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Brother’s Incestuous Bet

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Six: Family’s Incestuous Meeting

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Maria Reenburg

Excitement bubbled through me. I was on a high, riding the bliss from the orgasm daddy gave me. It was this incredible rush. This amazing treat. I was bouncing on my knees on the bed beside her, my round breasts jiggling. Mom was squirming, her face completely red, her big breasts jiggling. Her blonde hair was spread over the bed, her large tits rising and falling as my brother pulled his cock out of her.

My brother and I had both seduced our parents, but I was faster to the incestuous fun. I fucked Daddy while Sean took Mom hard. It was hot. She was sexy. I was a naughty, young thing. Daddy’s cock had felt amazing in my pussy.

“I seduced Daddy and won the bet,” I said, Daddy’s cum running out of me. “It’s so awesome. And now my pussy is full of cum!”

“Bet?” Mom gasped, trembling on the bed. “This was the bet.”

“And I won!” I said. “See.” I rose up on my knees and spread my thighs. “Look at Daddy’s cum leaking out of me, Mom!”

“What?” she groaned.

“This… Maria, what?” Daddy groaned, standing in the doorway in his disheveled clothing. “Elisabet, I…”

“And Sean fucked you hard, Mom,” I continued, my eyes flicking down to her blonde bush. It was wet. There was cum leaking out of her. My brother’s cum. I just shuddered in delight. “Was it great? Sean’s an amazing lover! He always fucks me hard.”

My mom spluttered. Daddy groaned. Sean grinned at me as he stood at the foot of the bed.

“I’m so glad to finally have Daddy and not be cock-blocked by Vanessa.” Anger flashed through me at the thought of Daddy’s slutty secretary. “She made me eat her pussy after fucking Daddy!” The moment I said those words, I knew I shouldn’t have. I promised not to mention her to Mom, but I was just so excited and mad. So I hurried and added, “She was so mean to me! She called me dirty words! Like White bitch and filthy cunt and whore! She used me hard.”

“What’s this?” Sean asked.

“Wait, what?” Mom asked. “You were eating out Vanessa? After she had—”

“But now we get to have fun together!” I shouted and then sprang at my mother. I straddled her face. I pressed my pussy down on her. I ground on her face. I smeared my jizz-filled pussy against her mouth, Daddy’s cum running out of me.

“What are you doing, Maria!” my mom gasped beneath me.

“Why, we’re going to lick each other clean!” I said. “Mother/daughter bonding! It’ll be so much fun! I’ve wanted to lick Sean out of you! You’re not that bitch Vanessa making me do this.” I should stop talking about Vanessa. So I leaned over my mother to put my mouth to better use. “Let’s make each other cum while our sexy men watch us! It’ll get them hard to fuck us more!”

“Damn,” Sean muttered as I bent over and pressed my face between our mother’s thighs.

I stared at her pussy. Her cuntlips were swollen, jizz leaking out of her depths. My brother’s cum was flowing out of the snatch that birthed us. It was so kinky. A fierce hunger shot through me. I nuzzled into her bush. Her silky hairs brushed my face while her tangy musk, mixed with salty cum, filled my nostrils. Then I pressed my mouth into her cunt.

I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I licked and lapped at her, gathering my brother’s salty cum and her tangy pussy. I ground against her face. I squirmed on her body, her breasts pressed into my stomach. I devoured her. I thrust my tongue into her folds. I swirled my tongue through her, gathering up my brother’s jizz. That was amazing. It was this delicious treat.

“Maria!” my mom moaned. “What… This is… I mean… Just…”

“Lick me!” I moaned. “Let’s eat each other. Daddy’s cum is in my pussy! I know you want to eat me. Lick your daughter’s pussy, Mom! Let’s love each other! It’ll be awesome!”

I thrust my tongue into her cunt, swirling my tongue through her depths. I licked up her jizz. I fluttered my tongue through her depths, teasing her as I squirmed, pressing my cum-filled pussy against her mouth.

Her tongue flicked out. I shuddered as she stroked my pussy, caressing her juicy folds. My butt-cheeks clenched at the delight that swirled through her. My hips wiggled from side to side. Jizz poured out of me into her mouth.

It was so amazing. This was just a treat. It was amazing to feel my mother licking me clean after I won my bet. I scooped more of my brother’s spunk out of her pussy, feasting on her, loving the feel of her squirming beneath me. My nipples throbbed against her nipples. Her breasts rubbed on my belly.

