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On Tuesday my phone rang early. I grabbed my cell and looked. It was Bonnie.

“Hello baby!” I answered.

Her voice was filled with excitement, “Hi, are you ready for dinner tonight?”

“I am, what time will you be here?”

“I am dropping the kids with their Dads and then I will be there. How is 6?”

“Sounds great to me!”

“See you then.” And she hung up.

I got up and showered. I had extra time today because of the early call before work so I made breakfast for me and Jessie.

My daughter Jessie was barely 18 and had just had a baby. Her “baby daddy” was a punk and left her high and dry. She was a great Mom. She was a natural at it. She worked hard and was a well adjusted young lady for someone who was pregnant early in her life. She was tall like her Mom, almost 6 feet and her pregnancy left her with mature curves she did not like. She always complained that her butt and boobs were too big.

“Hi Dad! Did Bonnie get a hold of you last week?” Boy did she ever, I thought.

“Yes, in fact she is coming for dinner tonight to talk with us about your Mom and you.”

Jessie was excited to hear her sister was coming for dinner. “Very cool! “

After eating breakfast, she grabbed the baby and her bags and headed off to work.

I hope she doesn’t end up like her Mom and sister! That being a horny slut.

I put the dishes in the sink and left myself.

I had a difficult day at work. My mind kept wandering to those massive globes of Bonnie and her naughty nature.

4 o’clock could not come fast enough. I grabbed my stuff and headed out of my office. I jumped in the car and fired up the stereo. Tunes were good on the way home and I was home before I knew it. I went in and jumped in the shower. After I got out I walked out of my bedroom in my underwear and grabbed a beer. I walked into the living room and there sat Jessie. She just stared at me.

“Damn Jessie, I thought you were off at 5?”

“I got off early because Bonnie coming over.”

I turned and went upstairs quickly.

I know she saw my bulge and that bothered me. Quickly I turned my thoughts to Bonnie. Soon I was in a happy spot again and forgot about the encounter with Jessie. I dressed in some loose fitting shorts and left my underwear off. I hoped tonight would be another fuck fest with Bonnie and I wanted her to have access to my member whenever she wanted.

I was in the kitchen cooking when the doorbell rang.

“I got it Dad!” Jessie yelled.

I could hear the 2 sisters talking and laughing. Shortly after, they came into the kitchen. Bonnie was dressed in black spandex pants and a form fitting shirt. She looked fabulous.

“What is for dinner” Bonnie asked.

I had made a spicy chicken curry that Jessie told me Bonnie liked.

“Curry chicken” I replied.

“Sounds yummy! I like things that are hot.” Bonnie said with a wink.

We sat and ate and had some wine. We talked about the baby and how life was being a new Mom and Grandpa. It was a light hearted conversation and it soon ended.

“That was a great meal, Tim. Thank you!!”

“No problem” I replied.

We went into the living room and the girls sat down. I excused myself and ran to the bathroom. When I returned, what I saw almost gave me a heart attack. Jessie and Bonnie were kissing each other passionately. I could see Jessie’s Fatih Escort tongue darting in and out of Bonnie’s mouth. Jessie’s hands were all over Bonnie’s tits.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I demanded.

“This is what I really came to talk to you about Tim.” Bonnie replied.

“I have been involved with Jessie since she turned 18. My Mom and I had a close relationship and I wanted Jessie to have the same.”

“Get the fuck out!” I screamed.

Bonnie grabbed her stuff and left in a hurry.

I told Jessie that I was very disappointed with her.

I went to my room. Sitting there, I replayed what I had seen. My daughter was kissing her very own sister and had her hands on one of those massive tits. The same ones I had shot my cum!! I could not get the image out of my mind. I didn’t know if I wanted to be mad or turned on. From the looks of my cock, it was turned on. I turned on the TV and watched a while before drifting off to sleep.

I was woken by Jessie’s voice.

“Dad? Can I come in, I need to explain a few things to you.”

I told her to come in and she sat on the desk chair.

“I know you are mad. It is not right and I understand that. It is just that she make me feel so good. She knows what I need and does the things I like.”

