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I pursed my pouty lips and swept my hair up to the side then used my hands to pull back the loose strands and hold it high. I tilted my head then turned it side to side as I looked at my reflection in the mirror from every angle.

I sighed.

I looked ordinary. It would take a lot to sort out the mess that was I in the four short hours before me. I reached out to wipe away the moisture that was fogging up the mirror before me. My towel started to slip down my huge breasts, so I let lose my damp hair and reached down to jerk it back into place.

I was running out of time. Feeling panicky, I whipped of my towel and padded naked into my room. Tossing the damp towel in the for-washing bin I rummaged around my closet searching for something, anything to wear. I was so freaking screwed.

Giving up I decided to do my hair first so I dragged out my straightener, plugged it in and snapped it on but it instantly fused. With a shriek, I swiftly pulled it off the wall unplugging it and snapping the switch off in the process. I crossed my hands palm down to clutch at my chest just where my racing heart was and tried to calm down.

“You are a clumsy ass,” said a deep voice right behind me startling me into shrieking again. He reached out to clamp his hand over my mouth to silence me and at the same time dropped his other hand to grope at my said ass. I tried to wiggle loose enraged at the fright he gave me.

But his hold remained firm the only concession to my struggles was that the move the hand that gripped my ass to cup my front instead and haul my ass up against his hardness. My struggled ceased and I panted for more.

“I like you all wet for me,” he whispered in my ears. I shuddered but responded anyway,” I’m not I’m just wet from my shower.”

He moved the hand that cupped me to slip a finger inside before he said huskily,” You looked plenty wet to me.” He dipped another finger in and I heard it slushing as it slid in. “So wet for me,” he whispered.

I moaned and shifted my legs trapping his hand where it was, trying to hold his fingers in and as always wanting more.

“Matt..please,” Imoanedthe hand clamped over my mouth. The sound came out muffled.

“What..what is it? What did you say?” He asked annoyingly not removing his hand away from my mouth. I moaned again in frustration and wiggle my ass trying to get him to release me. My hands both pulled at his trying to remove it from its firm hold over my lips.

“Shh..,” he said soothingly, “You wouldn’t want anyone to know I was here now would you.”

I tilted my head back to glare up at him be he did not notice his gave was fixed peering over my shoulders at my heaving breasts. I squirmed and wiggled again trying to break loose and my breasts just bounced and bobbed beneath his fascinated gaze.

Rap rap rap!

I jolted in his clutches as someone pounded at my door, “Anna? Anna! Your mum want’s you down for tea.” My step- brother Brian called out from the other side of the door. Brian and I were not close. Brian was way older and hotter than I and he never failed to rub that into me at every chance he got. I was always his younger fat step-sister. Fatty is what he called me among other things.

I raised pleading eyes up to Matt needing him to release me. I was not sure if the door to my room was even locked.

But Matt finally took pity on me and released my lips so I could respond. I urgently started to say,” Tell mum…,” but my voice trailed off as matt shifted that hand down south to clutch at me heaving mounds. His lips were preoccupied with raining kisses down my neck. Then he did the unthinkable and stuck his tongue into my ear. I let out a pleasurable shriek in reflex and the door knob to my room rattled in response.

I almost shirked in fright at that but Matt only laughed at my panic. His husky laugh low and rumbling sending a wave of shivered coursing down my spine.

“I’m getting ready. Tell mum I’ll be down later,” I finally managed to gasp out.

“Much later,” Matt whispered wickedly in my ear.

“I have to get ready and I have nothing to wear,” I say plaintively, hearing the footsteps move away from the door on the other side.

“Don’t wear anything on my account. You already know I prefer you naked at best,” he said seriously. I only shook my head at him. I did know that. He took every opportunity he could to get me naked ever since he first had me. He said I was a natural fuck and he loved doing that to me. I had no idea what he meant by that. Matt had been my first but I was not his first so I would hope he knew what he was on about and left it to him.

I strut back to my closet knowing he was eyeing my jiggling ass as I went. I made sure to give it an extra bounce with each stride. I was lifted and tossed onto my bed only a few steps on and then Matt was leaping on the bed beside me doing his rough bear growl impersonation. I knew he was about almanbahis adres to maul me over and ravage me with his lust filled self so I put on a good show of squealing for my release before happily succumbing to his arduous demands.

