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“What is an Acute Myocardial Infarction?” the professor had a smile upon his handsome face as he taught. He obviously loved what he was doing.

“A heart attack,” Michael said from the row near the back.

“Correct…” the professor spun into a lengthy lecture about how Doctor’s use jargon in hospitals and how they really needed to use common terms. The bell rang and he picked his backpack up and raced across campus to his biology session.

He slid onto a lab desk and relaxed back into the chair. It had been three days since he’d seen Thomas. Thomas had dropped him off three days ago and now he was in his third week of college. They called every morning and night. Except for this morning. Thomas hadn’t called him.

“Can I sit here?”

Michael turned and nodded at the handsome boy. He must have been 6 foot or more with green eyes and mousy brown hair. He was wearing a Letterman jacket with the college’s letters stitched on.

“I’m Lucas.”

“Michael.” they shook hands and silenced as the professor came into the classroom. He was short and looked to be in his late fifties maybe early sixties. Mr. Parker he announced himself to be.

“The person you are sitting next to will be your lab partner for the rest of the year. Get acquainted because you’re going to be doing projects together.” his voice was tobacco roughed. It reminded him of Gabe which reminded him of Thomas.

“Your first project will be writing a report on the different beneficial drugs in the world today for terminal illnesses. I don’t want to read twenty reports about the development in cancer so that is why I’m going to give you your illness.”

He dotted about the room assigning couples illnesses, Parkinson’s disease, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Multiple Sclerosis and finally he came to Lucas and Michael.

“Huntington’s disease.”

Michael nodded at Lucas who was smiling widely. Obviously he was pleased with what they were assigned. He’d never looked into the depths of the illness but he knew it was an illness that affects the muscle coordination.

“I expect reports in next week. You may leave now.”

“First day and she’s giving us assignments.” Lucas grumbled as he picked his gym bag up and stood from the creaky stool.

“College for you,” Michael whispered as he checked his phone, still no call from Thomas.

“Waiting for a call?”

“My boyfriend, he hasn’t called me,” Michael bit his lip and looked over at Lucas who was frowning. Great. He had a homophobic as a lab partner. “Sorry if I offended you or something.”

“Huh? No, I’m cool with you being gay. My girlfriend just hasn’t called me either. She’s studying at Princeton.”

“I wish I got into Princeton. I did get into Yale but I couldn’t afford the costs over there.” Michael was proud of himself for getting into Yale. He knew Thomas would have paid for him if he’d told him but he could hardly be away from him this far let alone all the way to Yale.

“Sucks. I’m on a football scholarship. I want to study medicine but I needed a scholarship to get in.”

“Yeah…” he looked at his phone as it buzzed angrily and his stomach did a happy dance.  “Excuse me.”

“See you tomorrow?” Lucas yelled at him. Michael nodded and pressed the answer button on his phone.

“Michael.” Thomas drawled over the line at him.


“Hey, sweetheart. How’s college treating you today?” he heard the leather of Thomas’ sofa creak as he sat on it.

“Same as yesterday, how is the club and everyone?”

“Same as yesterday,” Thomas mimicked. There was static over the line so he moved away from the telephone wires above head and walked towards the park that was close. “Are you excited to come home?”

“Yes. I miss you so much. So does my dick.” Michael giggled quietly as he sat underneath a tree, the leaves waving overhead.

“Mine too. One more day.”

“I have a friend. I think.”

“Apart from Sebastian?” Michael could hear the jealousy in that deep voice.

“Yep, His name is Lucas and he’s studying medicine too. Cool huh?”

“Very. There are a few things we need to talk about.” Michael’s heart pounded in his chest as he chewed on his bottom lip.

“What about?”

“We’ll talk tonight. Look up.”

He flicked his eyes up and Thomas stood before him. He hung the phone up and pocketed it before walking into Thomas’ waiting arms. The leather creaking must have been Thomas climbing from his car. His heart stopped pounding as bad as he buried his face in the crook of Thomas’ neck. Strong arms banded around his waist as a hand cupped his head to kiss him deeply in the park.

“What are you doing here?”

“Conveniently an old client rang me. He needs help with his club.”

“Oh…” he slipped from Thomas’ arms and wrapped his arms around himself.

“What’s wrong?”

“You didn’t come to see me?” Michael frowned and fiddled with his bag strap.

“I was coming to see you tomorrow but I thought seeing as I’m here why not today? I’m going to stay in the Ritz Carlton hotel. Come stay with me?” Only gümüşhane escort the best for Thomas it seemed.