“Oh, my god, Maria,” Mom moaned. “This… This…”

“I know, it taste amazing with cum in me!” I purred. “And so do you! Oh, this is a treat.”

“Is that… cum leaking out of your asshole?” Mom asked. Her tongue fluttered against my taint.

“That’s Sean leaking out of my butt! He fucked me up the ass before we came to seduce you two,” I moaned. “It was so inspiring, Mom!”

Her tongue fluttered up to my taint. I groaned as she lapped at my asshole. She rimmed me, licking up my brother’s jizz. Her chin rubbed against my pussy lips. I moaned in delight, loving how she swirled her tongue around my sphincter, licking up Sean’s passion.

I licked and lapped faster and faster at her pussy, feeling Daddy and Sean watching us. The two men were sexy. It made me feel so naughty. I squirmed my hips from side to side. I ground against her face. This was a treat. A wondrous delight. My heart hammered in my chest. I whimpered into her cunt as I feasted faster, harder.

My tongue lapped up and down her folds, gathering more and more of her cum. Her fingers found my butt-cheeks. They dug into my rump. She fluttered her tongue around my asshole, licking up more cum before she moved back to my pussy.

She sucked on my clit.

I gasped at the thrill. Sparks burst inside my pussy. I wiggled my hips as my orgasm built and built. I nibbled on her thick labia, reveling in her cream leaking out of her. I couldn’t find any more of my brother’s cum, so I just lapped my cum out of her.

“Oh, Mommy, yes!” I moaned as she made such wicked, sucking sounds.

“Make her cum, Mom,” Sean groaned. “Damn, this is hot.”

“Yeah,” Daddy grunted, still sounding stunned.

I squirmed in delight, rubbing my clit on my mother’s face, her nose brushing my shaved slit. Trembles raced through my nineteen-year-old body. This wonderful heat that had me almost swooning. My heart hammered in my chest. This was a hot treat. It was an amazing delight. My fingers clenched on her thighs. I held her tight as she moaned into my snatch.

This was incredible. A wicked treat. I shuddered in rapture. My heart beat so fast in my chest. I fluttered my tongue through her snatch’s folds. Her tongue swirled around my clit again. She moaned into my pussy, her fingernails biting into my rump.

“Oh, Mom, you’re going to make me cum!” I moaned into her pussy. “Am I making you cum?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, this is wrong… So wrong but… but…”

She sucked hard on my clit.

I gasped. My butt-cheeks clenched hard. I whimpered and shuddered on her. The pleasure surged through me. This heat billowed through me. My heart screamed in my chest. It was this incredible bliss. It was an amazing treat. My cunt clenched.

Then her tongue flicked up from my clit to dance through my pussy lips. She jammed into it. Feeling her penetrate me shot rapture through me. I gasped on her. My body bucked and quivered as my mother’s tongue fucked into my depths.

I came.

My pussy convulsed around her tongue. I moaned into her pussy. I latched my lips on her clit and sucked hard as I trembled on her. My juices gushed out of me, carrying Daddy’s cum to my mother’s mouth. She licked and lapped at me, moaning and groaning.

Stars burst across my vision. I whimpered in delight around her clit. My lips sealed so tight. I sucked so hard. My mother groaned. She bucked beneath my body. Her tits pressed up against my belly.

“Oh, my god!” she moaned. “This is so wrong, but… but… Maria!”

Tangy juices flooded out of my mother’s cunt. I groaned, abandoning her clit to lick at her snatch. I fluttered through her. I lapped up her cream, discovering more and more of my brother’s jizz in there. It was delicious. A treat. My butt-cheeks squeezed tight. I wiggled my hips as we both moaned in rapture.

We shared in incestuous passion.

It was incredible. I shuddered through my body. I shuddered as I nibbled on her clit. She licked and lapped at me, moaning her delight. My pleasure died down to this wonderful, buzzing bliss. I felt energized by this.

I was so ready to have more fun.

We were doing naughty things as a family.


Sean Reenburg

My dick grew harder and harder as I watched Maria and Mom sixty-nining. They were feasting on each other, licking cum out of each other’s bodies. I’d fucked them both tonight. I had seduced my mother. I had taken her past her fear of the lust she felt for me and plunged her into the incestuous rapture she’d craved.

I glanced at Dad. He stood there awkward, his clothing in disarray. His face was flushed. He glanced at me. We didn’t really say anything. What did you say to your dad after you fucked his wife? Or what did you say while the pair of you were watching the two women in your lives sixty-nining and licking izmit escort bayan each other’s cum-filled pussy?

