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It was hard to believe Christmas was right around the corner. It seemed like just yesterday I was buying the corset for Halloween, but that night, we put on some Christmas music, poured a couple glasses of wine, then setup and decorated the tree. I don’t know what it was, whether it was being female, or the stress relief from getting even with Jim, or the alcohol, but I was SO happy! Giddy and laughing about everything. I don’t think I had been that excited to hang stockings since I was a kid.

“So what do you wanna be when you grow up?” Jenifer asked, after we had finished, just sitting and relaxing in front of the fireplace, looking at the tree.

“Preferably something where I don’t get dirty.” I answered, thinking about my last job. “Sales would be nice but I suspect I’ll probably have to be a secretary or something first.”

“OK. Well, Since we’ve finished taking care of “Jamie” we can dedicate more time to Stage 3 of your ‘Master’ plan.” Jen said, using air quotes. “Tomorrow night we’ll work on building your Resume'”

“Thanks Jennifer.” I said tearing up. “I don’t know what I would do without you!”

“Oh baby.” Jennifer hugged me to console me. “You would probably curl up somewhere and die.”

“Oh My God!!” I said, breaking the hug to slap her teasingly.

Her bright eyes and smiling, beaming face made me feel even more at ease as she sat there, wine glass in her hand. Her head was being framed by the lamp behind her and to me it looked more like a halo. ‘She is an angel.’ I thought as a single tear streamed down my cheek. ‘MY angel!’

“Danielle. I’m sorry.” she said, wiping the tear from my cheek. “I was just teasing.”

“I know.” I said leaning toward her. “Its just with the light behind you like that … you looked like an angel.”

She didn’t say a word as I leaned in closer to kiss her. My body tingled as her lips pressed back into mine. She must have set her wine glass down because next, both of her hands were tangled in my hair drawing me down onto her body.

Laying there on top of her, our legs intertwined, my pussy began to quiver as she used her leg to put pressure on my clit. Playfully, our tongues swirled around, teasing the other as we continued.

Breaking off the kiss to come up for air, I gazed down at her beautiful, smiling face.

“You make me so happy.” Jennifer said, caressing my face.

Catching her hand, I kissed her fingers. “Wait here. I have an idea!” I said, before planting another kiss on her lips.

Retreating to my bedroom I changed into a flyaway baby-doll nightie that put my bellybutton piercing on display, along with its matching panties. I slipped my feet into my light-up high heels before returning a moment later with a blanket, a towel and a basket full of lotion and aromatherapy candles.

“Well what do we have here?” she said, taking in my appearance.

“I believe in another life.” I started saying, ignoring her question. “That I owed you a full body massage. Tonight I am going to repay that debt.”

“Danielle, you don’t have to do that!” she said getting up

“I want to Jennifer.” I said, walking over to spread the blanket where she had been sitting. It was the perfect place really, just in front of the fireplace but not too close. Once I had the blanket spread I positioned and lit the candles near her head but not close enough she would bump them. Dimming the lights so most of the illumination came from either the tree, the fireplace, or the candles, I stepped up to her, our breasts grazing, as I looked her into her eyes.

“This isn’t just about repaying a debt.” I said, giving her a kiss. “This is about showing you how much I appreciate you.” I continued, settling my hands on her hips. “How much I love you.” I hooked my fingers on the hem of her shirt and drew it up and over her head, exposing her satin and lace clad breasts. “And just how much you mean to me.”

“So why the outfit?” she asked, kissing me back putting her arms around my neck.

“Why not?” I responded, while undoing her pants.

Shimmying out of her pants, she stood there for a moment pulling her hair into a pile on her head and showed off her bra and panties.

“What do you think of my outfit?” she said, taking a sip of her wine before pirouetting, her thong putting her tight ass on display.

“Mmm, I think you’re overdressed.” I said. Stepping in to her again I reached around to pop her bra off. Wearing a bra everyday, I had actually gotten pretty good at doing that.

Jennifer’s mouth fell open and her eyes opened wide as her breasts were freed from their confinement. Staying close I sniffed the perfume at her neck before raining light kisses there, my hands sliding down her sides to hook into the waistband of her panties. I went to my knees to draw them all the way off her legs. She just stood there, on display for me, her pussy easily at mouth level as she stepped out of her panties but I resisted the urge. I had something else planned for tonight.