“You could stay with me and Sebastian.”

“I’m not sure…”

“Please. It will be fine. I promise.” he reached out and twirled the metal bracelet he’d given Thomas on their first meeting.

“Okay. I’m taking you out on a date tomorrow.”

Finally, Michael didn’t say it but he’d been waiting for Thomas to take him on a date. It had been almost two months and they hadn’t gone on one yet.

“Where to?”

“What about dinner and a movie?” Michael nodded and Thomas wrapped his arm around his shoulder and walked him back to the campus. “Where are you next?” 

“Historic Art.”

“Why in Satan’s ass are you taking that?” Thomas laughed as Michael giggled at him and wrapped his arm around his waist before leaning his head on Thomas’ side. Thomas rested his arm around Michael shoulder and kissed his temple.

“I needed to have five lessons. Here is number five,” Michael turned and stood on his tip toes to kiss Thomas gently on the lips. “Thank you for coming.”

“No problem, darlin’. See you this evening?”

“Count on it. I love you.”

“I’ll bring dinner.” Thomas waved and wandered back down the road. Michael couldn’t help but look at the way Thomas’ ass moved when he walked.

“Dude, your boyfriend is hot with a capital H.” Lucas leant against the building with a cigarette between his lips.

“You’re gay too?” Michael couldn’t believe it, but he remembered Lucas saying he had a girlfriend.

“Nope, bisexual. Look at the little hottie coming up here now.” Lucas whistled between his teeth. Michael turned to see who he was staring at. Sebastian strolled up and right at Michael.

“Are we ready to go in?”

“Hold up. You know this guy?” Lucas turned to look at Sebastian and grinned a mega-watt smile. “Hi, I’m Lucas.”

“S…Sebastian.” Michael cast a look between the two men. It was almost like looking in a mirror. Lucas was larger and Sebastian was smaller. Lucas was older and Sebastian was younger. He could see the similarities between him and Thomas in Lucas and Sebastian.

“Come on.” Michael walked into the lecture hall and took a seat at the back, Lucas sat next to him and Sebastian sat on his other side. The lesson was painfully boring. He didn’t really want to know why The Mona Lisa was frowning or why the painter had painted an ugly lady.

“Boring.” Lucas leant over and whispered at him, faking a yawn. Sebastian smiled and wrote something down on his notepad.

“I just want to be in bed with my man.” Michael grumbled.

“Me too.” Lucas winked and Michael glared at him.

“I’ll tell your girlfriend.”

“She’ll probably want to join in.”

“Gross.” Michael fake shuddered and sent a quick text to Thomas.

*Thinking about you…and your cock. ;)*

He put his phone back in his pocket and a second later it pinged.

*Do you want me to fuck you in the damn lecture hall? I will. I’ll punish you if you keep the sexting up.*

Michael giggled quietly and looked at Lucas whose eyes were wider than usual. He frowned and looked back at his phone, a new message and pinged through.

*Whips and chains excite me and you remember? Just because the first few times have been vanilla doesn’t mean I’m staying like it. BDSM is my life Michael, so are you now.*

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to look.”

“Are you freaked now?” Michael frowned again and placed his phone in his backpack.

“No. Each to their own.” Lucas smiled and patted him on the shoulder before turning to talk to Sebastian. His mind went back to the previous text. BDSM is my life Michael, so are you now.

“Three little words, big guy.” he whispered to himself then absorbed himself into the deathly boring lecture. It ended soon enough and all three boys were rushing from the hall. They stopped at the local pizzeria for dinner.

“How long have you been with your guy then?” Lucas asked.

“Thomas. I’ve been with him two months tomorrow.” Michael wiped the grease from his lips on a red checked napkin as he looked at Lucas.

“He found our place.” Sebastian whispered to Lucas. It was obvious they thought each other were hot. You could almost see the sparks flying between the couple.

“What about us, Leprechaun? Fancy a roll in the sheets?” Michael grinned and watched as Sebastian almost dropped his glass.

“W…What?” Sebastian flushed and adjusted his black rimmed glasses on his nose before looking back at the large greasy pepperoni pizza that was sitting in the centre of the table.

 “You know…fucking, the beast with two backs, shagging,” Lucas grinned at Sebastian who stammered and flushed before rushing off to the bathroom. “He’s a virgin.”

“How do you know that?”

“You just know when they are. The poor guy needs to get laid bad.” Lucas tossed his napkin on the table before sauntering off to the bathroom after Sebastian. He sent a quick text to Thomas.

