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Life sucks. At least that’s how it seemed to me! My girl-friend/fiancée of two years gave me back the ring last week. God what a bitch! She said I didn’t ‘make enough money’ for her! God damn fucking bitch! So what happened yesterday, you ask. I got the promotion I’ve been working towards! Actually, I got better than what I had been working for. My salary more than doubled and my work load dropped considerably! But she is history…I don’t want a gold digger and I thank her for showing me her true colors finally. But I will surely miss the incredible sex we enjoyed.

So here I sit on a Saturday night at home alone acting like I’m watching some stupid show on TV. The phone rings startling me out of my stupor and I finally answer it hurriedly with a loud “HELLO!”

“OUCH! Shit brother dear, do you always yell when you answer the phone?” my sister asks.

“Sorry, Jennifer,” I said in a much quieter and calmer voice. “I just didn’t want to miss who ever was calling.”

“Okay, my ear has stopped ringing now anyway. But hey, I’m glad you’re home, can I come over?”

“Sure,” I said and gave her directions to my house.

As I awaited her arrival I thought about my life. I’m 27 years young, never married, 6’3″ and 195 pounds of solid muscle. I don’t consider myself as a cad, hell I’ve only had five sex partners and each of them was involved with me in a very close relationship. I have never just wanted to fuck a woman and then go on; I always wanted it to be a close relationship first. As near as I could tell, my ‘little’ sister was much the same way. Jennifer is 23 years old, 5’2′ and about 110 pounds spread over a great 34B-23-34 figure. We both inherited our parents’ blue eyes and blond hair.

We hadn’t seen each other in about two years and I had only moved in here about three months ago. She seemed to have no trouble finding my place and knocked on the door in about 20 minutes. I got each of us a beer and we went out to my patio to enjoy the warm southwest mid winter evening. After catching up on each other’s lives I looked at her and asked, “So just what is it that causes my little sister to FINALLY come and see me?”

“Um, well, since you are home on a Saturday night, does that mean you would be similarly occupied on Fridays as well?”

“Well, yes at the moment. I need some time to get over Megan; that bitch!”

“Well don’t forget I got dumped four weeks ago by Carlos! And his departure just keeps costing me money!” I gave my sister a questioning look and she went on, “We joined a bowling league for couples only, two couples per team. He can’t bowl since HE dumped me, but I have to pay for his spot all the same. What really sucks is we were in third place but we’ve been swept each week since then and are falling rapidly in the standings. So I was wondering, do you still bowl?”

“Sorry sis, I haven’t bowled since my old apartment burned down over two years ago. My ‘lucky’ ball exploded from the heat, and I was so busy with trying to rebuild my life, plus nurture my relationship with Megan, so I just never even thought about it. Now I would probably be a real gutter cleaner!”

“Oh Jason, you can’t possibly be that bad! As I recall you used to really torch the lanes back then! All you need is to get back on the lanes and you’ll be good as ever. Besides, if you bowl we won’t get stuck with taking the penalty off of Carlos’ average. That has just killed us.”

Well, to cut to the chase, after some begging and pleading I agreed to join her league as the other half of her ‘couple’. “Oh my god, thank you Jason! I could just kiss you for this…in fact…I will.” Then she moved quickly to me and kissed me smack dab in the middle of my lips! It wasn’t like when Megan and I had kissed, but it sure was different from the last kiss I got from my sister!

“Damn sis, that was some kiss! Why not on my cheek like usual?” I asked in dismay.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you did I. The league you just agreed to join is the ‘L&S’ league. It stands for ‘Lovers and Sweethearts’. We have to bowl short handed until I hook up with a new guy…and you are it…I mean him!”

“Um, sis…you are still my SISTER, right? I can’t be your lover OR your sweetheart! Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes I am, and no I haven’t. And yes you can! Nobody in the league knows you. We have different last names since I was married for that six month period three years ago. I kept his last name since a four letter name is easier to write out than our fifteen letter name is!”

“I never knew you were so lazy, Jenny…or should I say ‘Jen’ since it’s even easier to say?”

“Ass hole! Damn, I didn’t mean that! I love you brother dear, and right now that makes you the closest thing to a lover that I have! Please don’t back out on me now!”

“Hey, I said I would, so I will! Don’t you know I am a man of my word?”

