I, that is. Er. We have been having lots of fun playing around with a video camera. We would like you to help us make a video!’

Jillian laughing. ‘I don’t know one end of a camera from another and I would probably miss all the interesting bits,’

Milly and Gerry look at each other and Jillian waits for them to explain.

Gerry. ‘That is not quite what we want your help with just yet, although we had considered that as well. Perhaps you should start at the beginning Milly.’

Milly. ‘Ok, well Jillian, I had the hot’s for a guy, John, who is a friend of a friend. Gerry caught me kissing him at a party.’

Gerry. ‘I of course acted the injured male, but it had given me quite a charge seeing Milly devour John in the corner.’

Milly. ‘When we returned home and Gerry tore my clothes off and we had the most marvelous hot sex. I knew that I had turned him on as well as myself, by flirting with John.’

Gerry. istanbul travesti ‘If that was flirting I would love to see you get serious.’

Milly. ‘Well dear we were soon at it again. We woke up next morning and he was all ready to go again. Wonderful heady stuff.’

Jillian. ‘What is this to do with me, how I can help you. If your sex life is that good and how can videos help?’

Milly. ‘Well dear one thing lead to another and John was asked over to a private party and we leveled with him, just as we leveling with you. We explained that I liked the looks of him and would like to play with his body. Nothing serious or permanent. Gerry was to be there and we would be taking a video of the events.’

Gerry. ‘Now John is a man of the world and said straight out. Gerry you want me to fuck your wife, while you take a video of us! Is that right?’

Milly. ‘Well I had not thought it might go quite that far, but it sounded good to me.’

Gerry. ‘I said that John was a randy devil, but that was a great idea, but only if Milly wanted to go that far. John agreed to respect Milly’s instructions ‘yes, no, go, stop. All that had to be arranged was the time and place.’

Milly. ‘Jillian I was dripping all over the settee I could smell me and hoped they could not.’

Gerry. ‘Milly was obviously in heat and my pants were bursting when John said. “Well where is the camera, and how long does a tape run for?”

Milly. ‘I got the camera and loaded the tape, a 30 minute reel, in seconds flat.’

Gerry. ‘We had no plan of action and not even any sexy clothes or other props, no special lighting, just the house as it normally was.’

Milly. ‘Well John told me to stand up and asked me if I was ready. I said, yes, and he asked if Gerry was ready. He said yes, and John said, Ok let’s continue where we left off at the party! Camera, lights, action!’

Pause while Jillian looks expectantly at Milly.

Milly. ‘So we were off with me in charge, John doing just as he wanted with me and Gerry taking the video.’

Gerry. ‘So dear Jillian we made a blue movie.’

Milly. ‘The only problem was that the tape ran out before I had really finished, but John was wonderful he did what I asked, and then was the perfect gent, he gathered his clothes dressed and left. I was starker’s, very wet and panting for Gerry to finish me off.’

Jillian. ‘Well, I still don’t see why you need me.’

Milly. ‘We have made two more videos since then. One with John to finish off the previous tape, and another with a friend of Johns. He is a really handsome fellow with an 8″ prick!’

Jillian. ‘Yes dear, I know you are insatiable, but just what do you want of me?’

Milly. istanbul travestileri ‘Gerry has been wonderful about the video sessions and I want to do a session with John and his friend!’

Jillian. ‘What! Two at once?’ Her mouth open and her eyes round saucers.

Milly. ‘Yes, I am really desperate to try it and Gerry has said he will take a video of the action, but he has made one condition. It is really quite reasonable considering that I have been getting all my fantasies fulfilled, while Gerry takes the camera and gets all hot and bothered watching me get well and truly screwed.’

Pause while Jillian waits for the punch line.

Milly. ‘His condition is what I need you for Jillian!’

Pause again, Jillian waits for Milly to come to the point.

Milly. ‘He wants me; to take a video; of him; screwing you!’

Jillian’s face is a picture. Shocked, interested, amused, horrified, and back to just plain interested.

Jillian. ‘Milly you expect me to agree to let Gerry have his way with me, while you take dirty pictures of us doing it?’

Milly. ‘YES!’

Jillian. ‘What do I get out of it?’

