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As I drove along the highway I began to ask myself the question that had already been asked about a million times in the short hour and a half I’d been in the car, “Why, again, am I doing this?” I knew the answer each and every time, “Because I want to, I need to.” Clearing my thoughts and tuning in the lousiest song on the radio I just concentrate on getting there. Seeing the turn-off sign a mile ahead I again feel a slight gripping fear, maybe it’s because this is the first time I’d ever considered doing this and the fact that he didn’t even know I was coming down. What if he was busy? How could I explain being “in the neighborhood” when my neighborhood was in a different state.

Blocking it out once again I swallowed my fear with a slight smile on my face, realizing that once he did see me, he’d probably be too surprised to care. Turning on to a main road I began looking in all directions for my destination, feeling I’d hit the twilight zone. No comforting blue signs that pointed you in the right direction were to be seen. Great, just great. I could see me getting lost and no one to call but my roommate who was against me coming here in the first place.

I’d almost given up hope when I spotted it in the corner of a strip mall on my left. It was mid afternoon on a weekday and everyone was either at school or work, good thing because I don’t remember looking as I changed lanes. As I pulled in the parking lot a knot formed in my stomach. Staring at the cheesy décor of the Texan-style restaurant, I had a sudden fit of the giggles. Another question leapt in my mind, “Why are you hot for a guy that works in a place like this?” But I knew that answer too, “Because we were bored, together.”

Getting out of the car seemed to be the next feat in a life-long line of them. The restaurant had just opened about twenty minutes ago, so no one was there and the headwaiter greeted me with a smile that was, as I say, plastered on with pain. I told him that I was just looking for someone and wouldn’t be long. Glancing around the restaurant I scanned for him. There he was. I hate to admit it but seeing the back of him sent a spread of warmth over me that seemed to gyrate into my pussy.

He was behind the bar doing, what I could only guess was inventory. Taking a breath I strode to the bar, my hips swaying with sexual confidence underneath my blue strapless sundress. He hadn’t seen me yet, so I took the opportunity to pore over his adorable backside. I decided I would say my opening line before he even had seen that it was me. “Excuse me, do you know where the closest available hotel is located?”

He turned to answer and my breath caught. I was staring into the most beautiful dark eyes I’d ever seen. Slow realization passed over his face as he recognized me from my picture. “Lucy?”

I simply replied, “Rob.”

A smile that melted away any more of my fears graced his face. “So, you need to know where the nearest hotel is Pendik Escort huh, why is that?” He smirked at me, teasing me. He knew damn well why.

I quirked an eyebrow and said, “Because I believe fucking in public is against the law in this state.” Boy did that get his attention, his eyes got wide before he started chuckling at my blunt response.

He gave me directions to the nearest hotel with a promise that he got off at six. I said I’d call with the room number and as he handed me a pack of matches, with the restaurants number on it, his fingers lightly skimmed the back of my wrist sending shivers up my arm. Four hours was a long time to wait, but hell I’d probably wait ten for him. As I headed for the door I could feel his eyes on me. Being the playful person that I am, I pretended to drop the matches and as I bent to pick them up I went straight down, not bothering to bend my knees. I heard whistles and shouts behind me, because I knew damn well I had no panties on. I turned to look in his direction and he stood there leaning against the bar with an erotically pained look on his face and he mouthed the words, “You’ll pay for that one” to me. I just smirked a sexy smile and left.

I climbed into my car, shifting pleasurably on my leather seats. Man I was in trouble if that menial stunt had already caused my cunt to get wetter than Niagara Falls. Sighing to myself I drove out of the parking lot and onto the main drag once again. I decided to stop at the small shopping area before going to the hotel, making him wait for my call.

I strolled around a discount-type store looking at nothing in particular when a display of books caught my eye. BUY THE NEWEST BESTSELLER — “110 WAYS TO CURE BOREDOM”!!

I chuckled to myself and picked one up, leafing through it briefly. Stopping in the lingerie department I searched for some new things to drive home in, remembering I’d forgotten a spare change of clothes besides my running duds that are always in my car. I then went up to the checkout to pay for my things.

Pulling into the hotel parking lot, I smiled as I gazed up at its cozy exterior, not a dump but inexpensive none the less. After checking in I took my shopping bag up to room 209. Flicking the matchbook from my purse I dialed the number of the restaurant. “Jason” answered the phone asking what he could do for me, I told him, “Just tell Rob, room 209.” I then hung up, smiling at my devilish nature. “Jason” I’m sure was confused by the call he just received but hopefully gave Rob the message anyway.

Two hours left of waiting. A mind can play dirty games when it’s waiting for that one certain thing that makes it explode in euphoria. Just thinking about all the things I wanted to do and say to Rob got me hot. Having the sudden urge to be naked, which happens to me from time to time, I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. Having sultry visions in my head had caused Pendik Escort Bayan my body to react. My nipples stood hard and erect as I ran a slight fingertip over them, tickling them to point more towards my fingers. I just stood there in the middle of an empty hotel room, naked and touching my nipples with an experienced light touch that only my body knew I wanted. Still running the movie of the night to come in my head I stretched myself out on the made bed. I began to stroke myself in the way that I liked, slow lazy circles around my throbbing clit while now and then sliding two fingertips into my moist hole. My pleasure began building as I lost track of the time and space around me.

