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Chapter 3: Getting hot for each other.

Amy woke the next morning with the sun streaming into the bedroom, still half asleep she felt Brad behind her then remembered she was in his bed. Rolling over to face him and staring at his still sleeping face, she lay there for a few minutes watching him sleep peacefully, then moved closer to him, pressing her body against his, feeling his cock touch her legs.

Brad sighed with pleasure as she wrapped a leg over his waist and rubbing her still panty covered pussy against her brothers cock.

Brad stirred and opened his eyes. “Morning honey, did you sleep well?”

“Oh yes, I certainly did. I could get used to falling asleep snuggled up to you.”

“Me too, but Mum and Dad might have something to say about it.”

“I’m sure they would, we’ll just have to be careful. Your cock is hard again.”

“I know. It’s because I’ve just woken up next to you.”

Amy continued to push her pussy against Brads cock, a little pre-cum was now leaking out of his cock, wetting the front of her panties. She leaned over kissed him lightly on the lips, he returned her kiss.

“I need to take a leak, stay where you are.” Brad got up and walked into his bathroom, waiting a while for his cock to go down enough to allow him to relieve himself.

Amy, having watched his naked body walk out of the room, then decided to remove her nightshirt and panties, discarding them on the floor and covering herself with only the sheet.

Brad returned to find Amy lying facing away from him, he slid under the covers and realized she was now topless.

“Snuggle up behind me again,” she said softly. Brad snuggled up close behind her, pushing his cock into her ass, it was then he realised she was naked.

“Hmm, that feels better,” he said.

“What, having a leak or shoving your cock against my ass, ” she laughed.

“Both,” he said kissing the back of her neck and reaching around her body, taking hold of her now bare breasts in his hand. “Hmm, these feel fantastic.”

“So does this,” she replied, grinding her naked ass against his hard cock.

They dozed for a while, enjoying the naked contact between them.

“I’m getting a little hungry. Are you?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, I guess, but don’t go anywhere yet,” she said rolling over onto her back, allowing Brad to view her bare breasts for the first time.

“God Amy, they are wonderful. Can I kiss them?”

“Oh, please. Nobody has every kissed them before.”

Brad moved down the bed slightly, and took the nearest breast into his mouth, revelling in the contact of her soft tissue. The nipple was already hard and he sucked lightly on it, extending it to its full length.

“Oh, that feels wonderful, keep doing that, ” Amy said, resting a hand on top of his head, feeling his hair between her fingers.

“I intend to, don’t you worry. I could suck on these all day.”

“Well I’m certainly not going to stop you, not yet anyway. Don’t forget about this one,” she said pushing the other breast towards his mouth. Brad rolled further over onto Amy pushing his hard cock into her thigh, while taking the other breast into his mouth.

He alternated between them for a while, then moved up to her face and kissed her hard on the lips.

“I want to see all of you,” he whispered in her ear.

“You want to see your little sister naked? Does that turn you on?”

“Yes, indeed,” he said rolling off her again.

Amy moved to the edge of the bed and sat up, looking back over her shoulder at him, her shoulder length dirty blonde hair flicking out of the way. She stood up and allowed him to view her ass for the first time, making his heart beat faster and making his cock involuntarily jump around.

Slowly she turned around revealing her pussy, which as he suspected was covered in a thin light blonde patch of hair. “Amy, I have to say you have a wonderful body.”

“Thank you, yours isn’t so bad either,” she smirked looking down at his throbbing cock again.

Brad moved to the edge of the bed, and sat in front of Amy, touching her hips lightly then running his hands over her body as she bent forward kissing him. His hands moved to her now swinging breasts, he held onto them lightly feeling their weight and tweaking the nipples slightly. Moving forward while still kissing her, she sat on Brads legs, squashing his cock in between their stomachs. They hugged each other tightly while still kissing.

Amy could feel Brads cock on the outside of her pussy, it was pressing hard into her clit, sending electric jolts though her body. Brad, meanwhile had moved his hands to her ass and had taken hold of each cheek in a vice light grip, not too hard, but enough to keep a firm hold of her.

“I can feel your cock on my clit and it’s turning me on.”

“I couldn’t be any more turned on that what I already am. I think I’m going to come soon.”