Milly. ‘Well, no copies of course, just one for you and one for us and we won’t show it to anybody else with out your permission. Gerry is a very good lover darling.’

Jillian. ‘Ok, I am shocked but intrigued. Just what do you want this video to consist of, a strip show, a fuck with oral and cum shots, or have you got a script?’

Gerry. ‘We don’t have a script, but a strip, fuck, suck and cum video is exactly what I was thinking of.’

Jillian. ‘I am considering the proposition; I would want rather more than a copy of the tape though.’

Milly. ‘What would you want dear? Please tell me, I am so desperate. I am sure we can agree to your wishes.’

Jillian. ‘Well for starters I want to see Gerry naked and with an erection. I want to see what I am going to get.’

Gerry. ‘Ok I am not shy.’

Jillian. ‘You are not to say a word while we are doing it Milly.’

Milly. ‘Yes dear.’

Jillian. ‘After he has had his way with me. I want my way with you!’

Gerry bursts out laughing. Milly is stunned to silence.

Jillian. ‘He can tape me having you and he must keep quite then!’

Milly. ‘I did not think you were like that!’

Jillian. ‘I didn’t think so either, but you are desperate and I can take the opportunity to experiment!’

Gerry. ‘Jillian you are worse than Milly!’

Jillian. ‘Well do you agree to my terms?’

Milly. ‘Yes dear what ever you want.’

Gerry. ‘You are a real surprise Jillian, of course I agree.’

Jillian. ‘Get the camera ready!’

Milly. ‘It is ready, we have been recording travesti istanbul this!’

Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry, strip! I want to see just what I am about to get!’

Gerry hesitates for a few seconds.

Milly. ‘Ok dear show her what you have got.’

Gerry strips for Jillian Milly moves out of camera and begins hand held video using second camera if one is available.

Jillian. ‘I hope that you are getting all this Milly?’ She holds Gerry’s rising cock.

Jillian. ‘How long does the video run for? How long before Gerry shoots off?’

Milly. ‘About 20 minutes to both questions dear.’

Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry you may take my clothes off now. I know you have perved at me many times, so get to it and see exactly what you have been missing!’

Jillian stands stock-still and does not help Gerry one little bit as he fumbles to get her out of her clothes.

His cock is stood to attention and Jillian takes every opportunity to stroke it as she is undressed. Jillian sits legs splayed wide on the settee.

Jillian. ‘Give me a good suck Gerry.’

Gerry bends to her open cunt.

Some while later Jillian lifts him from her.

Jillian. ‘Milly come get a good close up as he puts his cock in my mouth.’

Quite some time later.

Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry now you can fuck me any which way just don’t stop, but don’t come anywhere but in my face.’

They fuck until the tape is about to run out.

Milly. ‘Two minutes tape left!’

Jillian squats in front of the camera giving a wide-open view of her cunt and takes Gerry in her mouth, Gerry is fully erect and covered with her juices. She sucks and pulls back as Gerry ejaculates over her face and tits.

Jillian sucks him dry. She leaves his sperm on her body.

A little while later.

Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry you take the camera. It’s your turn Milly. When Gerry is ready you can strip for me.’

Milly. ‘God Jillian you were fantastic. What are you going to do to me?’

Jillian. ‘I am not going to do anything you are going to do everything though. Come on get out of those clothes.’

Milly strips.

Jillian. ‘Sit here and masturbate while I watch!’

Milly splutters but complies.

Jillian. ‘Get some close ups Gerry.’

A little while later.

Jillian. ‘Ok now do the same to me. Get some real good close ups Gerry.’


Jillian. ‘Milly I am ready for your tongue now.’


Jillian. ‘Milly I will return the pleasure.’

Still later.

Jillian. ‘Milly I think we should try sixty nine with you on top.’

Later again.

Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry come fuck me while Milly sucks my clit.’


Jillian. ‘Ok Gerry change ends, but fuck my mouth as often as you fuck Milly’s cunt. Keep sucking Milly.’


Jillian. ‘Come in my mouth Gerry!’

Much Later.

Jillian. ‘I really enjoyed that. What can we get up to next? Who is this guy with eight inches?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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