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Big Tits

Brad strolled through his backyard orchard checking his trees. He had a half dozen apple, cherry and plum trees. His backyard was large, 1 1/2 acres. Half an acre was lawn and his orchard, the other acre was treed. He had a mixture of Red Cedar, Fir and Maple. Right in the middle of his little forest was a grove of four large Red Cedars. They had grown in an almost perfect square 20′ on a side.

When he bought the property and discovered them he instantly knew what he wanted to do with them: A tree house. As a kid he had always wanted one so 6 months later he had put the finishing touches on his tree house. Now this was no ordinary kids tree fort. It was 500 square feet, had two stories, a large deck, a bathroom, complete with a shower and a small kitchen area. The upper level had a balcony, a large king sized bed and a small office area. After years Brad had finally got his tree house.

His neighbor on one side was an old couple, in their 80’s. On the other was a house built to accommodate a huge family ( it had 6 bedrooms) but was empty and for sale. That house stood empty for two years after Brad bought his. One day he noticed the sign was gone and a day later a moving van arrived. Brad watched the comings and going with interest, wondering what kind of neighbors he was getting.

After a week he decided to go introduce himself. When he knocked on the door a dark haired man answered. Brad introduced himself and the dark-haired man did the same. His name was Carl. They chatted for a short time then Carl began to tell Brad all about his church and how religious his family was. Half an hour later Brad was able to escape after enduring a barrage of information on Carl’s church and how Brad should come and be saved. After that Brad knew he would again be slammed with Carl’s religious fervor if he encountered them, so he made sure to steer clear of Carl and his wife.

Two months after they moved in, as Brad was strolling through his orchard he happened to stop to check an apple tree close to the 7′ tall wrought iron fence separating him from his neighbor. After looking his tree over Brad heard a sound from the neighbors yard and glanced through the fence to see what it was.

There was a small brick patio next to the house with several lawn chairs. A girl was sitting on one of the chairs, her eyes closed. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts, had dark hair and was obviously pregnant.

But the thing that caught Brads eye was the fact that she had her shorts unzipped, unbuttoned and her hand down the front. As he watched he could tell she was playing with herself. A second later a soft moan sounded from her, which was the sound that had initially caught Brads attention. He stood watching as she fingered herself, his cock starting to rise at the sight. He watched rapt as her moans grew louder. Finally she gasped and a moment later she stopped, the only movement was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Brad was about to move away when the girl opened her eyes and spotted him.

At first Brad thought she might get angry, or frightened, but instead she grinned and said, “Enjoy the show grandpa?”

Brad was at first startled, then annoyed with her “grandpa” remark. At 40 he was a long way from hitting the ‘grandpa’ status.

But after a few seconds he decided he liked her feistiness, so he grinned back and said, “Yes, I did. Are you Carl’s daughter?”

“Me? Hell no!” The girl replied, a note of anger in her voice, “I’m just living with them because of this,” she patted her pregnant belly, “I guess you could say they’re fostering me.”

After a moment she added, “Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate what they’re doing for me. They took me in when noone else would, but I can’t abide the religious stuff they keep peppering me with and there are other things…” She trailed off to silence.

“Oh, I see…I didn’t mean to pry. I see you’re…aw…” Brad didn’t want to say the word in case she was sensitive about it.

“Pregnant?” She said, “Yeah, almost 6 months.”

“So how did you…aw…get pregnant?” Brad asked.

“Really grandpa? You’re how old and you don’t know how that works?” She said with a sly grin.

Again Brad was startled by the girls reply, then he felt his anger start to rise as he shot back, “I know how it works. Apparently you didn’t!”

Brad expected her to show some anger in turn or throw a retort back at him.

Instead her grin widened and said, “A grandpa with attitude! Ok, you seem like a nice guy so I’ll stop being a bitch. I screwed up and let my bastard of a boy friend cum in me without protection.”

Brad was again taken aback by her frankness.

“Was it your first time?” Brad asked.

She let out a short laugh and said, “No! I had forgotten to get my birth control refilled and my boyfriend wanted sex. I tried to not do it, but I love the feel of a guy cumming in me, so I decided to let him. I figured that once wouldn’t hurt. Yea right!”

“How old are you?” Brad asked.

“19.” she replied.

During the time they almanbahis had talked she let her hand stay inside her shorts.

