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It was only six months ago when she met him and now she couldn’t believe he was paying her way to the United States and agreeing to fully take care of her until she got on her feet. Emma met Joe when he came to Brazil on vacation and they struck up a lasting friendship. Being an orphan, Emma had to fend for herself and it was hard at times but she always managed to at least have a roof over her head. Two years ago when she reached the age of sixteen she was tossed from the orphanage and told she was on her own. She was working as a cleaning lady at a small diner in the village she lived in about fifty miles north of Sao Paulo and Joe’s first day in country he stopped in for tea. During his one month stay in Brazil, Joe would come in every morning for tea and after the first week, he had Emma show him the countryside during the evenings. When he left her country he had promised to send for her as soon as he got all the proper paperwork completed for her entry into the United States of America but she never expected it to happen. Here she was, heading to the airport to begin her new life in America and with her was a list of other sixteen to eighteen year old female orphans whom Joe said he would send for later. He had told her not to mention anything to them about their possible exit from Brazil and to only ensure she had a good address for them. She had their full names, addresses, date of birth and physical description along with a current photo of each. Joe told her to just tell them she wanted the picture so she wouldn’t miss them as much.

Emma was a petite five foot two inch and 105 pound beauty. Her jet black hair set off her green eyes and they would sparkle in the sun light. She had full pouty lips and the whitest teeth Joe had ever seen. Her 34B breasts were firm as melons and the nipples were over a quarter inch long and as big around as a green pea. She had nice wide hips that drove Joe wild and her tight buttocks filled out jeans like a glove. Although she wasn’t a virgin, she had only been with two men in her young life before Joe and her vagina was sweet and snug when they had sex.
Emma loved Joe’s large house located on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky and enjoyed the privacy his ten acres afforded him. Growing up in an orphanage and then only able to afford a small room, she was sure this was the biggest house ever built even though Joe assured her it was normal size for the area. Not only did she have her own bedroom and private bath, but also what Joe had called a sitting room where she could relax and be alone if she felt the need. The orphanage taught all the children English due to many of them being adopted by Americans. Emma done everything Joe instructed her to do to please him sexually and was happy to do it. During the first month, it was just her and Joe and Emma thought they would be a couple in love forever, but that was all about to change.

After dinner, Emma cleaned the kitchen up and put the dishes in the dishwasher as she did every night. When she walked into the living room to join Joe on the sofa to watch TV he was standing with a shopping bag in his hand. Joe told Emma to shower then put the outfit on that was in the bag. He further instructed her to be sure to put on makeup and make herself as sexy looking as possible. Emma beamed at the thought of Joe taking her out finally for a night on the town and almost ran up the steps to get ready. Once out of the shower, Emma applied her makeup then went to the shopping bag. She was surprised to find only a pair of fishnet thigh high stockings, a garter, six inch stiletto heels, and panty and bra. Perhaps Joe had the dress downstairs to surprise her with, she mused. Dressed in the attire Joe had provided her, Emma went downstairs to present herself. Even before she reached the living room, Emma heard several voices and was bewildered. As she entered the room, Emma immediately saw a group of four strangers in the room with Joe. They were all sipping a drink and Joe beckoned her to come by his side. Joe said it was time for her to start paying him back for all the money he spent bringing her over to America. When she looked at him quizzically, Joe said she was young, beautiful and had a body all middle aged men desired. She would do everything they told her to do and if she didn’t perform to their satisfaction, he would have to punish her.

Being Emma’s first time to be gang banged, Joe had instructed all the men in what was permitted and what wasn’t. The men were to be in the room together and they could either use her one on one all of them at the same time. Although she had never had anal, they could take her in this manner and also orally or vaginally. If she protested in any manner, they could slap her around with an open hand or pull her hair to persuade her to rethink her position. They couldn’t however, punch her or disfigure her in any manner. With the limitations, Joe only charged the men one thousand dollars each and would give them four hours of pleasure with her.