So we nodded and went back watching.

Mom and my sister were having so much fun. Licking, lapping. Maria was feasting with enthusiasm on our mother, her blonde hair spilled over Mom’s thighs. They both were squirming. Mom’s toes were curling, her fingernails biting into Maria’s ass.

It was a delectable sight to witness.

They were moaning louder and louder. They were gasping, crying out in rapture. They shuddered through their orgasms. My dick was hard again. It throbbed before me, this ache swelling the tip. My heart hammered in my chest as they groaned through their bodies.

“Goddamn, that’s hot,” I muttered as it was clear they were coming.

“Yeah,” Dad groaned as our women were moaning and trembling.

Then my sister shuddered and went still for a moment. She was panting. Mom was mewling. It was clear that they had enjoyed each other. I clenched my fists, wanting to stroke my cock, but that felt weird with Dad standing by me.

Then Maria rolled off of Mom, flopping onto her back. Maria’s round breasts jiggled. Her face was smeared in pussy juices and streaks of my cum. Mom’s face was equally soaked in cream. She flicked her tongue across her lips, savoring the delicious flavor of Maria’s cunt.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she, Mom?” I asked.

Mom shuddered. “I… I guess so.”

“Ooh, Mom tasted amazing, bro,” Maria said. She shuddered. “Just delicious.” She half-sat up on her elbows, staring at our mother. “Did you enjoy my pussy, Mom?”

Mom shuddered. “It was different.” She licked her lips again. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Well, you were amazing,” my sister purred. “I really liked when you licked my butt-hole.”

I smiled, remembering probing my fingers into Mom’s asshole. It was just such a treat to pump into her virgin territory. My cock was hard and aching, wanting to slide into my mother’s bowels and fuck her hard.

I would pound her with my dick. I would fuck into her hard. It would be incredible to feel her wrapped around me. I would sink into her. I would make her feel incredible. I wanted that wonderful treat engulfing my dick.

“I bet she loved eating your asshole, Maria,” I said. “Mom loved it when my fingers penetrated her asshole while I fucked her hard.”

“Ooh, did she?” asked Maria. “Do you like anal, Mom?”

Mom, her face still scarlet, groaned, “That’s not really a question you should ask your mother, Maria.”

“Mom, we just licked each other’s pussy clean of cum!” my sister said. “We’re all into incest now. Don’t be shy. Has Daddy ever fucked you up the ass?”

“No,” Dad said, almost a grunt.

My mother shot him a look. There was something in there that was almost unreadable. A flat expression. Then she said, “I’ve never done anal. Your brother’s fingers were the first time anyone’s done that.”

“Ooh, bold of him,” Maria said. “He’s like that. He fucked my ass so hard in the gazebo. He used my pussy juices for lube and then pounded my butt.”

Dad glanced at me, this envious look in his eyes. I grinned at him. He’d never had anal. Did Vanessa not give it up? I should be pissed that he cheated on Mom with his secretary, but I had fucked Mom tonight.


“Then let’s do it!” Maria said. “Come on, Mom, let’s do anal.”

“What?” she gasped. “No!”

“Come on, Mom!” Maria begged, sounding like a wheedling, little girl. “Let Sean fuck your asshole. Please, please! He’ll pound you hard. You’ll love it. I bet you enjoyed his fingers in your asshole.”

“Well…” she said, biting her lip. “I mean…”

“Yeah, you want it,” my sister said.

“What?” Dad objected. “I’ve never fucked your asshole, Elisabet.”

I clapped Dad’s shoulders as I stared at Mom with such hunger. “But you’ll get to fuck Maria’s asshole. I broke her in for you. You’re going to love it.”

Mom stared back at me. A shiver ran through her even as Maria rolled over on her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass at Daddy. Then she spread her butt-cheeks apart, exposing her pink asshole, a little bit of my cum staining her crack. Her pussy gleamed between her thighs.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy, while Sean buggers Mom!” Maria’s finger slid into her crack and stroked around her sphincter.

“Let’s do it, Mom,” I said, stroking my cock. “You’ll love it.”

Mom whimpered.

I smiled again. “Just roll over on your hands and knees, present that ass, and let me make you feel good again, Mom. You know you want it.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Mom moaned as she did just that, her large tits swaying and jiggling. She ended up on her hands and knees, presenting her rump at me. That delectable ass pointed right at me. Her bush was stained with some of my cum, but her pussy lips gleamed, licked clean by my diligent sister. “This is crazy.”

“Yeah,” Dad groaned.

