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We probably should have just waited for the taxi, but like all new lovers, we just wanted to fuck. My hungry gaze made her cunt wet and ache deep inside – ache to be full of Daddy’s big thick dick.

We left our luggage on the porch and I took her by the hand and led her back into the villa. Her sticky pink lipgloss smeared across my mouth as we frantically kissed and licked one another’s tongues. My daughter’s tongue in my mouth, mine in hers. She used to kiss me on the cheek goodnight, but now our open-mouthed affection was the same as any other pair of lovers. Between our panting and duelling tongues, Lisa grabbed my cock through my pants and squeezed it. Her breath gushed into my mouth and her tongue swirled around mine and my hands slid up her golden teenage thighs. As my fingers bumped the hem of her little denim skirt, I wrenched my mouth from hers.

“Turn around,” I said.

Lisa’s nostrils flared and her eyes narrowed and she licked her already wet lips. With my hands on her thighs I turned her about face and pushed her forward toward a table beside the window. She put her palms down on the top of it and gazed back over her shoulder at me.

“Hurry up,” she panted.

Even though the taxi was due to arrive I made a point of absorbing the moment. That little denim skirt was so damn sexy, and the back of her thighs were heaven-sent to drive me wild – so young and firm and tanned and smooth. I put my hand between them and drew my hot palm up along the inside of her thigh. Right at the top, where they met the wet gusset of her panties, there was a little puppy-fat, all slick and slippery.

C’mon!” she gasped.

She was right. The taxi was on its way. My fingers hooked under the hem of her sexy little skirt and I lifted it over her ass. She wore red silk panties, like a scarlet whore – and has a round little bottom, her bronze holiday skin spoiled by a tan line. Again, she urged me to hurry up.

“Put it in, Daddy,” she said, gazing over her shoulder. “C’mon, fuck me.”

So I pulled down her red panties. Not all the way to her ankles, but just about halfway down her heavenly thighs. When her legs tried to part, the lace elastic restrained her, stretching her panties to the point where they bit into her thighs. That looked so fucking sexy, let me tell you – my babygirl daughter bent over, panties stretched to almost ripping point, her legs constrained between them. And the wet peach of her cunt from behind, all slick and pursed and ever-ready to take Daddy’s big thick dick.

I gushed and remarked, “Oh, babygirl, your fucking cunt looks so beautiful. I’m gonna fuck you so good, sweetie.”

My words made her gasp, made her grab the window sill with one hand in readiness – and in the reflection of the glass, I saw her smile, clearly aroused by my graphic choice of words. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock and balls through. As wet as my daughter always seems to be, the head of my cock was just the same – a constant trickle of precum brought on by the knowledge my daughter’s mouth and pussy are always willing to service Daddy.

“Oh, yeah,” she sang as I ground my dripping cockhead through her sweltering slit.

I had no time to linger, I went straight for her fuckhole. As my salivating head penetrated her wet hungry opening, her thighs bumped the edge of the table, taking the first bang of my stiff prick. Half my shaft sank into her, then, as wet as she was, Fulya Escort the vice of her young vagina fought back. Her back arched and her other hand grabbed the window sill and I shoved my dick into her again. I saw her reflection cringe and her eyes close and that sexy over-bite grate her bottom lip. Again, I jerked my hips forward and shoved my dick into her stubborn young cunt.

“Ow!” she cried.

Again and again, I gave her twat a stern bang, and with each punishing length, her pussy surrendered a little more and a little more – and every time I rammed her full of meat, her vagina swallowed and choked.

“Don’t stop!” she hissed. Then, “Oh fuck!” with a furrowed brow and closed eyes. “Fuckin’ Hell, your dick feels so big! So fuckin’ thick!”