*Fancy a quickie? I can escort gümüşhane be home ETA ten minutes*


*I’m in a meeting*

Michael put the phone back in his pocket and waited for the other two. He was worried about Thomas and his ‘clients’ still. He looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes had passed. He shook the thought off and headed into the bathroom after the others.

 He was stunned at the sight. Lucas was on his knees in front of Sebastian by the urinals with his pants down his ankles. Sebastian’s cock was disappearing rapidly between Lucas’ plump lips. Sebastian whimpered and grasped Lucas’ hair in his fist before his hips snapped wildly and a low groan came from him. Wonder and amazement filled Sebastian’s features as he groaned quietly.

Lucas stood and wiped his lips with a wicked grin before turning and smiling at Michael.

“Hi.” Michael waved at the couple with a frown.

“Oh!” Sebastian covered his face once he’d finished zipping his pants and rushed past them.

“You’ve got a girlfriend.” Michael repeated.

“Open relationship.” Lucas shrugged and wiped his lips before exiting the bathroom.

“Don’t hurt him. You two are my only friends here.” Michael placed his hand on Lucas’ arm and that’s how Thomas found them.

“What’s going on?”

“I sucked little leprechaun off and Michael saw.” Lucas patted him on the back before following Sebastian back into the main dining area.

“I didn’t do anything. How did you find me?”

“GPS. Every phone has it.” Thomas walked closer before pushing him back into the bathroom and against the wall. Michael licked his lips seconds before Thomas’ lips descended on his. Michael nipped at Thomas’ lips and Thomas grabbed his ass in one hand.

“So you’re stalking me now?” Michael grinned as Thomas bent him back with a smirk.

“No. I’m keeping a watchful eye on you.”

“Have you come so we can have sex?”

“How could I ever deny you? Now come.” Thomas took his hand in his own and they left the pizzeria with a quick wave to Lucas and Sebastian. Michael climbed into Thomas’ BMW and they drove to a club strip.

“Where are we going?”

“I feel like fucking you when you’re tied up.” Thomas declared as he climbed out of the car. Michael followed and left his bag inside the car. Thomas was greeted by someone at the door and taken to a back room. The man then left them in privacy.

 “Do you want to do this?” Thomas whispered as his hand slipped under the black shirt Michael was wearing.

“I always want you inside me.”

 “Kneel.” Thomas pushed him onto the cool ground and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He kissed each ass cheek before his tongue snaked out to tickle at the rosette hidden between them.

“This isn’t going to last long.” Cool fingers slid inside his ass and Michael spotted the handcuffs in front of him. Thomas slipped his fingers from Michael’s ass and hooked the cuffs around his small man.

 Michael whimpered as his ass clenched hard. He heard a zipper and then Thomas spat on his hand. He swung his head around and watched Thomas’ cock disappear through his hand. 

“We’ve got no condoms, Mikey.”

Michael groaned in frustration and flopped onto the floor with his ass up in the air. He squeezed his fists tight together and begged the Gods that Thomas would say yes to his next question.

“Bareback.” he pleaded Thomas.


“Please. I’m clean I swear. I can show you the paper when we get back.” Michael wanted to reach underneath himself and stroke his cock. It was so hard he was sure he could hammer nails.

“What are you doing to me, Michael?” Thomas groaned as he placed the head of his cock against the bare opening of Michael. The heat was phenomenal. He surged forwards in one quick thrust. Michael gasped as his ass was breached in one push. Heat blossomed inside him.

“Are you okay?” Thomas growled, his hands clenching on Michael’s hips.

“Yes. Please move.” Michael whimpered as Thomas pulled back then slammed straight back. They found a rhythm that suited them, when Thomas pulled back Michael pushed back too. The head of Thomas’ cock brushed his sweet spot on every thrust and his cock was stiffening to the point of pain.


“Almost there, Mikey.” Thomas done that hip thing and Michael almost screamed.

“Let me come, please.”

“Now.” Thomas buried himself deep inside Michael and emptied his cock inside the hot wet heat. Michael whimpered as his cock spewed itself, over the dusty floor. Thomas pulled out and kissed his ass before he reached up and popped the lock on the cuffs.

“That was nice…” Michael groaned and rolled over onto his back on the cold floor, Thomas placed a kiss on his stomach and smiled. “Won’t the club have condoms?”

“Huh…never thought of that. I’m supposed to be the responsible one. Dammit,” Thomas rubbed his hands through his hair and turned his head to look at Michael.

