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It was like any other Friday night in my household, my husband Nick having his buddies over for poker night. They had all piled in the basement, per usual, as I sat at the dining room table slowly putting together another jigsaw puzzle. I enjoyed seeing Nick happy but the same thing Friday after Friday was, admittedly, getting boring and my lack of excitement was leading to heavy eyelids.

Yawning, I made my way upstairs to our bathroom to start getting ready for bed. I didn’t expect Nick to join me for several more hours as I stripped myself down to just panties. I always slept at least half naked, loving the silky feel of the sheets against my bare skin. It always made me feel as though someone was running their fingertips over my thighs and up my sides. Just the thought made me shiver, a jolt traveling through my body.

Like clockwork, my pussy started to get wet just from the light touch of the sheets. Automatically I felt my hand travel to my pantyline, pausing yabancı gaziantep escort momentarily before venturing inside them. I gasped as my fingers brushed the strip of hair I left for my husband’s pleasure. Well, who am I kidding? It’s for my pleasure too. I love when the strip is touched, played with and tugged on. Nick will grab it in his teeth just before he eats my pussy, just to torture me.

My fingers traveled lower to trail along my slit, wetting my fingertips, making me squirm. I couldn’t help but think how badly I needed a cock right now. I wondered if Nick would come fuck me but he was so enthralled in his poker game that he wouldn’t look at his phone for hours. I might as well have not existed on these nights. Pushing aside these thoughts, I plunged two fingers deep into my pussy, gasping as I hit my g-spot almost immediately.

I bucked my hips slowly at first while I worked my fingers gaziantep yabancı escort in a curling motion. The pressure in my pussy built slowly, pleasure rising. My clit was throbbing for attention, begging me to flick it. I withdrew my fingers to spread my juices around my clit when I heard a creak on the stairs. Instantly I pulled my hand out of my panties and pretended to be asleep, hoping it was Nick as I didn’t even have time to pull the covers over my nearly naked body.

The hall lights flicked on and footsteps proceeded down the hall towards our bedroom door that I had left open about halfway. My heart pounded as they went past and then paused. Maybe it was Nick noticing my barely covered ass? Maybe he would come in and try to fuck me?

Slowly I heard the door creak further open as I resisted the urge to open my eyes. I could hear an excited breathing from whoever was standing there. Very carefully, escort gaziantep yabancı I shifted myself into a better position, making it seem like I was just moving in my sleep. I was trying to angle my face towards the door so I could open my eyes just a sliver to see who was there. The excited breathing was getting a little louder, a little faster.

Taking the chance, I cracked my eyes open. It took a moment for them to adjust to the dim room. At first all I could see was a silhouette in the doorway facing me but then my eyes fully adjusted. It was not Nick. It was one of his best friends, Brad, standing there rubbing the front of his pants with an extremely greedy look on his face.

At first I felt nervous and afraid of why he was there. Had he come purposefully looking for me? Should I cover up? But then I felt my pussy throbbing and getting more wet just by him standing there, his eyes on my body. This was really turning me on and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I should see how far he’d go.

Shifting again, he paused, still as a statue to see if I had woken up. To see if he’d been caught rubbing his cock to his best friend’s wife. He soon realized it did not seem like I had woken up and now had a much better view of my ass. He even dared to take a couple more steps towards me. Fuck. I was getting very excited from this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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