“You know you want it, Mom,” I said, moving to the bed. “You know you’re just aching for it after I fingered you while fucking you hard.” I reached the bed, climbing on it, my dick bobbing before me. “You went wild when I fingered your asshole. Now just reach behind you and part those butt-cheeks. Show me that asshole. Be like your daughter.”

“Oh, geez,” she muttered and reached behind her. “I’m really doing this.”

“You’re a horny slut like me, Mommy!” Maria said brightly.

I groaned as my mother parted her butt-cheeks, revealing that pink, virgin asshole. I would break her in hard. I would enjoy this treat that my dad never had. Maria’s eyes sparkled as she watched me while wiggling her ass at our dad.

“Don’t be shy, Dad,” I said. “I broke Maria in. She loves it up the ass.”

“Oh, yes,” my sister said.

I pushed my cock into Mom’s pussy, slipping into her hot hole again. I groaned, loving being in her snatch. Her cunt clenched around me. She had such a hot, juicy cunt. She needed this so bad. Maybe Dad was too busy fucking his secretary.

The secretary who abused my sister from the sound of it. No wonder she was so pissed when I came home. It wasn’t just failing to seduce Dad, but being kept from her desire by the woman.

Mom groaned as I soaked my dick in her. Her pussy clenched around my cock. “I thought you were going to fuck my asshole.”

“Don’t you want some lube?” I asked and then shoved my fingers into my mouth.

I pressed my wet fingers against her asshole, coating her in my saliva as they slid into her bowels. Her brown ring parted around them, engulfing my digits. Her pussy squeezed hard around my cock. She whimpered and moaned, her passion echoing through the room.

Clothing rustled. Dad was getting naked, staring at my sister. I glanced at Maria. Part of me wanted to kick Dad out, but my sister was free to fuck whom she wanted. She had a thing for Dad. I kinda understood that. Mom was sexy, but…

“Come fuck, me, Daddy!” Maria moaned as I pumped my digits in and out if Mom’s asshole, getting her nice and loose for my dick. “Fuck me while Sean fucks Mom! This is so hot!”

“That’s one word for it,” muttered Mom. Then she gasped, “Oh, Sean, that feels good. I want your cock in my asshole. I want you to fuck me hard.”

“Damn,” Dad groaned.

“I know,” I panted. “Her asshole is so hot and tight. She’s squeezing around my fingers.” My dick twitched in my mom’s pussy, soaked by her juices. I had to be in her.

Beside me, Dad mounted the bed and thrust his cock into Maria’s cunt. My sister moaned in delight, her back arching. Her round tits swayed beneath her. I ripped my cock out of my mom’s pussy and yanked my fingers out of her bowels.

As I pressed my cock into Mom’s asshole, Dad lined up at Maria’s. Both women groaned as we thrust forward. My cock pushed against Mom’s sphincter, loving the feel of her anal ring spreading wider and wider to engulf my cock. It was this hot delight caressing my dick’s crown, this wonderful pleasure for me to enjoy.

I groaned as I pressed deeper and deeper into her bowels. Maria and Mom both whimpered, their moans echoing through the room. Dad let out a grunt of delight as he buried into my sister’s asshole. My hands gripped Mom’s hips, holding them.

I bottomed out in her.

“Goddamn,” moaned Dad. “Goddamn, you’re asshole is tight, Maria.”

“Mmm, your cock feels nice in me!” she moaned. “What about you, Mom? Do you love Sean’s cock sliding in your asshole? Please, please, say you do!”

“Uh-huh,” panted Mom. “It’s different. I feel so good. Oh, shoot, that’s good. Oh, Sean, just… just… fuck me! Fuck my asshole! Make me cum again! I love your cock! My son is such a big, strong man!”

“Yes!” I growled, her words so inspiring.

I drew back my cock. Her asshole clutched at my bowels. This wonderful, velvety delight gripped me. I groaned, my balls ached. I thrust into her. I buried into her bowels, smacking her rump hard, making her butt-cheeks ripple. My nutsacks cracked into her taint.

My hands slid up her hips as I fucked her asshole. I pumped away in her. I slammed into her bowels. I rammed into her anal sheath. Her hot grip massage me. I buried into her. I smacked into her rump over and over. Pleasure spilled through me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, fuck my ass!” Maria moaned. “Ooh, your cock is as good as Sean’s!”

My mom threw a look over her shoulder, her blonde hair flying. “Pound my ass, Sean! Fuck me hard! Pound me! Make me explode! I want to cum kocaeli escort bayan and cum on your dick! I love it!”

