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Julia is 19 years old. A size 12 with pert 38b breasts, short brown hair beautiful big brown eyes and lovely full lips. She is a student, as usual with all students she was short of money. She had a part time job working behind the bar in a nightclub called Johnny’s.

The money was ok but it was wearing her out. She couldn’t concentrate on her university work because she was so very tired.

One day as she was talking to her friend about her situation, a man leaned over the bar and handed Julia a card. She peered at the card but couldn’t really make out what was written on it in the dim lighting. The man said think about it and walked away.

Julia stuffed the card into her pocket and forgot about it, as the club got busy.

The next day as Julia emptied her pockets ready to put her clothing in the wash, she found the card. On one side was a telephone number on the other was simply written

ARE YOU BROADMINDED? Earn thousands in one night.

Julia looked at the card and laughed, she was about to throw it away. When something stopped her. She placed the card on a shelf and forgot about it.

A few weeks later Julia found the card once more. She stood looking at it and after a few minutes she decided that she was broadminded and picked up the phone. This has to be too good to be true thousands of pounds for one nights work. She was just about to hang up when a male voice answered the phone.

Julia listened as the man asked if she was broadminded, she answered yes. Then he asked her how many men she had had sex with. Julia blushed as she answered in a whisper. The man on the phone laughed and said ok darling. He then asked if she had or would ever have sex with a woman. Julia’s blush deepened as she told this stranger that she had once had sex with a woman. He then asked if she had ever been tied up, Julia answered no. He then wanted to know if she was willing to try it.

He outlined the bare bones of what would be required of her and then he mentioned an amount of money that she couldn’t believe. She made him repeat the amount twice more before her brain would take it in.

He gave her details of what she would need, told her to purchase them and to meet him 5 days later.

5 days later as she stood at the rendezvous point waiting. Julia began to have second thoughts and third and fourth thoughts. Just as she was about to turn and run away. A limousine pulled up the chauffer got out and opened the rear door. Julia slid nervously inside.

The interior was dimly lit. Inside sat a man and a woman. They both looked Julia up and down appreciatetively. The man asked her if she was wearing the items she had been told to purchase. She shyly nodded. The woman asked Julia to remove her coat.

Julia took a deep breath and shrugged out of her full length coat, revealing the stockings, suspender belt the open crotched panties and peephole bra she had been told to purchase.

The man grinned and licked his lips. The woman asked Julia to sit down opposite them and open her legs. She did as she was asked. The man decided it was time they introduced themselves. He told her that his name was Darrin and the woman was his wife Alicia. Julia introduced herself. Darrin handed her a drink. As she sipped it she glanced across at Alicia and realised that she didn’t have any panties on and that her skirt did nothing to hide the fact.

Alicia smiled as she saw Julia looking at her, and opened her legs so Julia could see that her cunt lips were wet and glistening. She then ran a finger along her cunt lips as Julia watched, sliding it along the length of her wet snatch then back until she encountered her clit, which she rubbed.

Julia felt her own cunt growing wet, she desperately wanted to feel her own clit and rub her nipples that were now popping through the purpose made holes in the bra.

Julia squirmed as she watched Alicia bring herself to orgasm. Darrin was watching Julia carefully, just when she couldn’t wait any longer he leaned over and took her right nipple and flicked his tongue around it as he sucked it into his mouth. Julia moaned as her ran his fingers round her clit and then slipped two fingers inside her cunt and finger fucked her slow and deep with his long fingers. She moaned and squirmed against his probing fingers. Feeling herself climax, Just as the chauffer lowered the dividing window and announced that they were minutes from their destination.

Julia was about to put her coat back on when Darrin told her not too. So she stepped from the limousine Ankara escort in just the underwear she wore. Darrin took hold of one of her hands and Alicia took hold of the other. Then they slipped a pair of handcuffs around them fastening them behind her back. She felt hands touching her as she passed. Tweaking her nipples. Even a hand between her legs sliding along her slippery cunt.

She was paraded around the room until every one of the thirty or so people present had touched her in some way or other.

Instead of repulsing Julia it only heightened her sexually. Making her so wet that she felt sure it was running down her thighs.

After being paraded round the room she was led to the centre of the room where there was a wooden structure. Alicia carefully removed Julia’s crotch less panties. Julia felt her hands being uncuffed. They were then raised above her head and placed in the straps on the structure. She felt her feet being spread slightly then attached to a strap on each side of the structure.

Julia was now spread-eagled stood up attached to a wooden structure.

The people in the room gathered round Julia. Two women stepped forward. One moved behind Julia, who was both a little frightened and excited, the other came to the front. The woman behind Julia rubbed her hands over Julia’s bottom. She then slapped Julia’s left bum cheek hard. The slap resounded round the room and made Julia gasp. Julia then felt an equally stinging slap land on her right bum cheek. Her body jerked forward. The woman standing in front of Julia took an ice cube off a table standing to the side, and rubbed it all over Julia’s breasts. Julia shivered. She didn’t know if the sensation was good or bad.