Standing back up, I used the slight height advantage I had, almanbahis adres thanks to the heels, to exert control over her.

“Lay down my love.” I said, indicating the blanket in front of the fireplace.

Without another word she complied flipping her head and hair to one side.

My eyes ran over her sexy female form. From her straight, long blond hair, down her smooth back, around the curve of her hips and buttocks, and then on down her long, sensuous legs to her small feet with the French tipped nails. It was times like this I missed being Daniel!

Kneeling down next to her sexy naked body, I pulled a bottle of massaging oil out of my basket. Drizzling it down her back I began working it in slowly, being careful not to scratch her with my long nails. I had promised to do this for her for many months but had never gotten around to it. Now that I was doing it, I wondered why I hadn’t sooner. I was also surprised with the number of knots she had, especially in her shoulders.

Using the oil to do most of the work, I slid my hands all over her back and shoulders. Occasionally I would graze the sides of her breasts but just enough to get her attention and tease her. Turning my attention to her legs I did the same thing but stayed away from her honeypot. I could tell I was starting to have an effect when I heard her breathing change and she parted her legs a bit more.

Indicating for her to turn over, I think she thought the ‘torture’ was over but I continued as I had been. A muskiness rose in the room as her level of arousal increased. I smiled that my ministrations were having the desired effect but it wasn’t time yet. Jennifer was practically whimpering when my hands wold approach and then avoid her, now very juicy, pussy. I did massage her breasts but likewise avoided her sensitive nipples. Several times she moved her pussy into my hands as I massaged her tender thighs but it was even more excruciating for her when I didn’t continue after the first grazing touch.

I was of course, driving her crazy with desire and she soon realized I was not going to stop until she did something about it. Sitting partially up while I began working her calves again, she grabbed and drew me in. Pulled off balance, I fell on top of her as she wrapped her body around mine, planting kisses all over my face, neck and chest as she fought her way to my sensitive breasts. When she drew the cups of my nightie aside and her lips encircled my engorged nipples, I realized she wasn’t the only one I had been teasing.

My skin tingled with every gentle caress and we soon became a tangle of arms and legs, my chosen garments for the night pulled off and strewn on the floor as our lovemaking continued.

What seemed like hours later we lay there next to the fireplace covered loosely with a blanket, our bodies still slick with perspiration. We lay facing each other not saying anything, just looking at each other and thinking. How did we get here? Where are we going? Can we reconcile our current relationship with everything that’s happened? Or at least, that’s what I was thinking.

“Do you ever miss being Daniel?” Jennifer asked, breaking the silence.

“Everyday.” I answered truthfully.

“Really?” she asked, seemingly surprised. “I’m sorry. What I meant was, you almost seem like you’ve given up, you know. Like you’ve just accepted you’ll be like this forever.”

“I wouldn’t say given up.” I explained. “I’ve accepted it though, it was really hard at first but it’s gotten easier.”

“What if something happened and you turned back, even for a little while, what would you do?” she asked, running her fingers through my hair.

“I would show you just how much I love you.” I answered. “I would TELL you how much I love you, I wouldn’t waste any time doing either and I would savor every moment like the next I was going to turn back.”

Wiping the tear from her eye, I suggested we move to the bedroom where she was soon fast asleep in my arms. I on the other sat up for a long time just looking at the ceiling and thinking.

Moving in with Jennifer was a new experience for me and a little bit of culture shock for both of us. Aside from the fact that I now for the first time in my life had a roommate, she was also my friend and lover. We did go a few days later and bought a bed to put in “my” room but other than making love in it, it largely sat unused.

Our daily routine wasn’t much different than mine was before I moved in with her. I did modify it a bit though by getting up at the same time she did so I could make her breakfast. After she left I would shower and if needed, shave my legs. The rest of the morning was generally dedicated to cleaning around the apartment. After lunch I would take to the job boards on the internet trying to find something, anything. The fact that it was the holiday season was not helping me in that regard at all. Simply nobody was hiring and the rare few that were didn’t want to take the risk on a 20something with no degree and no work history. When I was frustrated almanbahis adresi with my job search I would settle my mind, or try too, with my newest hobby. Teaching myself how to crochet.