“Yes I remember, and I thank you for being that way. I must tell you that you will have to get used to being kissed by me like that though, since we will have to act like Aksaray Escort ‘lovers’ while around those people.”

“Ummm, just what does that entail, sis?”

“Well, the kisses of course, and some touchy feely stuff…oh yeah, they don’t have ‘beer frames’, just ‘kiss frames’!”

“What!” I gasped as my beer shot out of my nose. I grabbed a towel to dry off with and got each of us another beer before we got back on subject. “What the hell is a ‘kiss frame’?”

Jenny blushed and had a hard time looking at me but finally her eyes met mine and she softly said, “If you are the only one on your team not to strike on a frame, you have to kiss ALL of the women on both teams! If I get stuck I have to kiss all of the guys on both teams. We just have to make sure that our kisses with each other are better than any other kisses we give or get.”

“Um, sis, I don’t really want to agree to kiss god knows what! I mean, I may be single again but I don’t want to be locking lip with some over weight cow! I mean you are hot, if you don’t mind me saying so, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the women are!”

“Have no fear, brother; nobody gets in the league without being approved as ‘sexy’ enough. There are no cows! It is probably the hottest looking group I’ve ever been associated with. Oh, thanks for the compliment!”

With that assurance it was settled, I would be her ‘lover’ on Friday nights for the next four months. Three times that night Jenny made sure we ‘practiced’ kissing like lovers instead of brother and sister. The kiss she gave me as she left made my cock rise rapidly to attention and I cursed myself after she left for home. I couldn’t believe I got a woody from kissing my sister!

The next Friday I picked her up at 7:45 and we headed out for the 9 P.M. league. As we walked towards the entrance she said, “Thanks again, lover, for agreeing to do this for me. You are the best brother ever!” Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me close, rubbing my arm against her perky 34B tit. I tried to pull away but she pulled me back against her saying, “Remember, touchy feely stuff!” I know I blushed in the dark as we continued onward. I wondered just what I had gotten myself into and how far my sister was willing to go to continue her deception.

As we entered several people called out to her varying strains of the theme, “Great catch, he’s a real hunk!” I looked around and decided she had most certainly understated the attractiveness of these bowlers! I swear there wasn’t one female that was less than an 8.5 on the ten point scale! I’ve never gotten into checking out guys but they all were certainly good looking to my untrained eye.

We took care of the paper work to get my league sanction card where I learned that the league used all but 4 of the lanes, which were kept open as backup alleys and that no non-league members were allowed to stay once the bowling started. Then Jenny introduced me to her team-mates. Wes was about 6’2″ tall, 190 pounds while Heather was 5’4″, 115 pounds spread over a 32D-24-34 figure. Wes and I shook hands and then I held my hand out to Heather who used it to pull me to her and then kissed me deep and long, her tongue reaching every where in my mouth. I tried to hide my embarrassment as she happily welcomed me to the team.

By then it was slim pickings for house balls and I couldn’t find a good fit. My first official ball went right into the gutter! This was followed by my getting 4 pins on my second roll. My next frame was another gutter ball followed by a 1 count, then I managed to knock down NINE pins while the bell rang signaling that my throw didn’t count as my toe went over the line. Shit! My second ball got only 5 pins so after three frames I was solidly in last place with only 10 pins total to show for my efforts. I hadn’t bowled this badly since I was six years old!

Then Kim on the other team got ‘stuck’ with a kiss frame and she gave me a kiss that rivaled what Heather had done when we met. Damn could she kiss! Trouble was that I had to bowl right after the kiss and my cock was madly tenting the front of my pants. But hey, I picked up six pins on my first ball and then made the spare so all was not lost.

As I walked back to sit down Kim said, “Hey Jenny, you’d better thank me later for getting your guy all worked up for you!” Then she reached out and grabbed my cock and gave me a good stroke saying, “Oh wow, that’s a nice one! Much better than Carlos had! Way to go Jenny!”

I quickly sat next to Jenny and whispered “Holy shit, you weren’t kidding!”

“Nope!” she said as she pulled me to her and kissed me hard and deep as her hand dropped to my crotch and gripped my cock tight in her hand before giving me two good jerks. Finally she broke her kiss and softly whispered in my ear, “Remember, I have to out do her!”

