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My great grandfather built a cabin on a small lake for he and his new bride. It was an actual log cabin, complete with pot bellied stove and stone fireplace.

My grandfather modernized it some, adding indoor plumbing and electricity. Then my father did even more. Including adding a second bedroom and modern kitchen. Throughout all this modernization, they maintained the authentic log cabin exterior and decor. It is now quite nice for a cabin, though still a little small.

I am not the handyman type, so I haven’t done much to the place, other than maintaining the property, and adding new furnishings. I make a good living, so whenever it needs something, I just hire people to do it.

I, of course inherited the place when my father died at a rather young age. I fortunately was an only child. I on the other hand have three children. Two boys and a girl. The first girl in five generations. To say she is spoiled, would be an understatement. I have no idea how to split the place between three kids. Of course when the time comes I will be out of the picture, and it will be their problem. But I digress.

I fooled around with some friends back in high school, and maybe during a drunken binge in college, but for the most part, consider myself straight. Certainly, my wife has no knowledge of those times. Now we get to the meat of the story.

The cabin is now just a weekend place. So we put two sets of bunk beds in the second bedroom and a king in the master. There is also a foldout couch in the main room.

My sons and I had planned a boys trip to the lake for a week of fishing and poker and all sorts of manly things. They had invited two friends each, which wasn’t a problem. At the last minute, my daughter’s boyfriend Mark, was left to fend for himself, while his parents took care of an elderly relative. My daughter came up with the bright idea of inviting Mark with us.

I like Mark a lot. One couldn’t ask for a better future son in law. He is bright and attractive, and he treats my daughter like a queen. He graduated with honors, and is going to an Ivy league school in the fall. He has great potential and comes from a well off family.

He turned eighteen, the week before school let out, actually three months after my daughter. My sons are twenty and twenty two. Yes, that makes me an old man of forty five, although I keep in pretty good shape.

My wife and I have matching Escalades. Cute right? Her idea. The boys and I packed everything we would need into the Escalades. Food for eight men took up a lot of cargo room. Beer took up a lot too. Fishing gear and most everything else is already at the cabin.

Two Escalades headed out for the three hour drive, me driving one with Mark as a passenger and most of the cargo. The other my oldest son drove, with five boys and the beer.

During the drive, I of course asked Mark about school and his plans for the future. Then moved on to my daughter, Anna, The boy is really lovestruck. What’s not to like? She is beautiful and smart and a great sense of humor.

He was very open about their relationship. Going as far as telling me she wanted to remain a virgin until marriage. I, being a good father, put her on birth control pills the year before, just in case. Seems I wasted that money. She isn’t putting out for Mark. I was both glad and sad. Poor boy.

The boys unloaded the cargo, and of course headed for the lake, leaving me to unpack and put away and get the cabin ready for habitation. It only took two hours. Then I had to prepare lunch. Another hour.

Walking down to the secluded pier, I heard the sounds that seven young boys can make, splashing and yelling and whistles and catcalls. As I neared, I was not surprised to see seven naked boys. Well, I guess really they are young men.

My sons and I have been skinny dipping here for years. The other boys I had never seen nude. I was impressed. They all seemed to have rather nice packages, Mark being the largest looking, even soft. Boy Anna doesn’t know what she is missing.

Trying not to stare, I called the boys in for lunch. I was lucky, none had brought towels, and so I got to watch them walk the hundred yards to the cabin au natural. I had to admit, my children had great taste in friends. Seven swinging penises and seven hard bubble buts to watch. Good thing I was clothed, I wouldn’t have been swinging.

After the boys devoured pounds of sandwiches and chips, some decided to take our boat out on the lake. We have a nice motorboat with a small cabin, we keep in a boathouse at the lake. The boys had it out and running in no time, leaving Mark and I to fish off the pier. Again the conversation turned to Anna.

I guess I have a natural ability to talk to people. They always seem to open up to me about the most intimate of topics. I should have been a psychiatrist .

We were sitting on lawn chairs, waiting for a fish to have the misfortune of grabbing our bait. It seems Mark had been sexually active for a while, so it was hard for him to keep hakkari escort his promise to Anna to not have sex. You would think that he wouldn’t tell the girl’s father this, but like I said, psychiatrist, and we had been close since he started dating Anna.