Afterwards leaving me only fifteen minutes to get ready I sped around applying makeup and throwing on whatever pieces of clothing Matt dished out to me from an intense search through my mess of a closet. Finally, I was ready. Dressed in high heels, a halter neck short black dress, I was ready to party at the New Years’ eve all night long rave concert.

Chapter 1

“So you’re Matt’s girlfriend, Anna?” said the older and hunkier version of Matt. They were not very similar in looks. Matt was the blond blue eyes softer version of the brawny Adonis before me.

“Yes, I’m Anna. Matt and I have been going out for a while now,” I said smiling a friendly grin up him.

“I’m Matt’s brother Jason in case you were wondering,” said Jason but I knew that already. Just then the rowdy crowd jostled me up against him.

“This place is crazy. Let’s get out of here,” he said then without releasing his hold on me he tugged me in closer until I was indecently plastered to him. Till all my curves were flushed against him. I felt myself blush and was glad for the darkness.

Then Jason leaned in closer to shout in my ears for the band had started to play again,” Follow me.” Jason pulled me along till we were close to the fringes of the crowd. We were at the New Year’s all night long music fest. Matt had met up with some friends and disappeared into the crowd leaving me with Jason.

“So you guys been dating long?” Jason continued his questions as soon as we found a fairly secluded spot. We were still in the crowd but this place was not as lit up and for some reason it was a lot quieter.

“Three months now.” I replied.

“So has he put his cock in your pussy yet?” he asked shocking me into stunned silence. I was slow to react when he suddenly hauled me up against him and turned me so that I was pressed up against the wall. I opened my mouth to protest but he was quick to stick his tongue down my throat and suddenly, I felt the cool air against my chest and knew he had pulled down my top and that my heavy chest was now heaving in the open air.

His hands clutched at my large breasts as he continued to kiss me deeply not letting me up for air. I clawed at his back as I started to crave more. I had not expected to feel the onrush of lust as he finally left my lips to kiss and suckle down my neck leaving a trail of love bites along the way. He was busy sucking on my nipples when Matt caught up to us.

“Hey, been looking everywhere for you guys. Thank god for the GPS mobile tracker or I’d never of been able to find you in this crowd.” Matt did not appear to be perturbed that his brother was even now sucking savagely at my tits like he could not get enough of them. I was gasping so hard in reaction that I could not form a response. Suddenly my skirt was being lifted and an instant later my panties was torn off and flung back into the crowd before I could even gasp Jason’s huge penis was being shoved into my pussy. I cried out loud unable to stop myself from the pleasure and pain having been so great. Matt pulled my lips to his as Jason continued to pound his flesh into me. I felt my boobs bounce and shake and knew it drew the eyes of both Jason and Matt for soon both were feasting on a tit each. As Jason’s huge cock continued to ram into me I felt myself come undone and screamed out my pleasure just when Jason poured his release into me.

My dress was left as it is. Jason merely pulled out of my drenched pussy and righted his own clothes. After a while as Matt continued to fondle me, he pulled me off the wall and onto his cock. Matt pounded in once twice then pulled out to lift me up and thrust me into Jason’s arms. Jason wrapped his arms around me and lifted my thighs up and apart from behind me as he faced me to Matt so that Matt could easily access my pussy with his cock.

Matt pounded into me while he suckled on my breasts and Jason cushioned the impact behind me by being my buffer to the wall. Soon I was coming again and screamed myself hoarse. Matt shouted out his own release before he pulled out. I was still dazed when I felt a coat cover me and I was lifted into someone’s arms. “We will continue this at home,” said Jason in my ears. I felt our joint cum dripped down from my pussy and the rough fabric of the coat rub against my sore nipples. I was feeling myself get turned on again so I did not complain when I was seated on Jason’s naked cock in the passenger seat while Matt drove us home.

I settled in on my perch while Matt threw the car into gear and took off down the road.

I was being bounced up and down. I felt his cock slide in and out of me. The delicious friction just made me pant for more.

“Easy does it,” Jason whispered huskily in my ear.

“Take the coat off,” Matt demanded as soon as we cleared almanbahis adres the brightly lit city streets.