Brad decided to be as frank as she was so he asked, staring at the lump of her hand under the material of her shorts, “So you masturbate a lot?”

“5 or 6 times a day. I’m hornier now then before I got pregnant.” She said, then with a grin Brad saw her hand begin to move as she began to play with herself.

Brad could feel his cock leaking precum against his leg as he stood there talking with her as she fingered her pussy.

Some how he managed to carry on the conversation as he watched her, “Doesn’t your boyfriend come to see you, or don’t you go to see him to help that out?”

“No. The religious wardens here won’t allow me out and definitely wouldn’t let him in, even if he wanted to. He took off when he heard I was pregnant. I’m restricted to the house and this backyard. Besides who wants to fuck someone with a big old pregnant belly like mine?” Brad could here the bitterness in her voice.

“I see so what….” Brad’s question was cut off by a female voice from inside the house, “Page! Supper time.”

“Well grandpa,” Page said pulling her hand from inside her shorts, “I’ve got to go. Maybe we can talk again sometime.”

She buttoned her shorts stood, looked at her fingers then grinned as she held them up so Brad could see the moisture coating them glittering in the light. Page grinned, then without a word headed into the house.

As she walked away he called, “Brad. The names Brad.”

“Ok grandpa!” Was the last words he heard before she disappeared inside.

Brad checked the neighbors back yard the next day and the day after without seeing her. On the third day she was again sitting in the lounge chair reading a book.

“Hey.” He called as he stepped up to the fence.

“Hi grandpa.” She called back.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that.” Brad replied.

She laughed and said, “A little sensitive about it are you?”

“Well, yes and no.” He replied trying to sound noncommital.

“Don’t worry, I like you,” she said then added with a sly grin, “For an old guy.”

“Reading today I see.” He said then thinking he would goad her, “Not as horny as usual?”

She let out a laugh and replied, “Sure I am. I’ve already cummed three times. You missed it.”

A second later she changed the subject, “I see you going into the woods back there all the time. What’s back there?”

Brad grinned and said, “My tree house.”

“Really? A tree house? You play in a tree house?” She replied, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“Sure”, he replied calmly knowing it would shock her, “It’s 500 square feet, two stories, with a deck, a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom.”

Page’s eyes widened with surprise as she replied, “No way!”

“Yes way.” He replied with a grin.

“God I wish I could see it.” She said wishfully.

Brad knew that at the back of the fence, hidden in the trees and covered by vines, was a small gate. He had found it one day while walking the fence between his property and the neighbors. From his side of the fence it was clearly visible. After he went through and looked back at it, it was invisible from that side being totally covered by a hanging curtain of vines. He hadn’t told anyone about it. At first he never really had the opportunity. Later he just didn’t want to go talk to his neighbors, not wanting another sermon on religion.

“Would the wardens miss you if you left for an hour?” He asked.

“No. Mrs. warden is the only one here and they won’t come looking for me until supper time, but all the gates are locked and I can’t go out through the house.” She said.

“Not all of them.” Brad replied, “If you want to see my tree house, follow me down the fence.”

Page grinned with a devilish look in her eye and followed him along the fence.

When they got to the area where the small gate was Page looked around but the vines hanging from the fence were so thick she couldn’t see it, or the fence or Brad for that matter.

“Hey” she called out, “Where are you and how am I suppose to get to that side?”

Brad quietly opened the gate and gently pushed aside the vines.

“Cool!” Page replied as she slipped through the small opening.

Brad pulled the vines back into place, shut the gate and beaconed her to follow.

He lead her to the tree house and as she caught sight of it she said, “Oh my god this is so fucking cool!”

The stairs were steep so Brad let her go first in case he had to catch her if she stumbled. As he watched her firm young ass sway in front of him, he got very hard. When they entered Page hurried around looking at and touching everything.

“This is so cool! A place to hide! I love it!”

“I tell you what,” Brad said, “You’re welcome to use it anytime you want. Just don’t let the wardens know or find out about the gate. If they do they’ll lock you in again.”

“Soooooo…” Page drawled slyly, “What’s this going to cost me?”

Again Brad was almanbahis yeni giriş tickled by her sly, ribald sense of humor,”What ever you want to pay.” He replied with a grin, then added, “or not. You can use it for nothing.”

“Cool!” Page replied and looked like she was about to say something else, then added,

“but…never mind.”

