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Through his goggles, Jamie could almost see the door moving. He involuntarily leaped back. Too late. The other waiter came straight out of the pitch-black restaurant into the bright kitchen, expertly dodging around him. Jamie wobbled on one foot, and watched helplessly as the two pastries slid straight off his platter.

Crash. The rest of the kitchen staff didn’t even look up this time.

That other server he had just that he had narrowly missed snapped off his night-vision goggles, rubbed his eyes, and cast a disdainful look at Jamie. The restaurant’s “Dinner in the Dark” nights, where patrons ate their meals in complete darkness, had proved so popular they had had to take on temporary staff – like Jamie. I’ll be glad when this is over, he thought, collecting two replacement desserts.

He crossed the threshold into the restaurant, bearing his platter. The goggles illuminated his path with a vague oval of green-grainy detail. A chair. A table. Two lovers taking advantage of the darkness to feed each other strawberries, using only their mouths. The woman bit off the offered berry and giggled with abandon, pieces of the fruit falling out onto the table. Booth 24. 25. Booth 26.

He set the two plates down. But only one customer was left, a woman. She stared straight ahead, and seemed not to notice his presence, her head slumped forwards.

“Did your date go to the bathroom?” Jamie asked. Patrons always got lost doing that on nights like these.

She didn’t answer. Jamie lingered for a while, uncertain of what to do. He wasn’t above leering at her ample cleavage either, glistening emerald in his goggle view.

Suddenly he noticed her left hand had strayed to her breast, and she was absentmindedly almanbahis adres tracing circles around her nipple. The tip strained against the fabric of her dress. Oh boy, another secret exhibitionist. Jamie thought. Wait till I tell the others.

“No… he’s gone,” she said.

“I’ll just take away this extra dessert then,” he said, bending over to pick up the plate. He twisted around so his head was practically at table level. She was actually pinching her nipple now. Nice.

“Wait,” she said. She reached out blindly and she caught his hand. Her flesh was hot.

Her eyes stared out at nothing, milky-green orbs flitting randomly, just inches away from his. Her hand tightened its grip, then released him. She brought her hands to her chest again. She clutched at a breast with one hand, and with the other, slowly unzipped the front.

Elana still felt the hot sting on her cheek, where her lover had slapped her. Coming here had been a mistake. No, it was the best thing that they had ever done. Here, in the dark, she wasn’t dazzled by his gorgeous eyes. It was if all her senses had been heightened — she heard only his grunting eating habits and crude jokes. When he had groped her, he felt like a strange beast.

He had spat out that he’d never liked her, and that she didn’t know what she was doing in bed. As if he would know anything about that. She had to secretly use a vibrator while he was out.

She had sat in the dark angry and trembling for what seemed like long minutes. She drained her wine glass. And now… a voice… what was that voice…? What was she doing? The hubbub of the restaurant. Her breasts were released. The fabric fell down to her waist.

They almanbahis adresi were the finest breasts he had ever had in his hands. Generous and firm with peaks of dark nipples, now focused to hard points under his caresses. He gently caught one nipple between two fingers. She drew a sharp breath and panted. Her back arched, and she leaned back into the leather of the booth, into the shadow of his dim night vision. Her naked breasts were all he could see, pointed skyward, two hypnotizing orbs of greenish flesh.

Steps away, a dinner party of twelve laughed raucously at a dirty joke.

Suddenly her hand clamped down hard on his. It climbed up his arm. It touched his side. It found his belt. Her two hands, so delicate, began to undo his belt.

She looked up and past him…. no, where she thinks I am. She can’t see me. Her eyes were white and blank; the night vision bounced off the retina. The window to the soul was shuttered. Only her body remained. She opened her mouth and licked her lips. The cleavage of her breasts deepened, pressed together by her arms, which were unbuttoning his trousers.

His erection jerked at her touch. She had found it. He shuddered with a wave of pleasure. God, she was good. Her face drifted forward… a face searching in the darkness for his cock.

She engulfed him and sucked hard.

The dinner party roared. They were getting wild.

She blew him with strong, lusciously slick lips. This was no teasing, lapping blowjob as foreplay. She meant business. She was on a mission. Her head bobbed up and down as he felt the circle of her mouth go all the way to the root, her tongue cleaving to the sensitive underside.

She almanbahis adres released his cock, and cradled and licked his balls, casting glances up to where she must think his face is. Jamie’s rock-hard erection cast a shadow over her lovely face, illuminated green by the invisible lamp in the goggles. She closed her eyes and sucked at his balls, each in succession. Jamie could barely stand.

She stopped and grinned at him… an evil grin, something just for herself, in the darkness. Her hand searched the table. She found her glass of ice water and the still-hot coffee. She took a swig of the ice water and plunged down onto his cock again. Jamie almost knocked the table over, his breathing ragged with shock. She seemed to like that. Then she took a sip of the coffee and engulfed his cock again, her cheeks pinching with the effort, her expression fey. Jamie’s cock was flooded with burning hot sensations and he cried out, his hips bucking in response.

He was involuntarily gyrating his hips, gently fucking her face as she sucked greedily. The pressure was building and she knew it.

“Hey waiter,” she said, stopping to pump his cock with her hand, her glistening green breasts swaying. “I want some dessert.”

And she sucked on his cock one last time – hard – lips pursed right at the tip – with tongue dancing on his glans.

He exploded into her. The hot sperm was as bright as neon and it poured into her throat, some escaping and painting her face with brilliant strands. Her eager mouth lapped up as much as it could. Her hands continued to slowly pump his cock, working out every last bit of cum while she mischievously, slowly, kissed the sensitive throbbing tip, sending Jamie into delicious agony.

The noises of the restaurant swirled around them again. She pulled her clothing on, confining those lovely breasts again. She pressed money into his hand and rose to whisper in his ear.

“Make a reservation. Next week. Same time.”

He nodded in the dark. Booth 26.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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