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“I -“

“Shut UP, I said!”

My mind was spinning as I stumbled down the stairs, dragged by my shirt in the plump hand of the chubby goddess in front of me. Just minutes ago, I’d jerked off in the library bathroom after seeing her across the room, unable to think clearly with lustful urges running wild through my brain. As soon as I’d finished and left the restroom, there she was, furiously angry at me. She’d known, or at least guessed, that I’d been masturbating while fantasizing about her, and now here she was dragging me down to the basement. But why?

My foot slipped off the edge of one step and I nearly fell, catching myself just in time to keep from crashing into the girl ahead of me. She glared back at me, but released her tight grip on the front of my shirt.

“Alright, don’t fucking fall down the stairs. Follow me, and not a goddamn word, got it?”

I nodded mutely in reply. She spun around and continued her march down the stairs, with me following uncertainly. We reached the second basement level of the library, and she walked – stomped – out of the stairwell.

This particular part of the library was a government documents depository – seemingly endless aisles containing countless official publications that nobody really seemed to need, but were kept anyway on the off chance they would be needed for research. It was even quieter here than on the main floor, the only sounds being the soft susurration of ventilation fans and the high-pitched buzz of the fluorescent lights overhead. It was down one of these aisles that the girl led me down, stopping halfway and whirling about to face me.

“You. Fucking. Asshole,” she began, while I held up my hands in an attempt at a conciliatory gesture. “Did you think I didn’t notice you ogling me? Fuck, it was hard not to notice your boner as you scuttled out of there. I know goddamn well you were in there stroking off thinking about me, you selfish weasel.”

She stepped closer to me as I took an involuntary step back, jabbing me in the chest acıbadem escort with an accusing finger. “Didn’t stop to think about how I felt, you were just focused on getting yourself off!” Another quick step and she was right up in front of me, glaring red-faced into my eyes. She shoved me, violently, and I stumbled back, tripped, and sat down hard on my ass.

“Selfish prick,” she growled at me again, “getting yourself off after getting me all hot and bothered!” I blinked, dumbfounded.

“Did you say-” I began.

“I told you, stop talking!” she snapped. As I tried to make some sense of this whole bizarre situation, she abruptly unzipped her jeans and wiggled out of them, her chubby body undulating hypnotically as she did so.

Her legs were just as I had pictured them, thick sloping curves of pale smooth skin swooping up to meet behind a black thong. This, too, she pulled off, revealing her smoothly shaven mound, and my mostrils flared as they picked up her musky scent.

“Time for you to get ME off,” she growled again, stepping forward and shoving me again, pushing me down to lay flat on my back. She knelt over me, knees against my shoulders. “You’re going to eat me out,” she continued in a voice that was becoming less a growl than a throaty purr, “and so help me, if I feel you start spelling the alphabet with your tongue, I’m going to punch you in the head.” Before I could even think of replying, she lowered herself down onto my face.

It was like being cut off from the world. All my senses were flooded by her – the smooth, soft skin of her inner thighs pressing against my cheeks, the slippery dampness of her labia against my open mouth, the intoxicating smell and taste of her filling my nose and mouth. I could see very little, just the shadowed arc of her belly obscuring my sight, and all I could hear was the muffled roar of my own pulse. I opened my mouth and began kissing and licking her, tongue questing forward and slipping inside her, akbatı escort a fresh trickle of her juices escaping into my greedy mouth. She shifted atop me, pressing down against my face, and I felt a tremor run through her legs.

Up until then, I’d had precious little experience in the fine art of cunnilingus, and it was with more enthusiasm than technique that I set about exploring every inch of her hot, wet pussy. Bringing my hands up to cup her hips, I pushed slightly, just enough to catch a breath and set about licking around her lips, tracing a path down one side and up the other, darting back into her to lap up her wetness that flowed more quickly now. I kissed her just above her clit, my lips caressing the delicate pink folds, until I felt that hot hard bead of sensitive flesh. My tongue danced around it, gently teasing, then over and across. Her hips jerked at the touch, thighs tightening around my head.

With long, firm strokes of my tongue, I continued licking, finding a rhythm that her body soon responded to, as I felt her rock back and forth slightly. I thought I heard her moan, my ears muffled by her quivering thighs, and I felt her fingers in my hair, running through it and caressing my scalp. My own hands were stroking her, too, sliding around behind her to grasp the soft, yielding flesh of her wide, curvaceous ass, squeezing softly, then tracing back down along her thighs.

My cock was fully erect now, throbbing insistently and urgently as this voluptuous Venus rocked back and forth on my mouth, grinding her plump pussy against my lips, nearly cutting off my air. Her fingers tightened. gipping me by the hair, pulling me harder against her needy cunt as I continued pleasuring her. I could feel rivulets of wetness running over my cheeks and jaw, dripping down my neck, saliva and pussy juices mingling in a flood that filled my mouth. I sucked, licked, drank and swallowed, her movements becoming more urgent as I quickened my pace, my tongue aksaray escort attacking her swollen clit, before I pursed my lips and teased it out, sucking on it and flicking my tongue on it at the same time.

Her thick body jerked and shuddered convulsively, her knotted fists dragging my head against her crotch as if she was trying to pull me wholly inside of her. Even with her thighs enveloping my ears, I could dimly hear a long, ragged moan as her gyrations grew faster, faster again, then wildly spasmodic. A gush of wetness filled my mouth, threatening to choke me as I gasped to breathe.

After a moment, I felt her body sag, the quivering tension in her muscles draining away. Sight and sound returned as she clambered off my face. I gasped, sucking in air that was fresh and cool in my lungs after being nearly smothered during her orgasm. Blinking uncertainly, I saw her stand, looking a little wobbly as she did, and stepped back into her jeans with another wiggle that sent my already inflamed cock pulsing with unbearable need. I noticed she had left her thong off, and seeing my glance, she reached down and flicked it off the floor to land neatly over my face.

“Now we’re even,” I heard her say. As I lifted the still-warm fabric off my face, I saw her zipping up, looking down at me with a mixture of warm contentment and triumphant satisfaction. I tried to speak, but all I could come up with was incoherent gibberish.

“I’m Breanne, by the way,” she told me, that thrilling, sultry note still in her voice. “See you around.” With that, she turned away, sauntering down the aisle, her thick ass and thighs rolling seductively, and disappeared from view.

By the time I’d collected myself, trying ineffectually to wipe my sodden face as I stood, she was gone. I leaned back against the shelf, head thunking against the cool steel, recovering from the utter shock of what’d just happened to me. I realized I was still holding her – Breanne’s – thong tightly in my hand, and after a moment I stuffed it in my pocket, then stumbled off towards the restroom to clean myself up.


The hush returned to the dusty shelves. After a moment, though, came another sound. Furtive movements, rustling, from the next aisle. Soft, ragged breathing, a stifled gasp… then after a few silent moments, a sigh, and quiet footsteps fading away…

***To Be Continued…***

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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