About an hour before Jen would get home, I would start supper. We would eat when she got home and talk about our days. After supper we would wash and dry the dishes before going for a run or to the gym for yoga. Jennifer often laughed at me because the only time I ever wore pants was when we were exercising. Other than that, I always wore either a skirt or a dress. Incidentally it was also the only time I wasn’t wearing high heels as well.

Letting out a sigh, I slumped back in the computer desk chair, folded my arms beneath my breasts and crossed my legs. Sighing again, I scrolled down the job list displayed on my computer screen, ‘This’ I thought. ‘is even harder than changing my identity was!’

My real frustration was I couldn’t even get a job as a waitress. Well that’s not true, I knew Neal would probably give me a job at McGill’s but that was now on the other side of town and I didn’t want to risk running into Mike or “Jamie” there.

“This clearly isn’t working.” I uttered, turning my attention back to the computer screen. “I need to try something different.” I said to myself. “Something different.” I repeated, thinking aloud, as I spun the chair slowly in a circle. “What I need is experience.” I continued my thought process. “But no one will give me a job to get that experience … (SIGH!!!) … OK! What do I know?” I wondered, when in the back of my head, a saying I had heard MANY times, came to the fore. ‘It’s not WHAT you know, It’s WHO you know!’

‘JUSTIN!’ I thought. Uncrossing my legs I got up, scrambling for my purse. Finding it, I opened it up, pulled out my wallet and searched for his business card. It wasn’t hard to find actually, other than Jennifer’s, it was the only one in there.

Grabbing my phone, I took a few moments to calm my breathing and settle my nerves before dialing.

RING .. RING. “Hello Smith, Stanley & Jacobson.” a female voice answered.

“Yes. Could I please speak to Justin Ramsey please?” I asked the secretary.

“One moment.” she said, and before I could respond I heard the line click and the muzak start playing. Several moments later I heard a familiar, confident voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello, this is Justin.”

“Hey Justin, this is Danielle. Not sure if you remember me or not, we met at the coffee shop a month or so ago?” I asked, praying he remembered.

“Danielle!” He said. “Of course I remember you. Did you finally decide to take me up on my lunch offer?”

“Actually I had something else I wanted to discuss with you” I started. “but if the lunch offer is still on the table…”

“I suppose that depends on whether or not you like Thai.”

“I LOVE Thai food!” I answered, enthusiastically.

“Great! See you in a bit?” he said, hopefully.

“Sounds good to me, see you in a little bit.” I said, agreeing. “Bye.”

Wanting to look like a serious professional, I perused my closet looking for something that was more business like than the denim miniskirt and t-shirt I was currently wearing. Pulling out a newer skirt I hadn’t had a chance to wear yet and a satin blouse, I was on a good path.

The skirt was my longest one, ending just barely below my knee with a small slit in the back and blouse fit so well Jennifer thought I had it tailored. My black push-up bra and g-string were fine but I added the matching garter belt. The stockings I picked out were a set of classic RH&T I found from this place online that specialized in vintage lingerie. Slipping my feet into my black patent closed toe pumps, I was ready to make this happen.

Hopping in my car, I gave Jennifer a call.

“Hey girl! Whatcha doing?” Jennifer asked, recognizing the number on her caller ID.

“On my way to meet Justin. I’m hoping he can put in a good word for me, maybe help me get a job at his firm.” I answered. “Wish me luck! I’ll call you when I’m done.”

“Justin? The guy from the coffee shop?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah. Why?” I answered.

“Just wondering.” she said, in a long drawn out fashion that typically meant she had more to say.

“Oh, just wish me luck.” I smarted back. “I’ll tell you all about it later.”

“Good luck!” she said. Was that a chuckle I heard?

Parking my car in the structure, I made my way to his building and took the elevator up to the reception area. Making sure my hair and everything else was in place in the shiny facade around the elevator, I made my way to the receptionist.

“Good morning.” I said politely, to the receptionist.

“Good morning, is there something I can help you with?” she said, looking me up and down.

“Yes. I’m here to see Justin Ramsey.” I replied.

“Attorney Ramsey is a very busy man.” she said, with a bit of an attitude. “Is he expecting you?”

“Indeed he is.” I replied, trying hard not to let her attitude get almanbahis adres to me. “Would you please inform him that Ms. Danielle Reid is here.”

Her eyes narrowed and she glared at me as she picked up the phone. “You can have a seat along the wall while you wait.” she said, indicating a line of chairs.