As I relished her dirty mouth, my hands were on her ass, pulling her to me with each thrust of my hips. I watched the glorious sight of my slick stiff shaft ripped with veins, and her puffy pussy lips sucking me – and her pretty pink asshole as I splayed her cheeks. Her legs tried to open, but her panties cut into her thighs. I heard them rip and her ass lurch forward as the whole table skidded and hit wall. Lisa held onto the window sill, head back, eyes closed, my big balls clattering her clit every time I punched my dick deep down inside her.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, yeah, yeah, ugh, ugh, oh, oh,” she sang, then , “yeah, oh fuck, yeah! Oh, my God, Dad, oh fuck me, fuck me – ah, ah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, uh-m, uh-m…”

Her voice carried in the quiet siesta of the day. I grabbed her shoulder and got myself right up behind her and started banging her, causing her animal noises to rise, her cries bordering on pain. As I slammed my dick as hard as I could into her, she almost lost her balance and grimaced as the edge of the table knocked her thighs. Her rhythmic grunting paused only for a second, then started again, in time with each length of Daddy-dick, with each blow of my swollen head against the deepest fathom of her tender young pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” she hissed. “uh-mm, oh, ah, ah, ah,” she gasped.

It was then that I realised her spasmodic cries were the only thing I could hear beyond the squelching wetness of my slick prick mining her sodden twat. It was siesta time and my daughter was wailing like a porn-whore. It was then I decided to put my hand over her mouth. Lisa’s eyes lit up and her nostrils flared and I held her sex-cries under the seal of my palm. If anybody saw us at that moment, they would only conclude I was raping her. Raping my daughter. The thought sends me into rapture. With my hand over her mouth and my hips banging away at the back of her thighs, it would have been hard to come to any other conclusion.

“Uh-m, uh-m, uh-m, uh-m,” Lisa chanted under my gag.

At this point Lisa had abandoned any thoughts of cumming herself, her cunt was becoming numb from my punishing strokes. Even so, she had tears in her eyes and a determined look on her face – determined to let me use her cunthole to get my cock off. Then, as we both saw the taxi pull up outside, she pushed my hand away, looked over her shoulder and almost snarled at me.

“Daddy,” she panted urgently.

“I know,” I gasped, taking her hips in my hands.

The taxi horn sounded and I fucked her fast, faster. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip and sank onto the table top and took my swift lengths. Her cunt started clenched, Fulya Escort Bayan making me drill her even more forcefully. Bang-bang-bang went the table against the wall. “Uh-m, uh-m, uh-m,” went my daughter. Slap-slap-slap went my thighs against hers. Spank-spank-spank went my balls against her clit. As I looked down to see the blur of my wet shaft hammering away at her, the pussy juice around her hole started foaming into creamy suds. And as I felt my cock want to jerk, I saw the taxi driver get out of his vehicle and approach the villa.

When we heard the knock at the door, Lisa’s body went rigid all of a sudden. Her sopping cunt choked, squeezing my cock as as my balls unloaded deep inside her. I ground my prick as deeply as I could into her and she strained to hold down a cry of delirious anguish.

“Just a minute!” I called out, feeling my semen pumping into my daughter’s precious little vagina.

“I take bags!” I heard the taxi driver reply.

While he took our bags from the porch, I drew my spent cock from my daughter’s beaten pussy. As I put my wet dick away, I was still panting, thirsty and perspiring – and when Lisa stood up straight and pulled up her panties, her eyes were wet and her face shiny and hot. As she pulled down that sexy little denim skirt, she had an exhausted, wilting look in her eyes. For a moment I thought she was upset, but she was simply tackling her feelings of guilt about how amazing it was to abandon all dignity and be fucked like a whore.

Lisa kissed me once, thick and stickily, her eyes almost sad, yet pouring with love.

“You’ve got such a big fucking dick, Daddy,” she gushed, pressing her palm against my pants and pinching my softening shaft. “I wish I had time to suck it clean.”

I shook my head, cupped her ass and pushed her panties into her creamy hole – and said, “It’s just that you’ve got such a tight little pussy, babygirl. So fucking tight.”

Our open mouths met and we kissed passionately. If the taxi hadn’t been there, we’d have surely kept on kissing, licking, sucking, fucking and cumming all day and into the night – until we were too sore and too tired to carry on.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said.

