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Author’s Note: This is Part 5 of a story I attempted to write from the point of view of the three main characters, all speaking in the first person. I’m grateful to my editors, Angry Barcode and slutkimmi for their assistance. I believe the story should be read in sequence as it was written.

This is a work of fiction, the events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. All characters are over the age of eighteen, at every point depicted in the narrative.


It wasn’t even a week after being busted in the hallway that it finally happened. Sherry was at work; I’d been working the night shift. I can never sleep through the middle of the day after the night shift awoke, so I’ll do anything to get myself to drift off. In this instance I awoke with a hard-on after sleeping for about an hour, so I decided to masturbate. Like, maybe it’ll help me get back to sleep, right?

I was stroking myself to the memory of my beautiful sister’s naked body. Then, about halfway through, I became aware that someone was right outside my door; I could see shadows in the crack of light coming from beneath the door. I knew it had to be Erica. The thought of my dear, sweet sister listening in while I pleasured myself made my dick grow even harder, and I quickened the pace of my strokes.

Then the door opened, and Sis quietly moved into the room. She was wearing her mini-kimono. In the dim light coming through from the half-open door behind her, the light-colored satiny material was practically see-thru. I could make the outlines of her naked body; her narrow waist and her fabulous hips, and of course her lusciously long legs, all the way from the floor up to her bare ass.

“It’s OK, brother. It’s OK,” she said, smiling graciously as she sat on the edge of the bed. The front her garment was undone, it fell open and my sister’s luscious round tits were only partly covered. Then she put her hand on my cock.

I was a little scared, to say the least, but the thrill of re-living our forbidden pleasure raced through my veins. The touch of her hand was cool and soft on my rod. I just lay back and let her gently stroke me. As her hand went up and down on my pole, the silky fabric of her robe fell away to fully expose her incredible Gaziosmanpaşa Escort tits.

As I stared in disbelief at my sister’s beautiful pair it was just like the good old days all over again. My sister’s breasts are incredibly firm, unbelievably so for a woman of her age. And yet there they were in all their glory; poking straight out, capped by a lovely pink pair of impudent nipples. Her tits jiggled nicely in sync with her arm movements as her hand moved up and down on my pole.

Erica smiled at me as she stroked me. With her lovely blonde hair falling all around her shoulders, she looked like an angel from heaven. Then Sis did something that I never expected in a million years. As she moved forward and bent over, I thought this can’t be happening!!! And yet it was. I must have died a thousand deaths as my sister placed her velvety soft lips on the head of my hard, hot cock.

Her mouth felt incredible on my cock, so warm and wet. Her hand was still stroking up and down my shaft; she was jacking me off into her mouth.

My big sister was sucking me off! I could only look on in wonder; my absolutely beautiful, angelic sister was sucking me off! She sucked me and stroked me into her mouth until the head of my cock felt like it was going to explode.

And yet, throughout the entire duration of Erica’s fantastic blowjob, the taboo aspect of it all was in the back of my mind; I mustn’t let myself cum in her mouth; there was no possible way I was going to allow myself to cum in her mouth . . .

I tried as hard as I could to practice total penile control, but there was an almighty surge. She must have felt my dick grow larger in her mouth because she started to lift her face off my cock. Despite this, and despite my best of intentions, I suddenly shot off my first spurt right into her open lips! Bless her heart, Erica continued jacking me off while I came all over the back of her hand; there was glistening goo all over her lips and chin.

Erica stroked me off until my dick was a deflated piece of meat. Then she looked up at me and smiled a naughtier smile this time, like we’d just been caught with our hands in the cookie jar or something. She lifted her free hand to wipe her face, then looked at all the cum on the back of her hand and kind of shrugged. Then she licked Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan up a gob of my goo.

While I looked on in absolute disbelief, my sister rolled her eyes as if deep in thought. Finally she spoke. “You need to eat more oranges,” she simply stated.