“That’s OK. I’ll stand.” I replied. “This wont be long.”

The look on her face was all the response I needed. It was clear she didn’t like me for some odd reason. Actually that was something I had noticed since my transformation, I had always thought women were “catty” before but I had NO IDEA just how “catty” there were. Especially to each other. It’s HORRIBLE the way they treat each other sometimes.

As I thought, I didn’t have long to wait. From the time Mrs. Grumpy-pants hung up the phone to the time Justin came around the corner, couldn’t have been longer than 30 seconds. You would have thought her face was going to get sucked into her mouth for the face she gave me then.

“Danielle!” he said, walking up to me with his jacket over his arm. “It’s good to see you again!”

It was a very awkward meeting in hindsight. Here was a man whose cock I once had in my mouth, ‘What is the proper etiquette for greeting someone like that?’ I remembered thinking. Considering that I was, maybe, hoping for a job here, a kiss was too casual, as was a hug most likely. Thankfully, Justin kept it professional by extending his hand, though the look in his eye suggested he wanted more.

“It’s good to see you as well.” I replied, happy the handshake was a firm one, not a limp fish handshake so many men give women.

“You ready?” He asked, as he slung his jacket on and settled it on his shoulders.

“I am!” I replied excitedly.

“Great. I know this awesome, hole in the wall, place around the corner that has some of the BEST Thai food I’ve ever had.” He said, extending me his arm.

Such a small gesture really, extending his arm like that, but it was so sweet and it brought a smile to my face. Looping my arm through his, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mrs. Grumpy-pants was even more sour looking. ‘God, I hope I never get like that!’ I thought as Justin guided me out of the office and back to the elevators.

The restaurant he picked was, like he said, right around the corner. What he didn’t mention was that you could walk to it through the skywalks and never go outside. ‘I could really enjoy working here.’ I thought to myself, noticing all of the places, including Jen’s work, that were all within walking distance through the skywalks.

Smoothing my skirt, I sat down and crossed my legs, taking in the ambiance. The music was playing softly, the lights were dim, and the smell coming out of the kitchen was making my stomach want to growl. I had been expecting a buffet considering it was lunch but the waitress, a lovely young Asian woman, set menus down on the table before giving a slight bow and excusing herself to get our drinks.

“So what did you want to discuss?” He asked, taking a sip after she returned with his Jack and Coke.

“Well, this is awkward.” I began. “I kind of have this little problem.”

The look on his face changed from happy, warm and welcoming to something far different. “I don’t do Criminal law.” He stated abruptly, suddenly cold. “I can probably reference you to someone who does though.”

“I … don’t need a Defense Attorney.” I said, my confusion apparent in my voice. “Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Well I just figured a woman in your line of … work … would, … you know …” he said.

“My line of work?” I asked, my eyes getting wider as it sunk in. “Oh My God!” I uttered, covering my mouth with my hand. “Oh My God!!” I said again, as tears welled up in my eyes. “OH MY GOD!!!” I shuddered, trying desperately to catch my breath, this terrible, large knot in my chest.

My vision narrowed like the world was closing in, a terribly loud roaring in my ears. I tried to leave, but pushing my chair back the legs caught on the carpet. Covering my face in shame I attempted to compose myself while trying to control my breathing that was suddenly very difficult.

“Danielle. Danielle!” he said, over the roaring in my ears, trying to get my attention. “Danielle! Please! I’m sorry!”

“You’re sorry!” I snapped at him. “You just admitted you think I’m a PROSTITUTE!” I yelled at him angrily through clenched teeth, in a tone just barely above a whisper. “And all you can say is You’re Sorry!”

Leaning over the table he reached out to hold my hand before I snatched it away. “I’m sorry but considering how our first meeting ended and then I didn’t hear from you for weeks. And now, all of a sudden, you give me a call saying you have something to discuss, and that its awkward…”

“And the ONLY thought you have, is that I’m a hooker!” I exclaimed. “I came to you because I need help getting a job!”

He sat back in his chair letting out a long breath. “Boy do I feel like as ass.” he muttered.

“You should!”

“I am SO sorry Danielle. I want you to know that. I really am … but I have to be honest, I barely know you.” he said “If I put my name next to yours then I am staking my reputation on the line. If you don’t show up, or steal, or any number of things that reflects poorly on me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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