With a slight struggle the coat was wrenched away from me. I saw Matt turned his head to stare then he violently jerked his gaze back to face the streets.

“Fuck!” Mat bit out viciously and I felt Jason’s cock swell even more inside me.

Jason started pulling off my clothing and soon I was completely naked and exposed the men’s avid gazes. Jason bounced me more vigorously and my heavy chest bobbed up and down uncontrollably. Matt reached out with one hand to grab at my tit and squeeze it. I felt myself start to come.

“Oh no you don’t you little slut. I want you to hold it in,” Jason whispered roughly in my ear causing me to involuntarily drench his cock with my cum. I screamed out my pleasure and received a vicious pinch to my nipples in response.

“Fuck! I told you to hold it in,” Jason bit out angrily but I only shuddered some more.

“We will have to teach her a lesson when we get home,” Matt said seriously.

I was suddenly roughly shifted to the side and found my face pressed into Matt’s crotch.

“What the hell?” Matt asked Jason angrily.

“She has to be thought a lesson now,” said Jason as he roughly reached out to wrench down Matt’s zipper before he stuck a hand into his briefs and pulled out Matt’s engorged cock. Then when his other hand he pushed my face closer and grabbed Matt’s dick to shove it into my mouth. I was quick to take him in and start suckling. We both ignored Matt’s groans and curses as he repeated a litany of ‘Fuck!’ while Jason was arranging me into position.

Satisfied with what he had done, Jason started to pump into my pussy again. I felt him ram into me while his hands reached around me to garb at my breasts and pinch at my nipples. I continued with my task and licked and moved my mouth up and down Matt’s cock. Matt kept tearing his gaze away from the road in front of him to fix it on the sight of my mouth covering his cock whole and to his brother flexing his ass behind mine. Soon he was jerking his hip upwards as he tried to shove his cock deeper down my mouth. I was being rail-roaded from both ends and felt a climax coming again.

Without warning, Matt burst into my mouth and I did my best to swallow all I could. Jason continued to jerk and grunt behind me before he too called out, “Fuck!” and came in me.

I passed out from sheer exhaustion and when I came to, Matt’s soften cock was being pulled out of my mouth and Jason’s out of my pussy. I was shifted in Jason’s arm and taken out of the warm car. The cool air sent shivers down my body but not the chill that deep cultured baritone voice produced, “Ah, I see you’ve brought Anna Simmons to meet me. I am Peter. I am Matt’s and Jason’s father. I am pleased to meet you.”

I turned to see a handsome profile of a man in his early-forties. Before I could recover from my shock and embarrassment and say anything, my naked person was shoved into his arms. I was lifted up and against his hard chest bridal style effortlessly. I felt a hand rub and pat my exposed arse and turned quickly to see who the culprit was. I met the amused gaze of Matt.

I turned back to face Peter and opened my mouth to ask, “Wha..” but my lips was taken in an open mouthed kiss as he started to move. Peter’s tongue pushed into my mouth with a skill that demanded a response I was helpless to deny. I found myself kissing him back avidly.

When my mouth was finally released, I found myself on a large bed with Jason and Matt both naked on either side looking down at me with big grins on their faces. They were clearly happy with the situation. Peter reached up to undo his tie as he said seriously, “Let’s get acquainted, shall we?”

Chapter 2

I stared into the amazing set of eyes that peered so intensely into mine. My mind felt befuddled with all the wild sex I had been having with virtual strangers. But his gaze was magnetic and for this night at least my mind and body was not my own so I offered no murmur of protest as Peter without ceremony ploughed his hard length into me. My soaking wet folds made it easy to swallow up his whole length which was considerable in size.

He plunged in hard and to the hilt and alternated with hard and quick choppy jibes. I was in throes of ecstasy only a short while later then I felt my breast being tugged up and about another cock as Matt chose to use my breast to cup his hard length as he started to breast fuck me. I felt my body being shifted and Jason slide beneath me before he thrust himself slowly into my anus. I was now hurting all over from the over huge penis that continued to pound into my drenched pussy, my sore and aching tits and the most painful of all Jason’s cock in my ass.

I screamed from the pain of it all but it only increased their vigour. The burning sensation in my ass and tits was overwhelming but then Peter reached down to pinch my little nub and an explosion of release came upon me. Now my almanbahis adresi screams were of pure pleasure. The boys were quick to cum to their own completion after that and their hoarse cries echoed through the room as jets of their cum bathed all over me.