“Yes, come all over my body, I want to feel you covering me with your cum.” Amy slid off his legs and kneeled Ankara escort on the floor between his legs. Taking his cock in her hand and stroking him slowly. “Do you want to come over my face and tits?”

“I’d like nothing more than that and it won’t be long until I do. You are turning me on so much baby.”

“Cover me, please. Let me watch you stroke yourself,” Amy said letting go of his cock and sat back on her heels. “Do you want to cover your naked little sister in your cum? I bet you’ve thought about doing it for a while now haven’t you? Well, now’s your chance. Do it.”

Brad stood up and stroked his cock furiously, feeling his balls contract. “Here it is, I’m going to cover you right now.”

“Yes, on my face, in my hair, on my tits, do it. Cover me in your cum please,” Amy begged him.

“Ahh,” Brad cried as the first jet hit Amy on her forehead and sprayed into her hair. The second hit her cheek and mouth. The third covered her nose and dripped down over her chin. The last two streams he aimed at her tits, covering them with his milky seed.

Amy looked up and smiled at him. “Wow,” she said. “That was cool.” Running her finger over her face she spread the sperm around and scooped the cum into her mouth. Once she had scooped the excess into her mouth, she let it slowly run out of the sides and drip down her chin onto her tits. Using her hands she spread the sperm around of her tits, laughing out loud. “I think you covered me.”

Brad was enjoying watching his slutty sister rub his sperm into her tits as she leaned forward and took his shrinking cock into her mouth again, easily getting the whole of it into her mouth.

“I think I need a shower now,” she laughed. “Care to join me?”

Without answering Brad picked Amy up and carried her effortlessly towards his private bathroom. “Wait, I need my shampoo and soap.” Brad stopped and lifted her over his shoulder and continued into his bathroom, retrieving his shower gel before carrying her over to her room and into her bathroom.

Amy switched on the shower and they both climbed in. They shampooed and washed each other down, using plenty of bubbles and getting a good feel of each others bodies.

They got out of the shower and spent some time drying each other off, exploring each other bodies further. Walking into Amy’s bedroom, Brad noticed the time. “Mum and Dad will be home soon, dad won’t want to miss his usual Sunday morning round of golf. We’d better get dressed quickly.”

Walking back to his bedroom to find some clothes, he heard their parents return, “Just in time,” he thought to himself.

Sunday afternoon and Brad was under the hood of his mustang checking the fluids, when he saw a fine pair of legs from the corner of his eye.

“Hey bro, what you up to? Can I help?”

“Oh just checking the fluids, this old girl goes through quite a bit these days. I’m almost done, fancy going for a drive?”

“That would be nice, where are we going.”

“I’m not sure, why don’t you decide,” he said throwing her his keys.

Amy smiled, “I thought you didn’t trust me?”

“You’ve got to practice somewhere. Get settled in, I’ll just go and clean myself up.”

Amy climbed into the drivers seat, adjusting the seat and mirrors. It had been a few months since she had last driven anywhere and was a little nervous at driving her brothers pride and joy.

Brad returned, “I’ve told mum we’re off out for a drive.”

Amy started the beast and slipped it into drive and they set off heading for the highway. After a few minutes Amy had relaxed and so had Brad, “You’re a natural sis.”

“Thanks, I just need the practice to build my confidence up.”

Brads eyes kept wandering over at Amy. She was wearing a cropped shirt that showed off her cleavage and her flat stomach and a pair of shorts with white socks and sneakers. He wanted to reach over and touch her legs, but thought against it as he didn’t want to distract her from driving.

Amy turned off the highway and headed west towards the coast. “Where are we going?”, Brad asked.

“Not sure really, I thought it might be nice to head towards the coast.”

Half an hour later they arrived at the coastal road and she parked next to a quiet beach. Switching off the engine, she leaned over to Brad. “Thank you for letting me drive. I enjoyed myself,” then kissed him.

Brad reached out and held her leg, feeling her soft skin under his hand. “No problem,” he replied, “you are a good driver. I think from now on you should drive when we go out together.”

They got out of the car and walked hand in hand for a few miles down the beach, eventually coming to a small town with a beach side cafe. Feeling thirsty they sat in the cafe, watching the sun slowly set over the horizon. A large storm cloud was building out to sea and was slowly making its way towards them. “We’d better start to head back before it gets dark and I don’t like the look of that storm coming in.”