“She is just so beautiful. It is really hard to keep from throwing her to the ground and having my way with her.”

“I know what you mean.” I said glancing at him. “I had a similar problem with her mother.”

He rubbed his crotch slightly, “You know, I think she dresses just to tease me and test my will power.”

I looked over at him and could see the beginnings of an erection sprouting in his light weight shorts. I had to taunt him a little more just for fun. “She has her mother’s tits too I bet, Of course I haven’t seen them. Her mother has the nicest rack in the county.”

“Oh God, does she have nice tits!” he said without thinking. “Oh shit… I’m sorry Sir. I mean.. Well I have seen them…we make out sometimes.. Shit…forget I said that.”

“It’s Ok, Mark. I was young once too. I haven’t forgotten what it’s like. So, you two have made out, but still you haven’t fucked her?”

He seemed surprised that I would use that word, especially referring my daughter. “Well, she has, know, helped me out, but I haven’t been laid in like, forever.” By now he was fully erect, and from what I could tell, was very impressive.

“Helped you out? You mean she gives you a hand job?

“Yeah, sort of. But she doesn’t like for me to cum on her hand, so I have to finish myself when I get close.” Way too much info about my own daughter.

“I’m sure things will change if you two get married.”

“If we get married? We are definitely getting married. I am not waiting all this time for nothing. I Love her. I’m just going crazy, that’s all.”

We sat in silence for a moment. Then he said. “You know, I was thinking about going to a prostitute, But I know she would cut my dick off before she killed me, if I did. What do you think?”

“I think you would definitely lose your dick, and your death would be slow and painful. I assume you haven’t been totally chaste though.”

“Are you kidding” I have the best wrist muscles in town.” he said while making the universal sign for masturbation. “Every time I see her, the bishop gets another beating. I choke the chicken so much, it’s headless body is still running around the front yard.” We were still laughing when he got a hit on his line.

We had a fish fry that night. I made the boys clean the kitchen after, I am not their maid. Then we settled down and drank a few beers, and talked sports and broads. Apparently these boys have seen more pussy than 9 Lives.

They wanted to take the boat to the other side of the lake in the morning, so they wanted to get an early start. I headed to the master bath for a shower, and crawled into bed exhausted after the long day. I was just reaching for the bedside lamp to douse it, when Mark came in.

“Everyone has a bed but me. Can I bunk in here with you, Sir?” It seems we hadn’t done a count on beds and boys. Even with two on the pull out sofa, we were still a bed short.

As was my custom, I was in bed nude. “Sure Mark. Give me a minute.” I said He left the room, and I got up and slipped on some boxers. When he reentered, he had his duffel bag. I guess we were roommates for the duration. He went to the bath, and I heard the shower start. I tried to go to sleep, but it was difficult, knowing that young swinging dick was in my shower.

He came out in just his boxers too. He climbed into my bed said “Good night.” and turned away. I awoke later to discover my arm thrown over his abdomen. Removing it, I brushed against something hard. Temptation…Get thee behind me Satan. I just turned around and went back to sleep, feeling very proud of myself. Then morning came.

Yes, you guessed it. He was spooned in behind me very close. Arm around my chest, cock in my asscrack. Or at least it would have been, if we weren’t in our boxers. What to do? Option 1: hump back on his cock while pretending to be asleep. Option 2: turn around, take that big cock in my mouth and blow his mind. Option 3: stay where I am, feign sleep, and act like nothing is unusual when he wakes.

I chose option 3. He is my daughter’s boyfriend, why were the other two even options? After a few minutes, he started to come around. In his half sleep state, he pulled me in tighter, and humped his cock in my asscrack a couple of times. I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

This seemed to wake him completely. He sort of jumped back. “Uh.. sorry.. I.. uh.”

I of course pretended to just wake up. “Huh.. what’s up Mark?”

“Nothing, Sir, just getting up.”

I watched as he walked around the bed to the bathroom. His big cock tenting out the front of his shorts, swaying back and forth with each step. God, what a sight. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually I heard piss hitting the toilet. hakkari escort bayan I got up and slid on some jeans, just as he exited the bathroom.

After relieving myself, I found the rest of the boys gobbling down cereal out of bowls you would use for mixing a cake. Damn, can they eat.