My eye lids shut after that and refused to open till morning. Or should I say noon the next day.

“Wake up sleepy head. I got to get you home your mum must be pissed and Brian your step brother already called twice. You my dear are in big trouble,” said Matt with a wide grin.

I blinked rapidly as the glare of the sun hit my eyes. I realised I was facing the open window that overlooked a garden. In the garden were Peter and Jason having tea while Matt sat on the mattress beside me shaking me awake.

The events of last night came rushing back to be with sudden clarity. I realised I had been drugged. There was no other reason for my behaviour. I was not the promiscuous kind. Matt had been my very first lover and now thinking back that had happened way too fast as well. I had thought nothing about it than putting it down to one drink to many and then since I had done it with him once I saw no reason not to do it again and when he made the appointment for me to have an IUD birth control inserted in my vagina claiming he did not want to cover his cock with a condom as he needed to feel all of me against him. I had felt so treasured when he said that. But they were all just pretty words.

Now I felt like shit. I have been so stupid. No wonder Matt was grinning down at me like a loon. I had been beyond naive.

Being plus sized had given me an inferiority complex and Matt had taken advantage of that. Just the idea of him dating me had sent me into a tizzy so when he had actually approached me after class one day and asked me out. I could only gulp and nod stupidly.

I was now paying for my stupidity. I had been whore’d out to his whole family. I pushed myself up and tried my best to ignore the many aches and pains. I even had bruises all over my breast and thighs. I’m sure my ass fared no better. The boys had ridden me hard last night. I felt a lingering shiver at the thought of the overwhelming pleasure I had felt last night and purposely stood up quick knowing the aches and pains will make themselves known and I would come to my senses. It worked. All too well. I heard myself groan out loud.

“Tsk tsk tsk,’ Matt made tsking sounds as he ran his hungry gaze over my naked form admiring, no doubt, the new work of art the bruises produced.

“You look like you have been doing some really naughty things,” he said mockingly.

I felt my whole body suffuse in a red flush from outright anger.

I managed to control my rage and take myself to the bathroom to wash up. I was mid-way soaping up when Peter slipped his naked body behind me under the shower spray.

“No! Leave me alone,” I said feeling disgusted with him, his sons and most importantly, with me.

“What leave these alone?” He asked mockingly cupping my massive breasts in his hands I watched it overflow his long skilled fingers and felt myself get turned on again.

“No, please,” I say pleadingly.

“Yes, beg for me.” He said before he lowered his lips to urgently claim mine. A moment later after savagely devouring my bruised lips he was battering my backside against the shower walls while ramming his length in me. I screamed and gasped and finally pleaded for release. Then he slipped his hand beneath each thigh and lifted my legs up higher as he continued to slam himself into me. He leaned back so that only my hips were joined to his and watched as his penetration efforts caused my chest to bob all over the place.

Finally, he moved to brush his cock at just the right spot in my core and I screamed my release.

He let me slide off his cock and onto the wet floor.

“You didn’t think I would let you leave without a goodbye fuck now did you,” Peter said as he turned to face the shower and wash up before me.

“I will see you at your classes tomorrow. Don’t be late. I punish tardiness. Among other things,” he said as he left the shower.

“What?” I managed to gasp out still out of breath.

“I’m a new teacher at your school. I will be teaching your class English lit,” he smiled wickedly as he left the bathroom.

Oh my god!

I just fucked my teacher.

Chapter 3

It was Jason who took me home. We were quiet for most of the way until he pulled over in front of my house. Then I realised I hadn’t even told him where I lived.

“How do you know where I live?”

“I know everything about you. All we need to know. Dad picked you out for us months ago when he saw you sitting by the brook reading during lunch break at school. You turned him on. He came straight up to Matt with an undeniable hard on and told him in no explicit terms to reel you in. So he did. I guess he thought Matt had the softest touch compared to the rest of us and I guess since he shares some classes with you it would have made you more comfortable with him approaching you instead of me. You were of legal age so there was no trouble there. In fact I was sure Matt could have brought you to us a lot sooner but there you have it one selfish younger brother,” he said with a wry smile.

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