Walking back up the beach they heard a distant rubble Ankara escort bayan of thunder, “It’s getting nearer, I think we’re going to get wet.”

“Oh no, I hate thunder,” Amy replied.

“The thunder isn’t the problem. It’s the lightning you should be worried about.”

Amy punched him on the arm, “Don’t say that. You know it scares me.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Come on lets jog back before it catches us.” They speeded up and were soon jogging down the beach, when they felt the rain start to fall. All of a sudden they were hit by a heavy downpour.

By the time they reached the car it was almost dark they were soaked, they climbed in, getting out of the rain. “There should be a beach towel in the back. It may not be very clean, but at least it’s dry.”

Brad watched as Amy climbed though the seats into the back and found the towel. She used it to dry her hair as best she could. “Shit Brad, I’m completely soaked,” she laughed.

“Me too,” said Brad removing his shirt and kicking off his shoes.

Amy looked around outside, checking for signs of other vehicles or people, but there was nobody around. A little nervously, she untied her wet shirt and pulled it off her shoulders allowing her wet breasts to fall free. She then threw the wet shirt at Brad sat in the front seat.

“Hey,” he said before realising what it was. Looking into the back seat he was rewarded with the view of Amy lying bare breasted, leaning back against the side panel. She had her finger to her mouth and was beckoning him to join her in the back. “I’m cold and wet,” she said, “I need warming up.”

Brad wasted no time in climbing over the seats to join his wet sister. He removed her shoes, dropping them onto the floor and then removed her socks, wringing out the water before laying them over the seat to dry.

Amy lifted her ass off the seat as an invitation for brad to remove her shorts as well. “These are wet as well, you’d better take them off for me,” she giggled at him.

Sliding his fingers into the waistband he pulled her shorts slowly down her legs revealing a damp pair of panties. “These are wet as well,” Brad said, moving his fingers lightly over the fabric. Amy lifted her ass off the seat again, signalling to Brad it was ok to remove them. He instantly felt his cock start to twitch, as he pulled her panties down and off her legs revealing her pussy to him once more.

Brad carefully moved his fingers to her pussy and pushed them in between her lips, moving them up and down her pussy, feeling how wet she was. Lifting his fingers to his mouth he tasted her warm sweet pussy juices.

“Hmm, you taste so good,” he said bending down licking the inside of her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Amy was breathing hard, her heart was pounding fast. She could feel Brads tongue on her thighs, he was close but yet so far away from her pussy. He kept teasing her moving up and past her pussy, then moved back down her legs again, avoiding the area she desperately wanted him to touch.

She lifted her legs and opened then as wide as she could in the confined space, wedging her feet into the roof. Her pussy was now wide open and glistening, inviting Brad to touch her honey pot.

“Oh god,” Amy cried, as Brad took a long lick of her pussy from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit. Her hands were gripping the seat hard, as Brad continued his slow assault on her pussy. This was the first time someone had eaten her out, she had always dreamed of it, but never thought it would feel so good. “Yes Brad, eat my pussy. Oh yes, yes, I’m going to come.” Amy shrieked as her first orgasm came over her.

Brad took her clit in his mouth and sucked lightly, teasing it with his tongue. “Oh Fuck, yes, keep doing that. Oh shit, what are you doing to me baby? I’m coming again,” she screamed as her body shook wildly.

Brad continued eating her pussy for the next few minutes bringing Amy to multiple orgasms. After a while she grabbed his head and lifted him clear of her pussy. “Stop please, it’s too much, I’m too sensitive again.”

Brad fell forward taking her in his arms, and kissing her hard on her lips. His cock was now rock hard and pressed hard against the outside of her pussy, only stopped from entering by his shorts and the somewhat awkward position they were in.

Amy squeezed a hand between them and into his shorts, feeling his hot hard cock pulsing in her hand. The head of his cock pushed its way out of the waistband of his shorts and touched her wet pussy lips.

“Oh Amy, I can feel your hot pussy on my cock.”

“Oh yes, I can feel your cock on my clit.”

Brad moved his cock around her pussy lips while she continued to stroke him inside his shorts.

“Oh, shit I’m going to come soon baby,” he said.

“Yes, come over me. Shoot it over my pussy.”

“Are you sure baby, I don’t want to get you pregnant?”

“It’s ok, I’ve been on the pill for years to help to control my periods. Come over me, cover my pussy Escort Ankara with your cream. I want to feel it on me.”