Having Emma get on her knees the men told her to take one man’s cock out and suck until hard and then do the same to each other three. Timidly, Emma nervously worked the zipper on the first man’s trousers and finally had his half flaccid penis in her hand. With a combination Sex hikayeleri of licking and sucking per the man’s constant directions Emma had the displeasure of tasting his urine as she took the head into her mouth. Holding her head steady the man slowly began moving his hips as he fed Emma more and more of his now growing member. By the time he was fully erect, he was shoving it so deep into Emma’s mouth that she was gagging and slobbering. Her drool dripped from her chin and coated his meat in a thick saliva base. Emma repeated the process until all four men were rock hard and their cocks dripping from her salivating mouth. Emma lie flat on her back on the center of the king size bed as instructed while the men removed all articles of their clothing. As one man slid his saliva covered cock into her sweet tight vagina, another man turned her head to one side and made her suck on him. With one cock deep in her vagina and another fucking Emma’s throat the men groaned like animals as they moved in unison. Soon Emma felt her hands being moved and placed on the other two men’s cocks and when she didn’t stroke them automatically, they didn’t waste time in slapping her firm breasts to get her attention. Being so excited, none of the men lasted long and within a couple of minutes two cocks were spewing hot gooey sperm all over her hands and arms as the third man withdrew from her vagina and shoot a thick load on her flat sexy belly. When the smell of cum filled the air, the last man pulled his thick cock from Emma’s mouth and shot his load all over her face and breasts. Emma knew they would be taking her again in a short time and she also realized next time they would have more control and probably force her to do more to them. Joe told Emma to go wash up thoroughly then come back and change the sheets on the bed while the men had a drink and time to rejuvenate. When the four men headed back to the living room, Emma voiced her displeasure of the evening to Joe. Emma didn’t even see Joe’s arm move but felt the sting of his backhand across her mouth as she reeled backwards and hit the wall. Looking at her with eyes like cold steel, Joe reminded Emma she had a debt to pay and for her own sake she better keep her opinions to herself. She was then told to cold clean up and change the bed as ordered and then come down to the living room to take care of the quests.

As soon as Emma returned to the living room freshly washed and her makeup touched up, Joe ordered her to come to him. Grasping the back of her neck firmly in his right hand, he led Emma to the pool table and shoved her face into the felt covering the slate and told her to spread her legs. Joe looked over at the four men and noticed one who already was very excited and hard again. Joe asked him if he’d like to be the first to take Emma anally and to teach her a lesson in obeying orders. When the man positioned himself behind Emma he wanted to know if he should apply lubricant first. Joe told him to just dry fuck her and maybe then she’d realize her purpose in life was to serve men. Keeping his grip on the back of Emma’s neck, Joe held her in place as the man’s cock tore the inner walls of her ass as he plunged all of his cock into her at once. Her screams only made the other men in the room more excited and Joe could see them begin to stroke their own cocks. Grapping her firm small hips in his hands the man brutally pumped in and out of Emma’s ass. The pain was intense and even after the initial pain subsided Emma sobbed as she thought her ass would never be the same again. Faster and deeper the man went inside her ass, his heavy balls swinging and smacking her clitoris with each plunge. Emma ass became numbed to the man’s invading cock and soon her sobbing was replaced with a forced soft moan. Emma knew if she appeared to be enjoying the man, it would excite him and perhaps he would cum soon and leave her alone. As her moans increased the man’s excitement increased also and soon he filled her sweet upturned ass with a nice creamy load of his sperm. The other three men followed suit and by the time the last man emptied his balls inside Emma’s bruised and raw ass, cum was dripping out in thick gobs. Joe lifted her head from the pool table and tossed her to the floor before telling her she smelled like a whore and needed to go clean herself up and then go to bed. Joe knew he would need to take some drastic steps to prepare her to please men fully and openly but he had all the time in the world to do it. No one in the area even knew she existed and all men were from out of town so he could keep her captive as long as he felt a need to. Some of the men on his list who wanted her had sadistic tendencies and they would be willing to pay almost anything to be able to torture a woman for an evening. Men who enjoy the torture always got more intense if their victim complained and sometimes went overboard. Joe had to ensure Emma never complained since he didn’t want her permanently disabled due to some lunatics over doing it.