“Yes!” I snarled, thrusting hard into her, slamming into her depths.

I grabbed her tits. I squeezed her boobs. I kneaded them, loving their plumpness. I rammed into her anal sheath. Her bowels buried into her asshole. The velvety delight rippled through me. She groaned in passion. Her blonde hair danced about her shoulders.

I found her nipples. I squeezed and pinched them. I teased them. She whimpered, her bowels clenching around my dick. This wonderful heat billowed through me. This hot treat that swelled through my body. My balls grew tighter and tighter as they slammed into her.

“That’s it!” hissed Mom. “Oh, yes, I gave birth to such a stud! A stud who knows how to fuck with his cock! Make me cum! Make me explode! Oh, god, yes! Oh, fuck, fuck! That’s hot! That’s amazing!”

I buried to the hilt in her over and over. Her bowels massaged me. She grew hotter and hotter. I twisted her nipples, making her moan louder and louder. Her asshole squeezed and relaxed around me. The heat swelled and swelled in me.

“Oh, Daddy, make me cum!” whimpered my sister. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it. Just pound my tight, little ass!”

“So tight, honey!” Daddy groaned. “Oh, my baby girl has a tight asshole!”

“My son has a big dick!” Mom moaned. She rocked back into my thrust. Our flesh slapped together. “Oh, yes, yes, make me cum, Sean! I’m almost there. Play with my nipples. I love it. You’re such a loving son!”

“You’re such a hot-assed mom!” I groaned as I reamed her deeper. Harder. I buried to the hilt in her bowels.

Maria squealed in delight. Her orgasmic cries were so familiar to me. I glanced at my sister, seeing her face twisting in rapture. I wished she was cumming for me even as I pumped into my mother’s asshole.

Mom felt amazing, too. I groaned, glad I was in her asshole. I tugged on her nipples, making her squeal. Her asshole squeezed around my cock, swelling the intensity of that velvety embrace around my cock. This heat surged through me.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Mom howled. “Oh, my god, that’s great! That’s amazing! Fuck my asshole! I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, yes, cum with me, Mom!” howled Maria. “And Daddy, pump all that cum in my asshole! I love it!”

“Yes!” growled Dad. “My baby girl! Fuck!”

Dad was cumming.

Then Mom howled, “Sean! You’re such a stud. I love your cock!”

Her bowels writhed around me. It was this incredible heat spasming around me. I buried into her depths, her flesh sucking at me. My balls tightened. Then I grunted as the cum fired out of my dick. It spilled into her. It splashed into her depths, coating her with my jizz.

Incestuous pleasure shot through me. My eyes fluttered. I groaned, my fingers digging into her flesh. This wonderful heat shot through me. I grunted with the bliss. This aching euphoria that spurted out of me. My mind melted beneath the rapture.

“Mom, yes!”

“Oh, Sean, your cum… Oh, that’s just the best!”

“Yeah,” I panted as my orgasm passed.

“Mmm, baby girl, you have such a sweet ass,” Daddy groaned.

“Does your secretary have a sweet ass?” Mom asked, a touch of acid on her tongue.

“Well, that is…” Daddy pulled his cock out of my sister’s asshole. He stumbled off the bed. “You see, Elisabet…”

I pulled out of Mom, taking a bit of pleasure in watching Dad squirm. I laid down on my back between my sister and Mom. Maria instantly snuggled up next to me, rubbing her wet, shaved pussy on my thigh. My mom, still kneeling, was looking at Dad.

Then she snuggled up against my other side, her heavy breasts rubbing on my chest. I couldn’t help grinning. This was nice. My mom and sister both against me. My dick, though going soft from cumming, was aching.

I could go again in a few minutes.

“What’s this about our daughter trying to seduce you, and then Vanessa fucking you instead?” Mom asked.

“She also made me lick her clean when they finished,” said Maria. “She’s so mean! She said terrible things to me. She called me all these nasty words.”

“Well, Bill?” Mom asked, her words icy. “Care to explain?”

“I didn’t know that Vanessa was making her…” His words trailed off. “I mean, Maria came up to me. She was being so sexy and… Look at her. You couldn’t resist fucking our son, so don’t get mad that I screwed our daughter!”

“And your secretary?”

“Well, I mean, Vanessa came in after Maria got me all hard and… and…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s not like you’ve been affectionate lately.”

“Oh, so it’s my fault?” Mom asked.