Lisa grinned wholeheartedly, feeling no shame. In that moment we both felt like a pair of sluts, inhibitions lost, rules abandoned. We knew as we got into the taxi that this hadn’t simply been about a holiday liaison between Daddy and Daughter, but the beginning of an adventure into a world of sex only limited by our imaginations. As we headed for the airport, we’d already made love, fucked and revealed the sluts deep within ourselves – and realised that there were no limits holding us back.

Within an hour we were boarding the plane to go home. As we hustled to our seats near the back, Lisa’s headed for the bathroom. She was in such a hurry I became a little concerned, until she returned with a big smile on her face and a fresh pink lipgloss. She shuffled past me and sat beside the window.

“That was lucky,” she remarked.

“Are you okay?” I said.

Her expression became a little embarrassed and rather than say it out loud, she leant over me and whispered in my ear.

“Your cum was running down my legs.”

I felt a twinge in my pants right away and I knew from the coy expression on her face that her intention was to tease.

She said, “Next time we have sex before we go out, Escort Fulya you’d better cum in my mouth.”

Then, she put her hand in my pocket and left me a present there – her wet panties.

Then, her diabolical whispered tease in my ear, “Daddy, I’m not wearing any panties.”

My daughter smiled triumphantly, licked her lips deliberately and put on her big black sunglasses. Clearly, she was relishing being a naughty girl. She let out an honest giggle in the knowledge her tease was so cruel. I’d never seen her so content, so happy, so full of herself – so confident. She knew her words would bring my lust to the boil. She knew that sitting there in that sexy little denim skirt with those thighs so golden would keep me aroused. I imagined the cool cabin air lapping at her bare naked pussy and my cum eaking out of the deepest depths of her – making her pink flower slip against itself. When the plane took off and she squirmed in her seat, I knew it was true – I could smell it beyond her flowery teenage musk.

Within a half hour, Lisa had fallen asleep, which was something I could never achieve on a plane. So I sat there replaying the holiday in my mind. The topless sunbathing and her precious little tits, and that black bikini wet and moulded to her hairless mound, sculpted by the slit of her virgin cunt. And that dress that unbuttoned from the front and her cocksucking mouth on the porch – and the delirium I felt when I deflowered her tight young body. I was so fucking hard sitting there. My prick was straining again, remembering the alarm call I gave her that same morning when I ate her cunt while she slept – and then, my cock still aching from it, the banging I gave her not an hour before.

“I love you, too,” I said as she slept.

My eyes gazed down her petite frame, her little a-cups pointing and braless – to that sexy little denim skirt, to it’s hem against her shiny golden thighs. A shadow cast down between them, but I could make out the wetness inside her thigh. In a besotted trance I went to put my hand on her knee, so I could glide my palm up between her legs and touch her wet pussy pout. Just as I made my move, I realised there were people all around.

I sat back and pined for her – imagining the rest of the plane crowding around our seats, watching me fuck her mouth – and when she gasped for air, she wiped her mouth with back of her hand, blushed and told everybody, “It’s okay, he’s my Daddy.” And when she opened her mouth to swallow my head again, all the men in the cabin were masturbating, the women frigging themselves and beckoning strangers to fill them up with cock. It was in that moment I wondered how big a star she could become in a world obsessed by porn.

It didn’t take long for my frustration to simmer. I got up from my seat and went to the bathroom. I held my dirty cock in my hand and brushed Lisa’s wet silk panties along the shaft and began to masturbate. There was a knock on the door, but I ignored it and worked my cock hard and fast, drawing my daughter’s soiled underwear to my face. As I inhaled her musty scent off the gusset of her panties, I shot my load all over the bathroom mirror.

I felt so much better, standing there panting as other passengers knocked on the door. I kept ignoring them, cleaning my cum from my dick with Lisa’s panties. When I got back to my seat, Lisa was still sleeping. Even though I’d just cum, I knew that I couldn’t spend the next few hours ogling at my daughter’s sexy little denim skin riding her hard teen thighs, knowing that her pretty hairless cunt was so exposed beneath.

So, I placed a blanket over her legs and sat there, counting the seconds when I could be alone with her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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