The woman behind was now striking up quite a rhythm, slap on the left cheek, slap on the right cheek. Pause just long enough to let Julia think she had stopped, then start again.

Julia’s bottom was now bright red and stinging. Her nipples were hard and standing so proud from her breasts that they hurt. Finally the woman behind Julia stopped and moved back into the crowd. A man walked out of the crowd in front of Julia smiled at her then walked behind her, taking the bucket of ice with him.

Julia was nervous wondering what he was going to do.

He took an ice cube from the bucket and rubbed it over her bright red arse cheeks.

Julia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as the cold numbed the sting.

Just as Julia relaxed she heard something whistle through the air and land whack on her red wet cheeks. She couldn’t help it she screamed.

The woman standing in front of Julia took hold of her nipples one in each hand and pinched hard bringing tears to Julia’s eyes. She then took Julia’s right nipple in her mouth and suckled as the man behind continued to cane Julia’s ass cheeks to the delight of the crowd.

Then another man stepped out of the crowd walking towards Julia he took her tear stained face in his hands and kissed her mouth long deep and hard.

The woman moved back into the crowd as another man walked forward and knelt in front of Julia. He proceeded to lick her clit, taking his time. With each stroke of the cane Julia bucked her cunt forward onto his mouth.

The man kissing her had turned his attention to her breasts kissing and licking them all over.

Julia suddenly felt a cold wet sensation on her arse and her cunt at the same time; both men had taken ice cubes and were rubbing them over her arse and cunt respectively. Then she nearly screamed again when she felt an ice cube being inserted into her cunt.

She did scream when she felt her arse cheeks being parted and an ice cube inserted into her virgin ass hole.

As Julia screamed the crowd roared. Julia whimpered as she felt the ice melting inside her body.

Julia suddenly felt the wooden structure being turned first round and round slowly so all the crowd got to see her red arse with the cane welts upon it.

Then it was turned horizontal so Julia was lying face down still strapped in place.

She felt things being placed on her body. She felt the peephole bra being cut from her body and falling away. So now she was naked. She didn’t know what had been placed on her body until she heard someone announce dinner was served.

The crowd surged forward. She felt hands taking things from her body, and also rubbing things onto her skin. She felt people lapping at her skin making small shivers run through her body. Making her cunt really wet.

Hands touching rubbing licking Ankara escort bayan and suckling at her skin. After what felt like hours but could only have been minutes, Julia came with a gasping shudder. The crowd cheered.

After she had been licked clean of all the food Julia was swung up the right way again. Another man walked forward from the crowd. She recognised Darrin, but shuddered when she saw he had a riding crop in his hand. Someone from the crowd walked forward and showed the crowd a large wet sponge.

He then walked behind Julia and wet her arse with the sponge. She jumped as she felt the water running between her arse cheeks and down her thighs.

Julia jumped at the first stroke of the riding crop. Darrin didn’t waste time between strokes he laid them on thick and fast until Julia’s ass was a mass of welts.

Julia felt herself being freed from her bonds. As her knees buckled she felt strong arms lifting her, carrying her towards the bed that was in the room.

After being placed on the bed face down she was told to get onto her knees. Knowing she must obey or be punished she did as she was told.

Now her red sore ass was sticking up in the air for everyone to see.

She felt a hard cock being thrust into her mouth. The man gently face fucked her while staring at her arse.

Julia felt fingers probing her wet cunt. Sliding up and down, making her moan.

She felt something warm and sticky land on her ass cheeks and knew someone had just come on her ass. Julia felt someone rubbing cum into her sore ass. It stung like mad. She felt her ass cheeks being spread and some thing cold was being drizzled over her virgin ass hole. Then some thing was pushing against her ass hole. She pulled her ass away from the probing. For this reaction she received six more slaps on her already sore ass. So when the probing started again Julia didn’t pull back. She sucked greedily on the cock in her mouth hoping to switch her mind from her sore ass from the probing finger.

After the finger had been eased into her asshole and run up and down a few times, she felt it being removed and something rubbery and slippery being inserted. God it hurt. It was so big. She could feel her asshole being stretched by what she guessed was a vibrator. It took a long time for the man to push the vibrator up her ass until it was as far as the large rubber balls on the vibrator.

The crowd cheered. They cheered even more when a woman crawled between Julia’s legs and began to lick and suckle her clit and cunt.

Julia felt the man in her mouth jerk and spurt his cum down her throat.

As the woman suckled her cunt she suddenly had the strangest sensation course through her body. She realised that the vibrator had been turned on and was vibrating up her asshole. It made her shudder and gasp. She twisted this way and that. The sensations got stronger. She gasped and shuddered and shouted as she had the most amazing orgasm.

The woman lapped at her cunt loving the taste of sweet nectar. The vibrator was sending crazy sensations coursing through her body. Julia didn’t know whether she wanted them to stop or not. So she moaned and gyrated her hips.

Suddenly the lapping at her cunt was replaced by something large and hot. A cock!