Amy removed, her hand and pushed his shorts down his legs and took hold of his cock with both hands and moved her pussy up and down his cock mixing his pre-cum with her juices that were now flowing freely.

“I’m going to come baby. Here it is.” Brad starting grunting and jerking as his balls tightened and forced the sperm out of his cock hitting her pussy.

“Yes, come over pussy, yes,” Amy screamed as she felt the first spurt hit her pussy. The second stream landed on her pubes, the third and fourth sprayed over her arms, the remaining cum dribbled out of his cock and dripped onto her pussy lips.

Amy moved the cum around her lower body with her fingers, covering her pussy and thighs in his cream.

“Oh fuck, that was great. I could feel you hit my pussy lips. It felt awesome.”

“It felt great for me to baby,” Brad said catching his breath sitting back on his heels.

Amy spun around sitting up on the seat, before moving over to brad and holding him tightly.

“Let’s go for a skinny dip in the sea, I need to wash this come off me. I don’t want mum or dad to smell it when we walk through the door.”

It was still raining outside as they ran hand in hand down to the sea and washed each other down, removing the sweat and evidence of their activities, before returning to the car and dressing in their still wet clothes. Brad fired up the engine, switching on the heating and drove home, as Amy wasn’t comfortable driving in the dark yet. The drive home was a bit uncomfortable for both of them, as they were cold from sitting in their damp clothes. Amy had a warm glow inside her though, recalling the feel of Brads cock on her pussy and the way her body reacted when he came over her pussy.

For the next few days, Brad and Amy didn’t get much time to themselves. It was Wednesday night before they managed to get some time together when their parents were out on their regular poker night at a friends house.

Amy walked into Brads room wearing a short red dress, white hose or stockings and her new red high heel shoes.

“Fuck babe, you look amazing.”

“Thank you bro, I’m wearing them just for you.”

Brad walked over to Amy had held her tight in his arms, feeling her body press into his.

“Why don’t you sit down on the chair,” she asked, pushing him over towards the chair, “I want to strip for you. But first get yourself naked. I want to watch you undress.”

Brad was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts and these were soon despatched, before sitting down on the chair looking over intently at Amy.

Amy walked around the room in her sexy outfit before reaching behind herself and slowly unzipping the dress and helping it over her curvy hips, allowing it to drop onto the floor. Now she was only wearing a matching red bra and panties with what turned out to be white hold up stockings. Amy continued to walk around in her high heels, looking at Brad, seeing his cock twitch every now and again.

Facing away from him she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, holding it in place with her hands, before turning back around and leaning forward slowly removing her hands letting her firm tits loose for Brad to view.

“Fuck baby, you are amazing, come over here.”

Amy stood up straight and smiled, walking over to Brad and sitting sideways on his lap. Brad reached up and grabbed one of her firm tits bringing his head down to meet it and taking her nipple into his mouth instantly bringing it to life.

“Oh yes, suck my tits,” Amy moaned turning to face her brother so he could get to both of them.

Brad held both of her tits and massaged them, feeling their weight and lightly tweaking her nipples, while alternating between sucking and licking each of them. His cock was again at full strength and Amy could feel it moving underneath her legs.

“Let’s move to the bed,” she whispered in his ear, “My room this time.”

Amy stood and picked up her discarded clothes and held onto Brads hand and dragged him into her bedroom, lying down on her bed.

“I want you to eat me out again. I’ve been looking for to this since we did it in the back of your car, but first I’m going to suck your cock.”

“No, first I’m going to kiss you,” Brad said lying down beside his sister. Taking her face in his hands he planted a kiss on her lips, before they locked mouths for what seemed like ages, but was probably only a couple of minutes, but it was long enough for each of them to be breathing hard and fast.

Amy pushed Brad over onto his back and slowly made her way down his body, kissing his body all the way down until she reached his cock. She ran her tongue along the length of him then down to his balls, before moving back to the head and taking him deep into her mouth, feeling him hit the back of her throat.

“Oh, yes, baby. That’s it. Suck my cock. Oh it feels so good.”

“Hmm, I like sucking your cock, but I like it more when you come in my mouth,” she mumbled around his hard cock. She then started slow but deep fucking motion with her mouth, lifting off all the way before pushing most of it back inside her mouth again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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