Then Sis looked down at my midsection. She looked at all the shiny jizz that coated her wrist and the back of her hand. She stood up, holding her hand carefully so as not to sling gobs of goo all over the place as she shrugged off her mini-kimono. She used the slinky garment to wipe her hands clean, then tossed it on the floor.

For a moment my lovely, angelic sister stood before me almost as if she were striking a pose. Erica was utterly magnificent in her nudity, just as I always remembered her. Then she lay down next to me on the bed.

At first we just held each other, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies. I whispered how much I enjoyed being alongside her. Then she said she was so hot, so she lay back. Just like they say about Mount Everest, because they were there I started to kiss and suck her firm nipples.

As I sucked her nipples, Erica began to roll around. She spread her legs. Then she placed her hand on mine and in a quiet whisper she implored me, “Please, Brother . . . please touch . . . my pussy?”

My hand was shaking like a leaf as I moved it down her naked body, like I barely had power over it. But when I placed my hand on her hot little cunt I was in control again. Her seam was shut tight, but there was a smoldering heat coming from within. Her pussylips needed to be stroked and teased open.

Her clitoris poked right up like a ripe lovebutton, so I began tracing my fingertips back and forth across it – I was tickling my sister’s clit. Erica responded by moving her hips about. She threw her head back as she enjoyed the attentions of my mouth and fingertips on her nipples and clit.

Then my Erica sighed, “Please, Brother . . . please . . . lick my pussy?”

I didn’t even balk this time. One last kiss to her nipples and I began moving my mouth down south, kissing my way down her firm, flat belly. When I reached her golden curls I took a deep sniff of her scent, then my face was on her bald quim. It was obvious we were way beyond the point of no return.

As Escort Gaziosmanpaşa I licked her clit and sucked her pussy, Erica rolled around on her back, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. I got her off twice; I could tell because her sweet lovejuices flooded my mouth, twice. After about ten or so minutes of her total nympho behavior I was aroused again.

Sis looked down at my hard cock, then back up at me. There was something in the look in her eyes that made me move back towards her, move my cock closer to her. She put her hand on it, put her fingers around it. Then she moved her hips and spread her legs out real wide. Her open, wet pussy was aimed straight at my hard, hot meat.

“Go ahead, Brother,” she whispered, eyes closed, “It’s okay . . . it’s okay . . . I want you . . . I want you to . . . put it in . . . Go ahead . . . fuck my pussy . . .”

As I knelt between her thighs Erica held my cock and put the head right on her hot, wet pussylips. I was really hesitant; as the head of my dick pressed against her hot, pulsating vagina I only pushed in real slowly, so as to give her time to push me away. Instead of pushing me away, Erica made me give it to her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and she drew me fully into her wet pussy.

Something came over me as she let me fuck her; the thought that I was fucking my own sister wouldn’t leave my mind. I could no longer bring myself to enjoy the vision of Erica’s beautiful naked body, for now I was defiling it. I couldn’t bring myself to look down at what was going on, and for the most part Erica kept her eyes closed.

Instead I just held on and enjoyed the feeling of my sister’s incredible body moving beneath me, in sync with my thrusts. Even when I put my mouth on hers, we both kept our eyes closed. It was like we were both enjoying the pleasure of breaking taboo by putting the shame aside.

Then Erica opened her eyes for a moment and as I caught her glance an unspoken agreement passed between us; we were committing the greatest sin. The thought pervaded my mind as my cock moved in and out of Erica’s wet cunt: I’m fucking her! I’m fucking her! I’m fucking my big sister!

Then I started fucking my big sister like an animal gone hogwild, and I could tell Erica was enjoying every minute of it. I felt the pressure build up in the head of my cock, but as I was starting to cum she asked me not to cum inside. Instead she had me cum on her tits while she held them up for me.

That was just the first night. We did it again the next day, and then the next, and then it became a sort of a regular thing. Neither of us has ever spoken about what’s going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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