Mark decided to stay behind as they all piled onto the boat and left. I asked him why he didn’t go on the boat with them, and he said “It was already pretty loaded down with all of them. Besides, Bradley is a bit of an ass if you ask me.”

“Yes, he can be. Problem is he is not too bright. He tries to make up for it by being boisterous. He is really quite harmless unless you pick on his friends. Then you would have hell to pay. He has been best friends with P.J. since they were kids. I know he would take a bullet for my son, so I don’t mind him hanging around.”

“Oh, that explains a lot. I’m sorry I misread him. I will try to be friendlier with him. I shouldn’t be on the bad side of my brother in law’s best friend.”

We went down to the lake and cast lines in from the bank a few yards away from the pier. There are some nice shade trees and a favorite hang out for fish just beyond.

As it got warmer, we were soon shirtless. I ask Mark to run up to the house to get us cold drinks. When he came back he ask if he could take off his jeans too.

“I’ve already seen you naked, so why not. I’m sure the boys are probably skinny dipping by now too. We all will by the end of the week.” He took off his jeans, but left on his boxers. It wasn’t long before I too got up to take off my jeans. While standing above him, I could plainly see right up the leg opening of his boxers. I took my time, folding my jeans neatly, of course my eyes were not on my work. I had seen it before, but some how this was more clandestine and exciting.

Relaxing beneath the shade tree, both in our undies, not paying much attention to to fishing. The conversation of course turned to sex. “How many girls have you been with?’ I asked.

“Well, only two really. They didn’t mean anything. One was dumb as dirt. I’m sure she is waiting tables at IHOP by now. The other was just as easy, and even dumber. Now Anna, she is beautiful and smart, and those tits!” I could see his cock growing under his plaid boxers.

“I take it you’re a breast man. At your age I guess we all are. I remember my wife’s tits at your age. Firm yet soft, big areolas just begging to be sucked.” That did it. He was fully hard and large. He got up and jumped into the lake.

We grilled steaks that night, and played poker for a while. My oldest son, P.J. wiped me out quickly, so I cleaned the kitchen while they played. P.J.’s luck continued and he soon had everyone felted. When I came back from the kitchen they were on to Truth or Dare. I can’t even tell you how funny those boys are. The things I learned about them all. Or the things they had to do on a dare. I will say, that I will have to get the fireplace poker sanitized. They were still at it when I retired to bed.

I didn’t notice when Mark came to bed but it must have been late. Something woke me, and to my asstonishment, my hand was directly on his cock. I was just about to panic, when I realized his hand was on mine. and he was rock hard.

I lay there wondering what to do, when he started moving my hand with his. I didn’t resist, instead I started moving my hand on my own. He realized I was awake, and let go of my hand. I stroked it a few more times, then let it go. I heard him groan in disappointment, which was short lived. I reached inside his boxers and grasped his big cock. I stroked him while mentally studying this weapon. The girth was surprising, but the weight, very impressive.

He didn’t take long to shoot a massive load on both of us. Not saying a word, he went into the bathroom to clean up. I lay there guilt ridden and horny. What the fuck had I done. Mark is Anna’s boyfriend. If she finds out, she will hate me and her mother will probably want a divorce. Mark returned, slipped under the sheet, said “Good night.” and went to sleep.

That’s it? Nothing else? WTF? He must be upset with me. Why wouldn’t he at least mention the hand job I just gave him?

The morning was pretty much a repeat of the day before, except the boys wanted to go into the nearby town to hit on girls. This of course left Mark out again. He already had a girlfriend who would relieve him of his testicles if she found out.

I thought it would be a good time to take Mark out on the boat. We packed a cooler full of beer and sandwiches and headed out. I anchored near the deepest part of the lake, and cast out a line. Mark cast out and then went into the cabin. He came out in a speedo style swimsuit. He should model for the company, sales would skyrocket. I couldn’t help admiring his physique. The way he filled out the basket of that suit should be illegal. I removed my jeans under which I was wearing a knee length short type of suit.

“Sir, escort hakkari I.. uh.. I just wanted to apologize.”

“Apologize? For what?”

“Well..for uh.. well you know.. what happened last night.” He stammered shyly.

I couldn’t let him off the hook that easily. I mean he just turned over and went to sleep. “And what exactly happened that you are apologizing for?”