I sat back in shock as my eyes scanned the rest of the teams; finally realizing people were kissing and groping every where. Shit, how could my sister ask me to do this with her? Fuck if I knew!

My Aksaray Escort Bayan first game ended with me rallying to get an 85, but we lost the game by 6 pins. Shit! My second game improved to 106 and we won by 3 pins. My final game saw me get my only strike, but it created a kiss frame for Jenny who happily and vigorously kissed the other three guys before giving me a kiss that curled my toes and made me hard again! By then I was used to seeing boners creating tents all over the place and was bothered only by the fact that my sister had caused it.

The important thing was my strike was followed by a spare to start the tenth frame, with my next ball being a nine count! That rallied my game to a dismal – to me – 118 whopping pins. But hey, we won that game by 14 pins and thus took total pins by 11 pins.

As we started to leave the building Heather stepped up to me and kissed me hard before saying, “Make sure Jenny takes good care of you tonight! If I find out that she didn’t I will just have to do it myself! We can’t have our new team-mate left high and dry!”

Jenny gave her a hug, then kissed Wes goodnight before pulling my arm tight against her breast as we headed out to my pickup. As we got to the passenger side of the truck I said, “You don’t have to worry about wha….” And my words were stopped as my sister kissed me hard and deep, her hands grabbing my ass and squeezing tight. Finally she finished her kiss and happily hopped into my truck as I shut the door mumbling “Damn sis!”

It wasn’t until I looked up as I walked around my truck that I saw Wes and Heather smiling and waving goodnight to me that I realized it had been done for their benefit. I gave her a smile and she said, “I didn’t mean to do that but I saw them watching and I didn’t want them to wonder about us.”

I laughed and looked at my tented pants and said, “My guess is you took care of THAT problem quite well!”

Jen followed my gaze and gasped, “Oh Jason, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that to you…again! But I HAD to give them a good show.” As I started up my engine and then slowly left the parking lot she fidgeted on the seat and bit her lower lip before asking, “Do you…oh gosh…do you need me to help take care of that?”

“God NO sis!” I answered harshly. “Sorry sis, I didn’t mean to offend you the way I answered, but we have left the bowling alley, it’s back to brother-sister again, right? Besides, I know how to take care of that at home.” She gave what I felt was a sigh of relief and we talked about how well the night had gone. Jen was ecstatic that the team took three out of four; their first victories since Carlos had left.

I pulled up to her place and she asked me to come in for a bit. “No sis, not tonight, I seem to have something that needs tending to!”

She looked at me then her eyebrows rose up and she said, “Oh god, I’m so sorry about that!”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t all your doing! I seem to recall three other gals tickling my tonsils and grabbing my dick! It’s a bit more um, physical, than I had expected but still it wasn’t something I hated.”

“Phew, good. Um…er…uh…Heather was right, you know. You have a nicer package than Carlos does. Probably MUCH nicer if I do say so myself. Oh sorry bro, I didn’t mean to embarrass you again! I just thought you had a right to know.” She turned in the seat and looked deep into my eyes as she took my hand in hers and seemed to be thinking something over before she went on. “One thing you never did, and I’m sure everybody noticed, was you never checked me out. You need to do this at least once each night.” And she took my hand and placed it over her tit before tightening my fingers making me squeeze her firm tit. “I hope you aren’t turned off by having to do this, but everybody else does it so you have to as well.”

“God sis, this seems so strange,” I said as my fingers started kneading her tit on their own. “But if you insist…” I went on as my other hand rose up and grasped onto her other breast. After giving them both a good mauling I said, “Wow sis, you certainly have nice tits! They are bigger than Megan’s were and hers weren’t even real! Yours feel much better than hers ever could. So I guess just for you I will make certain I do this each night that we bowl. Damn these are nice!” I said as I kept up working her tits until I felt both nipples turn rock hard.

Jenny moaned just before I released them and dropped my hands to my lap. After several seconds she leaned over and kissed me lightly on my lips and then softly said goodnight and quickly got out and went into her apartment. I drove home wondering just how far this league took things.


I must admit I enjoyed getting back into bowling, in spite of the strange league my sister Jenny got me to join. After my third week I had learned two things for sure. First was that it was hell getting French kissed by at least four women each Friday night while I fondled their tits and they rubbed my cock. I had gotten used to Escort Aksaray bowling with a hard on, but it sucked not being able to take a single one of them home for a good fuck afterwards. The only woman not attached was Jenny, and attractive as she was, she was still my sister!

