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Branded and used (blue collars)

Blue collars were given special lessons in the camps. Lessons to fight her master to be. Blue collars needed a lot of mental strength.

She had been with her master a good couple of years, she had many a broken bones and scars of so many whip marks, but the thing that kept her going was the fact she didn’t want to be a shell, she would fight till she died. She started the day carrying out her chores. It was the masters boys 14th birthday. He was having a few mates round. She was to cook his food. It was this she was doing when he walked into the kitchen with one of his mates.
“come on we’re starving, fucking hurry up,”
“get stuffed, it will come when it’s ready,” she retaliated. The knife that was on the side, was at her throat in an instant,
“what did u say bitch,” he snarled in her face,
“I said, it’ll be ready when it’s ready,” she spat back. He turned and looked at his mate and grinned. He dug the knife in a little more, bringing a pin prick of blood to her throat, “when I say now, I mean now,”
Flinging the knife down he walked out.
Her heart was pounding, the boy had always treated her like shit, but now it seemed she would be servicing her master and the boy, he was getting older. Why didn’t he just get his own fucking collar she thought and carried on cooking.

She carried in the meal to the table on silver platters, dropping the plates on the table showing her disgust, she watch her master glare at her. Smiling she went to get the rest. She knew see that when the other white collared lag was given the night in her room, something was going to happen. (white collars are the innocents, another story) So the fight in her was fierce. She knew she would have to hold up. She placed the last dish on the table and whispered,
“there u go pencil dick, your boys food is served, with spit on the side.”
He rose with such quickness it actually surprised her, he grabbed her round the neck and shoved her against the wall. Eyes boggerling and gasping for breath she wondered if she’d gone too far, but still let out a kick as hard as she good. He gasped and let her go, she ran!

In the house there were no locks on doors, so she had no safe area to run, but again she knew not to leave the house. She heard chairs being scrapped on the floors and her masters voice izmit escort yelling with humour in his voice. “run bitch cause their coming,”
She ran to the basement, it was dark there. This must be his present she thought, and crouched in a dark corner. She felt fear, she’d never been fucked by more than her master and friend, the boy had 5 mates with him. Shit she’d hurt. Shaken out of her thoughts she heard footsteps on the top stairs,
“come out, come out, where ever you are!” someone chanted. No where to run, she’d cornered herself, not intentionally. She heard their footsteps heavy on the stairs as they came down.
“come and play whore, I have a present to collect, come and wish me happy birthday,”
“fuck off shit head, you could make me suck your dick forever and it wouldn’t get hard,” she retorted, standing up from her corner. It was no good hiding as they knew she was there.
They were all stood on the stairs, the boy his friends and her master. It was then she saw what the boy was holding, a fucking great big candle.
He noticed her looking at it, “come blow my candle out and I’ll show just how hard it can be,” he grinned.

Before she could grab anything to throw at them, they pounced, grabbing her arms and her legs, putting fingers and arms everywhere they could. She bite at an arm that landed over her mouth as she landed on the floor, she kicked at the nearest to her feet, hearing fucking hells and bitch and other stuff as she hurt whoever she lashed out at. But finally she lost the battle, she was pinned to the floor.

Laying there panting, the boy raised himself off of her quickly, allowing one of his friends to take his place. He picked up the candle that had gone rolling across the floor in the fight and placed it on a table. He then walked over and bought out some metal handcuffs from a draw. All the time she never took her eyes off of him, showing her hatred for him.
“don’t fucking do it man, I swear I’ll kill you in your sleep, when I get free,” A fist to the side of her face dazed her, but tasting blood in her mouth seemed to give her fresh fight in her, giving the boys a bit of a shock. But she couldn’t move. Her arms were lifted above her head, and she felt the cold stiff links grip her slender wrists. She was then yanked into a standing position, and before her legs were tied to heavy weights kocaeli escort on the floor she managed again to give a good hefty kick at one of the lads. So there she, hanging by cuffs that chaffed her wrists from a hook in the ceiling, with her legs held to the floor by the weights. She spat at the boys, “well come on children,” sarcastically “lets see what you can do for first your first time, I’ll try to be good and not laugh,” she taunted. Again one of the lads stepped forward and punched her, this time in her stomach, winding her.
As she raised her head, she gasped, and smiled, “oh dear, was that supposed to hurt,” She received not answer, but heard behind her tape being pulled of a roll. This thick silver tape was slapped on her mouth from behind.