When Emma came down to breakfast the next morning she had her suitcase in her hand and told Joe she wanted to go back to Brazil. Walking across the room, as soon as Joe was within reach he punched Emma so hard in the stomach that she doubled over and dropped in a heap next to his feet. Coughing and trying to suck air into her lungs, Sikiş hikayeleri Emma thought for sure she was going to die. Joe picked the one hundred and five pound beauty off the floor by grabbing her hair. Holding her erect with one hand, Joe looked directly in her eyes as he told her he owned her and the only place she was going was to the stove to fix breakfast for him. Below releasing his grip on her hair, Joe punched her one more time but in the chest. He knew he cracked at least two ribs and maybe three from the blow and that would give her a constant reminder who was in charge. Emma have walked and half crawled to the other side of the kitchen and dutifully prepared a full breakfast for Joe. Joe told Emma from this day forward she would only speak when told to and whenever she addressed him it would be with either “Sir” or “Master” When Emma didn’t respond and answer Joe, he put her in a bear hug and squeezed against the newly fractured ribs until she begged her Master to let her go.

Emma was unaware of the rooms in the basement and when she was led there by Joe she knew he had planned to get the other orphans over here also for use as whores. On one end of the large room were half dozen small rooms containing a bed, toilet, sink and a small monitor. These rooms had heavy wooden doors to secure the victims inside. Once the door closed they would be in total darkness since no lights nor were windows visible in any of these rooms. The rest of the room had a series of chains approximately twenty feet long. One end of the chains was secured to the floor and the other end each had an ankle bracelet attached. Looking around the room, Emma realized the chains were that length to allow the women to get to the shower and also to a line of chairs with a large screen monitor in front of them. There was also a water cooler and a refrigerator in the room. On the opposite end of the basement were various types of beds and chairs so the quests could use the women. Joe attached on chain to Emma’s right ankle and told her the only reason he was doing it was due to her defiance with the guests and also towards him. When he asked her if she still wanted to go back to Brazil, Emma said she did. Joe backhanded Emma so hard that he knocked two of her back teeth loose. Joe then asked her again if she wanted to go back to Brazil and she said “No Master, I want to stay here with you and do as you order.” Kissing her tenderly on the mouth, Joe told her to go rest and they would talk more in the morning. Since Emma was the only one in the basement, Joe didn’t see the need to close the door.

When Joe greeted Emma the next morning and asked her how she slept, Emma replied in a defiant voice that she slept just fine. Walking over to her and taking her small right hand into his left one, he held it firm. Taking a pair of pliers from his back pocket, Joe clamped on the nail of her little finger. Without a word, Joe jerks the nail off in one clean move and watched as the blood formed around the torn skin. Emma screamed in pain as Joe dropped the nail onto the concrete floor. Joe reminded Emma to always address him as Sir or Master and every time she forgets another nail will be removed. Knowing it was important to keep the momentum going in his favor; Joe shoved Emma to her knees and ordered her to suck his cock. Still crying but more fearful of his revenge on her, Emma fumbled with her throbbing hand to remove his cock from his pants. Her sweet soft lips immediately wrapped around the head of it as Joe grabbed a hand full of hair. Holding her head in a vise like grip, Joe forced the entire length of his cock into Emma’s mouth. Keeping her chin and nose pressed against his crotch, Joe loved the way she gagged and her saliva poured from her mouth. Grinding his hips in her face until he no longer felt her resisting him, he pulled her head from his cock. She was slightly blue as the lack of oxygen had made her pass out. Slapping her roughly in the face brought Emma around and Joe told her to suck it and drain his balls down her throat. With every ounce of energy she could muster, Emma licked and sucked her Master Joe’s cock and fondled his cum fill balls until he began to moan and pump like a wild man. Hot streams of thick cum filled the young woman’s mouth like molten lava. Emma gagged and struggled to drink all of his seed, but she was too slow and some of the cum dribble from her mouth. As Joe watched his precious seed splattering the floor he was enraged. Once his cock was drained fully, Joe told Emma to lick the cum from the floor and not miss a drop of it. As Emma licked the nasty floor clean, Joe ground the heel of his boot against her nail less small finger. The pressure of his heel crushed the bone and turned the tip of the finger into a bloody mess. Yanking Emma to her feet, Joe took her over to the row and chairs and had he sit on the end chair. Joe left the room and told Emma to just sit and not say a word or move. When he returned, He had some alcohol, bandages, a small saw and a torch. Joe then taped Emma’s hand securely to the arm of the chair to prevent her from moving it. Joe placed a one inch diameter wooden rod in Emma’s mouth sideways and told her to use it to bite down on if the pain was too extreme. Taking the small saw, Joe cut the tip of Emma’s little finger off to the first joint. He watched as the Erotik hikaye girl’s eyes filled with tears and her mouth was biting hard on the wooden rod. Joe then took the small torch and seared the open would to stop the bleeding, before dousing it with alcohol to sanitize. Using the gauze bandages and medical tape, Joe wrapped the finger after applying ointment and promised the girl it would heal fine. Looking her directly in the eyes, Joe said he hoped she was beginning to learn that she had no life of her own. He owned her and if she wanted it to be a somewhat pleasant existence then she better learn her place.