The second thing I learned was that the house balls still sucked! Yes my average had gone up but it still wasn’t for shit. However, we managed to win at least three games each night as our team began rising in the standings. On the fourth week we arrived early and I went to the pro shop and bought a new ball and had it drilled for me.

I rolled a 135 in my first game with the house ball and followed that with a 142. We won both games and I took a break to get my new ball. I rolled a 112 and we lost that one but held on for a 2 point win for total pins. In spite of that game I left the alley like usual, with a raging hard on leading the way! Jenny had stopped asking me inside her place as I always told her I had to get home and take care of something urgent.

I tried to practice with my new ball but decided it simply sucked. Almost as bad as a house ball! On the next Friday we again arrived early and I asked the manager where I could find a GOOD pro shop that knew how to drill the ball correctly. We talked for a bit and then he took me back to the pro shop and grabbed their most expensive ball and said, “This is what you need! I’ve watched your stroke and with a properly drilled finger tip grip, you could be a pro on the PBA.”

He fitted me for that grip and said, “Your grip is very close to mine. Here, use my ball until yours is ready later tonight! If the new ball doesn’t work for you, no charge for it at all. Give it few weeks and if it does greatly improve your score, then whatever you think is fair.”

I couldn’t argue with that so off I went with his ball. After the second frame I had a whopping score of two! Yup, 2 fucking pins on four throws. At least each ball on the third frame scored pins, but only totaled 8 out of ten. I spared the fifth frame, then tossed a nine followed by a miss on the try for spare. A good finish over the final five frames gave me a score of 123, nearly my average. We even managed to eek out the victory by five pins. I started the second game with three strikes in a row, an open split, three more strikes, another open split before finishing with all strikes! Holy shit I bowled a 234! I had never bowled higher than 225 in my life! My sister and team mates went nuts and our opponents claimed I was a “God damned sandbagger!”

My own ball was ready so I used it on the final game. I started with eight strikes in a row before getting nine and a wiggle in the ninth frame. Heather looked really pissed that I missed it and I had no idea what Jenny’s look meant. As Jenny went up for her turn Wes whispered to me, “Damn man, I thought we were finally going to actually see one!”

“Yeah, I know that 300 games are pretty rare…”

“To hell with the 300 game! I wanted to see the 300 game BLOWJOB!”

“The what?”

“Shit man, every lane around us was watching your score. This place would have stopped everything if you had finished those last four strikes. One of your team-mates would have had to blow you right here and now until you came in her mouth! Shit man, Heather loves me to death but I know she would have jumped at the chance to get up close and personal to that salami you’ve got in your pants!” He looked up and saw Jen turning around after making her spare and continued with, “Yeah man, I might have to get me a ball like that. Thanks for the tip.” Then he got up to bowl as Jen sat next to me and put her hand on my thigh. She had a relieved look on her face. After three people walked over and gave me their condolences on the miss she got up and walked away.

I finished the tenth frame with a strike and then a spare for a 269! Heather as well as both the women on the other team gave me fantastic kisses and cock strokings as several people applauded my efforts. Heather finished her kiss by saying softly, “I do like that number ‘269’ but I was really hoping you’d get the 300!” God it felt so good as her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she stroked my full length twice.

Finally I stepped up to my sister and wrapped my arms around her as I pulled her tight to me, my cock pressed tight against her pussy. Finally she lifted her face up to mine and softly said, “Gosh, that was soooo close!” Then her lips met mine and she kissed me better than any previous time as our hips ground together.

Jenny was very quiet on the way back to her place that night. Mostly she just looked at her fingers and hands, only giving me short answers to whatever I said or asked. I pulled up to her place and she sat for a moment before looking at me and then, “Do you…would you want to come inside for a while?”

“Oh god Jenny, I’d like to but I really have to take care of something at home!” I said. “You understand don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I do … it’s just … I’d … oh hell. I don’t really know what I want to say to you. Shit!” Then she quickly kissed my lips and slipped out the door with a very quick “Good night Jason! Love you!” I watched as she practically ran to her door and I wondered what would happen if I DID manage to bowl a 300 game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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