Maria squirmed beside me even as my stomach twisted. I didn’t want to be here. Not for this. I didn’t want to ruin my parents marriage by making my bet. I just wanted to fuck my mom, maybe breed her. Like I wanted to breed my sister.

“Well, Elisabet, I mean… how long has it been since we did anything?”

“You’re always working,” she hissed.

“So are you!” he snarled back.

“So you fuck your secretary?”

“It’s not like that,” he said. “It’s… You heard our daughter. Vanessa was taking advantage of what Maria had done to me. And then she was abusing our daughter. I’m so furious at her. I can’t believe this.”

“Don’t try to change the subject and…” Mom trailed off, glancing at me and my sister. “Do you two mind giving your father and me some privacy. We need to talk.”

“Not at all,” I said.


Maria Reenburg

Sean closed the door to his bedroom behind us. This was the farthest from our parents on the second floor. He padded across the room and sat down on the bed. He leaned back on his hands, the muscles of his body rippling. He was in great shape, a sexy, twenty-year-old hunk. I padded to him, Daddy’s cum leaking out of my asshole.

That was hot. Daddy’s cock felt great fucking my asshole.

“Do you think Mom’s going to kill Dad?” I asked Sean, standing before him.

Sean shrugged, his blue eyes distant.

“Well, either way, I won,” I declared.

Sean blinked. “What?”

“The bet,” I said, thrusting my hands out. My stomach was twisting with nervousness. I wanted just to be a happy family and now… I didn’t want to think about it. “Hand over the keys.”

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Bet’s a bet,” I said. “I get your car. You saw it. Daddy came in me first. I fucked him first. You were still plowing Mom when he finished in me.”

He shook his head and then reached over for his desk. He snagged his keys off of it. He sighed, working a car key off the ring. It had a funny shape to it. There was some sort of remote or something in it, this advance lock thingie.

He thrust it into my hand. “Just don’t paint her pink.”

“It’s mine now,” I said, holding his Corvette’s keys in my hand. “I’ll paint my car if I want to!”

“Fine,” he muttered.

I sank to my knees before him. He needed a bit of a pick-me-up and, well, his cock had just been in Mom’s asshole. It was a treat I couldn’t resist. I grabbed his cock and nuzzled against it. I sucked on the tip, tasting Mom’s sour musk.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I purred between sucks.

“Geez, you’re energetic,” Sean groaned, his dick twitching in my hand, growing hard again.

I swirled my tongue around his crown, cleaning off that sour delight. “Well, it’s Mom’s asshole on you. That’s hot. We did it, Sean. We got them both! It was so much fun!”

“Yeah,” he said, grinning at me. “It was.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Vanessa, but she’s such a bitch!” Anger flashed through me. “She treated me so badly.”

His face tightened. “Did she?”

I nodded my head then licked and lapped at his cock. I stroked up and down his girth, loving the taste of Mom. It was such a treat. My tongue fluttered up and down his cock, buffing him clean, reveling in that sour musk.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Daddy’s cum leaked out of my butt-hole and dribbled down to my juicy pussy. I loved the incestuous delight as my tongue danced around the crown of my brother’s cock. I could be Sean’s whore. Even Daddy’s whore.

But never Vanessa’s little, White whore!

I sucked hard on Sean’s cock. He groaned, his chest rising. His dick swelled to its full girth as I bobbed on him. My lips polished him clean, sucking that dirty musk off of him. It made me feel so wanton. I wanted to touch my pussy. To stroke myself. He groaned, his hands sliding through my hair, his blue eyes sparkling with heat.

He was so handsome. Like Daddy, but younger and with lighter hair. I wiggled my hips, my pussy aching for a cock. My brother’s cock would be so wonderful. I sucked with all my might on him, getting him sparkly clean.

“Damn, you’re just a wanton, little slut tonight,” he groaned.

I shivered and popped my mouth off. “Mmm, the family slut! I got to enjoy you all! You, Mom, and Daddy! It’s been a wonderful night and—”

A knock rapped at Sean’s door. Then it opened. I threw a look over my shoulder to see my parents entering in, Dad looking a little sheepish, Mom’s face tight. Her large tits swayed before her, her golden hair dancing about her shoulders. She had such a great figure.

I hoped to look as sexy at her age.

“So… we talked,” Dad said. “Your Mom’s a little pissed at me over—”

“A little?” Mom said, heat in her voice.

“But seeing as how she fucked Sean, she’s… kocaeli escort letting it slide,” Daddy said.