Over the next three weeks, Joe ended up removing two more nails and knocked out a couple more of Emma’s back teeth before she addressed him as Sir or Master automatically. Her voice infliction also had changed and now her responses were filled with a respectful fear for her master. Today would be Emma’s final test before Joe decides her eventual fate. Emma sits obediently in front of the large monitor as images of sadistic driven men are shown abusing and at times disfiguring their female victims. Emma witnessed extreme beatings, cuttings, rapes and genital abuse and not once did she voice her displeasure to Joe. As Joe sat in the chair next to Emma, he watched her constant reactions to the abusing of the women on the screen and noticed Emma was somewhat detached from the happenings. Reaching over, Joe nonchalantly bent the thumb of Emma’s right hand back until it snapped at the base of it. Although Emma winced from the pain, she didn’t cry out or say a word to Joe. Moving over to the little finger of the same hand, Joe snapped it also at the base and then twisted it in a sadistic manner. Emma only squeezed her eyes tighter to stifle the tears of pain but again, not a sound emitted from the lovely woman’s lips. Looking straight ahead at the monitor as ordered, Joe was impressed with the determination Emma now had even while in dire pain. Joe could see the finger and thumb begin to turn black already and swell up to almost twice their original size. Leaning in, Joe kissed Emma on the lips and as she was trained to do, she returned the kiss with the passion of someone deeply in love. As her tongue snaked in Joe’s mouth, tasting his saliva, she only twitched and stiffened momentarily as Joe pushed the six inch blade into her flat stomach. Holding the knife in place, Joe twisted it and tore her insides up just enough to cause the maximum pain and yet not endanger her life. Emma never let a sound escape her throat and Joe was extremely pleased with her results. She listened well during her training when Joe told her the more pain she showed outwardly would only excite a sadist to do even more harm to her. Joe was confident in her ability to restrain from showing any pain and hopefully she could also teach this to the new recruits.

Joe cleaned the knife wound and after sewing it with precision stitches, he applied a sterile dressing to it and apologized to Emma for putting her through it. Joe wasn’t sure why, but it was important to him that Emma knew all the pain he had put her through was for her own good in the end. Joe had received all the necessary documents required to bring the other girls over from Brazil and now it was up to Emma to call them and convince them to come over to the United States. Joe was planning on flying them into the Cincinnati, Ohio international airport and then transports them to Louisville via van. He was aware that bringing in ten Brazilian girls ranging in age of sixteen to eighteen might cause a little concern and wanted the heat to settle around the Ohio area if any raised. Joe explained the two options that was open to Emma and let her decide her own fate. Option one would be she would get the girls to come to him on their own accord and help him train them as complete sexual slaves. If she chooses this option, she had to realize they would be subjected to the sadistic ways of some of the clients since that’s where the big money was. Emma would never have to service another guest and in fact would be Joe’s lover and share his bed and his house. Option two would be she not convinces the girls to come over and then she would be the main slave for all of Joe’s guests. Under this option, Joe warned her that once he received the required twenty five thousand dollars from a sadist, he could not protect her. For that money, Joe guaranteed the guest total control of the woman for eight hours with no limits or restrictions. Joe then placed the stack of documents on the table along with a cell phone and walked out of the room. Joe wasn’t stupid however and had programmed the numbers for the ten girls into the phone and had it programmed where no other number could be dialed. Joe went to the video booth next to the large basement room and watched and listened. He no more than sat down, when Emma called the first girl and very excitedly told her how wonderful America was and how great a life she had. She was very convincing and after less than a half hour had all the girls eager to come to Joe and begin their life anew. When Joe reentered the room, Emma came to him and kissed him long and deep and whispered in his ear that she will be the best mistress ever to him. She handed Joe the documents and phone and professed her devotion to him and his business.

The girls will arrive within the week and the training will begin. How many will survive the demands of the guests? There is however a steady supply of girls from Emma’s country to replace them should it become necessary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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