“Ah damn Sir. You’re really gonna make me say it? Ok.. when I got into bed, you rolled over. Your hand landed right on my dick. I was gonna push it away, but it felt so good. I was hard instantly. I mean, I haven’t gotten off for like four days. So.. well, you know how it feels so much better when someone else does it for you. I kinda used your hand to stroke me for a while. I don’t know when you woke up, but you kept stroking me. Please, you can’t tell Anna, she will go apeshit crazy. I mean.. she knows I jerk off, but I promised not to have sex with other girls.”

He was just worried about Anna finding out. This boy is totally whipped. “First, I am not a girl, so your promise is still in tact. Secondly, I am not about to tell my daughter that I gave her boyfriend a hand job. Third, I really didn’t mind it. Like I said before, I remember what it was like at your age. Besides, it was fun handling one that size for a change, mine is not nearly as big.”

“Thank you Sir.” he seemed genuinely relieved. After a moment he continued “You really didn’t mind?”

“No, it was something different and it was quite fun. You are really gifted, did you know that?”

“Yeah, they used to make fun of me in the gym showers. Called me ‘tripod’ and stuff like that. Said I was leaving a trail in the dirt when I walked. All in good fun though, they were actually jealous, I think.”

“I’m sure they were. I know I am. But at least I got to play with one that size. I enjoyed it.” This put him at ease.

“You really enjoyed it? You mean, you wouldn’t mind doing it again?” This wasn’t just rhetorical, I could tell. He really wanted to know if I would do it for him again.

“Sure, if you want.” Did I just tell my daughter’s boyfriend I wanted to play with his cock?

“Really? Like, maybe tonight?” he sounded excited at the prospect. So was I.

“Yeah, tonight,… or now.” I arose from my chair and went to the cabin. I sat on the bunk, as he came down the steps. I could see that he was already plumping up. He stopped in front of me, his crotch just inches from my face.

He hesitated, with his thumbs in the waistband of his speedos. I watched as that python in his suit uncoiled until it could no longer be contained within. He still hesitated, so I reached up and grabbed his suit, pulling it down to his knees. His mighty cock bobbed up and slapped his belly.

Just from the sound, you could tell it was a formidable piece of meat. I had felt it the night before, but in the light of day, close up, I was amazed by it. I heard him moan lightly when I grasped it in my hand, and I was struck by the sudden thought ‘It’s beautiful.’

I mean, if a cock can be called beautiful, it was this cock. It still had that youthful pink hue, with the bell end being slightly darker. He had a thick but small light brown bush at the base. It was innocent, almost childlike in appearance, but this was definitely a manly cock.

I stroked him for a minute, not taking my eyes off of it. He was slowly moving his hips, getting into the feelings I was causing. I glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed, probably thinking about Anna. I didn’t care. I took it to the next level. I opened my mouth and swallowed the fat knob.

I took him deep into my mouth, he let out a loud moan. I had my hand at it’s base, yet it was probing my throat. What a cock. I had only a minute to enjoy the first blow job I had given in years, when he suddenly thrust his hips forward. I felt the first blast in my throat, then I tried to go all the way down on him. The second volley was somewhere in my gullet. I was choking, and trying to swallow, tears were forming in my eyes, and my stomach heaved. But I managed to swallow all his tasty cum.

“AAHH. Man that felt good. I always wondered what it was like.”

“What, what was like?” I asked still savoring the flavor.

“A blow job. That was my first blow job. Man it was great.”

“Anna doesn’t do that for you?” I was both surprised and happy that my daughter doesn’t blow her boyfriend.

“No, if she would, I probably could hold out til the wedding.”

“Do you always cum that quickly? I noticed you did last night and again today.”

“I usually last a little longer, but it felt so damn good, I couldn’t help it.”

“We are gonna have to work on that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, girls are different from guys. They take a lot longer to get excited and even longer to climax. Even as gifted as you are, no girl is going to enjoy it if you cum in 30 seconds. Especially when you are with a young girl who isn’t experienced. She is going to be tight. You will be tempted to cum quickly. You have to hold off until she orgasms too, or you won’t be getting much pussy from her. If you marry Anna, and you two wait until the honeymoon to consummate the relationship, she is going to be quite disappointed. If you do it before then, you might not make it down the aisle with her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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