She felt the vibrator being pulled nearly out. Then she felt the hard hot cock gliding past her cunt lips and sliding along her slippery wet hole.

As the cock was being pushed up her cunt, she felt the vibrator also being pushed back up her sore ass. She moaned. The crowd cheered.

As the man fucked her cunt hard and fast, he fucked her ass almost as hard with the vibrator.

Julia began to groan, and thrust and grind her hips. Her cunt was tingling, her ass felt on fire but she loved it. As her orgasm built she howled like a wolf. The crowd roared. As Julia hit the peak of her orgasm, she gushed her sweet nectar all over the man fucking her. As he felt her cunt grasping his cock he groaned and shot his hot spunk high inside her, his spunk mingled with her cum and dripped out of her pussy round the sides of his cock.

A man slid himself underneath the two of them and started to lick the mixture of spunk and cum from her thighs and cunt lips. Julia shuddered she had never felt or experienced anything like this before. Her legs began to shake as she came again.

She felt the cock plop from her cunt.

The man under her, continued to lick and suck her cunt clean. Her legs gave way and the vibrator in her ass eased itself Escort Ankara out as her cunt buried itself into the man’s face.

She moaned as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her body.

The man under her wriggled himself out. Julia lay absolutely spent.

As she recovered she sat up and looked around her. The group of people who had watched her so intently had now broken away into smaller groups and were in various stages of undress. Engaged in activities that before tonight Julia had felt were private.

She was fascinated.

Darrin and Alicia walked over to the bed with another couple. They smiled at Julia as she sat cross-legged on the bed watching. Darrin said he had wanted to thank her for the show and ask her if she had enjoyed herself. Julia smiled at him and said even though she had a bruised ass and a sore asshole she had enjoyed herself.

He asked her if she wanted to leave with him and his friends. Julia looked into the expectant faces and agreed.

They got up and walked towards the exit. Julia felt a hand snake around her waist. Then she felt a hand on her sore ass, gently stroking.

The chauffer once more opened the door for everyone to climb inside.

He smiled at the naked Julia and touched her red swollen ass as he helped her inside.

The interior was dimly lit, as before but now had four people inside. Five including Julia. Julia found herself on the long bench seat between the two men.

Darrin introduced the other couple as John and Ginette. Julia smiled at them both. She accepted the drink that Darrin offered her and swallowed the rum much too quickly choking slightly as the rum warmed her all through her body.

She felt a hand touching her breast and smiled to see it was Alicia. Her nipple grew hard under the gentle but firm touch. She felt a mouth close around her other nipple, looking down she was not surprised to see it was Ginette licking and suckling her nipple. Her pussy grew slick and wet. She moaned.

She felt large fingers touching her thighs, edging closer to her wet cunt. The fingers made contact with her wet cunt lips and she shuddered. She felt the fingers sliding into her wet swollen cunt. Two fingers slipped in easily. She moaned and moved with them as the slid up and down her slippery cunt.

She opened her eyes to see John grinning as his fingers fucked her cunt.

Darrin was watching as he stroked his own large stiff cock. John moved around until he was kneeling in front of Julia. He then removed his fingers replacing them with his long stiff cock. Julia moaned and came, grasping his cock with her cunt muscles. He thrust all the way in and waited for her orgasm to subside before he began thrusting. Making her gasp with each inward stroke.

Her nipples were being sucked it felt wonderful. Julia was gasping and writhing.

John gave a grunt buried his cock to the hilt and shot his hot spunk up her cunt. Julia moaned. She cried in protest as he pulled out.

She opened her eyes to see Darrin positioning himself in front of her. She felt his hot hard cock pushing at her cunt lips. His cock was large and he was finding it tight. So he moved back and Alicia moved down to Julia’s cunt sucked her clit and suckled her cunt, until she felt Julia grow wet she then slavered all over her clit and cunt making it so wet it was dripping.

Darrin positioned himself once more between her legs and this time he pushed and slipped inside Julia’s tight wet cunt. They both groaned as he thrust deep inside her.

As he fucked her he kissed her long and slow exploring her soft mouth as if caressing her.

She ground her hips against him and screamed as he came big jets of spunk hitting her deep inside. She howled with ecstasy as she came gushing her nectar all over his cock and balls. She felt Darrin withdraw from her as she slowly came back down to earth.

All four smiled at her. Ginette moved between her legs and licked until she was clean. She then kissed Julia. Allowing Julia to taste her own musky scent.

They all sat up and were sitting drinking as the limousine slid to a halt.

Darrin helped Julia into her coat. Your payment is in your coat pocket he said.

Julia felt the crinkle of paper in her pocket. Darrin smiled at her and said if she ever needed money again to just ring the number on the card.

As the limousine pulled away Julia looked at the cheque she had pulled from her pocket. She blinked and looked again, but the amount remained the same.


Julia had an anxious wait until the cheque cleared but she needn’t have worried. Within ten days the money was safely in the bank. Her bruised bottom was once again normal and Julia was wondering if you could only be broadminded once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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