This hand then moved down and began ripping off the clothes that she had been allowed to wear that day, leaving red marks where the seams had been rough to tug off. The hands that must of belong to the son as he wasn’t in sight, began to roughly explore her body. Pinching at her nipples, and pulling on them. Not being able to cry out she breathed in through her nose sharply. His hands roamed down to her navel, the up her thighs to her hole. She again breathed in sharply as he pushed her legs apart, and then placing a cold surface under her behind, so she was sitting on it. Her legs splayed and held still by the weights. All the while her master stood on the stairs watching. She noticed the bulge in his pants.

Fingers from the boy stroked her behind and moved pulled her cheeks apart, she whimpered as a he shoved a couple of fingers in her arsehole, scraping the sides. They began moving in and out in a fucking position.
“hey dad, you ever done her behind,” The boy chipped up and moved around to the sink to wash his hands.
“a couple of time, she real tight there son,”
“go on lads, use her, she’s your tonight.” Her master left and walked out of the room, he was going to do the innocent tonight and leave his son his present.

The boys began to strip off, clothes were dropped on the floor as they got naked, She watched as they eagerly walked towards her, glaring grins on their faces, and hard on’s of different shapes. She was surprised cause considering they ranged from the ages of 14 upwards their dicks were fair sizes, shit she though she was going to izmit escort bayan hurt later. One of the lads went between her legs and began licking at her cunt, although she wasn’t supposed to enjoy, she became wet and aroused.
“hey man she turned on,” the lad said, almost annoyed.
“then we will have to teach her a lesson.

She was pulled roughly back a bit and a hard object was shoved in to her arsehole. She again whimpered as it ripped into her, “I’m fucking you with my candle, well u can’t blow it can you” and shoved it harder inside of her bringing tears to her eyes. Another lad in front of her now began handerling his dick giving the old hand shake, walking towards her.

But he was shoved aside and told to do her behind, it was the masters lad, the candle still in her arse, he pulled her forward and moved between her legs. Grabbing her blond hair he kissed her on the tape hard, then pulled back and laughed. Put a hand down between them and pushed his hard penis into the entrance of her cunt.
“he shoved hard, she arched her back, when she felt his dick reach inside the walls of her vagina, banging the bottom of her womb. She felt the candle being pulled out of her arse, then replaced by another penis behind her. Sandwiched in between 2 horny well endowed teenagers, she could do nothing to defend herself. The cuffs broke skin as she was roughly fucked front and back in unison. The thin wall between the 2 holes felt raw, and she thought they would rip. They shoved harder and harder, pumping away, their breathing laboured as they enjoyed their fun. She swayed as their hands gripped and pulled at her to get their dicks in deeper, to fuck her, to reach their own orgasm. When finally the lad at the back of her shoved in and paused, his semen filling her bowels. Then the masters son too began to shove harder and faster, gripping her arse, pinching with his fingers. She whined through the tape in pain. He began filling her with his semen then, leering into her face. “baby I have all night,” He pulled out and raised his hand, he receive a high five from a friend. He was replaced almost immediately by another.

That night was one of the worst she spent in that house hold, she was fucked in every orifice all night long, not being allowed a moments peace. She was whipped, she was beaten,. But she still kept her spirit. She lasted another year till she was broken.
She’s now tied to a wooden horse, close to death in the town square. Dried semen down her legs. But she doesn’t care, she doesn’t think anymore. Her spirit was broken a long time ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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