“It is incest you know. You can go to jail for it and people will treat you like dirt if they find out.”

“I know Dad, I know.”

“How did all this start?”

Jessie went on to say how Bonnie started talking one day about her and my Mom’s relationship. How she learned from her Mom and from watching my Mom and me (Tim). She told me she would come into her Moms room and eat her after her I left and filled her with his cum.

Jessie continued. “One thing led to another and soon we were involved. She really makes me hot, Dad. I saw you looking at her tonight. You want her. I know it.”

I thought for a minute and said, “I already did Jessie, last week.”

My cock was growing. I had to turn to hide it. I rolled over and we continued talking about her and her sister. I was getting hard thinking about the scene that had unfolded earlier tonight

“You horn dog Dad!”

“I laughed, I have needs. She presented herself to me and I took advantage.”

A devilish smile came across Jessie’s face.

“Is your cock as big as Bonnie said it is?”

I just about fell off the bed. Except my cock/kickstand would not let me.

“I wanna see it.” She tried to lift the covers off me and I told her no. After a few minutes she got up and walked off slowly. Her night shirt was up over her big ass. I was mesmerized.

“Stop”, I said.

She turned around and came back to my bed. I took the covers off and my cock was lying on my stomach. She gasped when she saw it.

“Fuck Dad it is H U G E!!”

Bonnie said it was big but I had no idea this is what she meant. “Can I touch it?”

“Just this once and no one can know, except Bonnie!” “Understood?”

“Yes Dad. I understand”

She grabbed it and studied it for quite a while. Soon the pre cum was oozing from the head. She rubbed her thumb over the top and I jerked with pleasure. Before I knew it she had it in her mouth, sucking me like her sister had. I wanted to tell her to stop but it was too good. I ran my hands into her hair and pumped my monster in and out of her mouth. Fatih Escort Bayan

“I am gonna cum Jessie!”

She popped her mouth off long enough to say she wanted it in her throat and dropped back down onto my cock. My balls spasmed and I started cumming. I had never felt anything like that ever. It was because what we were doing was so wrong. So wrong, but in a good way. She swallowed all she could and the rest ran down my shaft to her hands and my balls.

“Did you enjoy my mouth Dad?”

The only thing I could say was “yes.”

I was in shock. I had just received a blowjob from my daughter. I did not know what to think or say.

Jessie was very excited. She sat on the end of my bed and slid her shirt up.

“I want to masturbate for you Dad. I want you to hear me cum.” Jessie moaned.

Her fingers were in and out of her pussy. Fingers playing her clit like a fine instrument. Soon her legs tightened and she started cumming.

The orgasm shook her body. I could see the wetness of her tight pussy.

“Thanks Daddy! I needed that. You and Bonnie had made me so horny!”

She kissed my cheek and gave my semi hard cock a squeeze and left my room.

The next day Jessie was up and gone before me and I was relieved. I grabbed my stuff and headed to work. A busy day would help with my boggled mind. At lunch time, my phone rang. It was Bonnie.

“Hi Bonnie”.

“Hi Tim. Jessie told me what happened. I have to say she is aggressive. I thought it would be a few more weeks before she tried anything.”

I told her that it was a onetime thing and it would not happen again. Jessie seemed amused but played along.

“I want to fuck you again Tim. I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk. I want that big fucking pole in my cunt. I want you to wear me out.”

“I can arrange that. How about today? Jessie is gone til about 10. That will give us a few hours. How about 4 this afternoon?

“Purrrfect” she cooed.

I raced home and got ready. I put lube by the bed and made sure I was as smooth as a baby’s ass. I heard Bonnie’s car pull into the drive and I walked downstairs.

I opened the door and Bonnie came in. Immediately she grabbed my crotch and started rubbing. I got instantly erect. I pushed her onto the couch and yanked off her pants. My tongue worked on her clit furiously. I had 3 fingers in her pussy and was massaging her G spot furiously. She started to shake and moaned loudly.

“Make me cum, make your whore cum, fuck me with your finger and tongue!!”