I then heard a voice that made my body scream “Couldn’t wait for me hmm?” My passion glazed eyes focused on Rob as he took my hand to his mouth and kissed the very same fingertips that had been inside of me.

“Mmm, you taste sweet.” he simply said, smiling. My hips bucked with a need to finish what I had started. “Let me.” he merely stated. I could feel a strong hand grasp my left thigh and part it slightly. My skin tingled as the first touch of masculine, yet gentle, fingers swept inside of me. I closed my eyes and moaned. He sensed my urgency and he practically rammed his two fingers inside of my hungry cunt, just like I liked it. My hips took up speed, bucking and jutting on his two long fingers. But that wasn’t enough for him, he took his hand away from me and I felt like crying. He smiled up at me as if he knew he had my orgasm in the palm of his hand. He spread both of my thighs apart wider, to lie flat on the bed; his tongue began tracing the dragon tattoo on my inner thigh. This made me almost cum, his tongue lightly running across sensitive skin, but not yet near the main goal. What he did next of course made me cum almost immediately. His tongue had replaced where his fingers had been, swirling inside me in long rough strokes. I grabbed for his head and fucked his tongue with urgency as I came on his mouth with an orgasm that shook my body and the earth.

He brought his lips to mine and I could taste myself on him, that same tongue made swirls inside my mouth and I melted into him. I felt rough fabric and looked down and started laughing, how’d he managed to stay dressed in work clothes was beyond me. He smirked at me as I began undressing him, tossing his clothes in the corner along with mine. Once his shirt was off I noticed one of his nipples was pierced and I quirked a brow in question as I bent forward to take the small metal ring into my mouth, lightly rubbing it between my teeth, which he obviously liked. He held onto my hair as I took my tongue and placed it in the middle of the hoop to touch his nipple for the first time. His moans let me know that he likes it.

Once he was fully naked I made him lie on the bed, taking control I let my fingertips graze over his magnificent body, along Escort Pendik the sides of his rib cage and then down to his inside thighs. Spreading my palms over his thighs I ran them up and down teasing him by purposely missing his throbbing cock that stood straight at my attention. Grinning I put my lips where my palms had been, gliding my tongue up and down around his penis but missing it by an inch or two. He seemed to be getting impatient as he grabbed for my hair and tried to urge me in his penis’ general direction but I shook my finger at him and continued to play my game, lightly running my tongue and fingers here and there. Finally my mouth seemed to become impatient as well, I finally had to zero in on my prey.

Taking him fully in my mouth for the first time felt like I had found home again after a long journey. Lightly taking an up and down motion with the edges of my teeth I felt his hips begin to buck under me. Making slow circles with my tongue around the head, I teased him until he said the words I’d been waiting for, “I need to be inside you.”

I sat up and placed a leg on either side of him and slowly made my way home. My cunt being slick from my juices and his saliva, slid in with a sucking noise to the hilt. I cried out and he grabbed my breasts like anchors and heaved his hips up into me, filling me with him. We fuck like animals with rough strokes and loud cries. Right before another orgasm hits me he reaches a finger to tickle my clit and I cry out his name and explode onto his rod like a waterfall. One last thrust for him and he fills me with his sperm.

Tired in a good way I pull off of him and lie beside him. We sleep for a few hours and then I awake and need a shower. Halfway through shampooing my hair from the small hotel bottles I feel strong hands reach from behind to grasp my nipples, I lean against his body as he lathers my nipples, slightly tugging. I reach behind me and pull his body to mine. His hands silently ask permission to enter me from behind, I give consent with a moan. Slippery wet thrusts bring me to another orgasm in the small shower and when he finishes, he gently washes my back for me, occasionally kissing my neck. We don’t bother to dry off as I pull him and push him against the wall. Lifting my legs he holds them with straining biceps, wrapping them around him as he holds me up with his body. The hard wall makes contact with my back as he turns me over and rushes into me with renewed sexual force. I love the feel of hard surfaces during sex, and he knows this as he makes it last longer than I’m used to, making me cum a fourth time this evening.

Truly spent we sleep again.

I awake at five a.m., my normal run time. He sleeps naked next to me. I kiss his forehead and whisper his name. He slightly stirs but does not awaken. I rise and dress in my new clothes. Before I leave him I slip the book next to him on the pillow. I write a note.

Rob wakes up around eight and finds her gone. He sees the book and note and smiles. It reads…

“My favorite is number 78.” – Lucy.

He opens the book and begins to laugh. Number 78: Have sex with someone new, guaranteed to spice up your life. And in red pen she’s added – catch you in the bored room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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