When they climbed to the second floor and she saw the king bed she grinned and said,

“Expecting a lot of company?”

Brad had grown use to her sly sense of humor so replied, “Not a lot, just enough.”

Page grinned back and said, “So grandpa, did you get me up here to show me the place or are you wanting something else?”

“You were the one who wanted to see it, remember?”Brad replied, “So the question is, do you want something else?”

Page looked at Brad with a guarded look as she said, “It depends. How do you feel about

pregnant girls?”

Brad grinned and replied, “I think they’re sexy as hell.”

Page’s face was serious as she said, “I’ve never fucked a grandpa before.”

Brad could feel his cock standing at attention at her comment.

“Maybe you should try it. Grandpas have a lot of experience.”

“Do you really want to see my swollen pregnant belly?” Page asked.

Brad licked his lips and said, “Yes, I want to see your pregnant belly and the rest of you too.”

Page grinned and asked, “What would you like to see first?”

Brad could feel how close he was to fucking this sexy young woman, so he didn’t want to blow it.

“Your tits. Show me your tits.” He replied.

Page grinned, reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She began to pull her shirt up but stopped just before her tits were ready to pop out.

“You’re sure?” She asked teasing.

“Fuck yes.” Brad grunted, “Show me those nice milk heavy titties.”

Page slowly pulled her shirt up, playing it to the fullest. When her large milk heavy breasts fell into view Brad thought they were fabulous. Each globe was topped by a nipple, hard and crinkled, that stood out at lease 1/2 an inch. Each nipple was surrounded by dark areolas the size of a silver dollar.

They sat that way for several long seconds before Page said, “So grandpa, you like?”

“Fuck yes!” Brad grunted.

Again that sly wicked grin crossed Pages face as she said, “I suppose you want to touch them don’t you?”

Again Brad answered with, “Fuck yes!”

“Then go on grandpa, fill your hands,” Pages grin widened as she added, “or your mouth if you’d like.”

Brad didn’t have to be invited twice. He leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth as he cupped her other breast. As he began to suck on her nipple two things happened, the feel of her nipple on his tongue shot straight to his cock, causing it to jump to attention and Page’s body stiffened as she let out a long guttural moan.

“Oh fuck!” She groaned, “That feels so…so fucking good! Some one sucking my tits has never felt that good! Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…I…think…I’m…gunna…CUM!” She screamed the last as an orgasm ripped through her young body.

A few moments later as Brad continued to suck on her nipple and enjoy the taste of her, Page moaned, “Fuck! I never thought I’d cum that quickly! Or have a cum from someone sucking on my tits! Fuck that was good!”

Brad moved his mouth to the other nipple which brought another moan from Page. Brad put his hand on her knee and began to move it up the inside of her leg intent on getting his fingers into her pussy.

Page had opened her mouth to say something when they heard a faint voice calling, “Page. Time for you to come in.”

Page got a panicked look on her face and said as she pushed him away, “They’re looking for me! They’ll realize I’m gone!”

Brad sucked hard at her nipple as she pushed him away, stretching it out before it popped from his mouth.

He sat up grinned and said, “No they won’t. Come on, I’ll show you something.”

Page quickly pulled her bra into place and fastened it as Brad waved her to hurry. They moved quickly down the steps, Brad in the lead so he could catch her if she stumbled, then back through the gate. Brad led her down the fence a short way to a hammock hung between two trees. The spot where it hung was hidden from view of the house.

“Here. If they ask where you were, tell them you found this and was napping in it. If they don’t ask, save it for a time when it will be useful.”

“Thanks grandpa.” Page grinned, “You’re a devious bastard!”

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble.” He said.

“Yea, uh hu, sure.” Page replied with a huge grin, “you just want more titty sucking!”

Brad grinned and added, “Or…”

Page’s grin widened as she hurried back to the house as quickly as her pregnant belly would let her. Brad walked back to his house, wondering when he would get her in the tree house again and just what might happen. Brad checked for her the next couple of days but she didn’t appear in the yard. On the third day as he was walking to almanbahis giriş his orchard he glanced through the fence just as Page was coming out the back door.

“Hey grandpa!” she greeted him, “Mr. Warden is off working and Mrs. Warden is napping. Mind if I go use your tree house?”

“Not at all. Would you like some company?” Brad said with a grin.

“Why grandpa, what do you have in your evil little mind?” Page said with a wide sly grin.