I sucked her swollen clit and she stared to cum. I pressed hard on her G spot and she screamed uncontrollably. She was in heat, cumming harder than she ever had.

I did not give her time to recover. I freed my cock and drove it into her. She was surprised by the assault on her pussy but soon she was pulling on her nipples and enjoying every inch of me. I fucked her for an eternity. Doggie style, missionary, cowboy and back to missionary. We went to the kitchen and she climbed onto the table and spread her thighs.


Again I plowed into her fucking her until her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she convulsed into orgasm. Her orgasm lasted several minutes. I was at the point of no return and pulled out of her and shot my cum onto her belly, tits and face. Stream after stream of hot Escort Fatih cum erupted from my raging cock. She was covered in cum and never looked any better. I crawled up onto the table and mounted her chest and dropped my cock into her mouth. She sucked and stroked my throbbing cock. It was semi limp and she gobbled almost all of it into her mouth. It was heaven. I grabbed her hair and slowly fucked her mouth. Then I heard a noise. I looked to the door and there was Jessie. Fingers in her pants rubbing her pussy.

“Oh good you are here” Bonnie said.

“Come here and taste your Dads cum in my pussy.”

I watched as Jessie walked behind me and licked the dripping cum from her sister’s belly and pussy. She walked around and licked the cum off each massive tit also. Both Bonnie and Jessie were smiling as I stood there.

“What are you two smiling at?”

They both pointed to my cock. It was alive and erect again. Jessie got on the table and opened her thighs. He pussy was shaved clean glistened with her wetness. Bonnie walked between her thighs and started licking her sister’s wet pussy.

“Daddy is going to fuck this little pussy today baby, just like we talked about. He will ram that big pole into you!”

“Oh god sis that feels so good, make me cum, put a finger in me and make me cum!”

I watched Bonnie slide a finger in her pussy and one in her ass. Jessie arched her back as she entered both holes. She was enjoying it immensely. Bonnie was a pro at eating pussy. She had Jessie cumming in minutes.

After Jessie’s orgasm subsided. I walked over to them and said, “I know what is needed here and I am going to fuck you Jessie. I am going to fuck you hard and long.”

Bonnie took my throbbing cock and sucked it getting the head wet. I pressed it against Jessie’s tight little cunt and pushed. It took a minute but I finally got the head in.

Jessie moaned, “OH GOD DADDY, IT IS HUGE!!”

I pushed and slid in about 4 inches. She about passed out. Bonnie had positioned herself on Jessie’s face and was watching me fuck my daughter as Jessie tried to lick her.

“Fuck her hard”, Bonnie whispered. “She can take it. Fuck her real hard!”

I pushed more cock into Jessie going slow until she was filled with man meat. Bonnie looked at her sister. She was in a state of ecstasy. Bonnie climbed off and watched as I impaled my own daughter. Bonnie pulled Jessie’s shirt off and exposed her tits to me for the first time. They were not as big as Bonnie’s but they were perky and the nipples were huge. Huge from nursing her baby. Bonnie was licking and sucking her sister’s nipples coaxing milk from them. Jessie was moaning loudly I fucked her long and hard.

Her moaning was loud and her hips were bucking with each thrust. “I am cumming Daddy, I am cumming!”

I could feel her little cunt squeeze my cock with all her mite. It was a feeling that I enjoyed and felt myself started to get that feeling. I fucked her until her orgasm passed and I pulled out and Bonnie grabbed my pole and stroked my cock until I needed to cum.

“Here it cums Jessie. You have made Daddy cum.”

And with that Bonnie stroked my cock and I exploded all over my daughter. I covered her belly with puddles of cum. Bonnie quickly cleaned up the cum and swapped my cum into my daughter mouth so she could taste what her and I taste like together.

“Oh fuck Daddy that was so good. I want to fuck you every day!”

“And I want to also”, Bonnie threw in.

So that is how it went for the next few weeks. I would fuck them both daily. Until the day Bonnie told me she was pregnant. Pregnant with my baby……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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