“I loved every second of it if that counts.”

 “Yeah, back gümüşhane escort bayan to class for you.” Thomas hoisted him up and zipped their pants back up. He kissed Michael again and they dueled for a few moments.

“You’re still coming tonight, right?”

“Of course,” Thomas drove him back to the college and kissed him again in the BMW. “Later, darling.”

“Love you,” Michael whispered and climbed from the car, he didn’t realize Thomas still had his backpack until he was sitting in class. “Damn man.”


“What did you want to talk about then?” Michael asked as they sat down in a fancy restaurant the next day.

“Just a few things need to be cleared up about your experience and the reason I agreed so quickly to train you.”

“Quickly wasn’t the right term.” Michael protested as he fiddled with the glass in front of him.

“Stop being snarky, Michael. The reason I agreed to train with you was because unlike my other subs you seem willing to actually try and make this work.” Thomas reached over the table and threaded their hands together.

“I’ve got a question myself.”

“What’s that?” Thomas stroked his thumb over Michael’s palm and looked into his beautiful eyes.

“Why did you call me your boyfriend?”

“I couldn’t very well call you my submissive in front of your mother, could I?”

“I suppose. So you don’t think of us as a couple then?”

“I do now. You need to remember Michael this is still new. We’re still learning things about each other.”

“It’s been two months and we’ve only done miniscule amounts of training. I feel like you’re not treating me like a normal submissive. I feel like you’re coddling me.” Michael sighed to himself and looked up at Thomas and his brooding chocolate brown eyes.

“You’re much different to my other submissive,” Thomas waved the waiter away as he approached the table. “Unlike my other subs you’re in college and we’ve know each other for a longer time.”

“I’ve got two months left before you decide if you want me for good. How are we supposed to know if you don’t want to actually teach me these things?”

“You’re on half term in two weeks, aren’t you?”

“You know I am.”

“Here’s what’s going to happen. One week of intensive training. If you still think you can handle it then we’ll talk about being exclusive. How does that sound?”

“What will the training consist of?”

“Well, you’ve almost mastered control but there is still much more to train you in. I’ve still got to teach you how to handle your spankings and whippings, then there is how to treat your Dom, then we’ve got to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

“What do you mean how to treat my Dom?” Michael licked his suddenly dry lips as he looked back down to their intertwined hands.

“It means how to give the right pleasure.”

“So I’m not doing a good job?”

“I didn’t say that, Mikey. I said how to give the right pleasure; I’m talking the kind of pleasure that will bring a man to his knees in seconds.”

“Such as?” Michael still felt like he’d obviously disappointed Thomas in some way if they needed to include this training.

“The usual but then there is the art of caresses, touches and just random little dots of information. You’re still young, Michael, and your lack of experience is telling.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I want you to be the perfect submissive. If we can do that then we may be able to have a future together. “

“Really?” a glimmer of hope shone in Michael’s life at that last little sentence.

“Promise. As long as you talk to me when we are doing this training, tell me things you like and things you don’t like and on the Friday I’ll take you into the club and see how much better you’re performing.”



“How’s college?”

“Fine. You?”

“Fine.” Michael copied and licked his lips as Thomas strutted into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist. He dropped the towel and bent over to get his boxers. Michael knelt forward and gave Thomas’ ass a quick spank.

“Got to go…” Michael hung the phone up and fisted his cock as Thomas turned to face him. “Fuck me?”

“I can’t. I’ve got a business meeting and I don’t want to fuck you until Friday week, love.”

“At a restaurant?” Michael frowned as Thomas tied his tie and smirked at him. He wasn’t arguing the no sex case because he thought a little bit of tension would be good for them.

“Come with me.”

“No. I don’t want to go see one of your ‘clients’.” Michael pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.

“It wasn’t a request. Now get dressed.”

“You can’t boss me about now. This is my own home.” Michael grinned and squealed as Thomas lifted him up and over his shoulder. He was carried into the bathroom and he waved to an upside down Sebastian.

“Go with him.” Sebastian laughed and exited the small room, he obviously heard their conversation.

“You’re a dick.” Michael stepped into the shower anyway.

“Just shower.” Thomas grumbled and leant against the sink.

 Twenty minutes later he was sitting in a restaurant in a stuffy suit. The table had a cloth that was floor length and candles on every table. The waiters were exceptionally nice and handsome, the scents coming from the kitchen were to die for and everyone was dressed formally. He hated restaurants.

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