“Good!” I said brightly, hopping up and sitting beside Sean. Then I patted the bed on the other side. “Then come here, Daddy. I want you both to fuck me! I want both my men plowing into me. That’ll be so sexy. It’s my hottest fantasy.”

“What?” Sean gasped.

“Mmm, why do you think I sucked your cock clean, bro?” I said, turning to him. “I want that dick in my cunt and Daddy… He deserves more anal delight since Mom denied him all these years.”

Before my brother could object, I kissed him hard on the lips. I thrust my tongue into his mouth. It darted along inside of him, stroking him. He groaned, his hands sliding around to grab my ass. My arms went around his neck. I pulled him down on the bed, the pair of us shifting onto our sides. My tits rubbed into his chest while his cock pocked at my stomach.

Our tongues dueled. He groaned, his hand sliding down my side to my hip. I squirmed, rubbing my belly against the wet tip of his cock. His precum was flowing, staining my flesh. I was so eager to be penetrated by him.

He grabbed his cock and slid it down my belly to my pubic mound. As Daddy stretched out behind me, the bed creaking, Sean pressed his cock into my pussy. I groaned in delight as his dick nuzzled against my snatch.

Daddy’s pressed against my butt-cheeks.

I moaned into my brother’s kiss as both the men in my life found the entrances to my holes. My asshole was lubed with cum, and my pussy was always wet. Sean thrust in first, burying his cock with confidence into my cunt, pressing my asshole back against Daddy’s cock.

“Baby girl!” Daddy groaned as my asshole swallowed his dick for the second time tonight. “Damn.”

I shivered as his cock pressed deeper and deeper into my sloppy cunt. I was sandwiched between my men, impaled on both their dicks. Waves of rapture shot through me. My entire body trembled. I whimpered in delight. This was so hot. So incredibly sexy. I shivered as my holes clenched down on both their dicks.

They filled me more and more. Their cocks reached deeper and deeper into my cunt. I groaned and trembled between them, my nipples throbbing against my brother’s chest. My bowels clenched about my daddy’s cock.

“You are a wicked thing,” Mom said.

I broke the kiss with Sean to see Mom rubbing at her hot cunt with her right hand and squeezing her big boobs with her left hand. She went back and forth between those big, lush, pillowy mounds. I shuddered, clenching my holes down on both my men’s cocks.

“It is!” I moaned. “Oh, Mommy, they’re both in me. They’re both fucking me!”

“Yes!” Sean growled, drawing back his dick. Then he rammed it into my cunt’s depths.

I shuddered. My pussy squeezed around his dick while my bowels clenched hard on his cock. He groaned out in rapture as he pumped away at me, pressing my body tight against Daddy’s solid form. He groaned.

“You are such a naughty girl, Maria,” Daddy groaned and then drew back his cock through my bowels.

I quivered on him. I shuddered and then gasped as my brother and Daddy both slammed their dicks into my holes at almost the same moment again. They filled me up with that wonderful pleasure. My eyes fluttered. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh, wow!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s amazing. Oh, shit, that’s great! Fuck me! Ream my holes! Oh, I’m going to explode on your dicks.”

“Yes, you are,” Sean grunted, burying his dick into me. “Just a naughty, little slut for the family.”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my nipples throbbing against his chest.

They were both pressed around me. I was trapped between my hunky brother and sexy daddy. They pumped their cocks in and out of me. They buried to the hilt in me time and time again. I groaned, clenching around them. My toes curled. Pleasure rippled through my body with every hot plunge.

Silky delight and velvety pleasure rippled through my body. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. They pumped away, ramming into me at different speeds. Sean had faster strokes, thrusting in and out of my juicy cunt while Daddy slammed into my asshole. I writhed between them, undulating my hips, working my holes around both their amazing cocks.

The dual pleasures fed my orgasm.

This wonderful heat built and built in me. I groaned and gasped between them. I clutched to Sean while Dad stroked my side. He kissed at my ear, groaning as he plunged into my bowels over and over again. He buried his cock to the hilt in me again and again, filling up my anal sheath.

“I’m going to explode!” I gasped, the pleasure building so fast in me. It was the dual stimulation. The two wonderful delights that were coursing through me. I couldn’t hold back. I squeezed my naughty holes around their dicks. “Yes!”

My pussy and asshole convulsed.

My body spasmed between my brother and daddy.

Their cocks buried over and over into my convulsing pussy and asshole. Waves of rapture washed through my body. Stars burst across my vision. I shuddered and whimpered between them. My back rubbed into Daddy’s chest while my nipples throbbed against Sean.