“What ever you will allow.” Brad shot back.

“I see, Meet me there in ten minutes?” She called.

“You got it.” He called back.

Brad finished checking his orchard, then headed to the tree house. As he walked in the door he could hear the shower running. He didn’t know how long she would be so he climbed to the second floor and plopped down at his desk, intent on trying to stay busy so he wouldn’t think about what might happen when she came out.

The water shut off and a few minutes after Page came out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she was dressed in a maternity skirt that fell to her knees and a maternity blouse. The blouse had buttons down the front. None of them were buttoned and Brad could see she didn’t have on her bra. He could see most of her milk heavy breasts through the opening. She was brushing her hair and as she caught sight of him sitting at the desk, she climbed to the second floor.

She sat on the edge of the bed, grinned that sly grin and said, “So grandpa, what do you have in mind?”

Brad grinned and replied, “Like I said, what ever you allow.”

Page reached into her open blouse and pulled out one of her heavy, milk filled globes as

she said, “Shall we start were we left off?”

Brad walked over, sat down next to her, leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth. The last time he had got a couple of small tastes of her milk. This time as he began to suck on her nipple he found his mouth full of the sweet tasty fluid.

“Oh fuck!” She groaned, “I think…I’m on my way to another cum!”

A moment later Page pushed Brad away with a groan as she said, “Wait!”

Brad sat back wondering what was going on as he said, “What?”.

“Well,” Page drawled as she laid back on the bed, “I haven’t masturbated today. Care to watch?”

“Oh hell yes!” Brad replied.

Page pulled her skirt up until it barely covered her pussy. She grinned as she ran her hand along her thigh and pushed it under the cloth of her skirt. Brad could tell she was touching her pussy but couldn’t see anything but the cloth moving.

“So grandpa, wanna see more?” Page asked in a husky, teasing voice.

“Show me.” Brad grunted, his eyes riveted to her hand under her skirt.

“Really? You want to see a pregnant girl play with her pussy?”

Brads eyes moved up to fasten on hers, a look of lust filling them as he growled, “Show me!”

Page grinned and slowly pulled her skirt up until it was bunched at her waist. She didn’t have on panties and Brad could see her fingers sliding in and out of her swollen, pink pussy lips surrounded by the tangle of her pubes. Her fingers were coated with moisture as she diddled herself. Brad’s cock was rock hard as he watched her finger sliding in and out of her glistening pussy.

Page fingered her pussy until she finally gasped, “Hey grandpa, wanna touch it? Wanna touch my wet pussy?”

Bart didn’t wait to respond, he reached forward and pushed two fingers into her dripping sex. Page groaned and held her pussy lips apart giving him full access. He slid his fingers in and out of her as he used his thumb to rub her clit.

“That…that feels so fucking good!” She groaned, “I can’t believe how fucking horny I am all the time!”

As Brad shoved his fingers in and out of her wet hole and rubbed her clit Page began to moan getting louder each time he shoved his fingers into her,”Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…OH FUCK…OH FUCK…”

Page let out a garbled cry and Brad felt her pussy pulsing around his fingers as she climaxed. He slowed his finger thrust but didn’t stop.

After a bit Page groaned, “Fuck! You know how to make me cum!”

Brad couldn’t take the sight of her wet pussy lips laying open in front of him. He kept fingering her, curling his fingers to reach her G spot as he used his thumb to rub her clit. At the same time he leaned down and began to suck on her nipple. Over the next 20 minutes he coaxed her to four orgasms.

Finally Page grabbed his wrist, pulling at it to remove his fingers from her tender, swollen pussy as she groaned, “Stop! You have to stop! I’ve cummed so many times it almost hurts!”

Page opened her eyes and glanced down to see the tent his hard cock was making in his shorts as it strained to get out.

She looked up and locked her eyes to his as she said with a wicked grin, “Oh my, you’re so hard. Would you like to put that in me? Like I told you, I’ve never fucked a grandpa before.”

Brad stood and had his shorts off in 15 seconds. He laid down next to her, pulled her leg over him, and was reaching down to line his cock up with her pussy when he felt her hand on it, guiding it to her entrance.

As he sank to his balls in her hot, tight, slippery tunnel Page groaned, “Oh fuck that feels so fucking good! I haven’t had a cock in so long! Fuck me grandpa! Fuck me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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