The bed creaked. “Mmm, you’re making your sister cum hard, aren’t you?” Mommy purred, snuggling behind Sean. Her blue eyes flashed over him as stars danced before my vision. “Just made your little sister cum like a stud.”

“Yeah, Mom!” Sean groaned as Mom nibbled on his ear. She must be humping against him.

“Good!” Mom moaned. “Mmm, I created such a big, strong, young man. You’re such a stud!”

“He is!” I squealed as the rapture spilled through me. “And you’re amazing, too, Daddy!”

He nibbled on my ear as he plowed his cock over and over into me. He buried to the hilt in my bowels as Sean pumped in and out of my convulsing cunt. My orgasm spilled from one into the other, the pleasure bleeding through me.

I gasped out in rapture. My body trembled and shook. They were drowning my mind in bliss. Darkness washed across my vision. My bowels clenched and spasmed around my Daddy’s cock. My pussy sucked at Sean’s dick.

“Cum in me!” I moaned. “I want both your spunk pumping into my holes!”

“Working on it, honey!” grunted Daddy. “I’ve cum a lot today. But I’m getting there.”

“Mmm, flood your sister’s pussy,” Mom cooed into Sean’s ear. “Breed her like you wanted to breed me. Pump her pussy full of that seed.”

My eyes widened. “Yes, yes, cum in my pussy, Sean! I love it when you cum in me! Both of you, flood me!”

“I will,” Sean groaned while Mom kissed down from his ear to his jawline.

Sean turned his head and kissed our mother as she leaned over his shoulder. Her blonde hair brushed my cheek as I darted in, delirious from the orgasm spilling through me, churned by the two incestuous shafts fucking my holes.

I joined their three-way kiss. My tongue brushed Mom’s and Sean’s. The three of us moaned while Daddy grunted, pounding my tight asshole with his dick. His balls smacked into me while Sean rammed into my cunt.

It was incredible.

My holes writhed about them. Sucked at them. I was greedy for their cum to pump into me. Pleasure washed across my mind again and again. Ecstasy from my asshole. Rapture from my pussy. Twin delights that were carrying me higher and higher with every climax rippling through my nethers.

“Baby girl!” Daddy grunted and buried into me. “Yes!”

His hot cum pumped into my asshole. I trembled, whimpering in delight into the three-way kiss. My bowels milked Daddy’s cum out of his dick while Sean slammed his cock over and over into my hungry pussy.

“Cum in me, Sean!” I moaned, breaking our naughty kiss.

“Yes!” Mom hissed. “Breed your little sister, stud! Make Mommy proud of you!”

“Fuck!” Sean grunted and buried into me.

Then, for one magical moment, I had two cocks erupting in me. Sean’s first blast of jizz splashed into my convulsing pussy as Daddy fired the last spurt of spunk into my bowels. I trembled, groaning, feeling my brother pump his spunk into my hot pussy.

My mind melted as my orgasm screamed to new amplitudes. I bucked between them, my skin on fire, drinking in the manly feels of my brother and daddy. My holes writhed about their cocks, wringing them both dry.

“I love it!” I howled. “Oh, yes, I love it! All this yummy cum pumping into my asshole. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Daddy grunted. “Oh, baby girl, you are incredible.”

“Yes, she is,” Sean groaned.

“Mmm, my little girl is grown up,” Mom said. “And she was abused by that bitch, Veronica.”

I caught the anger in my mom’s blue eyes over my brother’s shoulder. I shuddered, my orgasm peaking in me. My bliss died into rapturous euphoria that buzzed through me. Both my men’s cocks were going soft in my holes.

“What are you saying, Mom?” I asked.

“That she’s going to pay,” Mom hissed. “That bitch doesn’t get to abuse my daughter and fuck my husband and get away with it!”

I beamed at her.

“Fuck,yeah,” Sean said, staring into my eyes. “She hurt you. I saw it at the gazebo. I didn’t realize it, but I should have.”

“Sean,” I groaned.

“I’m sorry, baby girl,” groaned Daddy. “But… I don’t know what we can do about it. She’ll destroy my career.”

I shifted at that. “Don’t you want to protect me, Daddy?”

“I do,” he groaned. “But… we have to do this carefully. She could ruin everything.”

He sounded… afraid. I bit my lip then stared into my brother’s eyes. Saw his confidence. He stroked my face and said, “We’ll make her pay, Maria.”

I believed him. I kissed my brother as I felt safe in my family’s embrace.

To be continued…

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